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Who Signs the TPP Commits Treason


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Anyone who has been following Dalia’s articles for a few months, knows that she wrote to Trade Minister Andrew Robb’s office several times to ask if he had read the proposed agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP.

Astonishingly, she could not get a Yes answer. The person in charge (i.e., in charge of fobbing off intelligent citizens) kept using this phrase: “He is engaged in the process.”


Are you fainting? Do you need your smelling salts? Oh Aussies, dear Aussies, I have just said that one of our leaders is about to oblige us to follow some new rules that are neither of Australia’s making, nor have they been discussed!!! This is a whole new concept in yielding of the nation’s sovereignty. IT MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

Robb may as well say, à la Menzies, “It is my melancholy duty to inform you that some globalists have designed a new system of law and political power-sharing among the nations of the Pacific, and hence, we will no longer be able to make certain laws in Parliament. Yes, that’s the deal. May God bless us all, etc, etc.”

Back in 1939, when Menzies took Australia into Britain’s war, he possibly committed treason. I don’t know and haven’t looked into it.  But there cannot be the slightest doubt that anyone who signs this country into a deal as wicked as the TPP is committing treason.

Traitor Mary?

I pause to say that I am a dual citizen of US and Australia. You may be thinking of calling me a traitor to my old nation, as the US appears to be the sponsor of the TPP.

Wrong. Any official of the US government who signs the TPP is also committing treason. There is not the slightest room in the Constitution of 1787 for the Great Republic to surrender its powers of lawmaking. Ever. In any way.

Incidentally, I haven’t time to check, but it’s my guess that the American public, once known for jealously guarding the Con, is possibly unaware that pens are poised in Hawaii, even as we speak, to carry out this dastardly deed.

Traitor Andrew?  Traitor Tony?

The law against the crime of treason is found in Australia’s Criminal Code of 2002 (which updated the Crimes Act of 1914). Go to Part 5.1, Division 80.1. It provides a penalty of life imprisonment  (the parallel law in the US orders death) for a person who “levies war, or does any act preparatory to levying war, against the Commonwealth.”

Your first reaction may be “Hey, wait a minute, signing the TPP has nothing to do with levying war.” Yes it does.

What if some blokes (foreign or native) walked into Parliament House in Canberra and shot the members of Cabinet – would that be levying war against the Commonwealth? Yes, by tradition such a thing would easily qualify.

I say once we have kowtowed to the globalists by giving up the powers of parliament, Australia will be attackable. The men who would be on duty, say, the Cabinet, will have been removed” (even if they do not, as in my example, fall dead on the floor).

Am I saying that to sign away the sovereignty of the nation is on a par with walking into Parliament House and slaying the occupants? Yes, precisely. And there’s jurisprudence to that effect.

Mental Furniture Needs To Be Refreshed

We have come a long way from being ready to punish, personally, a bad politician.  Instead we joke about them.

At worst we “threaten” to vote them out at the next election.  This suggests that our mental furniture is “off.”

The pieces of furniture in our mind need to include such items as “nation”  “loyalty”  “sovereignty” “virility” (ah, Aeneas!) “treason” and “crime.” Something has clearly happened, since around 1980, to make people see the government at a separate entity from the people.

Australians sometimes say the government is acting against the national interest. This is logically impossible. The pollies are representatives of the people. They must act for the citizens.  If they are acting for bosses outside the nation, they have stopped being what their title says they are. They are interlopers and have to be stopped. They are traitors.

I have just read an article on a serious website, about the imminent signing of the “Trans Pacific Partnership” —  TPP — to which hundreds of citizens sent intelligent comments.  But none of them said “This must stop.”

Isn’t that crazy?  Of course it must stop. Our pollies must say, “No, thank you.” (And, as I said, ‘Obamanation’ must also say “No, thank you” to the TPP.)

Pressures from Here and There

Is your reply to me that “Mr Abbott, Ms Bishop, Mr Robb, and others are under pressure, so they have to sign?”

How dare you think that way? What pressures are you talking about? We have a whole continent to ourselves. We have an educated population. We have resources galore. Why would these three personages be forced to do anything?

Who is the boss of Tony Abbott? To whom is he accountable?  I suspect some may say “To Murdoch” or “To Wesfarmers” or to the such-and such institute.

Well, excu-u-use me! Tony Abbott, as prime minister of Australia, has only one boss. Look in the mirror and you will see who that is. The prime minister is accountable to you – exclusively. As for Mr Robb, he may be overseas, in a fancy boardroom in Hawaii, but he is entirely accountable to you. Please, Aussies, get ahold of yourself.

The Wrong Furniture Leads to the Wrong Ideas

I wrote in a Gumshoenews article of October 7, 2014:

“A traitor is considered a loathsome creature.  This is partly because it’s so surprising that anyone would help an enemy group, instead of being loyal to his own group, the very basis of his existence and sustenance. Indeed it would pay us today to inquire as to how, psychologically, anyone might be tempted into committing treason.”

Aussies, this whole thing is our fault. We have been timid in the extreme when it comes to calling the shots.  Are you old enough to remember the tremendous turnout of protesters on March 13, 2003?

Every man and his dog and cat and cockatoo, and whatever else, marched in the downtown area of the capital cities, to instruct John Howard not to feel that it was his melancholy duty to kiss George W Bush’s arse.

The nation said, in the clearest terms it has ever used (that is, it used body mass): “Government, oppose any Oz involvement in the invasion of Iraq.”

Then, on March 17, without any apparent shame or even hesitation, parliament voted to involve Oz in the invasion of Iraq.  At that moment we should have arranged for the arrest of the members of government. Whatever gave them the notion that they could do that?

Please challenge me if you think otherwise; I’ll be fascinated to learn of your theory as to how it be OK for Canberra to rule in direct contradiction of the people’s orders.

Arrest the Smaller Fry

American journalist Wayne Madsen has often pointed out that when the Biggies are doing something outrageous, it is reasonable and effective to chase after the lesserites, whom he calls “small fry.”

Indeed, as nonagenarian whistleblower Rodney Stich often notes, there is a law in place that allows you to go for the lesserites without bringing the full criminal case against them. This is the law of “misprision.”

Is it too overwhelming to think of getting Andrew Robb, or Attorney General George Brandis for treason in regard to the TPP?  Relax. You can go for those who know of those men’s crime but fail to report it. Of course that could mean anyone, including the cashier at your supermarket (if she be well-informed).

Section 2b, of the same treason law quoted above, says:

“A person commits an offence if the person: knowing that another person intends to commit treason, does not inform a constable of it within a reasonable time or use other reasonable endeavours to prevent the commission of the offence.”

Amazingly, the penalty (for this crime of misprision, i.e., non-reporting) is: “Imprisonment for life.”

Who Is Nuts Today?

Surely you must be thinking I’m nuts. (Don’t worry, I have that feeling, too). But really it is the government and the whole citizenry, who would believe for a minute that we should TPP it, that is ready for the nuthouse.

Please note that the punishments in China today for even small infractions of the law are absolutely atrocious. Is that what you want your children to experience?  That is what happens when bullies run a country and no one dares speak out.

Fetch a megaphone. Or at least write a few emails.  To government? Hell, no. That did not work for Dalia and it will not work for you. Just write to your best friends.

As soon as the government members realize they are getting pressure from below instead of merely getting pressure from above, they will do the right thing. That pressure from below consists of your knowing what you gonna do.

Trust me. It will be easy to turn this thing around. Believing it to be impossible is the main thing which is causing such nonsense to occur. Just get a grip. You’ll be right, Mate.

— Mary W Maxwell of Adelaide can be found at her website ProsecutionForTreason.com.


  1. We have been paying the salaries of our Federal politicians to look after Australia and their people for decades only to have them sabotage the people of Australia and the nation as a whole.
    Spend 10 minutes, please, thinking of the future of your children and apprecaiting that our mass media and shock jocks are also betraying our country, all for the cause of the New Fascist Corporate World Order.

    For more, search: ‘NWO exposed By Dr, Day March 1969.’
    Anyone notice reported today that the Chinese will pay about two thirds less for our natural gas.
    Mr ROBB MP.: how appropriate is your name? thinking Aussies are now learning what you and your colleagues on all political sides are up to.
    What do the NWO fascist control freaks have on you lot, you being threatened?
    Who are the saboteurs who ran up the Australian National debt and put us into hock to the international private banking cartel?
    Who are the saboteurs preventing Australia returning to a financial surplus?
    Who are the saboteurs who have sold out the people’s assets to accomodate curent accounts?
    For more on the control freak bankers and their mass media aiders and abettors; Go to Mike Rivero’s site in Hawaii and see his video report titled: “ALL WARS ARE BANKER’S WARS”.
    Whilst watching it keep repeating to yourself “So long as I control the money I care not who runs the country”. (and gets your children killed or enslaves them!)

    • One of my friends who was mind controlled said all the professors at Tulane were appointed for their “Panama.”
      That is they had some secret sin and were therfore controllable.

      As a countermeasure to this aspect of control (of course there be many other aspects of control), I hereby declare all Panama’s forgiven. We all have a Panama, big or small. We ought to be able to depend on each other’s goodwill to oust this particular means of control.

      What a bunch of silly billies we are.
      Ned, your remarks above are spot-on.


  2. Dear Mary,
    You took the words out of my mouth, but were much more eloquent and thorough. And Ned, your comments resonate with my research. Dr. Days 1969 presentation was chilling and brazen and Mike Riviero’s “All Wars are Bankers Wars” should be compulsory viewing for all schoolkids, as well as anyone who has conscriptable-age children.
    On a brighter note, Zerohedge reports today that the Abbott govt. is moving to join the AIIB (BRICS development bank) and move away from IMF,World Bank and UN. It’s hard to know exactly who the good guys are, if any.

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