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Jade Helm 15 – A Nation “Feeding” On Itself Will Eventually Implode



The logo for Jade Helm – “Master the Human Domain” (below two intersecting arrows and a sword) – is disturbing.

JADE allegedly stands for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution – and several sites claim HELM stands for “Homeland Eradication of Militants” referencing this document, but I can’t find the source for that.

But Retired Non-Commissioned Special Forces Officer Tom Mead explains the mission. He is an army contractor and exercise designer for Jade Helm 15. The video below is of Mead  informing the the Howard County Texas Board of Supervisors on the planned eight week “exercise” that will take place across the southern United States this summer. (Pdf from Special Operation Command here)

Mead states that they will be training for the next fight – and that they are looking forward. So what is the “next Fight”?

And don’t think this is a one off. Mead says these exercises are planned to be conducted yearly. (He’ll want a job next year)

Many sites have been following this for some time – some calling the exercise a plan to progress or prepare for martial law in the US.

An Infowars article entitled “Master The Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind JADE HELM“, suggests that it is a plan to capture “human domain analytics” and is moving “Americans one step closer to the larger agenda of total domination by the surveillance state and military industrial complex.”

Algorithms exist to perform automated reasoning – and it makes sense that the surveillance state is constantly developing algorithms to identify people “hostile” to government. Thus is this exercise also designed to develop analytics on (domestic) dissidents or hostile groups?

Dave Hodges (The Common Sense Show) has been writing on JADE HELM for some time and writes in a 10 May article entitled – “The Secret Goals of Jade Helm Are Leaking out” – that “training in Northern Michigan in which the Marine Corps Reserve trained with foreign troops (was) in a mock American town in order to quell domestic violence.” (article here)

imrs (1)The planned exercise.

So what is JADE HELM all about? What conflict are they planning for?

But the problem is bigger than JADE HELM

In January 1961, US President Eisenhower, in his farewell speech, warned the nation of the military-industrial complex perpetuating war through the actions of military contractors and lobbyists.

In 2010, Robert Reich reported “America’s biggest — and only major — jobs program is the U.S. military“. He wrote:

“Having a giant undercover military jobs program is an insane way to keep Americans employed. It creates jobs we don’t need but we keep anyway because there’s no honest alternative. We don’t have an overt jobs program based on what’s really needed.”

And since 9/11 the counter-terrorism industry has boomed. An Aljazeera piece in 2014 states:

“Investment in homeland security companies is expected to yield a 12 percent annual growth through 2013 – an astronomical return when compared to other parts of the tanking economy.”

The problem: A shortage of actual terrorists. So is JADE HELM partly a “workforce program”.

The rise in budgets and expenditure is extraordinary (especially since 2001). Take for example the DHS. The Department of Homeland Security was proposed in January 2001, then established on November 25, 2002, to protect the US from terrorist attacks and other disasters. Just for 2011 the DHS was allocated a budget of $98.8 billion (but apparently spent, net, $66.4 billion) and now employs 240,000 people. Over the last few years it has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition – enough to sustain a war for 2 decades – in America. For what?

The business of keeping America “safe” also equates to the business of keeping government safe from Americans.

I find it difficult to get my head around the numbers of people employed in keeping America “safe”. There are 1,477,896 active and 1,458,500 reserve personal in the US Armed Forces. There are apparently 16 spy agencies that employ over a 100,000 people. There are countless Federal and State agencies functioning around security and monitoring the population in countless ways.

There are reports of functioning FEMA camps, the purchase of heavily armored personnel carriers, coffins, and expenditure on things like bunker maintenance. A recent report claims the Pentagon will be spending $700 million renovating the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

tankGet used to this look

It seems that the booming “war-security-control” industries, and those servicing these industries are keeping Americans in work. And maybe keeping America from going bust.

And with a shortage of terrorists what the hell does one do with all these people? Just KEEP THEM BUSY.

As a result a growing percentage of the workforce is employed in watching and controlling everyone else (many who are unemployed). And though exercises like JADE HELM might be acclimatising the people to autocratic (military) governance, this is a system trapped in a viscous cycle.  It is a collection of industries now “too big to slump”, but inevitably a system designed to “feed” on itself will implode.

That is when the drills and the 1.6 plus billion bullets become handy to control the disgruntled populace.

And that is bad for everyone.




  1. “Defer! Defer! To the Lord High Executioner.” Maybe that’s what the insignia means? Or perhaps it means “Try to figure out if this is a plastic, prop knife or the real deal” — shades of a previous post by Dalia.
    Either way, Dee, I think you are right about Jade Helm being a scheme to keep the employees on the payroll. Maybe a way also to see which state or city authorities will resist (if any).

    Come on, boys, resist! Just say Not in My Backyard. You can’t get arrested for NIMBY, everybody does it.
    Come on, some clergypersons, object to the motto “Master the Human Domain.” Or better still, give it some competition, for chrisesake.
    Fathom it — those jerks ‘mastering’ “the human domain.”

  2. One 5 minute segment of a President Kennedy speech not broadcast by the controlled mass media or shock jocks, not referred to by our politicians and global corporates.
    Kennedy’s plea to the mass media has been betrayed by the deceit by the mass of the public.
    By the way Dee, one clarification: the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition are ‘dum dums’, you know the exploding bullets declared ilegal in warfare. Now why did they pay for that style of bullet and why so many? (for a drill!) In addition, many other US government departments have stocked up on hundreds of thousands of more bullets of varying types.
    The unprecedented traffic of military hardware throughout the US reflects a very expensive capital cost and a costly exercise when the bloody country is so far in debt.
    The shipment by the US of so many illegal (and criminal) immigrants into areas of the US has the hallmarks of a designed social disaster leading to violence, which may be used to justify birthing Jade Helm as an operation.
    As they say: create the problem, obtain a reaction and then enforce a preplanned solution. A methodology as old as Rome, but the little piglets do not notice as the feed on their fill of distractions and soak up the mass media deceit.

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