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Huge Compensation for Victims of 9-11, Marathon


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, March 22, 2015

Outside the Boston courthouse, during this week’s trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, sit some of the amputees.  Mention is not made that they have received more than a million dollars compensation. Families of the three deceased victims got $2 million each. It comes from a private (!) fund of $60 million. The man distributing the money is Kenneth Feinberg who also gave out the 9-11 victims’ payments.

kenneth-feinberg-Kenneth Feinberg

James Oliphant of the The National Journal interviewed Feinberg in August, 2013. How did Congress choose him to be the 9-11 Compensator?

Feinberg says it was because he had done similar work for the court settlement of Agent Orange to Vietnam veterans for 52,000 vets. The top payout there was only $13K.

He also handled a court settlement of $20 billion (yes, twenty thousand million!) for the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico. The same man distributed, from a private fund of $11 million, the payments to parents of Sandy Hook children. Feinberg is also involved with compensation for the Virginia Tech shootout – isn’t that amazing — and the destruction of grandstands at the Indiana State Fair.

(Note: Oliphant’s interview with Feinberg, and Feinberg’s book “What Is a Life Worth?” are my only source for the existence of the various alleged payments.)

Does mention of the grandstand collapse bring to mind the prediction by Dr Richard Day in 1969? According to Lawrence Dunegan, MD, he heard Day say that, in future:

Buildings and bridges would be made so that they would collapse after a while. All of this to contribute to the feeling of insecurity, that nothing was safe.” Oh my.

 Congress had almost no precedent for doing what it did in setting up the 9-11 fund. I assume those huge payouts (never mentioned by the media) are a way to prevent lawsuits by those injured at the WTC site. Of course it’s possible that some of the alleged plane passengers did not die and yet may have received the two million dollars. (See Dean Hartwell’s excellent ‘boutique’ writings on this.)

homemadebombFBI photo of Fireworks.

Prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

I have posted “Absurdities on the Tsarnaev Case” at Rumor Mill News. Here I will add that it’s appalling that the people of Boston, a city filled with higher education establishments, unquestioningly obeyed an invitation to stay indoors for the day of the manhunt. Since when does a city impose a curfew while a pair of students is being tracked?  Barry Grey, writing for globalresearch.ca notes: that for the current trial, “Boston police closed off streets.  Barricades kept the public at a distance, while K-9 units guarded the building, a helicopter hovered overhead, and police boats stood by in Boston Harbor.” Outrageous. Is there an enemy attack scheduled? Oh, really?

Grey goes on to say (in  “Judge Limits Evidence”):

“Even before the jurors were seated, Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. issued a ruling limiting the ability of lawyers for the 21-year-old defendant to discuss the role of his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in the planning and execution of the terrorist attack.”


According to Grey:

“The judge’s ruling indicates the government’s intention to tightly control the information emerging from the proceedings so as to marginalize or exclude questions relating to extensive contacts over a period of years between the FBI and Tamerlan….”

Well, I can’t say that that is the judge’s intention, I am not a mind reader. But I have recently found a spectacular book by Lyndon Barsten “Truth at Last.” It documents the absolutely total involvement of the CIA and FBI in the setting up of James Earle Ray (years in advance) to be seen as the assassin of Martin Luther King, in 1968. The prosecutorial prerogatives cruelly deprived Ray’s family of any chance of presenting exculpatory information.

So has anything changed in the last 47 years?

— Mary W Maxwell’s forthcoming book is “Fraud Upon the Court: Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully.”



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  2. Mary,
    Are you trying to say that it would have been possible that anyone in those planes could have survived the crash ?

    I sincerely hope not but maybe you’re referring to the few people who have cancelled their flights on 9/11 but I can’t imagine that they got paid.

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