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Gallipoli – A Hundred Years Is Enough



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, April 21, 2015

This must stop. People snuffing each other out for no reason. At Gallipoli tens of thousands of boys died in their absolute prime. Total deaths for “the great war” (great war?) around 20 million; in World War II countless civilian deaths. Widows in every neighborhood.

What’s the cause of all this killing? Is it based on an instinct to “get” the foreigner? Nope. Competition for resources? Surprisingly, no. Thanks to that fantastic educational breakthrough, the Internet, it’s now possible for us to realize what it was really all about. Might as well toss out all the books written on the subject.

The fact is – I believe it is fact – both world wars came off the drawing board of a small group of men in England. I would call these men ‘disturbed,’ wouldn’t you?

Imagine planning three world wars – the two just mentioned, and the one that your son will be invited to join any day now in the Middle East. What made them do it? Quite simply, they needed to put all young men to work as a way of keeping themselves from being noticed.


Anzac Day ‘Trance.’ What will happen this year at the hundreds of Dawn Services in Australia? Prayers will be whispered, ideals will be invoked, and a bugler will play The Last Post. We’ll solemnly murmur “Lest we forget.”

Wait a minute! Hold your horses please. We aren’t likely to “forget,” as we never thought it out in the first place. I think it’s time we learned who screwed Australia in WWI. Humans like to honor the dead – I agree that that’s a very good habit. But it needn’t force us to say that the average lad at Gallipoli was doing Oz a favor. He didn’t do anyone a favor. Certainly not himself or the men he killed. Certainly not the family he left behind. Rather, he actually participated in the oppression of our nation!

Gallipoli was a slaughter and was caused by the idiots – Top Dogs  — who are committed to having a bunch of lads be canon fodder. You know that they regularly support both sides in a conflict, even today, right? So don’t be afraid to face the fact that they did that in 1915.

Beautiful Anzac Day ceremonies could be part of the game to keep us in the routine of these dreadful things. I apologize for saying that. I don’t want to say it. But I don’t want to live in a trance. Shouldn’t we face what’s   going on around us? Can you name any MP, or bishop, or professor today who invites a sober consideration of our ‘foreign engagements’? The military themselves can’t broach a topic such as “Hey, what are we doing in the Middle East?” I ask: Are any mechanisms in place that could stop another Gallipoli from occurring?  NO!

I confess I do not know who the top dogs are. They appear to me to run every nation, even the ones they pretend not to, such as North Korea and Iran. How do I know? First, I know it merely by logic. If Kim Il Sung or the Ayatollah were really independent-minded they’d  have met up with a car crash or a heart attack. If, instead, they live long, they must be in the top dogs’ good graces.

Second, I know it by researching the many leaks that occur. For instance, Robert Dreyfuss found that the 1979 take-over of Iran (allegedly by the Ayatollah) was really a booting out of the Shah by the US. But weren’t American hostages held for a year? Yes, but that’s all in a day’s work for the CIA. The CIA and MI6 admit ousting Iran’s popular leader, Dr Mossadegh, in 1953. What’s the diff?

Not To Worry about the Archduke Ferdinand, 1914

Whatever was said to be the cause of WWI, you can be sure it was as fake as the cause of our attack on Libya, say. The chess-players up there decide all sorts of conflicts for folks to enter into, and the media assure us that it’s the people’s silly old xenophobia that incites these things.

Even the cause of WWII, the invasion of Poland by the guy with the unique mustache, was a put-up job. Prescott Bush, sire of a US prexy, helped Wall Street organize the funds Hitler needed. Yes! It’s now undisputed that “Wall Street” also arranged the Commie takeover in Russia in 1917. “They do it all.” Sort of a one-stop shopping outfit.

Basic Sociobiology Covers All the Ground

Fact is we are a mammal species, and even a third-year student of zoology can see that a species has ways for individuals to deal with each other, alone or in a team. I learned (mis-learned) in philosophy class that human behavior is ideationally guided. Rubbish. We always operate with what our instincts provide for us. Nearly all our behavior has a subconscious impetus.

Here’s the drill, Folks. Humans compete with one another. They need resources and often prey on the weak. I know I prey on the weak. When I open the fridge I see food that I never planted or harvested. Some poor soul did it at rotten wages. And that’s not all I do to him. I let my “Pentagon” (cough, cough) drive him insane with bombs, humiliation, etc — for seemingly any old reason.

The good part is that this particular species of mammal can find out how its instincts work! So, I can see that I am preying on others. Equally well, I can see (here comes the conspiracy theory) that some Top Dogs prey on me! They do things like urge me to lay flowers at Martin Place, to help me believe Australia was attacked on December 15, 2015. Then, while I’m weeping about that, they get my MP to sneak some draconian legislation in. Amazing.

“We’re Jerrybuilt on the Pleistocene” – EO Wilson

Nature does not build by advance planning. Things evolve according to what’s already out there. So, modern humans are stuck with quite a few habits that must, in the past, been adaptive to our Pleistocene situation. If the habits hadn’t been useful, the genes would not have survived.

But when we act on our instincts today, in changed circumstances (for example, non-natural chemicals now abound), we are likely to make big mistakes. We figure out a way to make a nice predatory profit selling chemicals and then wreck the planet. Whole routines get set in place, as if there is no way to stop such things. Ah, but we have at least some cerebral capacity to stop and re-think it all.

We really do not have to persist in a ridiculous chase.

  They say the brain shuts down, and all reasoning ceases, if people get into a panic. I assume that will happen to me if the crunch really comes. But it hasn’t come yet, and we can do a lot of things to prevent it coming. Really, you should take heart. Tell your fears to hit the road, Jack.

The Point of the World Wars: To Help Top Dogs

Recently, I studied what happened to eighteen doctors who found various ways to treat cancer without using chemo. Consistently, those docs were punished. I wrote this up in a book in 2013. (Shortcut: see my article “How To Deal with the Many Advertised Cancer Cures” at Gumshoe, January 23, 2015.) I can say for sure that the fate of those doctors cannot have been coincidental. The attack on them was clever, well-funded, secret, ruthless.

Another proof that our lives can be directed from the top is Charlotte Iserbyt’s book Deliberate Dumbing Down. Who would dream that governments go all outdoors to make sure kids don’t end up educated? Charlotte’s got all the inside papers to show how they carried it out. Case closed.

  It’s the same guys who prevent good medicine that also establish bad schooling. They want “the masses” to be sick, stupid, and well entertained. It all has to do with their need to maintain their position of power. “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” By 1770, and probably before that, a group was organized to run everything, worldwide.

I don’t think there’s time now to chase around after the details of the Top Dog Situation. Let’s proceed to act, and if it turns out to have been a false alarm, no harm done.

So start with the premise that, just as in 1915, we are being made fools of like mad. We need to coordinate with each other, and resist. If the official roles in society (politics, media, clergy, academia, judiciary) are filled with persons who can’t seem to break out of the rut, we have to set up some pretend institutions, mere clubs I suppose.

Anyone can start a club. You don’t need permission. It is legal. I should say it is legal at the moment. Parliament has passed laws in recent months (“since Martin Place”) that  forbid people to reveal crimes they see government commit. Woo-hoo, isn’t that out-and-out obstruction of justice? That is a felony; we should arrest these criminals.

Century. We’re nearing Gallipoli’s 100th anniversary and should mark the date by ‘turning over a new leaf.’ Standard obstacles to initiating change are: belief that an issue can always be postponed a few more months; reluctance to upset the social routine; fear (well justified) of being hated for saying there’s anything wrong with our way of life. Hmm. What a bunch of stupid reasons for deciding to take no action against a lethal foe.

Well, there’s a task for your club! Identify anyone who seems bent on harming Oz from inside. Any person who holds a position of public trust and who puts up barriers to discussion is harming us. See? The sins can seem quite minor but they add up. Don’t let ‘politeness’ blind you.

I think a new World War is scheduled. So whose job is it to get sensible? The citizenry. That means you. Honest, it does. Come on, shake a leg. Why be a gutless wonder when you could be the sexiest kid on the block, for staving off World War III?


– Mary W Maxwell wants to hear from you at Gumshoe.


Diggers may have thought they were fighting for Oz but, no, they were actually fighting to keep Oz oppressed!





  1. Plaudits to you Dalia, for speaking out, on Lest WE Forget
    We are all usually too afraid to question our involvement in so many wars for the Masters, since that WW1 involvement, 100 years ago, as there are so many who have been suckered to believe that it’s all been for our “freedoms”!
    When do we come to the point where no one is marching – as there hasn’t been a WW for 100years!

  2. Rudyard Kipling. The Wolf

    Now this is the Law of the Jungle
    — as old and as true as the sky;
    And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
    the Wolf that shall break it must die.
    As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk
    the Law runneth forward and back —
    For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
    and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

        • It is tragically ironic that such attention and emotion is attached to commemorating the victims of war yet these cemeteries and memorials never figure in the propaganda for the next episode of killing.
          The will to have power over others and a preparedness to use whatever means are available to achieve that end is at the core.
          The Zionist, or Internationalist, idea and their mastery of “Banking” is well evidenced as a significant contributor to the manipulating and scheming in the last century but they don’t have a total monopoly on greed and the superiority motive.

          All the major “religious” institutions are a complexity of internal and external conflict of ideas and interpretations of “reality”.
          Labels and ideologies are often misleading if not totally confusing.
          Better to judge by principles, actions and outcomes.
          The individual must be ultimately accountable but that includes associations in all aspects which is how we support or sanction ideas and action.
          In my view we all make important decisions many times a day to stand up for right and truth, and, reject and challenge lies.
          The trick is to be able to tell the difference, which requires constant education, a thick skin and patience in the face of the muddled faulty reality that is commonly held with conviction.

          Sometimes it seems the world reflects the “Truman Show” where everyone is a “Truman” subject.

          If only people would contemplate, think, look around with curiosity and memory and see through the illusions that
          have replaced our real humanity.
          Film is great media of expression when done well.

        • No Religion has brought peace to this world. In a sense, religions have been created to divide and conquer humanity so that we don’t realise our true nature that we are “Infinite Beings” and that we are all connected.

          • Yes. Peoples religious ‘beliefs’ have done nothing but cause heartache and death throughout the ages -The Crusades are a prime example!

        • Being the mask by which Israel hides behind in claiming its legitimacy, one that seems to need a lot of bombs and threats to the neighbourhood to support it. If they claimed to be a nation of Ba’hai I’d have said Ba’hai for the same reason. BTW, why does ISIS never, ever attack Israel?

      • Yes PB, I personally believe you are correct, however it is now out of control (planned) but out in the open! Its the snake eating its own tail, this planet is not large enough anymore for the cabal to keep playing their psychopathic tricks, the only way for them is to literally shut down all modern forms of communications, but they cant HA HA THEY SIMPLY CANT!!!

  3. Just back from the ceremony at the barracks. Very cold, but not raining, in Adelaide. Heat was provided by four large barrels of fire!
    We did not sing “God Defend New Zealand” (which we did last year). Prayed for widows of our sevice personnel — and widowers! That was a first for me.
    Also surprised to see umpteen young men (max age 25) in dark business suit and tie, wearing their medals.
    There was a directive to “encourage the faint-hearted.” And to remember those who died as prisoners of war.
    And to honor the legacy of our forebears: freedom and justice.
    Lest we forget.

    • Whoops. My conspiratorialism stops at nothing. What chance do you think there is, statistically, that an “unauthorised” sound technician blasted loud music ACCIDENTALLY from Ivy nighclub, during the Anzac Day dawn service in Sydney?

      And, to be exact, that it happened during the two minutes of silence being obseved at that ceremony?

  4. For nearly a week we have been reminded of the sacrifices in all wars by the mainstream media journos and pundits telling us that the killing was for a good cause. The best cause for Australia of course was in New Guinea against the Japanese.
    But not a word about who really planned and started the wars. From way back, all wars were for commercial or local tribal interests.
    Now msm, how about broadcasting Mike Rivero’s address: ‘All wars are banker’s wars’? Filed at http:www.whatreallyhappened.com
    When the public awaken to the reality, then they can go back to some tribal biffos and leave the rest of us in peace.
    A good ‘biff up’ by some colliding racing bike cyclists is good entertainment and should be sufficient for the sadist greedy control freaks.

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