1. We cannot escape the serious ramifications this creeping surveillance State power will have on the freedom to challenge, criticize and expose the murky secretive activities of our elected dictatorship.
    Snowden, Greenwald, Manning, Wikileaks and a growing number of “Whistle-blowers” are setting the example and by their voice and action declaring they will not be cowered into submission.
    Most of our fellow Australians do not even figure these events of any relevance to their life.

  2. This interview explains how the mobile phone “Metadata” is used by the CIA in convicting, targeting and assassinating of individuals.

    Too bad if you happen to be in proximity to the Iphone that
    gets targeted by a Hellfire missile.

    ASIO are part of an international intelligence community that are regularly killing innocent people branded as “terrorists” justified by “Metadata”.

    What a chilling realty!

    We really should be paying much more attention to the revelations that the “Snowden” information has brought out into the light of day.

    Today, 23 million odd Australians went about their activities with most having no knowledge or thought that we are complicit in these crimes of murder.

    When will Greg Barton be interviewed on the ABC to discuss his “terror” research and explanations of the US drone assassination policy?

  3. Call me Stickybeak but I want to know every detail of the Sydney siege. I want to know why each person was there. I want to know how Monis was able to lock all the doors at the same time. Isn’t it common, after a crime, for the public to be given the particulars?

    They said Facebook was in constant use, under the gunman’s supervision, whereby a café guest was asked to request an ISIS flag and an audience with the prime minister. Did that scribe also use her freedom of the keyboard to contact anyone else?
    Did Monis tell all the others that they had to keep their hands in sight? (Surely I’m not the only citizen wondering about this.)

    He did let some of them go upstairs to the toilets. Did he pee?
    (I need the details. If you don’t tell me how he managed his bladder, I’m going to think there is something “off” about this story. If Monis had to go somewhere to pee, even if only the kitchen sink, that would have been a moment that hostages could flee. Or did he just wet the floor. Come on, tell me.)

    Was there communication among the 15 to the tune of “How can we overwhelm him?” There was at least one lawyer in the group. Did she try to talk Monis into surrendering? Did everyone figure that Monis was aware that the day would surely end with his capture? Was he praying? Did he try to proselytise the hostages? Did any of the patrons offer him a deal? (I would have.)

    What with Channel Seven having its studio right across the street, is there a film of the whole 16 hours’ activity? As Dalia indicates, by nightfall it would have been easy to see in. I want to know if persons can take the chocolate treats from the display cases without a key. Who could get through a whole day without taking one? (Not me. No way.)

    As one person got 6 bullet fragments “from police hail,” what did the others get? Was there any ricocheting other than in the fatal case? Did the hostages dive under the tables? (I would have.) With only one target there for a trained marksman to hit, why did police let fly “a volley of fire”? Are there rules of engagement for this sort of thing? It can’t be just luck, can it?

    In her original articles on Martin Place (December 19 and 22, 2014), Dalia queried why we were not told earlier in the day that the authorities had identified the gunman as media-mascot Monis. Believe me, we were pretty scared over here in Adelaide. Did someone want us to be scared?

    In law school I learned that causing someone to feel threatened can reach the level of criminality. If I were the premiere of NSW and learned that it was a well-known nutjob running the siege, I’d have told the millions of Australians to calm down. Wouldn’t you?

  4. It would be a reasonable bet that our servants who voted for the metadata waste of money:
    One: Think that 19 Muslims did 911.
    Two: That building 7 is a part of Jamie Packer’s bungleroo project in Sydney.
    Three: Would never have heard of Lynch or Wilson (?) in the US Congress
    seeking disclosure of the 28 pages of the redacted part of the 911 Commission report to be published, because it allegedly pings another country as being in the 911 mass murder plan. (After all, the CIA arranged many of the ‘Hijackers’ to come from that country and ensured that the US consul issued the Visas)
    Four: Have no idea, that Francesco Cooriega, ex president of Italy declared that 911 was a CIA-Mossad operation and all the world’s intelligence agencies knew that the day after 911.
    Five: I’m bored and why should I waste my time, they are idiots and if anyone’s data should be monitored 24/7 it should be those in the ACT sheltered workshop as it is well reported that the real serious, dangerous and deadly terrorists are governments. …….. Just look up all the false flags in history and the FBI’s terrorist activities by promoting and facilitating simpletons and misfits to carry out such acts, so they may be caught and justify enhanced budgets and scare the populace into giving away more of its privacy and freedoms with the support of duped politicians.
    As I say, boring, most thinking members of the public know that it is all for the benefit of psychopathic control freaks and part of the global corporate fascist’s plans as exposed to Dr. Day in March 1969 by Dr. Dunegan. [Ref: search ‘NWO exposed by insider March 1969’ ] Note that section of the report exposing part of the plan, being to create terrorism to make governments (and coward politicians) conform to their insidious fascist plans which of course is sponsored by our friendly mass media presstitutes and shock jocks……… One would think that none of them have their own children, who are being condemned to a world of fascist totalitarian slavery run by banks and corporates. The Nestle seniors are now claiming that corporates own all the water, that they should get it of a pittance ands screw the public by having to buy bottled drinking water.

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