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Financial Punishment For Australian Vaccination Objectors


tony-abbott-and-scott-morrisonSocial Services Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The ABC reports that childcare rebates could be denied to anti-vaccination parents under new Federal Government laws. And parents who refuse to vaccinate their children will miss out on government benefits of up to $15,000 per child.

“...it’s a very important measure to keep our children and our families as safe as possible,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.

The parents of about 39,000 children have signed “conscientious objection” forms that certify they have a “personal, philosophical, religious or medical” objection to immunisation. But Mr Morrison added that no mainstream religions have registered objections to the proposals, and many pro-vaccination groups and doctors are expected to welcome the policy.

It seems the days of “choice” might soon be over.

It is unfortunate that pro-vaccination groups do not even want the issue debated. They “hounded” Dr Tenpenny’s visit in every possible way last year – until it her speaking tour to Australia was cancelled.

Here Osteopath Dr Tenpenny speaks with Richie Allen (below) about the cancellation of her tour.

The campaign to force Dr Tenpenny from coming to Australia creates a question about the suppression of free speech.

And the media, too, seem to have a part in this campaign.

I noticed about a month to six weeks ago a concerted pro-vax push across all forms of media: Articles in the printed press; television news and lifestyle programmes – all claiming the need for 100% vaccination. I even said to my writing cohort in Adelaide, Mary Maxwell, “Something is up. There are so many anti-anti-vax stories emerging in the media”. And many of these stories seemed to have no real basis for a news story. They were all just propagating a pro-vax view.

What is more disturbing is that any report that might question the safety of vaccinations is not only buried, but met with vitriol.

I am sure all parents would like to hear the many sides of the debate.

Take for example a statement from Christopher William Savage who joined the Queensland Police Service (Australia) in 1989 at the age of 27.

chris-savage-239x300Chris Savage

His declaration (2012) – which he says is “true in every particular” – confirms that the police are writing off cases of possible vaccine injury as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and that the police are falsely accusing parents of manslaughter and Shaken Baby Syndrome.

As reported in vactruth, his statement identifies succinctly a variety of cases in which babies appear fit and healthy on the day of their vaccination but deteriorate after they received the vaccine. He reveals a catalog of cover-ups and has exposed the fact that every (death) case is treated as if it were a case of manslaughter with parents being interrogated as prime suspects and potential child abusers.

Savage says, “Now they give the vaccinations at birth and I speculate that this is so that any damage can be blamed as having the problems since birth.” (Report at Jim Stone here)

This raises a number of issues and questions:

1) When people like Dr Tenpenny are “prevented” from speaking in Australia, this not only violates free speech, but provokes suspicion and division.

2) In the US, more than $3.0 billion in 3,887 compensation awards has been paid to Vaccine Injury claims since 1989. Many more petitioners have been denied.

3) If these laws are passed, will Australian politicians be complicit in “injury or assault” if or when vaccines cause death and injury? And,

4) Who is behind the agenda for 100% vaccinations?

It seems no authority is willing to have a debate.

I think the debate has also been deliberately infected to allow only two sides: For or against vaccination. This bipolar division erodes the real discussion about what vaccines or combinations of vaccines might injure – or alternative methods of keeping the population safe on certain diseases. Thus conflicting articles or information (examples below) cannot be addressed.

A Canadian mom recently announced that she is leaving the anti-vax movement after all of her seven children — four of them completely unvaccinated — have come down with whooping cough. (Her first three children, vaccinated on an alternative schedule, got whooping cough too).

Numerous published studies reveal how live-virus vaccines like MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) actually shed these diseases for many weeks or even months following vaccination, potentially infecting others, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

According to GlobalResearch.org a 2014 report published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) states “that the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases. This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks.”

We all want our children to be safe and healthy, but in Australia, there seems to be a force driving this agenda forward with no regard to debate or discussion. The government proposes to “punish” those who refuse vaccinations – many who have probably read more on the subject that those planning to sign the changes into law.

And it might not be long before it is deemed “criminal” to refuse the vaccination program.



  1. Another notch up for totalitarianism.
    I have been talking at length to four of my Senators desks this morning so far and it is taking an incredible amount of time because all four were very engaged in my arguments.
    I am expressing my will on the vaccination policy proposal, tax minimization as highlighted last week, and, connecting these issues with my “sovereign money” challenge.
    One staffer had a very full knowledge of the money creation subject and most importantly knew the history and the criminals who are responsible.

    This is the manifestation of a new generation that have grown up with alternative sources of information accessed by the internet that has formed a far better educated mind than the politicians whom they work.
    Without pretending this is not a tedious activity, there are many very receptive minds working for the MP’s that stand between the money printing power and the public understanding and will.

    There are opportunities, if only time and resource permitted, to take the truth personally and physically into the offices of most of my MP’s because the evidence and argument that can be laid out to interpret and explain the relation and intersections of policies, issues and events is impossible to refute as long as credible evidence, questions and valid speculations are all exactly defined.

    Our human mind discriminates in favour of the ideas that come to our attention more frequently and gives little weight to very rare concepts or sources.

    The truth is fascinating if it sits in our browser menu, in our desk drawers or on our book shelf but if it is going to be made incarnate we must preach and share it at every opportunity and urge everyone to do likewise.

    It is encouraging to be talking to staff in my MP’s offices that are growing in their understanding of genuine political realities and the gravity of the correct choice of policy direction for achieving human progress in all it’s dimensions.

    I can only do what I must. When many callers and writers petition our MP’s with the explanations and solutions that make irresistible sense truth will gain greater effect.

    We need to find some indications of progress to keep ourselves sane but I recalled laughing heartily when I heard Eustice Mullins respond to an inquiry if he was writing his autobiography, he wryly responded, ” I wrote fifty pages but when I read it I didn’t believe a word of it”.

    • Love to know which of Malcolm Turnbull’s staff is on top of the real news from the internet, particularly regarding the rubbish put out by official 911 government conspiracy theorists, that he adopts.

  2. No time to reallyconsider this subject except to advise that over the last year or so I have noted some reports on vaccines.
    Perhaps someone in the prime minister’s office or at the Sydney Daily Telecrap will search and report on:
    The content in some vaccines containing aluminium and/or mercury and the affects of those metals on small people.
    The 2 cases determine in Italy last year whereby the court found a link between vaccines and autism.
    A report by the Catholic Bishops in Africa claiming that tetanus vaccines caused sterilization of thousands of African females.
    In India, the Gates mob is being sued in the Indian supreme Court in ragard to Gtates vaccination trials.
    Go to it Mr Prime Minister, we do expect your department to be up to date with some of these developments over the last year.
    Daily Crap and the usual shock jocks, just proceed as usual, there is much more that seems to suggest that our media do not have access to some real reports and developments or perhaps they have an agenda of not properly informing the public.
    The media should be transparent and disclose the income from advertisements published on behalf of the big pharma conglomerates. (and the politicians record all donations from Big Pharma!)
    If the PM wants to force all vaccines, then there should be a register of all adverse affects and a fund to compensate for the damages occasioned by some vaccines.
    While we are on to vacccines. I note a recent (within the last month) Queensland police officers’ report that some persons charged with the ‘shaken baby syndrome’ are innocdent and he refers to the affects of vaccines in cases he has been involved in.
    One thing for sure: When government and /or msm claims something, research and check it out!!!! PARTICULARLY IF YOU ARE A PARENT.

  3. This is the most direct, unashamed attack on the true sovereignty of the Australian people that I have yet seen, and what’s worse is how its being applauded in all quarters. They don’t understand what their freedom even is.

  4. May I suggest an alternate scenario that this may play into? The Government (broke as it is – two-party preferred bankruptcy) is claiming to be looking to save cash. There are enough vaccine objectors out there now to make a small but visible dent in the welfare outlay were they to be excluded from receiving their share of the kitty. Politically, vaccine objection is on par with holocaust denial now. Emotions override information at every turn and any debate over the facts (right or wrong) is not even permitted, and those who would stick their head up are ridiculed and vilified (rather like they’ve tried but so far failed to achieve with Climate Change). Soft political targeting to start getting the welfare budget down in action. If this works, look for disingenuous attempts to target other groups in a similar manner. Just my thoughts.

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