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Parades Mark the End of Australia’s Longest War Started By 9/11



This report in the ABC. “Soldiers and others who served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Slipper have been officially welcomed home in parades across the country. The parades marked the end of the operation, which was Australia’s contribution to the conflict in Afghanistan, launched in response to the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Speaking at the ceremony in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott praised the efforts of all those involved in Operation Slipper. “That war ended not with victory, and not with defeat, but with hope, hope for a better Afghanistan, and for a safer world.” said Mr Abbott.

Christopher Bollyn provides an alternative narrative to the War on Terror.



  1. Bollyn always makes it sound like Israel is in charge (of everything). I think Israel is the servant not the boss, but anyway this is a good video starting at 55 minutes re ISIS beheadings. (And our very own Westfield Malls makes an appearance at 46 minutes).
    If it be accurate. But who can trust anything anymore? How can you know who is pulling yor leg?
    I’m sorry for the war widows. Did not see parades in SA.

  2. Mary, how true it is be frustrated at the information sorcery to the point where we are driven “mad”.

    Only this week I had an ABC journalist state a lot of people want to talk about the “Illuminati” and the “Bilderberg” group.
    I was challenging him on the money issues.
    I had provided him with the Money Collection of information.
    This journalist agreed these subjects might be true but “how do you prove it”.
    I explained there are different standards applied to information because the Treasurer has not proven Australia is short of “money” but it appears to be assumed in almost every economic conversation conducted on the ABC.
    I pointed out many “academic experts” and politicians make all sorts of claims on the ABC that have not been proven.
    I explained, a journalist, if the job is done properly, should without fear or favor broadcast all opinions on a subject and the public “jury” can decide and judge what makes sense.
    I explained the ABC excludes critical perspectives from it’s reporting so the public is left limited in it’s comprehension of the full dynamic understanding of political and economic realities.
    I continued to explain, in turn the public are limited in their ability to identify the root cause of problems and formulate genuine permanent solutions.

    Christopher Bollyn must be challenged and scrutinized and there are some commentators in the alternative media who claim he is not honest. Michael Piper from AFP is an example.
    I have read others who say Piper is not honest.
    They have both produced some “major” stories and analysis over many years.
    We need to hear all the information and work out which interpretation best fits the facts, what possible motives are at play and who are the relative beneficiaries of events and policies.

    This is the nature of the beast. It’s complicated.

    We do need to find people we trust as reliable and practicing
    sound research and fearless journalism.

    We need good information.

    The serious alternative media is beginning to transform and build networking relationships and associations that incorporate the fully dynamic approach to critical thinking.

    We should be watching and influencing the organic process, always conscious of the sorcery threat.

    James Corbett is one of the leading lights in my view in terms of media producer and content.

    What Really Happened is a very useful hub but does include some poisonous material.

    Richard Grove and his Tragedy & Hope media has some fascinating depth but a few puzzling aspects.

    Ryan Dawson is a bit gritty in his approach but his broad understanding of Geo politics is impressive. He is a bit light on the Banking mechanics.

    Sibel Edmonds at Boiling Frogs is worthy.

    Joshua Blakeney’s non aligned media is great.

    Russian Insider is publishing 20 plus articles a day that
    include the other perspectives on Russian politics and economics. Some heavy bias at times. A bit narrow.

    Global Research has some excellent writers but takes a very left political attitude to the point of error at times.

    It would be interesting to read and discuss who we would put in a top 20 honest and intelligent alternative media voices.

    It would be great if we had an alternative media platform that was fully open to the independence of the associating parties but shared the correct method of research, scrutiny, accountability and archiving.

    I think we are beginning to see the early forms of a bigger and more influential alternative information source but the key knowledge is understanding the sorcery that turns people with good intentions into their own worst enemies.

    • Agree Christopher. I have too challenged the ABC – but they seem reluctant to produce alternative views or in fact alternative voices on their panels.
      Also, I think we must be wary of bold claims whoever they may come from. With regard to Bollyn’s video – this is like one layer of the onion – and one must view this information as such. As you say – information sorcery.
      I would personally be in favour of an “treason information amnesty” to anyone providing truthful information.

      But Bollyn missed A GEM————-

      I would urge people to watch Paul Bremer on TV the morning of 9/11. He gives some insight into the human soul.
      His offices (and 1500 associates were hit by the plane/s) – and he is interviewed. He fingers bin Laden, makes no mention of his fears of his fellow associates or that his office was hit. But he does say its good to see America get back to business as normal…
      He seems completely detached from the action. Is he a raving psycopath – or was he “programmed” to go onto TV and say those things.

      Paul Bremer
      1989 and became managing director at Kissinger and Associates. Bremer received the State Department Superior Honor Award, two Presidential Meritorious Service Awards, and the Distinguished Honor Award from the Secretary of State. was chairman and CEO of Marsh Crisis Consulting, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies. OFFICES IN THE TOWERS.

      • Yes Dee, many have been suspicious of Bremmer’s apparemt callous demeanour.
        Compare him with the miserable demeanor in the first press interview of the first three moon tourists having returned from such a courageous, dangerous and historic endeavour.
        S’pose it did not rate the usual celebration of a hole in one, a first test century ton or a championship match point ace.
        Funny how things often do not appear kosher.

  3. It isn’t Chomsky of me. It is Wilson of me. My mentor in just about every field is EO Wilson the sociobiologist. That’s why I think Israel is not the boss. I see our political behavior as based on the givens of our species. We form mafias. It’s a good way to prey on one another. Ultimately we form World Government. You can’t possibly argue that an organization as small as the Knesset is running World Government.
    I know more than my prayers, but I ain’t tellin.

    • The general propositions contained in the subject of the “Jewish question” allude to the activities and influence of a hidden “internationalist” monopoly power that derives from the money trickery.
      The thesis is this power faction incorporates the “Masonic sorcery method” and it’s financial dominance to manipulate and control society.
      The proposition includes a range of clever spells that have been woven in the economic, religious, cultural and historical fabric of Western Civilization that renders any questioning or curiosity of Banking monopoly power can be strangulated and poisoned by the “anti-Semitic”, “racist”, or “holocaust denier” minefield.

      • World domination is often represented in a top down pyramid, with power coming down from above – money flowing up.

        But I think this is too simplistic… It has to be a complex web of factions and groups that all play different parts of the equation (like Mary says). To me the complex way nature works within species and in ecosystems makes more sense, with all kinds of parasitic and symbiotic relationships cooperating and dominating each other.

        I think it would be more useful to consider the human population being “dominated” or organised in a more organic way – like a human body. Thus the top of the pyramid is more like the nervous system. The bankers early on realised they only need to hijack the nervous system – with the media being like the one side of the brain…. and technology the other. Thus with the money/bankers being the nervous system (and brain) they control the body…. make the organism walk in a specific direction… and have created the reality…


        Thus if we changed the money system… or even understand the money system (as Christopher says) it would change the operating reality of the body.

        • If you are not equipped to converse on the “Jewish Question” and “Holocaust Revision” these subjects will blow you up like a landmine that is buried just below the surface in your path to cause you serious political injury.
          The key to most sorcery is fear that limits our questions or keeps us silent or self censored.
          Christopher Bollyn’s presentation is simply information that
          documents a consistent pattern of allegiance to “Zionism” and Israel among key US Banking, Political, Legal, Admin and Military appointments. His conclusions are reinforced by all the factual research on money and power.
          The sorcerer would have us find an alternative apologetic
          explanation for the clear facts, appealing to our political manners and sensitivity.
          Words being just words, I wouldn’t describe the controlling matrix as “organic”, I would describe it as Black Magic.
          It is an unnatural and perverted vandalism of reality that
          totally relies on deception and lies for it’s survival.

        • Hmm. I see what you mean. But “changing the money system” entails the removal from the top of the jerks who, at present, are compelled to keep this nonsense going. Dalia, please push harder to get that metaphor clear. I agree that an ecosystem is an ecosystem, and maybe we are like that. Maybe there is a nervous system (though I am not very persuaded).

          Isn’t it also possible that we have broken the rules of Nature, and can no longer get her protection? Did you notice the compo paid in the oil spill? I hear a rumor that it was not an accident. Yes, there really are efforts to harm the planet, and not just to make profits! Insane! Fracking may be such a thing. Certainly ebola is. (Read Len Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses, 1997.)

          Here is my latest, on what we need to do. We need to find the like-minded and compose simple rules for all to follow. I don’t say people would obey, but they might.
          They can’t obey now, as there is no rule for them to obey!

          I am also in favor of amnesty and even immunity for persons who will come forward. Again, they have to have someone to come forward to. And is there a Mr Rich Britches who can pay a Reward to those who reveal what the rest of us need to know, such as what is the code to break viral diseases?

          Methinks a possible congregation of the faithful consists of gardeners. Some humans just appreciate the soil and plants more than others. They have got to be appalled at the destruction that is going on. It is such a blasphemy. Maybe they are less inclined than non-gardeners to play dumb.

          Of this much I am sure: the Bozos are only human and are just as prone to be in denial as anyone else. They also have no means for saying, amongst themselves, “Our task has failed. We really can’t carry off the Great Takeover that we’ve been planning for centuries.” I think it has become unrealistic for them to subdue everyone. They are in trouble. We need to help them. Poor Cheney, poor Bremer, poor Lowy. Sad cases.

    • Dear Christopher, I am always happy to take on a subject that no one is supposed to talk about. I love Jews and think they are great. I agree with Ned above that they are being used. But he implies that they don’t know it. More likely they do know it and can’t think of how to handle it. Can any of us think how to handle anything these days? How to stop American torture of Iraqis, for example. How to stop censorship in Oz? Dalia just told me that somebody in WA has proposed the criminalising of criticism. Seriously. (Betcha five dollars it will happen.)

      Anyway, since you used the phrase “the Jewish question,” I googled for a definition. I got a recent essay by a UCLA administrator saying that several campuses in US are having discussions to counteract anti-semitism. He mentioned that people were outraged when a candidate for a job on campus was asked if her Jewishness (or loyalty to Israel or whatever) would be a conflict-of-interest factor.
      I don’t find it outrageous at all. All she had to say was NO. If someone offered me a job in which advocating a privilege for Oz was going to be a problem, I would be happy to say that I am emotionally attached to Australia and want the best for her, but that in the specific position I would quell any bias of mine.

      Christopher, you mention the minefield of Holocaust denial. The word ‘denial’ is itself a trick. Nearly every scholar who is critical of the figure “6 million” is very much a believer that the Holocaust happened. I am pretty sure that there are no deniers. Even if someone did deny it, let her! No one would be taken in by it. (Fred Toben of Adelaide argues that the particular room in Auschwitz that is used for tourists to see a gas chamber was never a gas chamber. He is hardly a Holocaust denier, though. But he got legally punished, in Germany, for “defaming the memory of the dead.” Such nonsense. Of course he did not defame the memory of the dead. But Section 130 of the German Penal Code says he did.)

      I oppose the Australian law that protects anyone who feels his ethnic group has been slurred. Let that group go to press with counteracting statements. If, instead, you lock up the guy who bad-mouthed you, there’s a tendency to think he may be right.

      My ancestry is Irish. In Adelaide, people celebrate “Irish Christmas” in July. The real point is that they want to cook the turkey on a cold day, but the message is that Irish are so stupid that they get mixed up about the date. Does not bother me at all. Come to think of it, I wonder what would happen if I took the mater to the Human Rights Commission. Very funny.

      Dalia has vehemently opposed certain laws that were passed in 2014 under the guidance of Attorney General George Brandis.
      To no avail, that is. Likewise, people in Germany have opposed the ridiculous criminalisation of Holocaust denial. To no avail. And citizens of Israel, in great numbers – more than 50% — oppose their government’s policy toward Palestinians. Not one iota of “avail.”

      I think what we should be thinking about is: How is it possible for leaders in democratic countries to get away with this? Or, as I am fond of rephrasing it: What is the matter with us that we put up with it?

      Dalia points out that her work as a journalist, uncovering crimes by officials, will land her in jail under the new law. Once she is inside, it is going to be a lot harder for her to act. See the website MedicalKidnap.com. In America people are having their kids taken away from them right, left, and center, by Nazi-like judges. The champion of the families, Bill Windsor, a judicial activist and Youtube journalist, has just been arrested again, on some trumped-up charge. Be warned, Everybody!

      The time to act is now.

      • I think Jon Faine’s attitude and logic comes under the puzzle that has over centuries been described as “The Jewish Question”. It’s a way of acting and thinking that contradicts the logic, reason and morality that I might describe as “classical Christian reason”.


        A very important aspect of the “Jewish Question” becomes very evident if you publicly raise any criticism of any idea, policy or information that the “Jewish Lobby” have anointed must only be interpreted by their Chosen People.

        This is when you come face to face with the “Jewish Question”.

        Just the other day our Prime Minister trembled and apologized in Parliament for describing something with the term “holocaust”.

  4. Poor Jews, poor ashkenazis poor Sayinan, poor zionists, Christian or otherwise: You do not get it!
    You are all cannon fodder for the control freak globalist bankers who plant social and religious violent discord amongst civilisations.
    They have a plan for all of us. ……. Slavery, no exceptions, they just need chaos and then their ‘brown shirts’ will be their enforcers, all based on psychological conditiong of the young, endorsed by their controlled media empires and rewriting of history through a dumb downed education system.

    • For your children’s sake read the notes of Dr. Day’s address on 20th March 1969 under; ‘ New world order exposed 1969’.
      Good version is at Jeff Rense dot com.
      Mary is correct …. To a certain extent, Israel is the banker’s usefull international idiot and dispensable after it’s used by date.

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