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‘Operation Rising’ Averts Melbourne Terror Attack With ‘Edged’ Weapons


This reported a few hours ago in The Age: ‘Five arrested in counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne’s south-east.’ And ‘Police have charged an 18-year-old man with conspiring to plan a terrorist attack on Anzac Day following multiple raids across Melbourne on Saturday morning.’

mel terror

Sevdet Besim – arrested. Photo: Originally Channel 9

The Herald Sun reports that:

  • Anzac Day, Melbourne police officers were targets
  • Five teens arrested in raids in Narre Warren, Hallam, Hampton Park
  • Anti-terror chiefs say ISIS inspired plots

The Herald Sun:

Police said they had prevented a possible attack on serving police officers involving “associates’’ of the dead Melbourne terrorist Numan Haider (killed September 2014 attempting to stab police officers).

Premier Andrews, “No one should underestimate the dangers of this threat.”

Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright confirmed police had found multiple knives and swords in the raids but had not found any guns.

“I won’t go into greater detail than to say we have found edged weapons, numbers of them, and other evidence.” And, “These young men planned to carry out atrocious acts on Anzac Day.”

I hope the police will inform us of the facts of this proposed edged weapon plot, plus any detail of connections to ISIS.

A Hallam neighbour was quoted in The Herald Sun as saying “I know them, the boys. They’ve always been lovely guys. When my husband has been taken in the ambulance, they’ve been here to help. I’m really torn.”

Being “associated” with the late Numan Haider, these teens must have had some idea what would be their fate – if they. too, attacked (armed) police officers with knives and swords.


  1. Here’s my comeback to the story of the Melbourne lone gunman, or lone knifeman, or lone pressure cooker, or whatever:

    In September, 2014, Susan Page reported on the beheading of James Foley and Steven Sotloff as follows:
    “Kissinger says it’s a moment for members of Congress, even Republican critics, to support Obama.”
    She quotes Kissinger:
    “I think when the president of the United States calls for military action, he should do it for a united people,” especially “when the methods have been so cruel, so explicitly directed at Americans.’”

    • Somebody please tell me I’m wrong. I’m looking at that 19-year-old lad in the front seat of the car and thinking Does he look like he would even know Anzac Day from a bar of soap? Can he spell Gallipoli? Would he understand that the older folks put a lot of sentiment into April 25? Surely not. So why would he have conjured a plan to cause trouble on Anzac Day?

      Regarding my April 11th article, “Surrealism,” would the 19 year-old Jahar Tsarrnaev (now 21) have figured out that the Boston Marathon would be a good hit? No, but Homeland Security figured it out enough to hold a drill there!

      Would those religious zealots (now dead) who blew up tube stations in London in 2005 have had all the smarts needed for such a caper? I doubt it. But there was a drill that day for exactly those stations. EXACTLY those ones, e.g. Russell Square.

      Would Amrozi the smiling terrorist in Bali (maybe smiling because hypnotized?) have been savvy enough to figure that hitting nightclubs frequented by Aussies DURING THE AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS would be a significant thing? If we had his computer, could we trace whether he ever googled for “Oz school sessions 2002?”

  2. Moslems plotting to attack Australians commemorating Anzac Day. Yeah, right. And I’ve got a nice beach-front property to sell you in Alice Springs.

    What better way to make the less intelligent of the Aussies even more anti-Islam than to have such a thing occur on Anzac Day? it’s yet another comic book false flag. People who have been paying attention over the past 15 years in the U.S. and Britain can see the pattern.

    Why waste time pondering about whether it’s true or not?

    • Correction – “People who have been paying attention to similar staged events over the past 15 years in the U.S. and Britain can see the pattern.”

  3. I have been talking to The Sun this morning suggesting their reporting is highly unsophisticated and totally excludes much information about the murky realities of “ISIS”, “terrorism” and the political pattern and climate.
    I stressed the young Muslims are being betrayed by their own communities, the media, security agencies, many Australian people and our Governing agencies.

    The woman I spoke to was genuinely interested but we know my concerns will fall on barren soil once it gets to a journalist.
    I rapidly outlined the real picture and the qualified references that can be easily studied.

    It only takes ten minutes. Make a difference.

    If they had only ten calls challenging their journalism and leaving a contact it might gain their attention.

    They are inviting more information! I had plenty!

    Know more? Call our newsdesk (03) 9292 1226 or news@heraldsun.com.au

    I will never stop urging my fellows to make a daily habit of exercising your VOTE.

    The more you exercise your vote the more you can achieve to keep our democracy fit and healthy.

    • Christopher, I concur with Mary.
      Love to hear you having it with Faine, Hadly, et al.! (:-
      There is another way to vote. Do not support the products and services the liars spruik for.

      • Okay Mary and Ned, why are you guys reluctant to challenge your media at their desk?
        I don’t think they read Gumshoe News so if we are going to have any hope of spreading a better understanding of things we have to go out and teach.

        You don’t need to engage in answers or detailed explanations of anything because that’s what you urge them to do with a total consideration of the evidenced political realities.

        Documented historical pattern of ASIO entrapment.
        Documented Jihadi Nabil Naeem.interview expose.
        Documented Wesley Clark statements on ISIS.
        Documented US Human Rights FBI terror frauds report
        Documented pattern of fake Muslim preachers and bookshops.
        Documented FSU jihadi’s treated in Israeli hospitals.
        Documented US financing of”Al Qaeda” in Syria
        Documented Syria “Al Qaeda” revolving door with ISIS
        Documented Saudi backing of “Al Qaeda” in Syria.
        Documented US training “Al Qaeda” for Syria in Jordan camps.

        Why is it I ask, that The Sun Herald is not able to find the many hundreds of interviews,articles and documents written by competent intellectuals all over the world that confirm ISIS has been very purposefully allowed to develop by the Western powers that claim it is a “Muslim” enemy?

        Why is it I ask, that the evidenced pattern of the US “death squad” warfare strategy is invisible to journalists analyzing the ISIS brand?

        I ask how much responsibility The Herald Sun should take for the muddled thinking and manipulated “plot” when their paper is selling the ISIS brand every day with the usual sensation and imagination instead of uncovering and interpreting the honest murky reality of Western intelligence tricky business.

        I suggest these impressionable, angry and disenfranchised youth have been betrayed and are victims of decades of lies and illegal wars that began way before they were born.
        When are we going to think like grown ups and start addressing and fixing problems without reverting to cartoon and Hollywood versions of reality?

        I predict their sensationalized scary fear drenched story will shrink and partially evaporate within days because it always does and the true facts will be hidden behind a wall of secrecy because we now live in a virtual police state where our security agencies have almost unlimited power as long as they can weave a horror story which the press unquestionably dishes up to the public like a small child believing in Santa.

        I offer to talk with any journalist or researcher at any time to reference and discuss the sources of information that evidence and justify my interpretation and understanding.

          • A little shorthand involved in my doc set Mary.

            This is the portal I use to challenge ABC current affairs reporting and to send alternative interpretations.
            This only requires a couple of minutes if a brief report is required.
            I post to the ABC several times a week and, now and then, talk to their desk on the telephone.
            Some of their staff are very interested in my material and I get the occasional email back and have been told they keep all my reports filed and they are always read.
            My point in stating this is that tedious exacting effort over time can build relationships and if, let’s say 20 people did the same. the ideas and interpretation of events and characters can be adjusted because I already have one researcher who is very keen to know my analysis when I get her on the line. She has even discussed how she has batted for my version to be reported with other staff.
            These people are all humans and can be influenced and persuaded by logic and solid reference.
            They are in a trance, under a spell, it must be broken.

      • I think Faine, one of their lead operatives on the Left side, would be a great one to ask a really simple question of: Why does ISIS/ISIL never, ever attack Israel?

  4. An example report to the ABC posted this morning referencing the latest ABC report on the recent “Anzac terror plot”.



    I am very alarmed at the brutality reported by the ABC surrounding the recently conducted police raids.

    It is impossible to not conclude that these boys and their families are the victims of decades of lies and criminal wars and foreign policies based on myths and outright deceptions.

    I have referenced and documented this murky political reality to the ABC consistently over many years.

    We cannot yet know the exact nature of the “plot” that allegedly justifies these police invasions of homes in the early morning but anyone with a memory knows that the early sensational “terror” and immediate fear version of events will transform and evaporate into a flimsy more complex and murky tale of obscure influence and possibly entrapment by invisible characters who are beyond scrutiny and cross examination.
    Secrecy is the rule in the new Australian Police State that is now frequently dosed with Orwellian theatre.

    What about the intellectual interpretation of the total context and perspective of this event relative to the lies and crimes of Australian foreign policy?

    Only last week a Muslim school principle was castigated and threatened by all and sundry because he was stating ISIS was a tool of US and Israeli foreign policy.
    He is supported by the facts
    but you would not know that if you read this article.


    The Age joins in the witch hunt repeating all the regular themes that contradict the true murky reality that Western power has purposefully developed ISIS, just another Al Qaeda death squad brand, because it is a covert warfare strategy that achieves the destabilization and Balkanization of Muslim regions of the world by spilling the blood of Muslim men and women on both sides.

    The ABC just ignores the evidenced pattern of history and the long list of documents I regularly provide for your attention that evidences a political reality that contrasts the simplistic propaganda broadcast by the ABC and other corporate media.

    If Australians, ABC journalists and otherwise, participate in fueling totally false versions of the real power and motivations driving the Syria/Iraq conflicts, where does true responsibility rest?

    Whether it is negligence, corruption or ignorance, the dynamic honest reality clearly must conclude that the ABC is a far greater threat to peace and security than these young men who have been betrayed and are now victims of the adults who have engineered, participated and facilitated by their silence, criminal wars and disastrous foreign policies that grow instability and injustice with no apparent end.

    What else could be expected but the muddled and misdirected anger that occasionally explodes into the public view with shallow dangerous faulty analysis by the ABC.
    The ABC is setting the tension and fuel for the next Orwellian episode instead of disarming the danger and conflict with a genuine unraveling of the deceptions, lies and architects of the never ending war on terror.

    ABC current affairs should be inspired by the excellent recent ABC Catalyst journalism that is genuinely taking truth to power in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and research field.
    Even Lateline broadcast their “Lethal Secrets” exposure of the corrupted selective release of research to distort drug performance and side effects. This report evidences are far greater judgement on medical “science” than it explicitly states.

    Australia needs courageous honest journalism that reports the full mature and objective picture and asks the real questions regarding who is really responsible and what is really happening.

    It is a very deep concern that we are creeping towards a security state mentality.

    We do not have to proceed down this path. It is the road to hell.

    Truth is the path to a much better place.

    Always available to evidence and discuss my opinion.

    Christopher Brooks

    • Christopher, You’ve done us proud at Gumshoe.
      Allow me to salute you with a few lines from Walt Whitman’s
      “I Celebrate Myself”

      All truths wait in all things,
      They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it….
      Logic and sermons never convince,
      The damp of the night drives deeper into my soul.
      (Only what proves itself to every man and woman is so.
      Only what nobody denies is so.)

  5. Oh, I’m getting all Christopher-ish. I just read that Tony Abbott said to all Aussie would-be jihadists who may try to enter Turkey to pass thru to Syria: “Don’t do. Don’t do that terrible thing.”

    I’m thinking he should have said, “Any would-be jihadists out there, drop by my place, the Lodge . I want to hear why you would do such a crazy thing. Come on, I need to know.”

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