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Do Not ‘Nixon’ Our PM, Thank You. Isn’t This Whole Thing Being Directed from Outside Australia?


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Having heard that Malcolm Turnbull is hoping to overthrow the prime minister today (Friday arvo, what did I tell you?), I’ll repeat what I said in a comment to a Gumshoe article of February 24, 2015:

“On Being Nixon’d

As I watched this video (“JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick”) I noted a boo-boo in the narrator’s version of Watergate. He says it was a sloppy error. No. Everything about Nixon getting ‘caught’ was planned, and he ended up in disgrace and was bullied into resigning, so Nelson Rockefeller was able to become vice president of the US….

I fear they will ‘Nixon’ Tony Abbott. Beware Friday arvo caucuses! Australia needs to become more nationalistic.”

What I meant was that we should check to see where any leadership-spill plan is coming from. I vividly recall when President Nixon made his resignation speech in 1973 and, believe me, we Americans thought “How wonderful, we have caused a president to step down!” Nope. Comes to find out, Rockefeller cause a president to step down.

nelson rockefellerNelson Rockefeller

Here’s how it got done, entirely by World Government, I think:

  1. First, in 1967, “the people” [read: the cabal] arranged for a 25th amendment to be made to the US Constitution. It provides that when a vacancy occurs in the office of vice-president, the president can appoint a replacement.
  1. No sooner was the ink dry, than Richard Nixon (almost always called “Trick Dick”) ran for office in 1968. He chose a physically unattractive ‘ticket-mate,’ whom most voters had never heard of: Spiro Agnew.

Apparently Agnew was chosen because his past could be used against him. As governor of Maryland he had taken bribes. By 1973, the  “forces of justice” had caused this terribly naughty vice president Spiro Agnew to resign. (Gasp, taking bribes? Unthinkable!)

But, as I say, he was not pretty to look at, and the public never liked him, and he said such foolish things that every late-night comedian had plenty of Agnew material to work with.

How the oh-so-sophisticated crowd (such as my oh-so-sophisticated self) had admired the bumper sticker that was popular in those days “Get Agnew First”! Come to think of it, Rocky’s guys probably created that bumper sticker. (Note: Consider that a clue to all bumper stickers.)

  1. Anyway, Agnew resigned. (He later wrote a book, saying he had been told to “Leave quietly…or else.”) In this case, Nixon’s appointee for vice president was Gerald Ford. (“Incidentally,” Brice Taylor says Ford was Coordinator of pollie pedophiles for Canada and midwest USA! But at least he didn’t take bribes, thank God.)
  1. Then when VP Ford stepped into the Oval Office, to replace Nixon as president, he was constitutionally able to appoint Nelson Rockefeller as US Vice President. Hence, Nelson “served” as America’s VP for 4 years. He also ran all of Latin America, behind the scenes, per Gerald Colby’s amazing book, “Thy Will Be Done.”

Hmm, I wonder if it worried President Gerald Ford in 1973 that Rocky was just “a heartbeat away”…

Careful, Aussies!

Keating’s leadership spill of Hawke was pretty startling in 1991, as Bob was very much accepted by the nation. Who engineered it? Who engineered Gillard to spill Kevin Rudd in 2013?

juliaJulia Gillard

You can say she did it all herself, but if she were strong enough to have worked without the system, she’d be strong enough to be the real leader who would set things right in Australia today. By their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:16).

So what’s the score with Abbott? He’s made a bit of a fool of himself lately, but who directed him to do that? As I noted in my article on the Sydney “siege,” the prime minister said on TV during the “hostage” episode, that he was deferring to police.

Oh, that’s new. Since when do major policy decisions get to be made by police? Exactly who, within the organization known as police, would make the policy? Why wasn’t the SAS participating? Who made the Martin-Place decisions that day? I want to know.

And who told Abbott to come out with the notion that was front-page-headlined in this week’s Financial Review: “Terror Threat Now Dire, Says Abbott.” You know it was not the man himself who came out with that ridiculous observation. As Dalia Mae Lachlan has pointed out, many Australian farmers have committed suicide this year. That is a lot more interesting than a terror threat.

If there is a leadership spill, will the replacement be a person who cares about the reason for those suicides?  Certainly not, if, as I suspect, the whole spill affair is being DIRECTED FROM OUTSIDE.

Let me quote Dalia from her February 2, 2015 article about Peter Greste, in which she says the prime minister will soon be ‘deposed’:

bishop and abbott

She wrote: “Who will take his place – a Bishop, a Banker… or maybe even a Knight. It matters not. It is just the same fake duopoly system that exists in Canberra as they play musical chairs for their corporate bosses. We have been conned by politics, and this is just theatre. The only thing that could save Abbott now – is a major terrorist attack (but we’ve just had one).

I still think ‘someone’ decided Mr Abbott had reached his ‘used by date’ of political usefulness ….”

I see smh.com.au has a story today (February 27), entitled “Presence of next prime minister: Malcolm Turnbull praised in front of Joe Hockey.” The story includes the casual remark that Turnbull may be “approached by backbenchers eager for a change in the party’s leadership.”

Dear Friends, we are gathered here together, on this lovely day in Australia, to say that changes in leadership do not come from the back benches any more than the ousting of Spiro Agnew came from some priggish sod in the Justice Department who ‘found out’ that Agnew had taken bribes.

Recall the name of Colby’s book abut Rockefeller: Thy Will Be Done.

Beware Friday arvo unravellings of Australia. This is no joke.

We don’t have to put up with our representatives being manipulated. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review treating me like an idiot.

— Mary’s email address is mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au, or see her website maryWmaxwell.com



    • So do I, as long as it’s us that’s doing the Nixoning….

      Hey, aren’t there some snappy 28-year-olds out there who could pitch in? (And do they realize that the pay-packet of a pollie is sumptuous?) Why are we spinning wheels year after year?
      Year after year. Year after year.

      Somewhere in the human past was there not a way of making a breakthrough to new ideas? New strategies? New something?

      • “Just how sumptuous?” I hear you ask. Well, the base pay in federal parliament is $193K per annum, but there are loads of add-ons.
        James Glenday of ABC News reported that Kevin Rudd was the first prime minister to be paid half a million per annum.

  1. The politicians get drunk on their perceived power which keeps them distracted chasing the next binge while the regular looting of the Nation proceeds out of public sight.

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