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Ground Breaking Court Case Over Banking In Canada


“This is probably the most important case …. that I’ve done as a constitutional lawyer,” says Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati. And…

No I don’t believe we are living in a democracy (in Canada).”

Galati, the most prominent constitutional lawyer in the country says he does not believe Canada is a democracy any longer and that the media is controlled by the government. And in a class action suit – COMER VS. Bank of Canada – is a lawsuit that exposes the one of the greatest frauds of all time – the central banking hoax. The lawsuit claims that The Canadian central Bank was essentially stolen in 1974.

As can be expected, the mainstream media is not reporting this case.

The nature of the lawsuit has been explained on www.pressfortruth.ca in the following terms:

Two Canadians and a Canadian economic think tank confront the global financial powers in the Canadian federal court. The Canadians plead for declarations that would restore the use of the Bank of Canada for the benefit of Canadians and remove it from the control of international private entities whose interests and directives are placed above the interest of Canadians and the primacy of the constitution of Canada.

Christopher Brooks wrote an article on the money trick on Gumshoenews, and maybe we could have his views on this case in Canada.

More on this Banking story here.



  1. The mass media censorship is hilarious.
    Now is the time for the mass media to screw the bankers and government for all sorts of goodies in return for the mass media silence. Stuff the people stuck with paying interest to the bankers for invented paper ‘iou’s.
    As old Rothschild crowed: ‘give me control of the money and I care not who governs the country’ ( or something to the same effect)
    So the mass media is really a Rothschild branch and stuff the country.
    For people who care, research G Edward Griffin’s book: ‘ The Creature from Jekyll Island’

  2. So many trillions!
    Well that is an incentive for the political and mass media cockroaches to scurry around underneath the Rothschild
    dinner table and amuse the diners by killing fellow cockroaches for the diner’s amusement and some extra crumbs.

  3. The COMER legal case is to be admired and we can only hope for a positive result.
    The Canadian monetary reform community has a lot of wise heads and their knowledge is very sound.
    Roco Galati is very straight forward and if you take some time to listen to him you will be sure to get some education.

    This money issue is the key part of the sorcery that makes all the other monopolies achievable and perceptually acceptable because almost everyone struggles to grasp exactly how banking works and it’s mathematical certain effects on our economic life under the present regime of operation.

    The reason banking is so difficult for us to get our mind around is because it is deliberately taught and explained most of the time as if it is a science like mathematics or physics.
    Hence the explanations become faulty or fall apart when scrutinized.
    Most powerful people in our society seem to have an instinctive
    distracting thought process when open honest money and economic conversations are attempted.

    Money is a multi-dimensioned invention that relates to law, philosophy, politics and power.
    The power over our Money is designated to our Parliament in the Australian Constitution.

    Like law, philosophy and politics, the essence is how should things work to get the results we desire from associating in economic and social communities.
    The key factor wrestled with for centuries is how the individuals freedom of choice and purpose is protected against any type of threat that might organize a collectivist or monopolist force intent on subjugating the individual to a dictate external to any individual.

    Some readers here may not be aware, I suggest research, that
    the incredible Australian historical story of the public Commonwealth Bank of Australia contains jewels of wise political action and results, that are like a long forgotten dust covered treasure, siting patiently waiting for the moment when the humility to respect historical wisdom,
    the intelligence to understand, teach and communicate the value it contains, and, the courage to stand up and reject the regular sacrifice of humanity and the avoidable insecurity of living dominated by the fire belching dragon behind private monopoly debt money.


    The Commonwealth Bank of Australia had a brief moment in the sun as an honest instrument in the first half of last century, but not unexpectedly the poison of deception and mischief choked and tamed the Peoples Bank which was eventually sold off to private interest to pay down our Federal debt…… what an irony.

    The general public, and the politicians, were clueless regarding the real nature of that transaction.

    The very same forces and methodology that destroyed our Commonwealth Bank of Australia have kept our people from an honest understanding of the essence of money and it’s truthful relationship to material things.
    Monetary innovation options, that offer amazing benefits and solutions to many challenging issues are almost totally hidden from the main stream thinking.
    Chronic problems like employment and debt, are endlessly debated as intractable and beyond lasting solutions by “social experts” and “economists” who see no solutions beyond declining living standards and a reversal of our freedoms.

    Those who wish to advance an honest money policy must achieve success in three overlapping objectives.

    1. The black magic of present Banking practice must be exposed with a clear understanding and explanation of the essence and possibilities of honest money if our economic life were not corrupted or limited in it’s purpose by private banking factories that profit from loaning numbers that are conjured from thin air.

    2. The beneficiaries of private debt money must be totally exposed from top to bottom, along with all their Machiavellian sorcery and methodology so the various compromising motives, forces and effects are out in the open.

    3. Australians must integrate all of our understanding of honest money and the study of the enemies of honest money into our education system with it’s due priority and respect as the key to genuine freedom, justice and economic progress.
    Economic progress measured, not only in the common terms of material sufficiency, but in terms of the efficiency in achieving individual happiness, peace, security and choice.

    The money reformers around the globe will already be infiltrated with the regular mischief of conflict, error, confusion and the financial and prestige rewards that capture and divert the best intentions of those who operate and calculate without a completely conscious mind.

    Any plan that ignores or denies the existence of “Sorcerers” and their “black magic” is almost certainly subject to controlling spells that guarantee honest objectives will not be achieved.

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