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Blockupy vs The European Central Bank-u-pie



The people understand the monetary system is broken and corrupt.

The “blockupy” protest against the opening of a new base for the European Central Bank (ECB) turned violent.

The mainstream media (MSM) reported police cars being set alight, stones thrown, dozens of people hurt, and 350 people being arrested as the anti-austerity demonstrators clashed with police in the German city of Frankfurt.

germany 3aDemonstrators dressed as clowns walk past a burning police car.

I’m sure the demonstration stirred up the emotions of angry protesters, but the above picture has that ‘set-up’ feeling. Two clowns, looking as silly as you could possibly look, posing for the cameras (one cameraman seen on the left of the picture) and in front of a burning car. This image (from the Guardian) makes a mockery of the demonstration. It does nothing to explain the serious nature of the corrupted monetary policies. I suspect the demonstration was deliberately infected.


On the Blockupy Europe Facebook page they wrote, “We’ve seen a huge, determined but peaceful demonstration (peaceful?) with more than 20.000 participants. Thanks to all of you, who have made this demonstration possible. We’ve sent a strong statement against austerity, ‘Hausaufgaben’ and nationalist resentments!”

germany1Masked protestors near to the security zone around the European Central Bank. (This looks like a different demonstration)

A BBC report says a spokesman for the Blockupy movement claimed that troika was responsible for austerity measures which have pushed many into poverty.

This extract from blockupy.org:

2015 began with something unheard of. The people in Greece stood up against all threats from Europe and elected a new left government. This, after 5 years of ruining the country of Greece, where the people lived in constant struggle against the humanitarian crisis and social destruction…

…Austerity policies promote authoritarian governance, the further dismantling of democratic participation, the attack on working conditions, taking advantage of the hierarchies built on the borders regime. They are linked to the militarization of state and foreign policy, to growing racism and rightwing extremism. These last years with the infamous Troika and neoliberal governance have paved a way for a new phase in Europe: a precarious model of very limited social rights, a model of control and competition that we refuse to get used to!

Interestingly, not much is spoken about “money is loaned into creation” or how the central banking system has manipulated the world we exist in.

I await comments from Christopher Brooks on this subject, and again redirect you to his article on gumshoenews here. In summary:

“The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vaste in effect it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.”


  1. Hmmm, sort of FEELS like a new “Maidan” riot, and look how that worked out for Ukraine.. Not so good.
    And only days after Germany (and France and Italy as well as the UK, NZ and NOW Australia) are pivoting East to join the AIIB. Can we expect some more internal chaos Downunder to remind us to whom our loyalties should remain with??

  2. The quote from Christopher Brooks of course may be expanded to explain the creation of the US Federal Reserve in 1913.
    Too much history to recite here but Edward Griffin explains it all in his book:
    ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island.
    Simply the private banking cartel issues money it does not pay for and charges interest. So if we want some money, the cartel invents it, gives it to the Aussies and charges interest.
    Wilson in 1919 is reported that: ‘ I am a sad man I have destroyed my country’ …… By allowing the Federal Reserve to be created.
    The reason for invasions of countries is by the bankers upon those countries who do not accept and apply the banking cartel”s fraud.
    So Iran, Libya, Venezuela etc are in the banker’s sights and want your children to go die for bankers!
    BTW: the bankers lend the money necessary to go send your kids to die and charge the parents the interest.
    For more go to Mike Rivero’s site and refer to his index mentioning bankers at the top: particularly his video: ‘All Wars are Banker’s Wars’.
    See http:///www.whatreallyhappened.com/
    As there are Quatrillions at risk with their derivative gambles, they think they can get out of the world financial mess created by them with a WW 111. The mass media is controlled by the banker’s presstitutes and promote such wars in a psychological campaign.
    If it occurs, clearly: the bankers and their allies should be the first casualties then there may be peace. War has to be financed: no bankers, no war and our children may go about living
    Someone tell our politicians about their duties …… Chuck out the bankers and issue government only currency.
    No media tells the public that Iceland gaoled the banker bastards!

  3. And I may add, an old Rothschild control freak is recorded as stating:
    ‘So long as I control the money I care not who runs the country’.
    Another old female Rothschild is reporters as saying to the effect:
    If i did not have 5 sons there would be no wars’.
    So mass media journos and dear politicians: now you know who your daddy is! In due course the public will tell you miserable warmongering killers who your masters are.

  4. The passions and idealism of youth are easily brought into the service of the policy of monopoly promoters.
    Exciting street demonstrations just divide, marginalize, discredit and distract from the fully dynamic whole education and action required for the genuine honest money reform that we must achieve to release our economic freedom potential.

    Simplistic slogans are the tools of sorcery employed to stir and manipulate the mob towards faulty aims that exhaust valuable energy, time and resources.

    Unfortunately, the “Leftist” political movements that crave “revolution” against “capitalism” are always enthusiastic but only offer their version of collectivism to replace the present dictatorship. In a sense it is a tragic waste.
    Burning police vehicles and violent unlawful behavior are the exact excuse those in power need to avoid listening to or considering seriously the indisputable intelligent evidence that must become our dominant information currency.
    Undoubtedly, many people joining the protest against the ECB have a good understanding of money and political realities but none of that is reflected in the media coverage that I was able to discover.
    If the purpose of this event was pure and genuine it should have at the very least connected to a clear declaration of policy direction and a body of political information that justified and explained why the policy is the correct direction.
    In reality, this type of event is about maximizing numbers, publicity and the mob power excitement factor.
    Exacting intelligent information is automatically compromised to bring a wide range of ideologies under one big tent.
    This is a circus tent only good for entertainment and fun.
    The individual surrenders real responsibility to the ring masters of the mob, which is controlled in it’s purpose by clever hidden forces that have mastered this game with the collected experience of centuries of deception.
    We cannot escape the necessity that we fully comprehend our vulnerability to the sorcery so we avoid having our energy exhausted for limited gain.
    How much superior would all this effort have been if it was direct informed action towards their political representatives with questions seeking accountability and evidence to justify
    their cause.
    How much real political force for accountability would this event have placed on any politician?
    Close to zero?

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