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We Are Run By Criminals If France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal


21stcenturywire reports (extract below):

“Political elites and super-bureaucrats are worried. It’s becoming harder to control consensus reality.

A history stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, slight-of-hand false flag deceptions, secret societies, dual loyalties and stolen fortunes – this has been the exclusive privilege of organized crime and the ruling elite for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for this authoritarian trend is much more fundamental. By knocking out their intellectual competition, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate any alternative analysis and opinion by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to speech. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.”

Full report here

In the future you might see something like this….


…when you are searching through alternative media.

RINF reported that the new censorship regime in France has already begun. This week the Interior Minister of France — with no court review or adversarial process — ordered five websites to not only be blocked in France, but redirected to the scary message above.



  1. Now that is a problem. Ban all conspiracy theories.
    Well, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 will have a problem if this policy is applied in her Dominions. Her Majesty’s learned Crown prosecutors will not be able to open to with a Crown summary to the effect that the indictment alleges a conspiracy ‘theory’ to be determined by a jury.
    Gee whizz, Her Majesty brings thousands of conspiracy trials every week. Oh well there could be many happy accused.
    Seems that the French and their controllers are panicking and adopting the Professor Cass ‘Dumstein’ approach that conspiracy sleuths and their thoughts should be infiltrated by governments and misinformed via a government campaign of deceit.
    Love to know what the good professor’s students, ( like our four husketeers) think of that policy.
    For the poor uninformed read David Ray Griffin’s book: ‘Cognitive Infiltration ……….’
    Now that book on ‘Dumstein’ will inform the public of an Element of the legal profession with a pict that also did well in Hitler’s courts.

        • Ned, that’s a great question. I say the “whom” is always “for themselves.” We always act selfishly, at least primarily, by nature. If a law professor is teaching deceit, it is because there is something in it for him. Maybe just the ability to meet the mortgage payment.
          Maybe just the chance to escape the embarrassment or discomfort of sticking up for what’s right when others are not doing so. (The pressure to obey any “trend” is far more intense than folks consciously realize.)

          Unfortunately, the way our brain evolved, we have an ability to believe in the wrong strategy. I know plenty of people today who think the best selfish strategy is to go with the flow and never oppose some really bad things that are happening.
          Without doubt, that is emotionally comfortable — indeed we are capable of “loving the chains that enslave us.” I call it Battered Wife Syndrome. The wife always goes back to the guy who beats her. Her brain prefers it.

          Thank you for opposing this. As for the Queen’s Counsels not being able to utter the offending word “conspire” anymore, that probably will not happen. They will be allowed and others not. Dalia told me that Matt Campbell already lost his case. He was in court in UK to avoid paying his TV license on the grounds that BBC was a terrorist organization. Case dismissed.
          Just wait and see, Rocco Galati’s Comer banking case in Canada and Niels Harrit’s libel case (re “crackpot”) will also be dismissed, even though they are, by traditional standards, perfect winners. The biggest shocker for me is that Bill Windsor is now in jail (for opposing this corruption of the courts).

          Today no law professor in any country, as far as I am aware, sticks up for what his profession stands for. Nor, amazingly, does any clergyperson. They have a fabulous ability to skirt all the issues. Who gave them that ability? It comes naturally to us all. It’s really hard to cope with the shock of seeing The Powers That Be take us over (as by knocking down some skyscrapers on 9-11). The instinctive reaction is to deny that it is happening.

          I have never made a single convert to the 9-11 case, the Martin Bryant case, or even the vaccination issue. I’ve never been able to get my neighbors to agree that the very odd cloud formations we see in the Adelaide sky lately are “unusual.” The Bozos are wrecking the planet for all future generations. God’s gifts are going bye-bye. And torture is i-cumin in. Lhude sing, cuccu!

          The practice of speaking rationally will now be outlawed. What do you recommend we do? We can’t just continue to do what we have been doing – it doesn’t work.

          • We have no alternative other than to do what we are doing……… talking!
            I have had numerous individual successes in regard to 911, it just takes, patience, logic and ‘evidence’ (that what is put before a jury which they would have a duty to impartially consider)……………… In due course the expanded public knowledge reaches the tipping point and it has with 9/11. After a decade of being bullied and vilified, now the situation is being reversed, the official government 911 conspiracy theorists are now wearing the tin foil hats, with pipe cleaner aerials and a little propeller spinning on the top, Ha…………..they are the real nutters, funny that karma keeps poppinng up and the defenders are on the back foot as is demonstrated the trolls. (Ok, Hussketeers, one day you lot will realise that the thinking people are aware of the many more dots; including the 28 redacted pages of the 911 Commision report, than falling buildings to make a case out)
            It is just that; when people catch the government lie they do not know what to do with it and feel powerless other than to be on guard againts being fooled again, thus there is a chance that the mass killers will be wary if they try it over and over again. To that extent at least the world 911 body politic has purpose…………….another being to ignore the lying mass media and politicians.

  2. If the steadily expanding awareness of power and it’s crimes was not threatening the “High Priests”, blanket “Metadata” collection and fear campaigns agitating for ostracizing and criminalizing the brave voices of protest would not be necessary.
    These steps that notch up the surveillance State are not unexpected just as we know this trend will continue until the selective removal from society of those who refuse to accept the domination of “Big Brother” over human affairs.
    Fortunately, Australia does have geographic isolation and rascal political tradition in favor of tolerating dissent which may have us fare better than US and European counterparts.
    The conscious fraction is growing with menacing but diverse layers of understanding of the political realities yet I also detect many of the intellectual flavors are seeded with fatal flaws that will allow for easy self destructive demolition on command.
    Consider the Occupy Movement, fashionable with left leaning dissenters , and the “right wing” “Tea Party” activity, burning up the energy of millions to very little real effect.
    What political activists are already prosecuted and jailed in numbers with no defence from “Occupy” or the “Tea Party”?

    That would be those who point out “Holocaust” fabrications.
    Does this give any clues about where the “Chosen” believe they are most vulnerable?
    Does “Occupy” or the “Tea Party” support free speech?
    Clearly their concept is limited.

    This doesn’t make the slightest intellectual sense but it demonstrates how easily the human mind can be manipulated towards narrow polarizing passionate objectives that are bankrupt of genuine dynamic intelligence and reason.

    Where are the Australian intellectual voices that can lead, stimulate and inspire our conversations and contemplations with ferocious and irresistible logic and reference?

    Can any reader offer a name?

    All we are offered is the shallow familiar political labels and petty polarizing conflicts based on flimsy political fashions and the conditioned fear and dogma based illusions.

    We urgently need to sweep away the multitude of ideology based symbols that fence our minds from joining with common purpose in the task of incarnating fundamental truths and consistent principles that are derived from the disciplinary “mind” of the relative social/political dynamic.

  3. Title, quote: “We Are Run By Criminals If France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal”.

    Ha. True, but also ha. Why? We’re overruled or ruled, whichever appellation you prefer, by criminals even if they don’t try to make “conspiracy theories” illegal; and if they do try to do that, then they should be required to explain why criminal conspiracies are illegal according to the laws of our govts. After all, nailing down criminal conspiracies begins with investigative work and this includes theories about who’s guilty and if there even was a conspiracy to begin with. If theorization was never involved, then never would an innocent person be wrongly convicted of a crime he/she didn’t commit and we have ample proof that plenty of innocent people have been wrongly accused as well as convicted.

    We don’t need to think for very long before being able to specify examples of wrongly accused and convicted people. A recent example is most detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison, and there’re also many other examples.

    In the USA, the population is officially called upon to hold their govts accountable and this is required in any society or country that’s supposedly democratic but is also necessary at all times, in all places.

    This world is reminding me of LOTR, the Lord of the Rings film, and I guess we could add the symbolic pyramid with the big eye over the top of it on the back of US currency, $. The latter symbolism isn’t there by fluke chance. There’s a real reason for it being there. Can we theorize about the conspiracy behind that symbolism? Of course we can. After all, it isn’t due to only one individual. There had to have been agreement and while a person can agree with his or her own ideas, this isn’t the minimalist kind of agreement that’s behind the symbolism on the back of US currency.

    In LOTR, there’re two conspiracies, or maybe we could say three, when nuancing for Gollum; but, if we stick with the two main ones, then we have evil and good, both sides conspiring to defeat the other. Conspiracies can be wicked or good. We can conspire to try to defeat injustice, to overcome it, or can be responsible for it.

    Is that theory? No. It’s the real world we live in. Govts have officially made criminal, so wicked, evil, … conspiracies illegal, and this wasn’t done because they were influenced by LOTR. Govts agreed with the Nuremberg that wars of agression are supreme international crime, not because these never happen, but rather because they do happen. The wars on Kosovo/Yugoslavia, 1999, the decades long war led by the US against Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, and so on, these’re all due to conspiracies.

    Is it theory? Nope! It’s fact. Many politicians might not understand the difference between theory and fact, much less between hypothesis, i.e., intelligent guess, and theory, and then dumb guess and hypothesis; but, plenty of other people do know or understand the distinctions.

    It’s true that there’re plenty of dumb guesses about 9/11, f.e., but some of these may “well” be from people secretly working for govt; the CIA, whatever. They may be working to try to cause discredit for the best researchers, analysts and other activists. Drawing attention away from the best and presenting or proposing bs can cause plenty of uninformed people to think that everyone criticizing govt “official story” is idiot or worse. “Divide and conquer” requires distraction!

    Conspiracy theory? No. Real world, instead.

    • Dear Mike, If you are willing, please say more about the distinction between a theory and a hypothesis. For example, please make up a couple of different hypotheses to suit one of the famous shootings, such as Boston marathon. And then present a theory of the marathon.
      I certainly do not mean you need to be accurate. Even better if you draw a ridiculous theory.
      In regard to France’s threat of criminalization of free speech, you have made a very important point.
      (By the way, Sibel Edmonds on Youtube, offers a geopolitical theory — or is it hypothesis? — about the Marathon bombing.)

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