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Building 7 Is Just Not “Going Away”


7-building-collapseWTC 7

Building 7 is an itch that is not going away.

Now 55 architects are submitting a resolution to be voted on at the AIA National Convention in the US. The Resolution calls upon the AIA to support a new WTC 7 investigation. And why not.

“The destruction was too symmetrical to have been eccentrically generated. The destruction was symmetrically initiated to cause the building to come apart as it did” — Harry Robinson III, FAIA

Several “commentors” will find every possible reason that an official investigation be denied. But it is time that a transparent and legal investigation be done to confirm what happened to Building 7 – either way.

Jonathan Barnett (engineering fire specialist, FEMA and NIST volunteer) told me that the unique design of the building plus the fire was the cause. Well, Mr Barnett should be delighted that he might be proven correct. But if he is wrong, then he should be equally pleased, that the truth has an opportunity to surface.

And XingFu, maybe your expert theories can be submitted for scrutiny in this investigation – so that all avenues are thoroughly tested. (And I look forward to listening to them.)

But those who are adamantly against any further investigation should maybe also lobby that the centuries old legal “appeal” process in murder trials be disallowed and abandoned. These people need to be questioned as to their motives. 

What a wonderful day it will be when we can stop this debate – and read a comprehensive and open report on the cause for Building 7’s dramatic collapse.

Donate here so that Building 7 debate can be eventually be laid to rest.

Some facts:

WTC 7 was a 47-story high-rise building, not hit by an airplane, which was destroyed late in the afternoon on September 11, 2001.

The destruction of WTC 7 exhibited all the characteristics of a controlled demolition with explosives.

For the first 8 stories of its descent, the entire width of the 47-story structure fell at free-fall acceleration.

The ae911truth.org pamphlet.


  1. This is a great opportunity to investigate, determine and put 7 to rest.
    Hope to see WHOLESALE support and generous contributions from our regular detractors who then can put their time to more profitable use.
    Everyone will be a winner, including old Miss Justice.

    • Dame Roma Mitchell was the first female Chief Justice of the South Australian Supreme Court. The title of address of such persons had been “Mr Justice.” She was asked if she wanted to be called “Miss Justice.”
      Replied Roma: “No. That would be automatic grounds for a retrial.”

      • Thought ”Miss’ would shake a few branches. (:-
        I have never met her, maybe she is a ‘Mrs’ with a tribe of children and wears a blindfold.

    • The resolution is doa, Dead on arrival, it will not be adopted at the convention, just for show, no real chance at passing.
      Just the reality, the general membership will vote it down.
      Rapid connection failure is a well established science does not have to be explained to knowledgeable people.
      We can all go back to sleep now the 9/11 pesudo science show of A/E911truth is about done and is quite boring and mundane. Now after all these years of fail.

        • The steel structure at the Madrid towers suffered a rapid connection failure and Collapse, because it had not yet been fire proofed. The fire proof sections did not collapse.
          Most buildings with intact fire proofing will not collapse in fire,
          Your complete failure to understand this simple fact demonstrates your Lack of knowledge and points out you are simply not a knowledgeable observer.
          There fore I must conclude you relief on straw man ridiculous arguments.
          The reasons for rapid connection failure are well established science undisputable, and backed up by multiple repeatable experimental data.

          • Ha —-right. Apologies. I didn’t see the Madrid tower video of its collapse. I only saw it burning for 24 hours or something. Please send a link to the collapse. Does it falls in less that 10 seconds? Apologies—I should really educate myself in rapid connection failure and Collapse—Apologies – is it rapid connection failure and Collapse—or rapid connection Collapse failure?

          • Dalia Mae
            There is no video of the collapse of that section of the Madrid towers.
            Not everything that happens in the universe is captured on video, non the less facts are the steel framing collapsed, do to connection failure.
            Why welds fail, and I quote, WJ_1975_07_s216.PDF.

            The ratio of (K,c ) BM to (K,c ) w
            was found to be between 1.8 to 2.4 for
            all temperatures and strain rates
            within the limits chosen in the present
            work. These drastic differences be-
            tween the measured fracture tough-
            ness values of the base metal and the
            EB weldments are a result of struc-
            tural differences. The process of EB
            welding results in an acicular struc-
            ture (see Fig. 6) which is much more
            brittle than the structure of the base
            The base metal often exhibits a
            strong tendenc y to internal de –
            lamination, especially at room tem-
            perature (see Fig. 13). With de-
            creasing temperature, the tendency
            to internal delamination decreases. At
            – 6 0 C the delaminatio n effec t
            appears to have ceased almost com-
            pletely (see Fig. 14). Similarly, but to a
            lesser extent, delamination is in-
            fluenced by the strain rate. The higher
            the strain rate at constant tem-
            perature, the smaller the probability
            of delamination. The appearance of
            internal delamination is a result of the
            presence of free ferrite. The cracks
            caused by delamination propagate
            along the stringers of free ferrite (Ref.
            Assuming empirical mathematical
            relationship in the form of a power-
            law between fracture toughness and
            yield strength (Ref. 39), all sets of data
            obtained on large specimens were ex-
            amined in accordance with that law,
            which may be written in the general
            o-y = _[K| £ J_-
            K (12)
            Where a and ft = constants, different
            for different materials.
            Since a,a 1 is independent of strain.

            When you weld something the process of welding causes a small amount of steel at the weld, metal interface to decarbonize back to iron, this creates a point of discontinuities that is brittle and will breaks rapidly when subjected to intense overloading or Impact, as the structure transits from static to dynamic loading.
            Global collapse means the structure receives so much dynamic load that the structure can not remain a united assembly, and thus becomes a set of disunited parts.
            Please understand I am trying to simplify this for you because
            I know you do not understand, and don’t have the technical knowledge to understand it.

          • Of course there is no video of the madrid towers collapsing in 10 sec – because it never did collapse.

            In the mid-1990s British Steel and the Building Research Establishment performed a series of six experiments at Cardington to investigate the behavior of steel frame buildings. These experiments were conducted in a simulated, eight-story building. Secondary steel beams were not (fire) protected. Despite the temperature of the steel beams reaching 1,500-1,700°F (800-900°C) in three of the tests (well above the traditionally assumed critical temperature of 1,100°F (600°C), no collapse was observed in any of the six experiments.

          • Commenting here about Dalia being “simply not a knowledgeable observer.” Well, I wouldn’t know a fire wall if I tripped over it but I do know Dalia is a knowledgeable observer.
            How so? On Dec 19, 4 days afetr the SIEGE, she described monis as “metadata man,” and by Jove what do we get this week? See legislative events.
            Spot on, Dalia.

        • @dalia,
          A donkey never bumps onto the same stone twice.
          Should there be like 50 examples of failing B7 designs, well, then the engineering community would be dumber than the donkey.
          We can rebuild it, but may I hope, with some changes.

  2. This is science known since the 1800s when fire proofing of steel with concrete was first developed, no reason to investigate it, no reason to argue it except that con men can make money from profiteering off of Laymen’s lack of technological expertise.
    That is why the resolution will be laughed at and DOA, just another sales pitch of AE9/11 Notruth in claim.

    • Lots of testing is going on and it becomes clearly that a structure can survive a passing fire, but the cooling process can become the hangman.

        • @dalia,
          So no, I just mentioned that there is lots of testing going on.
          I never mentioned that cooling brought B7 down, that is your own fantasy

          • @dalia,
            First you demanded a new 911 investigation, and now you narrow it down to WTC7, fine with me.
            Now I have a demand.
            I demand that the Jones/Harrit team do the further analisys of the dust, as mentioned by themselves in 2009. &60.000 was spent on a video screen on Times Square, plus &15.000 for the libes case of Harrit, now come on, &75.000 is enough to do some spectrum analisys on the organic substances in the dust, along with the unkown 1micron layer.
            Come on, 2009 and nothing happens, no action taken while the funding was there.
            Come on. (&=$), sorry

          • Normally when there’s a murder – the state pays for a proper investigation – they even pay officers 20 years later to look into a cold case.
            Maybe this should be no different considering the 3000 murders
            In this case they paid for the evidence to get removed – not investigate it…
            You know this El Kammo. Don’t try fool us.
            So you expect Harrit et al to fund the murder investigation’s research + letting the people know that a crime was possibly committed.
            I really thought the state was responsible in funding murder investigations.

            It would be an interesting day when the state stops funding the homicide depts.

          • @dalia,
            I am not fooling you.
            Dr. Carl Sagan once said “an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof”, refering to the scientific community.
            Now, “Explosive evidence found in the WTC dust” is an extraordinary claim, made in 2009, and added that further analisys was needed, well, where is it?
            $75.000 was at hand and not used to do forfill the need for further analisys.
            I do not know what was found in the dust, but I would surely want to know, so where is it, this further analisys?

          • “an extraordinary claim?????????? NOT extraordinary at all. A 7 year old will tell you it LOOKS like a demolition. There is NOTHING extraordinary about the claim. What might be extraordinary is the possible ramifications to the claim.

          • Well, when dalia gets tired of debating the obvious, start debating the not obvious, like hypnotising airbus pilots.

          • @dalia,
            Pay attention!
            The claim is about explosive evidence in the dust, the dust, the dust.
            You are realy multitasking are’nt you, so, pay attention

          • The one that looks at the dust, claims “it has the characteristics of a substance that is high tech and therefore highly secret”
            The other one takes a look an says “it has all of the characteristics of a epoxi based primer paint”, and both of them do not know for sure.
            Therefore the ball is in the Gage camp.

          • The long span roof trusses in building 7 make the welds on core
            Columns highly likely to fracture as the structure deforms do to girder walk off, the free ferrite(decarbonized iron) formed during stick welding at the steel weld interface is subject to failure in sudden exstream loading.
            The fracture would be worst at room temperature, not when the steel is heated or cooled.
            The steel is held together by welds the welds are subject to rapid weld failures a well known and understood phenomena.

  3. From the abstract of the test you cited,

    1996, a program of full-scale fire tests was completed on an eight-storey steel-framed building in the UK at Cardington Laboratory, to investigate the behavior of a real steel framed structure under real fire conditions. The typical “runaway” failure of an isolated steel beam in the standard fire test did not occur to the steel frame beam, even though the temperature of the bottom flange of the beam had exceeded 800 °C, which indicted that a steel beam in a framed structure, with the aid of restraint from surrounding members, has better fire-resistant capability than an individual steel beam[3,4,5,6,7]. The local buckling of the bottom flange occurred near the beam-to-column connection during heating, because of tremendous compression stress at this place resulting from the restrained thermal expansion. Damage of beam-to-column connections was also observed due to thermal contraction of the beam during cooling[8,9,10,11,12,13], as shown in Fig. 7.1.


  4. El-Kammo says:
    a lot.. he regurtitates the official account ad-nasueam, the very same official account that has been proven impossible, by science, and common sense. the consensus of every reasonable person that looks at the evidence, is that there should finally, be a proper investigation, so this evidence may be looked at, by professionals and other qualified experts so that a verdict may be reached beyond all reasonable doubt.

    El-Kammo ignores the fact that he is bringing nothing new to the table. He simply states the official account is correct, but who is he speaking for? the government? scientists? does he hold any qualifications that show his anonymous opinion to be in any way credible?

    People around the world want answers, to fill in the gaping holes of the official account. For El-Kammo to simply tell us again and again, what the official account is, is a waste of everyones time. The fact is, everyone knows what the official account is, that is why we seek answers. Unless you are speaking as some sort of authority on the matter, or unless you have some evidence that proves the government account beyond all reasonable doubt, them may I politely suggest you put up, or shut up, and that goes for the rest of your pathetic troll co-horts.

      • @fair,
        I have no grief against you or any other user.
        My CV is known by Dalia, to check and confirm.
        Fact remains that I am a highrise engineer and I do not agree with Gage.
        No offence taken.

        • @fair,
          Haha, so you are the boss around here, telling me to put up or shut up?
          O.K, where would you like me to put yor coffee?

          • im not asserting any authority here dummy, just logic and reason, if you have nothing new- nothing but the official account, then you simply have nothing.
            to be credible, you have to have something that shows, reasonably, credibly, authoritively, that the new evidence of thermitic material is wrong, or that freefall acceleration through steel beams, is possible.

            if you can not show that, then you have nothing. you are only highlighting your own stupidity by continuing. it is in your interest, make your case, to either put up, or shut up.

            the fact that you need the obvious explained to you is no surprise.

          • No nono no no,
            The ones that come up with “new” nano thermatic materials need to show.
            Furthermore, hightech highly secret new nano materials could not have been applied during construction in 1968

          • One nano thermites not even Areojel nano thermites do not consist of aluminum plateletes, that resemble Aluminum silicates in paint.
            Two Areojel thermites are shock sensitive, and to provide 6 percent total concentration of Iron microspheres in the dust would require 120,000 tons. Of weak worthless Areojel thermites with low slow burn rate, no explosive force and lower temperatures.
            I love how truthers are mesmerized by the fall of a free standing stone wall after the internal steel fails.

    • Reasonabe doubt means the government is not guilty,

      Preponderance of evidence favors the government as well,
      CD has no evidence.

      • “Professionals and other people” according to a Gumshoe user.
        The only professionals to be found here are carroll and me.
        The other people are you. 😝

      • cd has no evidence? lol – hundreds of eyewitness accounts, freefall acceleration, themitic material, video evidence of explosive destruction.. some random unqualified anonymous idiot on the internet asserting incorrectly that there is no evidence…

        thats what youve got. idiots. a whole new level of stupidity.

        • Where are the sounds hypersonic sounds of detonation waves?
          Where is the evidence of shrapnel embedded in steel?
          Where is the trace material from plasma induced Monrue’s effect?

          Where is the evidence, fuel air blast explosions were unavoidable in the collapses.

          • fact is, the questions people have about the official account of 9/11, are not being asked to be answered by anonymous unqualified trolls like you.

            if you are so sure of the official account, fine, but no one cares what you think anyway. what is needed, is an OFFICIAL RESPONSE, not a regurgitation of the flawed official account by gormless lumpen like yourselves.

            why are you even here?
            you want us to take your opinion as gospel?
            you want to change our minds?

            el-kammo, simply saying you have qualifications of any sort, is not “putting up” I am the queen of england., you believe me dont you?

          • I am here to tell the truth, plain and simple present evidence backed up and collaborated by Dalia Mae herself, a new investigation is not warranted because expert knowledgeable people have given a true account of the buildings collapses.
            It is only the non expert Laymen that continue to question the collapses, and their opinion is as worthless as a blind man who says he saw a murder from a mile away.
            9/11truth is a scam started by old Dr. Failure Paint chip Jones. Now he has started another one with his free energy over unity circuits.

          • melted or in china probably…

            NYPD eyewitness: “And the whole time you’re hearing, ‘THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM!’ So, I, I think I know an explosion when I hear it, you know? So yeah, I wanna know what took that building down.”
            But ignore this guy—-he was right there.
            Much better to listen to you… How many thousands of miles away were you ?

          • Simple question Dalia Mae could the fire fighters hear?

            High explosives cause hearing damage do to swelling of the inter ear.
            If the fire fighters can hear, there were no high explosives.
            Fuel air blasts that would be natural unavoidable occurances,
            In the dynamic collapses, and fires do not cause inter ear swelling.
            When Dalia Mae hate you handled or done work with trinitrotoluene, RDX, or other detonation wave explosives, such as nitroglycerin?
            Your pretending to be a journalist, provide your license and training in high explosives to back up the claim you know the sound of high explosives.
            Other wise admit your hearing low speed fuel air conflagrations, fuel air blasts, the type Hollywood uses to fool
            People into believing an explosion has taken place.

          • Carroll – you are joking surely….
            The fire fighters were pushed back 2 blocks or so…. as spectators are to any demolition would be.
            Are you saying these 9/11 responders are LIARS and frauds?
            Some of these responders were medics.

            Maybe think twice before making any more disgraceful slandering comments about reponders who risked their lives to help others. And spoke honestly about their experiences

            and by the way – I make no claims about being a licensed journo. I am reporting the news with a documentary background and a science degree.
            I will report news as truthfully as possible – .
            I have worked with sp fx explosives and special effects in the past.

          • My point exactly Dalia Mae you have never worked with true high explosives as I have, in the oil fields, both Trinitrotoluenes and Monrue cutter charges.
            I have seen a mans ears bleed from a well charge going off premature before he got his ear plugs in.
            He went pertinently deaf for life from inter ear rupture.
            Special effects Fx Explosives are low velocity charges that do not produce detonation wave shrapnel cause inter ear rupture,
            And kill. They are designed for safe theatrical usage.

          • And you are ignoring the first responders reports of the building leaning, 30 minutes before collapse initiation, quit disrespecting those first responders, I believe the fire fighters heard fuel air blasts most likely exploding day tanks on the gen sets as the collapse ruptured them.
            Two blocks with out hearing protection would mean significant inter ear trama if exposure to high explosives occurred.

  5. @carroll,
    According to Gumshoe there was no video of the collapse in Madrid, because according to Gumschoe there was no collapse.
    Well, that building was a totall loss, like a car, no need to fix it, a totall loss.
    Well, Gumshoe knows it all, therefore, good luck Gumshoe, with finding your explosives, oh no, I mean making money.

  6. @dalia,
    Carroll found a video of a collapse in Madrid, the one you claim never happened.
    So please Dalia, block this user, we don’t need this.
    Hi hi 😀😀😀😀😀

    • I just googled rapid connection failure do to fire Windsor tower, and there it was and the collapsing steel is falling at free fall speed.

      • @carroll,
        Freefall speed? Come one man, the path of the most resistance?
        Dalia, block this user, we do not need him, he is a distraction.

    • Funny El K… yep we’ve all seen that Madrid video. And that looks like a burning burning – still standing in the morning…
      What user are you wanting me to block????
      I’m not the boss. Springsteen is the boss

      • Well, the video makes clear that in Madrid they wer worried about the building collapsing, without examples of collapsing buildings. like the dancing betty bridge, no examples but yet worried.
        And what remained was a totall loss.
        Like you mentioned: an 8 hour discussion seems hard to believe to you, and then you add that you think more simple.
        Simple, simple, simple, simple,
        Well, me think more complicated, me look at all things, me not approve with Gage, me would fire Gage should he be in my team.

    • The test Dalia Mae cited, actually states connection failure occurred do to heat expansion, and cooling contraction.
      Just not enough gravitational loading in an 8 story mockup, to cause complete failure of the connection.
      Dalia Mae just provided experimental evidence that backed up NIST’s claims on world trade 7,
      Thank You Dalia Mae, for this information.

  7. There are about 44 comments by the usual ‘distractors’ just on 30th March 2015.
    Please chaps go sell fairy floss somewhere and use the time to earn some money to contribute to the Ae’s to get the ball rolling for a proper investigation, as is what the report/article above is about.
    Otherwise readers will just think that your whole joint enterprise and purpose over some months at gumshoe is to prevent the detection of the real mass murderers on 9/11.
    How about campaigning to have the US government release the 28 pages of the redacted 9/11 Congressional Commission report that, from Wilson and Lynch claims, pings Saudi Arabia in the planning of 9/11?
    Do you lot want truth or not?

    • Yes Ned—it seems there is no interest in the truth of things. They want to dissuade everyone from peeping into B7.

      But as Kevin McPadden, Emergency Medical Technician, and 9/11 First Responder: said
      “at the last few seconds, he took his hand off [the radio] and you heard “3-2-1”, and he was just saying, ‘Just run for your life, just run for your life.’ And then it was like another two, three seconds, you heard explosions. Like BA-BOOOOOM! And it’s like a distinct sound…BA-BOOOOOM! And you felt a rumble in the ground, like, almost like you wanted to grab onto something. That, to me, I knew that was an explosion. There was no doubt in my mind.”

    • I really have no problem with a new investigation, as long as you
      And Dalia Mae pay for it Ned, I do not see a need for tax payers money to be wasted on stupid and like I said the resolution is DOA.
      Experts already know the science and the evidence, just
      Another advertising event for the Gage permanent retirement fund.

      • Taxpayers paying for it?
        So for you it boils down to money!
        Hey sunshine count up the slaughter in the Middle East based on ‘the Muslims did it’ and the cost to the taxpayers since the first bombing of Afghanistan in September 2001 as per ‘the plan’ devised prior to 911 as exposed by General Wesley Clark.
        Sick, sick Mr. Sanders!
        The perpetrators and warmongers with their apologists and misinformation obfuscation brigades must revisit Nuremburg and be dealt with accordingly.
        Mr. Sanders, you are short a few pixels in the big picture.
        Now how about dealing with the 28 pages redacted from the official cover up? Bit beyond you I Suppose for a limited pixilated drone?

        • A new investigation has only one purpose to passify the stupid,
          it will conclude the same way, Radical Wahhabi terrorists did 9/11/2001, if you consider them Muslim then your dumber than I thought.
          The pervert the Koran Just like idiots pervert the bible, and every other religious text.
          Bin ladin even took credit for the attacks saying if you want to know why look to the infidel capital in Washington, that placed infidel troops on Muslim Lands in Saudi Arabia.
          Bin ladin said himself in an interview in the 1980s with 60 minutes CBS. that he did not want any infidel troops on Muslim lands even to expel Soviets from Afghanistan.
          Of course you truthers quote mine and make crap up out of thin air so you can profit off of suckers.
          So what suckers that believe you should be fleeced, dry.

          • Grow up, Bin Laden said he had nothing to do with 911 and added look to Washington. Even the FBI did not put him on their wanted list citing 911.
            You and those you are protecting are desperate.
            Now what about the 28 pages do the redacted 911 Commission report? Too many pixels for you to handle?

          • You refer to Bin Laden in the 1980’s. Well then he was Tim Osman working for the CIA. As he was when visited by the CIA operatives in July 2001 when on dialysis. Stick to your slide rule.

  8. Knowledgeable people love to laugh at people mesmerized by the fall of a box frame stone wall after a cantilevered beam design suffers intergranular column weld failure.
    I can not help it, it’s just so funny the same reason the towers fell so fast is the same reason building 7 fell so fast, simple weld and connection failures.
    I am not responsible for Gumshoenews being so comically flawed that is not my fault that people like myself and El Kammo come here to laugh at you, It is just so pathetically Funny.

      • To laugh at you Ned, Dalia Mae, Niels Harrit, Tony S. and Gage your hilariously funny best comic clowns on the internet.

        • Ned is very witty, and Dalia was a first-rate stand-up comedy artist at our Adelaide Fringe Show. (It was breathtaking.)
          But Niels Harrit funny? There is hardly an unfunnier person anywhere. He’s so unfunny it isn’t even funny.

          • @mary,
            Since you showed you have a sence of humor, I found this, and please note that it’s just for humor, I mean nothing with it, just love the way it is written😊

            Illuminati Guy: “get rid of all the steel as quickly as possible, and drop any suspicious bits off the side of the barge”
            10,000 workers: “yes sir”
            Illuminati Guy: “oh, and vacuum up all the dust so nobody can test it for explosive residue ever”.
            10,000 workers: “what? there’s hundreds of tons of it”
            Illuminati guy: “oh right, never mind. Hey NIST, when you investigate in two years, DO NOT TEST THE DUST!!! Okay?”
            NIST: “why not, now I want to”
            Illuminati guy: “because I’ll kill your family if you test the dust”.
            NIST: “got it”.
            Illuminati guy: “Lowers and Meeker, that goes for you too”
            Lowers and Meeker: “whatevs”
            Illuminate guy: “and nobody else in the world test the dust either, okay?”
            Rest of world: “…”
            Illuminati Guy: “And NIST, in your report, make it look like the buildings collapsed by fire”
            NIST: “didn’t they?”
            Illuminati Guy: “Of course they did, just make sure that’s the only conclusion okay, or we will kill your family”
            NIST: “got it, but what if someone else spots the omission? What if someone else analyzes the fires?
            Illuminati Guy: “No problem. Hey, 10,000,000 scientists and engineers, DO NOT LOOK INTO THIS OR WE WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAREERS A BIT!!!”
            10,000,000 scientists and engineers: “got it”
            Illuminati Guy: “Except for you Richard Gage, but do it with stupid shit like cardboard boxes, and keep saying Pyroclastic Flow, and Nanothermite, so nobody takes you seriously.”
            Richard Gage: “Got it!”

          • @dalia,
            First of all the comment was adressed to Mary.
            Second, I mentioned that I meant nothing with it.
            But of course, you have the itch to find some purpose behind all things, all events, all comments.
            Well, beye beye, good luck with your quest for explosives, and chemtrails, and undercover secret accidents, and hypnokillers, and so on, so on.
            Beye beye, Gage girl.

          • El Kammo
            Got a good engineering joke for you Tony S. Says steel has to bend before it breaks in tension, guess some one should have told him about shear Lag, he has the argument backwards.

      • @ned,
        I am a defender of mass murderers? Well who are those mass murdererers, where are they, who convicted them, give them Ned, point them out, and if not, shut up !

        • Furthermore dear Ned,
          Explain the unknown materials in the explosive evidence dust sample, meaning, explain the unknowns, like the unknowns Jones/Harrit mentioned in 2009.
          The gel was the gel Elvis used to do his hair, or lalafantasy gel?
          Explain Ned, or shut up !

          • El kammo.
            Surely we need an investigation across all matters 9/11.
            I am not sure how you expect Ned to be able to subpoena people to provide evidence, so he can solve the case.
            Surely if YOU also called for an open, legal, transparent investigation, then we can start getting some answers.
            But many don’t really want answers. It is much easier not knowing the truth. The truth may disrupt a lot of people’s safe world view.

          • @dalia,
            I understand your comment to me.
            Explosive evidence found in the wtc dust is a big mouthful, especially when materials are yet unidentified.
            When not fully identified, well, do not make the claim.
            Should the claim be true, well THEN we have some mass murderers on our hands.
            Ned is walking too fast.

      • What happened to bin Laden’s height? Did you cut his feet off?
        Do you realize that is not Osama Bin Laden in that photo?
        This is hilarious.

        • Hilarious – maybe. Depends how you look at it. Left is Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski US National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter with OBL.
          I thought you’d be able to pick up that a low camera makes the person in the foreground look larger.
          What about a lie???
          This picture was a puzzle for you.

          • It’s a fake Dalia Mae, single point prospective shows it is not the camera angle but a combination of two different images photos hoped together.
            Now your just lying to cover up the first lie.

          • It’s a really bad photo shopping job as well surprised any one fell for such obvious fake, Mr. B never met with Bin laden all the photos are fakes 😄😄😄😄

          • Are you the expert. Prove it is fake – i would be most interested on the detail of these pics. Fake or real.
            From a veterans day article
            maybe you need to read up on brezenski

          • Photos of that time do not have photo shop cut and paste lines painted over Dalia Mae, that’s not history that’s easy to detect lies.
            Afraid I am lMAO at you,😄😄😄😄

          • Sorry Dalia Mae,
            I actually mistook you for someone looking for truth these last fake images point to the fact your not looking for truth, just religious confirmation

          • Read up on him😄 I met the man once, 😄.

            You want to know if a photo is real or fake play with the color and sharpness, and the cut and paste lines will show up.
            I do tons of art work including digital art you can not fool me with cut and paste photo shop.
            Especially not the crap veterans today puts out.

          • @carroll,
            Gumshoe does not want to fool YOU, but the new investigators, and Gumshoe will fail massively because it is just spam.

          • El K – why are you here then if it is destined to fail. Well let us organise a skype so I can hear what you taught XingFu who runs the billion $ project. I would really like to understand the fracture collapse theory. Up until now you have called me “stupid” and you’re the expert – because you say so.

          • @dalia,
            You are wrong again, you do not pay attention.
            It is not XingFu that runs a EUR project, that is me. Furthermore you are mixing comments from carroll with mine, again, you do not pay attention.
            I will not skype with you, because you do not pay attention.
            I will keep our email line open but I will pull the plug from Gumshoe right now.
            Good luck with your many quests, more then you can handle, and your many many mistakes.
            El-Kammo out.

          • Brilliant–now you don’t want to skype. But now its over and out—-as soon as I say, lets talk and I would like to here about your fracture theory.
            What’s wrong El-K.
            (Are you also privy to my emails with XingFu then – so you can say I’m wrong?)
            I think you disclosed your hand El-K.
            I am happy to hear about your theory – Just Email me your theory then.

          • @dalia,
            Well, o.k.,
            I will reply to curiosity, the urge for knowledge, the will to learn and understand.
            I will not reply to a challenge only to be marked on Gumshoe as a structural engineer that, according to McLachlan, is brainwashed, I get drunk sometimes, but never brainwashed.
            The choice is mine to make, give me a couple of weeks, and we will see.

          • good link Carroll. but is it trying to fake a real pic????
            Maybe see if this Washington Post/ February 4, 1980, Monday, Final Edition/
            ‘Zbig’ Holds His Fire at Khyber Pass – is real or fake. Would like to know
            They report:
            By Stuart Auerbach, Washington Post Foreign Service/ DATELINE: KHYBER PASS, Pakistan, Feb. 3, 1980
            President Carter’s national security adviser peered resolutely with gun in hand at Soviet controlled Afghanistan from the top of a Pakistani military outpost high above the strategic Khyber Pass.
            It looked like a scene from a late-night Grade B television movie called “Zbig at the Khyber Pass” as Zbigneiw Brzezinski, high White House aide, hesitated for a second and then declined an offer to fire the Chinese-made light machine gun toward Afghanistan. Instead he invited the Pakistani soldier at the gunpoint to shoot the weapon.
            The soldier got off one shot and the gun jammed.

          • I met the man at an art show, that I was attending do not even remember which one.
            Mr. B. Was actually at Kiber pass but the Pakistani soldier was not Bin Ladin, bin Laden was still overseeing the work on the Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabian when Mr. B. Was at the Kiber
            Bin Ladin didn’t go to Afghanistan or Pakistan until work on the Kaaba in Mecca was finished.
            As soon as the Kaaba was Finnish Bin Ladin headed to Afghanistan with heavy equipment Cat D8s D9 bulldozers,
            And road graders to build tank traps to trap Soviet Tanks.
            Bin ladin was never a front line fighter, more an organizer, and commander.
            Bin Laden’s first appearance was on 60 minutes operating a D8 b cat creating a tank trap. He was never in the Pakistani army, any photo of him in a Pakistani uniform has to be a total fake.
            Turkey and Pakistan were Allies of the west in the cold war Dalia, Mae Mr. B visited Pakistan many times before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
            Afghanistan had a ton of Opium smugglers back before the soviet invasion the Kiber pass incident was a soldier firing on armed smugglers, using the Kiber pass to smuggle raw opium into Pakistan to be converted to herorin,to be smuggled to the west.
            The Kiber pass incident had nothing to do with the Soviet Afgan war, because the war hadn’t started yet, it was a policing issue.

      • There’s nothing very new about Photoshopped Bin Laden.
        Who really knows where these items originate and exactly what .purpose motivates their creators.


        It is far more important to research the broad reality behind these puzzle pieces in the format demonstrated by Corbett in this report that explains Brzezinski is a conspirator who almost always is discussing the world in terms of conspiracy but unlike
        the general public he is never mocked or threatened.

    • Carroll, your source, scaruffi, for interpreting the realities of Bin Laden an Al Qaeda is a naive soul.

      This is his interpretation of power in the US.
      He doesn’t appear to even recognize Banking or money creation has any role in power. They don’t even get a mention.

      “Many of the small businesses in the USA invest their profits in the stock market. So, at the end of the day, small businesses control most of the economy AND they also own pieces of large corporations. The opposite is not true.

      So, at best, the economic power that controls the USA is in the family-owned businesses, not in the large corporations. ”

      Would you agree with this interpretation Carroll?

      This is evidence of ideology not education.
      If you asked Noam Chomsky about power in the US he would
      reflect the exact same mentality.
      Chomsky never really evaluates the fraudulent “Muslim conspiracy theory” just like scaruffi.

      There is a pedigree to this conception of reality.

      • He can read and understand the Arabic language and relies on Bin Laden’s own statements and history.
        Can you read and write Arabic and speak the Language as fluently as Bin Laden himself?
        If not It seems to me you are likely to be the Niece soul.

        • He relies on statements and reference attributed or alleged to be Bin Laden or other various identities.
          His interpretation of power in the US is naive measured under any educated prism of analysis.
          You did not respond to my inquiry of your view on the matter.
          Just because a statement is published in Arabic doesn’t give it particular authenticity or credibility.
          Nabil Naeem, whom I have referenced, claims to be a jihadi from Afghanistan experience and he offers an interpretation that contradicts your reference.
          In his interview he declares the texts and speeches of some “Islamist” actors are virtually dictated by the CIA.
          Do you think he is fraudulent?
          The Bin Laden tapes and videos are a mish mash of audio, video, stills and then there is the context of time of recording original compared to the woven end product and not forgetting the conflicting translations. None of this existing opinion has been tested in a legal forensic process.
          Your source has determined an interpretation that suited his ideology as factual when other explanations are possible.
          If we abandon genuine legal process and tolerate secrecy from our political agencies we are left in uncertainty if not darkness.

      • And your source would not lie about CIA involvement to popetuate the false myth of a war on Islam, that would gain recruits for terrorism?

        You also forget that my source had asses to statements written in Bin Laden’s own hand and been Ladins statements against the Saudi Government corruption and how it was influenced by the USA.
        Those statements were made when he was working on the Kaaba.
        Looks like propaganda would be suspect motive in your sources.

        • Carroll, I readily accept propaganda is a potential aspect of all political and philosophical information.
          We still need to form conclusions and judgements about “reality”.
          You still do not confirm if you accept scuruffi’s interpretation of power in the US economy.
          We cannot really know where exactly the propaganda and truth intersect or separate without due legal process and open accountable Governance.
          I am prepared to accept the truth is uncertain.
          If someone or an agency of our Government wish to advocate war, surveillance and creeping secrecy policies I reject any policy that is not justified by a reasonable standard of evidence and proper legal standard scrutiny.
          We do have an historical pattern and climate of political mischief, similar to the reasoning you correctly apply to Alex Jones, which informs and justifies a very discriminating and skeptical attitude towards our Governments claims.
          If we compare the “official narrative” with alternative versions of interpreting motives and “facts” we are faced with a clear reality that by selective reasoning or outright falsehoods the general public are subjected to deceptions with a regularity that suggests most people have no critical memory
          facilities because they keep believing every new lie with no apparent calculation of the history beyond the barest consideration.

          • There is propaganda on both sides the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. That is why I try to stick to the evidence and the science, I saw the 60 minutes Video of Bin laden, on the Cat Dozer building tank traps, it was clearly staged.
            I know that the building could fall naturally do to fire because the materials science and engineering says they can from simple connection failure.
            Weld and bolt failure, so when people shout CD. Based on pesudo Science it is hard to not laugh at them.

  9. Nabil Naeem deserves a hearing on the reality of “Al Qaeda”.

    This documentary explores the creation of Al Qaeda by the CIA using the ISI which is often described as a branch of the CIA.


    We might also consider this information from Corbett.

    How does the multi-billion dollar Gulan Movement fit into the made in the USA Muslim realities. When you have a printing press you can create whatever reality you choose.


    So what does all this information confirm.

    It is a pattern of lies and deception in a house of smoke and mirrors.

    What should be the rational reaction to this reality?

    Look the other way and act dumb, or, be skeptical and recognize that until accountability and transparency can be recovered to political affairs we are obligated to question and work towards a renewed honesty.

    • Brilliant CD building 7, and spread all those super secret documents all over the street for anyone to find.
      Why not just let the fires destroy everything in the building and then bring it down in the clean up?

      • @carroll,
        The CIA, the FBI, the Port Authority and the City’s office never thought about an external server 😀

    • Well, “they”, the mass murderers, had just murdered 3000 people, and there was just one tiny thing to do, WTC7.
      But the mass murderers allready declared the war on terrism, and therefore became human and announced that they were about to kill WTC 7 without such a terrible loss of life.
      Therefore they called the BBC.
      Makes sence?

  10. Who’s paying Sanders and the El-K clown to troll a site they dislike? Seeing has how this site supports the idea that 19 Muslims didn’t do 9/11, we can deduce the two trolls frequent a synagogue weekly. Their job is to dishearten the operators of this site leading to a close down. Alex Jones doesn’t respond personally to every troll comment on his sites. Neither should the owners of GSN. Get on with content. If the trolls dislike the your messages, so be it. Make your point in your stories. They can leave and go back to CNN and Jerusalem Post anytime they like. Although, if your not getting any flack, then you’re not over the target. There is a silver lining having those trolls here.

    • To Rod, Personally I don’t ‘deduce’ anything about a synagogue. I will keep an open mind, though. Can you tell me why the trolls on this site would need to be Jewish? I look around and see persons of all ‘persuasions’ participating in disinformation.

      • @mary,
        Rod’s comment brings back memories.
        I was raised(by force)as a Christian, and was told to believe that I and my little boyfriends at elementary school had a guardian angel on our shoulder, until my best little boyfriend got run over by a train.
        That was the end of me believing lalaland tails.
        Since that time I am an atheist, I spit on all religions.

    • Who is paying you to be Alex Jones’s poster Child?
      Alex Jones doesn’t have to respond to anyone nor does Dalia Mae, but Dalia Mae says she is looking for trurh.
      Alex Jones only wants profit, and because Dalia responded she now knows the Bin Laden photos are a fake that I believe old Alex had a hand in photo shopping.
      Is faking an event that never happened, lying looking for truth, no wonder Alex is not fond of responding to critical thinking that
      Shows his obvious pattern of fraudulent behavior.

      • The argument of those who have no argument, refreshing stupid Steven E. Jones’s shilly argument.

        If you lose the argument just yell shill and go back to your mommy’s basement little truther.

        • @carroll,
          Next week thursday, I will be in TU Delft at 20:00.
          Gage will preach.
          Fun thing is that it was just that TU that challenged and rejected his theories, followed by NOVA, also that one of them buildings collapsed due to fire caused by a short circuit in a coffee machine.
          I am not interested in the preach of Gage, I will meet fellow engineers and I am interested in the way of thinking of our TU students.
          The Dutch are not known to be stupid.

          • Yes I know, I respect the dutch, a bright and intelligent people,
            I had a couple students myself who were dutch.

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