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A New Baby, Love, the Restoration, and Law



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, May 4, 2015

It’s fabulous to see the new royal baby, born two days ago to the Cambridges, looking so healthy. She will have unlimited opportunity, someday, to do what women do best – produce love.

Here is an excerpt from an interview given by the baby’s grandma, in 1995. The interviewer is Martin Bashir.

DIANA: I’ve been in a privileged position for 15 years. I’ve got tremendous knowledge about people and how to communicate. I’ve learnt that, I’ve got it, and I want to use it. And when I look at people in public life … I think the biggest disease this world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved, and I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give — I’m very happy to do that and I want to do that.

Interviewer: Do you think the British people are happy with you? 

DIANA: I think the British people need someone in public life to give affection, to make them feel important, to support them, to give them light in their dark tunnels.

I see it as a possibly unique role, and yes, I’ve had difficulties, as everybody has witnessed over the years, but let’s now use the knowledge I’ve gathered to help other people in distress.

Interviewer: Do you think you can?

DIANA: I know I can, I know I can, yes.

alma_tunnel_paris2Pont de l’Alma road tunnel entrance, Paris, where Diana died in 1997.

The Restoration

These days we could use a “restoration” — we need to restore normalcy and common sense. Let’s have a quick, nostalgic look at the 1660 Restoration when the British monarchy got restored. This followed the years in which there was a civil war, an Interregnum, and a brief republic.

Although lately we speak as if only Muslims go in for beheadings, the king of England, Charles I, was decapitated in 1649.

That was by an order of Parliament, signed by 59 men. (Granted, it was not a very legitimate parliament, as many members had been forced out; the remainder were called the Rump parliament.)

In 1660, Parliament passed An Act of Free and General Pardon, Indemnity, and Oblivion. It gave amnesty to subjects who had taken part in various hostilities, since the Civil War began in 1642. However, the pardon did not extend to any who had committed regicide. Ten of them were hung for treason. (Some who had already died were exhumed and beheaded. Talk about disgusting! But I guess folks didn’t suppress their anger in those days.)

Amnesty for Port Arthur, 9-11, and Everything Else?

Dalia Mae Lachlan, the editor at Gumshoenews, has asked me to float an idea regarding 9-11. Many people have asked for new investigations, but how would that help, with governmental barriers still up? Dalia wonders if there should be a general amnesty for 9-11 wrongdoers, “as a way to start the ball rolling” to restore normalcy.

Maybe it could be run like the South African end-of-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but by laypersons only. Sinners would have to specify what they did and show how they are going to change their ways.

I favor this, in spite of my having authored Prosecution for Treason. But folk do need to see punishment occur, too. It’s the standard way in which society establishes what is not permissible. A show trial for one or two 9-11 criminals could suffice. Fictional names, ‘John Doe’s,’ can be used.

I recall my Dad being glued to the TV in 1974 when Senator Sam Ervin was holding impeachment hearings against President Nixon. Americans had simply forgotten that the law is ABOVE any and all personnel. It was remarkable to hear Ervin simply quote the law. Magic.

(Note: for a guide to persons who could be indicted for 9-11, see Richard Ryan’s Another Nineteen, or the comprehensive website whodidit.org. And just as Sylvia Meagher used testimony that had been given to the Warren Commission, to figure out JFK’s killers, Elias Daviddson has compared all sworn testimony given to the 9-11 Commission. I feel sure he has got it down pat. You must read his book, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11. What a title!)

It’s Way Too Soon To Give Up on Law

Even if we remain unsure of the identity of our enemy, it still pays to concentrate on what the law has to say. Law is so powerful that it is in fact one of the main weapons the baddies use to harm us. They create legislation to thwart our powers, and they stranglehold the judges – as indeed they must, since Court is where the power of all persons (and society itself) would otherwise come through.

I say rule of law must be restored a.s.a.p.! Prof Anita Bernstein of Brooklyn Law School has written a “Manifesto for the Training of Lawyers.” She says that students may go to law school to


Prof Anita Bernstein

do good things, but “Once these entrants arrive at law school, the sense of inspiration with which they began often fades, and an inchoate pessimism, if not full-blown cynicism or depression, takes its place.”

Was I ever surprised (actually I was shocked) when, after graduating from Law School and attending a meeting of fellow newbies at the Law Society, we were handed a list of psychologists we could visit.   Why? Because “new lawyers tend to be depressed!” Hey, I can think of a better solution than taking Prozac. How about restoring the love of the law that law deserves?

Please, professionals of the law, get a grip. Even if many other institutions are in need of repair, it is this one that is key. Law is the normal, irreplaceable means to constrain harmful behavior. Not doing your job here is lethal.

Please see Bill Windsor’s brilliant efforts on this matter in US. He’s riding around like a Lone Ranger, to revitalize law. (Don’t worry that he is temporarily in jail for doing so. That just shows how “dangerous” it is to tout the blessings of Rule-of-Law. Yippee!)

It Is Essential To Discuss “the Jews” Very Openly

We can’t wait any longer to deal with the treason of 9-11, but there is a stumbling block.

One hears it said (all over the Internet) that Mossad pulled off the 9-11 WTC affair. For starters, I consider that no more interesting than “the FBI did it,” or “the mafia did it.” Undoubtedly the Mossad, FBI, and mafia did do 9-11. They do all such things. They are clearly in cahoots. They are enslaved, and would probably like to be set free.

Take just the case of Mafia hit men. Can theirs possibly be an enjoyable life ? Surely not. But how can they escape?

(By the way, if you are hearing this for the first time, please know that the FBI’s involvement in the first attack on the WTC, which occurred in 1993, has been admitted to!!!)

Researcher Mae Brussell, before her death in 1988, had worked out the connections among the men who do all sorts of things: major assassinations, mind control, famines and droughts, serial killings, etc. I only found her book this year, but I had already worked out the same idea. You can’t miss these guys. They are able to control any court, any police or military. (Heck, they run the Pentagon; no way do US presidents or Congress run that.) They can suppress books. They have the media under tight wraps.

Brussell (see her on Youtube) pins down the culprits to those associated with the Nazis, including Allen Dulles, who became CIA director in 1953 (see whale.to), John McCloy, head of Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Vatican which handled the transfer of many Nazis to the US. I am not trying to say no Jews were involved. I am certain that some Jews played a big part in these things. They even played a major role in committing pogroms against Jews! Weird, but true.

Yep, I’ve read The Synagogue of Satan by AC Hitchcock and do not disagree with it as factual history. But to say that some Jews did this or that, is not to say that “the Jews” did this or that. I’m disgusted with the fact that so many people fall into the trap about Jews-and-9-11, and that this then prevents them from acting to indict anyone. See? That is how it works!

The rumor that “it’s Jews” is perhaps the big restraint on acting. I am particularly disgusted with Jewish Americans for not talking about this (other than to say silly things like “People should not be anti-semitic”). People should be anti-Semitic if there’s a good case. Show me the case. I will be rip-roaringly anti-Semitic if I see evidence that “the Jews” have caused us all such grief.

If only we could discuss these matters openly we would quickly unlock many mysteries.

They Are Tired and Want To Quit Anyway

My theory, which I won’t go into here, is that the drive toward total domination is as much biologically guided in the species Homo sapiens as it is in that of the fur seal (Recall my Gumshoe article on “Three Ways To Arrange a Society”).

But – and this is almost humorous — once the Top Dogs started to have success, they didn’t know what to do with themselves. We humans always repeat what we’ve done before, right? So these guys kept making more and more elaborate schemes, even wholly absurd ones.

They now control thousands — Fritz Springmeier says millions — of mind-controlled slaves. (See Springmeier’s interview at Henry Makow’s website.) As I said in my January 7, 2015 article on “The Devil,” they’ve even bothered to make a religious underpinning for their naughty deeds. The whole thing is so pathetic. Hadn’t we better stop standing around staring at it and start to do something about it?

I don’t think its just wish fulfillment on my part when I say the Top Dogs must be sick of the whole damn thing. It has got completely out of hand. They need a rest.

Help the Top Dogs take a rest.

– Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. Her website is prosecutionfortreason.com


  1. I, and I think several other readers, would be interested in reading the dissertation that you wrote for your Ph.D. in political science.

    • It isn’t as worth reading as my Prosecution for Treason (2011), which is a free download at the website of that name (or ten bucks at Amazon). But thank you for mentioning it. My 1990 dissertation was based on the sociobiology of international politics.

      I claim that our faculty of reasoning shuts down when the spectre of an ENEMY is raised. We happily follow our leader into war — after all, our life depends on such unthinking obedience.

      It has to be a foreign enemy, apparently. Nowadays I’d venture an “evolutionary biology” hypothesis that we lack an instinct (neuronal pathways?) to tell us to sit up and take notice when an INTERNAL enemy is on the prowl. Back in the days when we were evolving we must have had mainly outsiders, not insiders, attacking us.

      Of course the experts at Tavistock are oh-so aware of our weakness in that area. Internal enemies are having a field day in the public square right this minute and we don’t even look at them.

      God, we’re thick!

  2. The general condition of humanity is a conflict between truth and lies.
    The most effective lie is obvious, there is no truth.

    The evident playing out of human beings in association with each other and the natural world reveals there is an intelligent design in creation that affords those who accept it’s discipline, expanding abundant life and freedom potential.

    To defend against any attack the very first priority is to know the enemy.
    If we fail to recognize the exact nature and capacity of the forces that are working against truth, our efforts to protect ourselves against lies and live in the fullness of truth will certainly fail.
    This is the tragic pattern of human effort, in the multitudes of associations, working feverishly over decades, filled with well intentioned ideals to bring peace, justice and freedom to their fellows.
    Humanity has demonstrated an amazing capacity and potential for achieving good and beautiful results but the sum result is patchy and transient in any honest audit.
    Why is the pattern tragic, misdirected and drenched in bloody miserable conflicts, instead of the glorious existence that is glimpsed in the experience of humanity, always a fleeting achievement that is self destructed almost as soon as it is created with bewildering enthusiasm for degenerate action dressed up as the next “Modern” socioeconomic theory or Geo-political necessity.

    Is there an explanation for this “Tragedy within Hope” condition of the world or is this a fixed reality that no action by humans can effect a different outcome?

    Our pure technological endeavors demonstrate a linear progress of advancement and achievement because the physics, mathematics and end results are all calculated honestly and transparently.
    Bridge building, mining engineering and transport, all advance with a fully dynamic respect for the principles of “scientific” truth.
    Mathematics and Surveying are honest because they are challenged and scrutinized without “fear” or “threat”.

    Now, compare that too any political/economic conversation, meeting or even written communication where an evidenced challenge that corrects an error in the prevailing “science” and immediately the tone and atmosphere is soaked in layers of intimidation, poisonous language, bluff and all manner of mischievous sorcery.
    This is a “force” that acts upon the common mind of society with mostly unconscious, in it’s full purpose and effect, discipline over the boundaries and topics of thinking.
    The Orwellian thought police have been established inside the mind of the population that is controlled.
    How is this achieved and what are the options to break the spell?
    We must have an honest currency of information, thinking and economic value in our associations.
    The corrupted analysis and faulty solutions crackle and flicker across the 24 hour stream of broadcast and published content, never hinting at the true root of the problem or formulating the better policy options.
    What is locking out a truthful correction of the lies?

    An understanding of this is achieved in the process of taking a practical step to publicly address the problem.

    I am not talking of the alternative “media” and “publishing” landscape which is monitored and caressed in recognition that a small dissident proportion of a society can be seduced and contained within safe limits to power by providing mutual comfort, internal conflict and faulty distractions that keep them isolated from the controlled majority and intellectually mined for their own self destruction if they venture into public forums or main stream political discourse.

    The first lesson you quickly must learn is how rapidly factual challenge on money reform, concentrated power and the policy of monopoly is chocked and drowned by terminology like “conspiracy theory”, “Bilderberg” and “new world order” distractions. If you fail to cower and genuflect with fear towards this attempt to distract from the factual record, the “Jewish Conspiracy” and “Holocaust denier” hand are dished up to poison your effort.

    The choice then is to state the truth or join the corruption.
    I have faced this choice many times.
    How to make friends and influence people! Speak the truth!
    On rare occasions the immediate result is extreme hostility, even verging on violence.
    This is fascinating in itself.

    A solid stone of truth must be laid down with the belief that nothing less will only contribute to another shonky version of political and economic reality that will come down around our ears like all the rest.

    Almost every association that I have observed in my lifetime have convinced themselves to compromise and surrender to the lies and schemes that are designed for the exact purpose of achieving submission.

    The “Jewish Question” is a subject that incorporates the various aspects of concentrated monopoly power and all the various “sorcery” methodology applied covertly to humanity.

    These cabals and their activities principally employ an identity as “Jews”, which in the regular traditions of sorcery and deception, is a magic word with all types of tricky power and interpretations, if you genuflect before the spells.

    The policy of monopoly has legally established a universal “religious” doctrine called the “Holocaust” which has effectively allowed all honest thinkers to be isolated or even fined and imprisoned for many years.

    The “Jewish Question”, considering all the facts, is a very reasonable terminology to describe the subject of how power really works in the world.

    I urge readers to consider why it is not intelligent and accurate to describe the politically functioning manifestation of worldly power in the very manipulative terminology that power has chosen to hide behind.

    The key to criminal mafia is that everyone pretends they don’t even exist and no one dare say otherwise.

    We can only challenge monopoly power successfully when we recognize where well intentioned associated plans have failed.

    Surely a sound critical thinking method would recognize the seat of power and method lies behind the most toxic dangerous words and facts that any man can speak.

    • Christopher, I cannot follow your last five paragraphs. I invite you to take 3 persons who are not Jewish (use these ones if you wish: Margaret Thatcher, John Howard, Frank Carlucci), and tell me what goes on in their life that has to do with, perhaps, a “Jewish” cabal.

      • Oops, may I change that list? How about you explain Bob-awke instead of Howard. Since Margaret is a Tory, show how Labor behaves.
        As for Carlucci, he isn’t identified, in America, with a party. He seem to me to be the coordinator of the weapons industry. He was once the US Secy of ‘Defense.’ I will be very surprised if you say he genuflects to ‘Jews.’
        Christopher, if you want to use Krupp, historically, instead of Carlucci, that would be even more scintillating.

        • Mary, none of your subjects challenged the money trick.
          In fact they all played enthusiastic roles serving and advancing the policy of monopoly. They all participated in killing in war and restructuring economic control over real wealth applying all the usual methods of economic sorcery that appear inevitable if you believe the economic Black Magic and conflicts it generates are real. It is mostly deception.
          Are they totally conscious? Probably not.
          Do they understand they live in an “educated” reality that was “bought” with a printing press that has no limit?
          No they don’t, the most important thing to buy with printing press money is the confusion and ignorance of the people you are going to exploit with your scam.

          • Christopher, Let’s say you already had all your present insights in 1983 (I realize you did not, of course), and the new PM, Hawkie, called you into the Lodge to get your advice as to how he should proceed. What would you say?
            Or, if you prefer, give advice to Tony in 2015. Try to be nitty-gritty. You know i respect you and this is not a facetious request.
            I’ll “allow” you to omit all aspects of the threat from overseas — just think about the continent we live on.

          • Mary, now that is a complex question because it is the grass roots who must be woken from their trance.
            Granted that, if I was in Tony Abbot’s office, the first thing I would request is our meeting would be recorded for public broadcast and I would take all the opportunity presented to me , through parables, logic, reasoning and discussing all the necessary questions to break down the spells.

            If I was granted resources I would begin a National education program that built an open interactive political university that fostered honest research, debate and preservation of the results.

            The first subject for research would be all the forces and techniques that need to be understood and overcome to achieve a genuinely honest process.

            The second subject would be exploring how wealth and freedom relates to the degree or otherwise a fully truthful social and economic dynamic is discovered, commonly agreed upon and justly implemented.

            Australia has a good constitution and I would dust off the history of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and all the relevant political and economic opinion to launch a third research field into uncovering all the truth, dangers and options that can be discovered, invented, understood and preserved as a respected critical treasure of our common wealth.

            There is no precise technical prescription in this brief idealist vent because in my mind, and I am certain for all Australians, if the spells are broken and the honest truth is reasoned, discussed and debated, the correct action becomes obvious.

            A great deal of this is contained in the dusty record of The Commonwealth Bank of Australia which I have included some explanation of in my collected information.

            Most living Australians would not be aware what a unique jewel of economic integrity is present in the fairly recent history of our humble Nation.

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