Home Finance ‘The Hourglass Is Empty’ – Jim Richards on the $$$

‘The Hourglass Is Empty’ – Jim Richards on the $$$


The Fed and the Treasury are the greatest threats to national security, not Al- Qaeda.” Jim Richards (in a meeting in the US Treasury).

This fast paced interview with Jim Richards is not for the faint at heart.  Full transcript and charts here on moneymarket.

Sourced originally from http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ on 6.4.2015 at 13.59

Is there a clue in the major exercises proceeding at the moment (Jade Helm)?  Report here.


  1. I spent 20’minutes with a comment and it disappeared.
    I will not repeat, but add:
    ‘Operation Jade Helm’ in the US 15th July to 15th September 2015.
    Put that operation in context with what Richards is referring to.
    No doubt Carroll, Johnny boy, El Kebab, and zanno a Doo,
    overloading with intellect and insight will fill us all in on the detail with their exposures on the situation from their informed brain trust.

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      So there you are Ned, so sure, but so terribly wrong.

        • @ned,
          Recovering your 20 min. effort in putting up a comment and losing it, is not provided by “them”, it is provided my me, a user.
          There is no conspiracy put into the submit button of gumshoe.
          Take my advice to recover your time and effort or leave it.
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    • Sorry about that Ned. Will try check why it might do that.
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      And johnyboy can comment again….

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        And again

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  2. What is the likely integrity of the appointment by the CIA to investigate 9/11 insider trading?

    Is this really an “interview”? It is a marketing spiel.

    He is selling a strategy to profit from the crash.

    The logic is if you win others loose.

    There is no calm explanation that the world is physically abundant but has been enslaved by a “money trick”.

    This is all fear and no honest solutions.

    It prepares the listener for the “inevitable” change.

    Did he mention once that his listeners should research all they can find on “money reform” and “sovereign money options”?

    Most of the dramatic data he employs to explain the world are just the mumbo jumbo magic of “economic black magic”.

    If we keep believing in the magic it will govern our life.

    Jim Richards incorporates just enough truthful information to sell his scam.

    • Christopher,
      As usual your comments are useful.
      Yes Rickards is flogging a book.
      Yes, he may be a Government 911 conspiracy theorist.
      But we are now considering what the bastards nex trick is to accomplish global corporate fascism. [ref: Dr. Day exposure of NWO plans]
      Problem, reaction, solution is the usual agenda.
      They have created/designed the problem, now we should consider if they are going to amalgamate the reaction and solution in one manoeuvre…… End game?! As practised by the Bolsheviks and Naziis.

      • PS.
        You present as a decent thinking moral philosopher.
        Psychotic controll freakish thieves, killers and their apologists do not give a stuff about the consequences and civilised moral debate.
        They murder, thieve, manipulate and would barbecue their grandchildren for their agendas.
        Your knowledge of history surely demonstrates the reality, as it is now. Particularly in the Middle East and now in the Ukraine.
        As a public example, just remember the dancing Israelis celebrating the attack on the the twin towers, as before their very eyes and through their camera lens, they cheered as 3,000 innocents were murdered.
        Philosophy and a call to morality and analysis has no sway with agents of murdering fascist control freaks, let alone with the murderers who planned 911.
        As it was with the Bolsheviks wiping out ten million plus Christians in the Ukraine and the Nazi soldier prodding his bayonet toward innocents to be sent off to be slaughtered.
        There comes a time……….!

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