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The TPP – A Tricky Perfidious Proposition?


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Are we about to be TPP’d?

The hundredth anniversary of Gallipoli may have been branded as a ‘historical moment’, but something much more historical is happening.

I’ve written several times to Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb, to ask if he has read the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. I have not heard a ‘Yes’ (but he is  engaged in, and negotiating the process).  Is it possible that Minister Robb is acting under personal pressure from foreign elements. If so, we should help the Minister and call in the Australian Federal Police.

The AFP can assist by confiscating his computers for inspection – such that an independent Australian authority can determine whether the TPP is in fact designed to remove power from the Australian government. Expert financial, business and legal minds can then ascertain whether the TPP is a valid treaty for the good of the people of Australia.

Note: Though the TPP document might not be on Mr Robb’s computers – as even members of Congress in the US have been denied access to the detail.

In the past, legislation has often been brought in by deception, stealth, and surprise.

Federal Reserve Act 1913

In America, a secret meeting was held on Jekyll Island in November of 1910. Its outcome was that the US Congress passed The Federal Reserve Act. Control over global money and debt creation was thereby succinctly delivered over to a handful of men.

This is what US President Woodrow Wilson said, AFTER signing the Federal Reserve into existence:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We are no longer a Government by free opinion, [or] a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but [are under] duress of a small group of dominant men.” 

What a tragic admission: “I have unwittingly ruined my country” If Minister Andrew Robb gets the TPP through Canberra, might he have similar regrets when he retires?

So is the TPP another 1913 moment?

And if Minister Andrew Robb gets the TPP through Canberra, might he have similar regrets when he retires from Canberra? At the moment Mr Robb speaks with conviction and confidence that the TPP will create jobs, help growth and industry in Australia.

This was reported in the weeklytimesnow:

“Anti-trade activists who are trying to derail negotiations for the world’s largest regional trade and investment deal are effectively trying to stop Australian agriculture from surging ahead.

The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement involves 12 countries, including Australia, which collectively represent 40 per cent of global GDP or about $28 trillion as well as 800 million people. After seven years of negotiations the finish line is within reach.”

It sounds wonderful. But are only 5 of the 29 chapters are focused on trade – and most past treaties that America has signed has eroded away the middle class.

If you want power, advantage, money and control – this is how you go about it: Plot and design in secret; bamboozle politicians;  fast track the process (to avoid scrutiny), and promote short term benefits (e.g. creating jobs) while disguising long term corporate advantage. In other words show the carrot – but hide the stick.


Did Congress think the Federal Reserve Act was a wonderful idea back in 1913? It was a promise of global stability and prosperity. But in the long term is has brought in a form of global financial “debt-bondage”.

As Christopher Brooks writes:

“The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vaste in effect it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.”

It seems that the TPP is a very complex and convoluted series of chapters and documents that might not openly reveal their true mechanisms for decades. And so we have to assume that this secret document could be a great white shark disguised as a gold fish until we learn otherwise.

In explaining the necessity for secrecy, Mr Robb said (as reported in the Financial Review):

“Like any commercial negotiation, there had to be confidentiality around trade negotiations, but within those parameters there was definitely scope for stakeholders to be properly informed and to provide important advice.”

Some chapters on trade might be positive – but others might not. Here is a more sober analysis from emsnews:

“(Thanks to Wikileaks) …we now have the actual secret text of the most recent free trade negotiations.  …For the consumer, the carrot of this stick is cheaper goods for a while during the transition time when wages are still high and jobs exist.  But over time, it means the annihilation of the entire middle working class dropping them all back into the Victorian era of starvation wages and no work protections.

…the 30,000-page draft agreement published by Wikileaks reveals intellectual property protection being broadened in an astonishing number of areas – from strengthening the rights of pharmaceutical companies to allowing the patenting of plants and animals. It is, unsurprisingly, supported by more than 600 large corporations, from Nike and Walmart to General Electric and Pfeizer.”

But Mr Robb says… “The TPP text will not be kept secret.”

-andrew-robbMinister Andrew Robb (taking a deserved break from reading the TPP?)

Obviously it cannot remain secret – but when this secretly designed document is made public it will be rushed to parliament, and the “bulldozers” will be moved in to persuade dissenting politicians to approve it. You can already hear the rhetoric:

“There are a few issues of concern, but in the main, it will provide jobs”.

Dr Richard Day

I refer to the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan of Dr. Richard Day’s lecture March 20, 1969 (full text here). In regard to the arrival of the totalitarian global system, Dunegan recalls “When the new system takes over people will be expected to sign allegiance to it…” and people who do not want to go along with the global order would be (something like) “disposed of humanely”.

As Dr Day said: “Everything Is In Place And Nobody Can Stop Us Now

Well almost.

There could be the outstanding matter of legislation ratifying the power of elite multinationals over nations. It appears the TPP could provide legislative advantage to a collective few – the final hurdle for a global corporatism.


Infowars reports:

“Corporate lobbyists who want to force genetically modified food on the world through secretive and unconstitutional, behind-closed-doors deals have just moved their agenda forward by cutting a deal with the President to move the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) through a fast-track approval in Congress. This agreement would lodge corporate power in place, undermining democracy.

Our democratic rights are being ignored in order to make GMO labeling in the US illegal, giving corporations like Monsanto the ability to import their globally-grown genetically modified foods, while other unsafe foods come in through the back door of our nation.

This secret trade deal is being pushed through Congress at record speed – before anyone even knows what the TPP contains! The TPP is being called a ‘free trade” agreement, but what it amounts to is a blank check with no legal accountability to Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, and other biotech companies for destroying our health and our planet simultaneously.”

A web of Multinationals

In Australia, we are already unable to tax multinationals like Google. This will become the norm, and nations will be forced into more forms of privatisation to build and maintain infrastructure – further entrenching a global corporate order. In the future, will most people be renters and servants, and governments impotent?

We do not know whether the TPP is this planned corporate deception. Why?

Because it is presently secret.

We can only pray it is not.

Maybe, sometime in the future, (if) after signing the TPP, Minister Robb might say:

“The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We are a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

So is this treaty deal more like signing over powers to a multinational cabal? A cabal of interconnected colluding conglomerates that are determined to forever close the doors to competition and subjugate the powers of governments (and the people)?  If so – we should help Mr Robb before he potentially makes a grave error.



  1. Brilliant.
    Now you political arse oles,
    prostitute shock jocks and the msm, cop the truth about how you are betraying your nation and children.
    P… O.. and sell you grandmothers.
    For those who want to do something for their kids start off with the ten minute video on ‘The Lima declaration 1975’ signed off by foreign minister Willisee for the Australian government.
    I beg that the spirits of our ww1 and 11 sacrificed and their descendants raise up and defend Australia again.
    Minister Robb and staff, think on their sacrifices and how they are being betrayed by our past and present politicians with the mass media, to the fascist global corporates.
    Want to have a drink of water? Well go see the Nestlé lot who say that if you want water, pay us!!!!

  2. Trade is in fact only a very small part of the TPP deal. I understand only 5 of the 29 chapters actually deal with trade. What the agreement is really about is the continuing transfer of wealth from the majority into the pockets of the tiny one tenth of one percent who run the world.

    The most insidious element in the whole scheme however is the Investor State Dispute Settlement section (ISDS). This gives foreign firms the right to apply to a highly secretive tribunal made up of corporate lawyers for compensation when governments pass legislation that may affect corporate profits. The most commonly cited example is the Australian legislation on plain packaging for cigarettes. It is far from the only one. Fattenfall, a Swedish utility company, is using Germany for 3.7 billion euros for loss of profits because Germany shut down its Nuclear power plants after the Fukushima disaster.

    Under the TPP very large judgments can be anticipated because the investment protected by the TPP is not just the commitment of capital or other resources, but “the expectation of gain or profit.”

    Even more insidious is the fact that these secret corporate tribunals can effectively overrule legislation passed by sovereign governments. That represents a real threat to our very democracy. It is appalling that our msm are yet again so supine on this very fundamental issue.

  3. A lnote to; Minister Robb, the greens, Jackie Lambie,, big Dave, Mr Shorten, Mr Murdock, the Fairfax people, including Alan Jones on radio 2 GB and best not to forget ‘our’ Mr. Faime at ‘our’ ABC.
    Please explain!
    Perhaps Mr, Turnbull will explain what OUR goverent is doing to fellow Australians. Love to hear our PM in waiting explain the TPP to Mr. Jones on Q and A.
    Maybe if they all shiver a bit more they will find a spine to crawl up? ( apols Paul)

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