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The ABC and the Mainstream Media “Managing” Our Reality


714-northtowerfalls photoshop

There is no issue more divisive than 9/11. Australian politicians and the Australian press followed the Bush narrative dutifully, and any questioning of the September 11 script was quickly called “stupid and wrong”. The mainstream media (MSM), along with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) create our reality by “managing” the media.

As UK Prime Minister David Cameron said at the UN last year, “We must defeat this ideology in all its forms…. (and ) …We know this world view. The peddling of lies that somehow 9/11 was a Jewish plot“. Mr Cameron’s wording is cleverly crafted. He wants us to know, as of course we do know, that lies should not be told regarding Jews who are innocent. But he makes no mention of the usual suspects or potential participants (CIA, MI6, Zionists, Mossad, Saudis, bankers, some corporates and others).

People who question the official story are labeled “nuts” and crackpots” – and this may soon be classified as a mental disorder. And on the ABC – paid for by the Australian tax payer – questioning 9/11 has been compared to “debating whether the earth is flat” (popular ABC 774 radio host Jon Faine, 2010).

I have worked briefly with Mr Faine in the past, and wrote to him a few years ago suggesting he interview Richard Gage. He said he was not interested in conspiracies, and replied, “It is an insult to the dead to play with this.”

I refer Mr Faine to a very courageous father, Bob McIlvaine – whose son Bobby died in the lobby of the North Tower. His death, 90+ floors below the plane impact, by an explosive force is not a conspiracy (as his body was taken to a morgue). And Mr McIlvaine has been trying to get heard on MSM for over a decade. They refuse to give him the opportunity to tell his story – or to question the official 9/11 script.

The phone call between Jon Faine and Kevin Braken (on the ABC) is often mentioned on this site. Thus to provide more clarity to this issue, I have posted the video below (which includes an interview I did with Mr Braken a few years ago).

The video below is of the actual call, and posted by Anthony Lawson.

If something waddles and quacks like a duck… maybe we should be allowed to question and investigate whether it could be a duck.

As Crocodile Dundee famously said: “That’s not a knife… this is a knife.” 

croc dundee

… and “they” are telling us, “That’s not a collapse… this (below) is a collapse.”

714-northtowerfalls unshopped

The actual north tower “collapse” event – just collapsing outward.



  1. Do not; the Federal politicians, our paid for public broadcasters, intellectually deficient shock jocks and controlled
    Mass media, not realise that their deceitful warmonger’s game sponsored by the ABC is sprung and that they are deliberately, with foresight, undermining public credibility and all confidence in the authority of our Australian politicians and transparent governance.
    The above, referred to, political hypocrites will bare their teeth and snarl to massage their egos for all the ANZAC centenary celebrations.
    The souls of those who died for our Australian Nation and democracy
    are justified, in true ‘Digger’ tradition, raising a leg and pissing on our traitors.
    Mr. Robb how is the secret
    Trade Agreement going?
    Dear Senate, how are you progressing incurring more debt to the bankers?
    Dear Federal politicians, at what limit do you have to completely destroy Australia’s manufacturing potential as agreed by the Lima declaration in 1975?
    Dear politicians , why do you take water from irrigators that feed our people and flog it off to cause our thirst? Oh I know that answer; the head of NESTLE claims that we have no indigenous rights to water, he wants to claim it all as a corporate asset, bottle it and make Australians pay for it.
    How about shadows dear politicians? Italy now wants to charge for awnings that cause shadowing.
    Hey Politicians: when are you going to crawl to your globalist fascist masters and tax us for sunlight on our solar panels, as in Spain.
    Go suck on an onion you lot, before the ghosts of ANZAC and the ww11 sacrificed shove it up our collective anus orifaces
    So for the lesson for today! Go shove it mass media.
    PS: 911 was an inside job and the media have to answer for over a million slaughtered as a result…… Remember Nuremberg, it will reincarnate.

  2. Why would a court of law wish to hear nonsensical information,
    that is not surportted by evidence or expert testimony?
    World Trade 7 was a non event, no one died and the engineering community understands, why and how it failed.
    Nonsensical cases are a waste of court resources.
    Simple heat induced connection failure explained the collapses
    on 9/11/2001 better than any other theory ever proposed, no perfect method of connecting steel to steel has ever been developed, and when steel fails it is rapid and sudden.
    Truthers are good at coming up with insane theories, but can never view the evidence with Objectivity, and will never admit the fact they are wrong, it has become a religious, faith based religion for them.
    The only reason for the focus on building 7 was the truthers lost the debate on the towers, in the science community, so they focused their efforts on the fall of a granite stone wall.
    The cry fowl when they fail from their own lack of knowledge,
    and expertise, and identify paint chips burning in air, though fraudulent tests as Aerogel thermites to promote failed theories.
    The Jones+Harrit frauds are just one instance of truthers making up lies just to try and promote insane worthless theories.
    The steel itself gave witness to what happened to it, and it’s testimony is all that matters that is all experts will ever look at,
    That is why AE/9/11truth are and will always be seen as crack pots, and why the media, and the courts ignore them.
    That will not change as long as Knowledgeable, intelligent people exist to shine the light of knowledge on them subject of
    The terrorist attacks on peaceful people of New York, on 9/11/2001.
    May the victims of those attacks rest in peace.

    • So Carroll you are saying: If it looks like a demolition then one is “insane” to believe it COULD be a demolition. I am absolutely stunned at your insane logic. (Thus … If it looks like it floats you are insane to think it could a boat???).
      Your logic proves that you are working the mental gymnastics.
      If it looks like a demolition it might not be….. But it is also possible. Yes or no.
      You have just dug yourself into a big insane hole.
      It’s going to be difficult to explain normality after this.

      • The point is too a knowledgeable person one who knows the difference between a demolition and natural connection failure,
        It looks nothing like a demolition.
        There is no evidence of shrapnel embedded in the steel, no evidence of High explosive induced cutter charges.
        No evidence of thermite oxygen cutting.
        Just simple connection, bolt, and weld failure, engineering teams studied the steel investigators looked for visual evidence of high explosives and found none.
        Every piece of steel was photographed and document, those images point to the only cause being the failure of the weakest points the welds, bolts, and connections.
        Anything else is an illogical fairytale.

        • Then I assume you have an explanation for the molten steel that was found along with the evidence of it pouring out of the trade center. And the temperatures generated in the fire weren’t even close to what would be needed so don’t try to use that excuse as it is a laughable one. See http://youtu.be/9oVs_94VHk8?list=PLUshF3H0xxH2FFyiA3OZnLA7WfjNxJmcO for all of the evidence of this that was backed up many people who have that background in engineering to explain fully what this means.

          • Steel can not flow at 1000C, there fore the material flowing out of the towers was not steel.

            In fact no reliable evidence for molten steel was ever found.

          • Then what do you claim was falling from the tower in the video. It had the color of molten steel, not aluminum, and all of the firemen who worked on the site said the same of the molten metal on the ground, something that was so hot that it took days to cool down. That implies it had a lot of heat energy. One can see plainly that it is molten metal. In addition, there was nano particles of thermite found in the wreckage, something that only the military made. And one of the few things that could melt steel. It didn’t just appear there.

        • That is a laugh Carroll……ha. No building has EVER collapsed like this. But it kinda-looks like other buildings that have been brought down by explosives.
          MAYBE MAYBE—-direct us to another building that fell (in part free fall) through “natural connection failure”….. (are you joking here – I feel something pulling at my leg)

          • Dalia Mae, no universe has ever existed like this,
            the fact that it is a first only points to it being a first not to controlled demolition.

            It is an individual occurance just like your birth was an individual occurance, why make dumb fallacious statements about single time occurances?

            Alqueda only attacked once with four planes on one day.

        • “Every piece of steel was photographed” and “engineering teams studied the steel”

          For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car. … The destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately.
          – Bill Manning, “Selling Out the Investigation”, Fire Engineering, January 2002

          • The steel was photographed before removal the evidence of that is all the pictures we have of deformed steel.

        • “Every piece of steel was photographed” and “engineering teams studied the steel”

          For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car. … The destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately.
          – Bill Manning, “Selling Out the Investigation”, Fire Engineering, January 2002

          “investigators looked for visual evidence of high explosives and found none.”

          NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) was asked whether, as part of their overall investigations of the WTC building disintegrations on 9/11, investigations were carried out to look for the possibility of the use of explosives. Michael Newman, a NIST spokesman responded by saying “If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, you’re wasting your time.” This, a blatant example of circular reasoning, is a fundamental logical fallacy.

          So, in that debate in the science community that you refer to elsewhere, it’s admissible for science to appeal to fundamental logical fallacies?

          • The New York police department carried out the investigation into explosives it was not NIST’s job or mandate to do so.

          • Great – send ‘said’ report…. Or was the actors from the CSI investigation tv team that did the case? Sorry – the tv writers wrote explosives out. Too corny.

  3. Dalia Mae, your making an argument you already lost,
    the buildings themselves testified against Controlled
    Demolitions and their testimony out weighs dim witted conspiracy ideas.
    Their testimony is of weld and connection failure, rant all you want make as many irrelevant statements as you like, it does not matter, the real evidence was always against CD.

    • Carroll, give us a break, very boring, why do you care about ‘us conspiracy nut cases’?
      You remind me of the old advertisers who prescribed worms for wheight loss.

    • I think dear Mr Carroll – the logic is so simple, but it seems you may be missing the cucumber in the sandwich. Maybe just watch the B7 compliation and say to self: “natural connection failure” x 100 and you’ll then be right.

      • Dalia Mae, you have a sandwich missing the everyting in the CD theories, the stone wall that fall in the video is the bread and after the insides the steel fails and falls it leaves you only chewing the bread.
        Steel can fail rapidly do to connection fracture, that is why they test the fracture strength of structural steels.
        Buildings are only designed to have limited movement.

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