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The WTC Tower Is Not Collapsing – It Is Exploding


Many deniers commenting on this site insist that the towers just collapsed – after weakening from fire. El Kammo, XingFu, Johnyboy and now Carroll have been debating the laws of physics and engineering on this website for some time and insist that NIST is correct. 

I recently watched a documentary – “Missing Evidence – 9/11 Secret Explosions in the Towers” – that claimed NIST is incorrect (Some of the above disinfo agents, however, now agree with Greening).  Without any explanation, the narration (of the documentary) also makes it clear that Richard Gage (and his architects and engineering followers) could not be correct, and that Dr Frank Greening has now found the solution.

It is obvious ae911truth.org is a worry to the official story, and it seems that this documentary was produced to undermine the organisation.

However, Dr Greening admits to an explosion (x 2), but is unable to prove his theory as the Port Authority will not provide dust/ground samples. At least now there is an admission of an explosion, but it seems highly improbable that aluminium was the cause.

I have put a few images in the above short video to demonstrate:

1. How the filmmakers of “Missing Evidence” produced a fraudulent animation, and

2. The extent of the lateral explosive nature during the collapse. The towers were 207 feet wide, yet huge chunks are forced out sideways for over 400 hundred feet.

The overlays and comparative screen grabs in the video demonstrate the impossible task the above trolls have in keeping to their version.

Another factor that dispels the “aluminium plane explosion” theory, is that the “explosions” were uniform throughout both the towers. If it were from the remnants of the plane – the “explosions” would have been seen first as lopsided or one-side-of-the-building events. The Greening hypothesis is nonsense, and the documentary a fraud.

It is plainly obvious that enormous energy – far beyond the remains of a plane – was required to disassemble the towers in the manner seen on video.

It is plainly obvious that enormous energy is required to continue covering up the truth. And enormous mind control was required to addle the brains of the four stooges in the manner seen in their comments.

Who do they think they are kidding?



  1. I watched the aluminium ‘did it’ program on SBS, it was another superficial crap 911 fraud on the public by our ‘paid for’ SBS to cover for truth and a proper investigation.
    I was in suspense awaiting SBS to try their aluminium trick on building No 7. Surprise! Building No 7 was not mentioned.
    SBS you are a fraud!
    Anyone who knows 911 can see that SBS is protecting a proper investigation of mass murder, as does the our ‘paid for’ ABC with the likes of Jonathon Faine.

    • PS.
      The SBS misinformation crew should explain the evidence of the janitor Mr rodrigues who witnessed the effects of the huge explosion in the basement area and one of his colleagues presenting with the skin off both arms.
      SBS producers; you lot are an incompetent lot, if not deliberately deceptive and may as well be sold to the vixens. You are UN-Australian and shameful.

      • ned… i saw the end of the one on marylin monroe.. and saw it was part of a series – with an episode dedicated to 9/11. i tried to make a point of watching it.. but totally forgot, and again, just caught the end.

        what i did see though was enough to know it wasnt fair dinkum 🙂

        if there was a true investigation.. the official account would be debunked in minutes..

        i like the picture here

        the one that shows the north tower destruction.. with the top of the building already turned to dust.. it must have crushed upwards.. because gravity..

        ill probably have my ip blocked again at new matilda.com in the next few minutes.. 🙂 – they are talking about how main stream media wont cover the important stories.. hypocrites.. and liars themselves – they really dont like me there.. or the truth, they are deleting comments as fast as they can be posted, such is life, eh ned 😀

      • And if you SBS lot were in used car sales or a CBA or an NAB financial advisor, a committee of the Senate would have the Right Honourable Malcolm Tunbull, Minister for Communications (Australia) and have the CEO’s of our ‘paid for’ front up and explain the SBS and ABC deceptions regarding 911 and the serial misinformation for over a decade.
        How about it Mr. Turnbull? You consider yourself as PM material? Then suggest that your toadies broadcast the AE/911 truth video:
        Paraphrasing ex PM Keating:
        “The ABC and the SBS are mere shivers of communication searching for a spine to crawl up”. ( being the kindest description available!)

  2. Dee, Of course I applaud your tenacity re the Building 7. But it is only causing your time to get used up, in arguments with persons who have not the slightest interest in Australia. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I hear that Trade Minister Robb is in Hawaii, with pen poised to sign the TPP.
    Dalia, you are the only Aussie who has been chasing after Robb, for months, to stop this disastrous move. What can be done now?

  3. Just how does the Aluminium do it???
    Microfine Aluminium , if ignited with something like magnesium will burn, but not explode.
    Solid aluminium will BURN intensely if heated to very high temperatures, e.g. high explosive munitions. If water is around this will fuel the reaction as it converts to pure Hydrogen and oxygen and burns as well.
    There was no evidence at all of any sort of high temperature fires, the fires were at about the lowest end of the temperature scale and were exceptionally smoky indicative of large amounts of unburnt carbon and a low oxygen environment. First responders who made it to the fire said it was not extensive and would be no problem to mop up. The building was designed for plane strike, most of the low temp jet fuel (kerosine) burnt instantly and mostly outside the building. The steel frames were fireproofed, the central core was almost indestructible and temps low. You would need a massive fire to even warm the steel girders. Go and watch raging infernos in steel framed sky scrapers, nothing collapses, nothing weakens, it just stays there.
    There is no massive ejection of debris, cubic miles of dust, even in a normal demo ( building 7). If the building DID collapse( impossible) how did it defy massively the laws of physics re acceleration due to gravity, Momentum and the laws of thermodynamics. The fires and impacts were asymmetrical, how is it the buildings fell utterly symmetrically, onto their footprints, and the first hit building fell last and after a very short period of time. No NOTHING adds up..and there are a hundreds of other coincidences, nonsensicalities, questions and plain stunning evidence that can be added. You only need one point to be proven as impossible and the whole scenario has to be thrown out. Thesre is no way this occurred, no way in tens of millions of years, there are more holes in the 9 11 story than all the switch chess in Switzerland.

    • I note that the SBS ‘aluminium Did It ‘ experts did not mention how Edna Cintron waded through the melted stuff at the aluminium entrance hole to stand there in her white ‘trousers’ waving for help. ( ref: http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/ under the section for friends and relatives.)
      SBS you lot are a sick 911 apologists fraud. Shame on the SBS board for being part of so much deceitful misinformation and omissions. RESIGN!

        • Really Dee! That person is Carroll… Maybe Johny, perhaps El Kebab.
          Well stone the crows; It is Dr. Karl……. Do you think?
          Nah, it is Malcolm Turnbull.
          On real reflection it looks just like Jonathon Faine. Well I’ll be, I am really confused. I know, it is Josh Frydenburg MP.
          Sorry Dee the red hair has got me, perhaps it is just Edna. ‘Aluminium Edna’.

          • Really people I must be an idiot.
            Red hair is the key. It has to be Julia Gillard ex PM of Austtalia waving to would be rescuers in reply to Josh Frydenburg and screaming: “All 911 official government conspiracy deniers are ‘stupid and wrong’.”
            Look it up: ‘Julia Gillard 911 conspiracy people, stupid and wrong’ .
            To think: the poor fellow who asked Julia the question in the Australian Parliament is now a minister in the Abbott government.
            Right, so for intellectual judgement contributing to the next sacrifice of Aussie soldiers in the endless carnage in the Middle East!

    • The towers collapses provide enough gravitational potential energy to provide the nessisary work to ignite several energetic compounds naturally.
      No truth movement stupidist as you can not call incompetent frauds scientists has done any experiments into the collapses,
      They just scream hush bomb,inside job, and leave it at that.

  4. Widespread public ignorance about the obvious deliberate, WTC complex demolition by the ‘Masters of War’, and the13 year coverup via their mass media monopoly and sycophantic western allies and weird wannabee CIA / Mossad trolls is sort of understandable, but how do you explain the willful ignorance, silence and even collaboration of otherwise serious left wing people?

  5. I wish to note that I neither supported or rejected the aluminium theory. El-Kammo has no connection with this, and even asked how this molten aluminium could transport to building 7.
    Not all critiques are provided or supported by El-Kammo.

  6. May I note that Gage is also debating the laws of physics and engineering, and that I do not agree with Gage?
    So what?

  7. I do not agree with Gage, I do not agree with Gage, I do not agree with Gage, awaken your kids, I do not agree with Gage, I do not agree with Gage…., need I say more?

    • The best thing Gage did had a value of 200.000.000
      My thing has a value of and I lead 6 architects along with it, so please, I am NOT impressed by Gage, a project architect who could work fore me.
      Not believe me? Fine with me.

      • Excellent work El-Kammo. Congratulations. But maybe add up Gage (200M) plus the budgets of each of the 2300+ architects and engineers at a&e and what they are working on…. It might add up to a lot of money… It could make a billion look insignificant. There are many ways one can shine light through a prism.

        • @dalia,
          Last time I looked, only 80 AE engineers had a license to build.
          This not the major part of the engineering community around the world.

  8. Radiation at ground zero:
    This is one that we can find out together, like in a workshop.
    For more than a decade ionising firedetectors are banned in the EU, and are replaced by optical divices.
    Find out if the radiation was due to ionising firedetectors or not.
    After all, Gage douse not support nuclear energy.

        • Carroll – you honestly have to be one of the most deceptive of the bunch. “truth movement stupidists”. You will try everything to confuse the issue – but maybe explain how massive chunks are thrown 450 feet from the building… in a very shallow arc.

          • Don’t have to confuse the issues, truthers spreading false and misleading information, with no coherent understand, or theory
            Do that to themselves.

          • Gravitational potential converted to work, physics,
            Energy is never a vector force is.
            All it takes is the right set of collisions to place the steel on that
            Trajectory as it falls.
            If it is steel in the video I can not tell if it is steel or the lights Aluminum cladding that covered the steel.
            Large pieces of the Aluminum cladding were ripped off and ejected several hundred feet.
            That. Is well documented.

          • Exactly like that, how do you explain it, hush hush hush bombs
            Let me give you a clue clueless bombs strong enough to launch that type of debris can not work with out a nitare induced detonation wave not in this freaking universe.
            The only thing capable of doing that work have to make a Loud kaboom.
            Could the fire fighters hear in the video if they could they heard explosive gases, not high energy nitrates.
            You fantasy fairytales violate the laws of physics!

  9. The ancient Greek Arhimedes.
    “Eureka”, running naked, (the weighing under water principle) and “give me a place to stand and I will lift the world”, the leverage principle.
    Newton showed up much later, and all Newton dose is throw stuff down.
    It is Archimedes who works his ass off, setting up all kinds of mechanical principles to anoy Newton, like the leverage principle, the divingboard principle, the seesaw principle, the pingpongball principle, the tilt principle, the rotation and twist/swirl principal, anyways, all the work needed to anoy Newton and Dee McLachlan.
    Newton did not have a day off on 911, he brought his old master Archimedes with him, and Gage, Szamboti, Harrit. and Sarns just do not understand Archimedes, and this is because buildings are supposed to be static, not roalercoasters.

    • El kammo,

      Think of a slippery seed between your thumb and finger, now press down tight, what happens the seed resists the pressures
      Applied to it and shoots out into the air.
      Such pressure and induced motion effects can happen in building collapses, without explosives of any kind.
      The more truthers talk the more insane the Ideas become.

        • That is just one example of a pressure induced reaction steel can have similar ejections,
          Provided it is rapidly compressed I have to dumb the Ideas down to kinder garden level science for the trutherism crowd to understand them.
          They are amazed easily by clouds of gypsum, and calcium carbonate dust.

  10. t couldn’t be that CO 1 is an explosive gas, created in tire, it couldn’t be carbon black dust explosions.
    It couldn’t be shattered Iron particles igniting in air, contacting molten Aluminum sparking thermitic reactions.
    It couldn’t be hot molten Aluminum, contacting water,as it splatters and drips all over these buildings.
    Because we all know truth movement stupidists studied these reactions in the towers right with magical hand waving straw man arguments. That did not require proper research or experiments.

  11. Nice subtrafuge again Dalia Mae why don’t you actually read what I myself wrote instead of making an unfounded accusation, I specifically stated that I could not surport the Greening hydrogen theory,
    I also gave you the reasons why I support the theory of gravitational collapses, producing energetic reactions.
    Also ejection of Aluminum calding that covered the towers outer perimeter columns is not ejections of heavy column
    Do you have a shread of journalistic integrity?
    Oh never mind I forgot for a minute who I was asking.

    • Integrity—you are the one calling truthers insane, stupid etc… I am challenging you for deflection of facts. Many others have seen through you. To be quite honest I am not wasting my time on your comments – and thus lumped several of you in the same basket – and said some of you now believe—-etc.

      • So you as I said have no knowledge,, of what journalism is and and no journalistic integrity, by lumping everyone together
        You have committed fraud made a fraudulent statement a Lie.
        I have saved the page and the comments.
        I will post them on a blog showing just how truthful truthers are.

        • Oh please Carroll—how absolutely ridiculous, you make yourself look. You have been lumping me and others in with the other “truthers” – happily lumping ALL of us into one big basket. Yet you express such offensive and “fraud” when I say “some of the above believe in Greening” and “lUmped several of you”…. give us a break. I suggest you forget this website and move along — to another.

          And to comment on your “truthers spreading false and misleading information” is also a nonsensical statement. In the 9/11 saga there are probably 30 different version of truth/ers…. and with JFK … or say the Gulf of Tonkin…. or take USS Liberty: Documents now prove what the “truthers” were saying.
          As I said forget this website and move along — to another.

          • Difference is Dalia, I told you I did not support the Greening theory, and your the one pretending to be a journalist.

            I never stated that you believed Judy woods or micro nuclear devices, I simply said you are a truther, a member of the truth movement, but I did not make the flaud straw man argument that you subscribed to any of the theories you did not state you did.
            Which is what you implied about me, in what you wrote.

      • Hey Dalia,
        I feel for you, it appears that you are being attacked by a little swarm of angry desperate irrational CIA wasps, that will say anything no matter how ridiculous, for example, their ‘hush hush bombs’.
        Perhaps these stooges want us to believe that when the buildings exploded and dropped it was silent in New York.

  12. About the “waste of time” of Dee McLachlan:
    First she takes the time and efford to write an article to publish on the internet.
    Then she is warmed by her friends, and then she fiends that not the whole world agrees with her, for her to mention that those who do not agree are wasting her time.
    Well, get off the internet when one douse not want to discus.
    Why keep on referring to Johnnyboy2222 while McLachlan has banned him?, Johnny has no way to defend.
    A waste of time for Mc Lahlan? How long is she at it and, more important, how many conspiracies dous she handle at the same time?
    Some busy be, but never a specialist.

  13. This new investigation will be the fastest ever in history.
    They take a look at a photo of a collapsing tower and conclude that it is a duck, because it looks like a duck.
    Then they take a look at the cut version of the collaps of WTC7, the last 6,5sec, and conclude that it is a duck, because it looks like a duck.
    This investigation will take 7sec.
    What remains is the recomendations, being go arrest some 1000 people, no idea who, but we saw a duck.
    Like Carroll mentioned, this amature webhosting is saved to show to the real websites, but no worries, 5 children are not important enough to do so.(yet)
    A controversial piece of writing, plunged on the WWW, is screaming for comments.
    Banning a user and afterwards accusing this user, yeh right, and justice for all.
    The backups of this children’s website are running.

    • Here is a set of rules for Gumshoe, to make things clear:
      1] those who agree with Dee McLachlan are allowed to insult.
      2] those who do not agree with Dee McLachlan are not allowed to comment, and if so, they will be banned, for wasting time, unless these comments can be counted to 200 to make the post more important to others, like Nujij that cuts after 5000, or Dr. Karl, just to impress.

      Big websites, runned by adults have more rules, but for you, 5 children, this is a good way to start 😀

      The backups are running

      • El kammo – that is straight-out DISHONEST of you. I have at least 250 – 500 comments on this website slamming my point of view – probably many more. I have only deleted stupid, totally insulting on others or completely irrelevant comments. Don’t be dishonest – and we understand by reading your comments what rules you work off. That was a disgraceful approach to someone who allows your point of view to sprout all over these articles.

        • @dalia,
          I will leave Gumshoe anyways.
          But I was referring to your demand to Dr. Karl to explain WTC 7, based upon your 200 comments on Gumshoe, regarding your post.
          Now, calculate, whipe out all comments of the musketeers and all comments on their comments, and I have wiped out all of them with a marker and ended up with only 5, yes, only 5, like Ned saying that you are doing a good job and you saying “well said Ned”, meaning that without the musketeers you would not even be close to 10 comments to impress Dr. Karl.
          I also hate it that you keep on mentioning Johnny whilst him being banned, he has no way to defend himself.

          • @dalia,
            Let us at least agree that the musketeers have made your gumshoe more lively, one for all and all for one, and the one remaining is our d’Artagnan, Carroll.
            Therefore, ban them all or ban no one.

  14. Well well well,
    So now Carroll is part of the musketeers, whilst Johnny is banned?
    Well, Carroll, welcome, you have earned your spurs.
    We will call you d’Artagnan

  15. I will stop talking engineering, mechanics and kinematics with Gumshoe users who do not understand anything about it and do not want to learn, in fact I will stop talking to Gumshoe users at all. I will go back to talking engineering with engineers all over the world.
    A battle about 1/5 inch is coming up, started by Szamboti, but you have no understanding and I will not explain.
    I wish you all good luck in finding your explosives.
    And oh, I almost forgot, in 2009 the Harrit team mentioned that further testing was needed but never did it, why do it, 2.000.000 was grabded from then till now, so why bother, people believe the shit. Do you know that the very first counter test went at a cost of only 1000? of course not, also that Jones had free access to his labs to do so, of course not.
    Johnnyboy2222 will never ever make a request to unban his ban, so, no more musketeers, only “good post Dalia” and ” well said Ned”, now that’s not good fun is it.

    • Do not worry El kammo no one takes these truther sites seriously any more except to laugh at the people who author them, and comment for them.
      Clueless, and dumb people abound on the internet.

      • Very interesting and puerile comment Carroll.
        Considering that exceptionally well read people – and the many very considered and balanced responses from many on this blog – only further makes the point of your position referring to “clueless and dumb”. Maybe you’re mistakenly working in front of a dressing table mirror.
        With regard to XingFu – I will look forward to an intelligent discussion.

        • People. Well read does not make you intelligent Dalia Mae, it only makes you well read.
          Intelligence requires understanding what your reading and how it applies to the real world.

      • @carroll,
        User Dino stepped in with a row of 15 comments to start.
        Dalia did not notice because she was somewhere else, but took action after her return.
        We all agree that this user crossed a line and it is taken care of.
        What remains is my request to Dalia, to delete all remaining comments of this banned user, it will make Gumshoe look more friendly.

        • Carroll, your note is noted. Here to provide a news platform to the alternative corporate narrative. By the way, have left all of Johnyboys comments up. And JB can email requesting reinstatement. But Carroll you also need to restrain the anger.

          • @dalia,
            Not a nice platform is it ?
            I can see that carroll is threatened with his life, and I can see that I will be so badly beaten up that I will need a new hip.
            And these threats are not deleted.
            Nice platform

          • Will be searching for them. You do realise there are thousands of comments to wade through. But as I said. I will not have threats on this site. I’ll find them and delete them.

          • I see that our last comments have crossed.
            I do not blaim you for a user like Dino, he came in with a bang.
            However, you have an e-mail, IP adress and user name, so klick on search, assemble, select and delete.
            Is this thing getting bigger then you ever expected ?
            My machine with the big screens is running, all I need to to is write a post on Nujij, for the Dutch, to take a look at the treads made, and remain on Gumshoe

          • In fact, I am starting up my machine with the big screens and will ask the Dutch how they feel about this.
            Check Nujij

          • Why the ‘threat’ El Kammo. You know very well what this site is all about – About integrity of intellectual debate and finding some truth behind the news spin. Those comments were found and deleted. (One has to suspect Dino is an infiltrator to “messy up” this site – who knows – maybe the whole commenting vitriolic debate was an orchestrated charade to discredit gumshoe, including you???)

          • Anger why would I be angry I find conspiracy theories amusing,
            Something to laugh at, and the user Dino would have to walk over the other few thousand truthers that have threatened me in the past.
            Well most of those are no longer truthers, now they are mostly debunkers, so now there are only about a hundred or so who want me dead.
            Dino is probably the skin head neo Nazi from veterans today, he sounds and posts just like him.
            Alternative news is fine but it needs to be actually news not dumb theories by uneducated and in uninformed.
            Actually only had one truther ever raise his hand against me, he pulled a knife, I grabbed his arm, lifted him off the ground by his neck with my other hand, and tossed him into a mud bog pit.
            I will not waste time fearing truthers, basicly I am a peaceful man, but I know the arts of war and have training in Marshall arts, I respect life, just wish others did the same.

          • Carroll – maybe if you dealt with this issue in a more collegial manner – you wouldn’t have to grab people around the neck and lift them off the ground.
            That is not our “thing” here.

          • No no no,
            It is not Carroll.
            In my very first comment on Gumshoe, about a basic, simple
            mechanical principle, I was called a stand up comedian, by either Ned or Christopher, I do not remember or even care.
            The point is that you have no set of rules and therefor cannot handle the discipline within your users.
            Carroll comes up with information you were not aware of, and since you claim to find the thruth you should be happy with the information that is provided.
            But my guess is that you are not looking for the truth, you are just looking for explosives, well, bummer, you are a minority.
            What you need is a private room in the internet, like log in, to chitchat amongst each other.
            Banning Carroll is banning the quest for the truth

          • El Kammo, commentors have been calling — ‘nuts’, ‘crackpots’, stupid, etc… stand up comedian is not bad at all.
            But as I said – and will repeat for Carroll. Spell out a thesis in clear manner….
            I look forward to speaking with XingFu who is in charge of $B construction and how he is going to help me understand how B7 came down with such uniformity.

          • Delia Mae

            What you do not realize is the NYPD, did a criminal investigation,
            Looking for visual evidence of explosives, none was found, only
            Heat induced deformation, and weld and connection failure.
            No signs of shrapnel or cutter charges.

            So how do you have a CD, without a force acting upon the steel and leaving evidence of that energetic reaction recorded as deformations on the steels structure?

            A CD, that does not leave deformation evidence on the steel that can be easily visually identified, violates the physical laws of the universe.

          • Carroll,

            From what I’ve seen the vast majority of the steel was shipped overseas and melted down without its condition being investigated at all. If you’ve seen evidence to the contrary, please share.

    • Not that much Monrue cutter charges could have done it using a few hundred pounds.

      Yes the building could have fallen faster, if all the steel had been cold.

      • Didn’t Henry Kissinger say Israel will be gone ten years?
        Carrol you are not a ‘strong man’.
        And you have demonstrated that you are nothing but a lowly paid Hasbara troll.
        I know very little about the internet and the US declaration that Israel is on notice(code for bye bye Isreal).

        • Dino, how do you know what I am?

          You don’t know anything besides what you read on sites devoted to trutherism.

          Truth is I know more about 9/11/2001 than you or the truther cowards will ever know.

          I am the only one who actually held to the idea of experimental proof, in investigation of the collapses.

    • It is no longer our place to educate them Basile will never do his follow up studies on the chips he realized what they are and wants to let the embarrassing Frasco that is Jones-Harrit to drop.
      Even if they were slow reaction Areojel thermites, which Is what Jones-Harrit say they are, they would do nothing to the structure, would be bad for usage as explosive triggers, and totally worthless for CD.
      It is not our place to educate trutherists it is our place as the knowledgeable people to laugh at such insane foolishness.
      Truthers have the right to believe what ever they wish to believe, they have the right to pay for Gage’s paid vacation,
      Gage will never be trusted again not even to build out houses for Kangaroos.
      What insurance company would insure one of his projects?
      All Richard Gage has left is AE/9/11Truth, without it he has nothing, he is trapped like a rat on a sinking ship, with no where else to turn.
      Trapped in a sea of stupidity of his own making, just like every other truther, the truthers are people who were never ever met to contribute, to Human Society, they are the chaft that the wind of knowledge sweeps away, leaving the ripe grains of productive human wisdom and knowledge behind!
      The Trutherism religion is dying and Finnished will never be taken seriously by Knowledgeable People ever again.

      • You claim to be intelligent and knowledgeable and yet you cannot spell worth a damn -learn the basics before trying to paint Truthers as ignorant or stupid.

  16. ‘Solving 911 Ends the War’.
    Search the above title for the video with Christopher Bollyn.
    The world on 911 is moving on and the four musketeers with their presstitute banker mass media have failed.

    • 9/11 is solved no one takes truther theories seriously.
      No one ever will most know the fraud that is trutherism.

  17. It does no good to argue with fools on the internet true religious believers of trutherism and unreasonable people who say the laws of physics were violated on 9/11/2001.
    People who proposed magical explosives that themselves violate the laws of physics.
    Such people will never achieve anything other than to be laughed at by the experts general public, and historian’s.

    • Carroll, in the strictest legal sense Bill Clinton can stare down any accuser and claim innocence when questions arise regarding his history of uninvited sexual attention.
      The law says he is innocent.

      Google “Bill Clinton Rape” and a whole other reality that includes “financial agreements”, fear, threats and a host of compromising forces that impact on the subject.
      A crime is far more complex than just the forensics.
      A Fascist or Stalinist political system negotiates what is true and who is guilty by a “Commission” process that is understood by secondary school social studies level politics to be flawed.

      We now have the demolition of Rolf Harris out in the open.
      The truth was hidden for decades.

      Why does the media not do a demolition on the Clinton’s?

      It’s a very dynamic world of forces that would answer that question.

  18. Me an orchstrated charade to distract Gumshoe?
    You really are one suspicious person aren’t you.
    I found you with the likes of Richard Gage when you were just starting up, there was no Gumshoe at the time, it was empty.
    I will move to the machine with the big screens and write a piece in Dutch

    • El Kammo… suspicious maybe. I never said you were were in an orchestrated charade. I said – “who knows”. A hypothetical. I have realised that there are people who deliberately infect sites like these. I also look forward to a skype when time allows.

      • My door is open, but saying “who knows” douse not mean that one can say anything, “(…)” is not a permit to accuse or suspect.

      • I have encountered several bashers on several websites.
        But hey, what’s behind a username? a 12 year old kid or “they”, We do not know.

    • The life threatening and physical threats made by user Dino are delated in this post, as far as I can see.
      Good thing for all users.

  19. @dalia,
    There is no way that XingFu can teach you about structural engineering, because it was I that tought him.
    Xing will defenantly skip that part of you skype, and refer to me.

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