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Mothers’ Day Terror Plot, New Face(book) Terror and Media Saturation


BOMB PLOTSunday Herald Front Page

For the last few days in Melbourne we have had MEDIA SATURATION with the foiled Mothers’ Day bomb plot. A headline in the Herald Sun: “Lives saved when teenager’s alleged attack foiled, police say”.

Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright said the 17-year-old was allegedly “well advanced” in preparing a bomb. “We do believe the young man intended to explode a device at an event over the coming days,” but reports have called the device “rudimentary.”

Without independent transport, this 17 year would have had to be driven by his unsuspecting parents to deliver the rudimentary device.

The suspect is a shy, 17 year old with no passport, no independent income, nor transport. He is the son of a respected doctor, and the police have said “His family are a caring, loving family that are now very, very distraught as a consequence of what is alleged,”.

The suspect was ranting on Facebook and infuriating friends that suggested he had been “brainwashed”. His sister told the Sunday Herald Sun, “That’s not my brother. He would not hurt a fly,’’ and “…it is just him being a keyboard warrior, it’s not a representation of him at all.”

The mainstream media has saturated this incident, with the Herald Sun this morning dedicating the first five pages to the 17 year old’s arrest. The headlines also declared that thousands of Victorians had “braved” the Mothers’ Day run.

defy bomb  Herald Sun

Details of the plot may be kept secret.

The police have showed understanding for the respected immigrant family’s predicament – however, in the dramatic swoop to apprehend the 17 year old, his mother thought they were being attacked by terrorists.

bomb plot2a(see this post)


  1. Dear Dalia, I was just about to upload the following comment to Christopher’s comment in the previous post (about the book Hidden History, which I say again is MUST reading for all). But now that you’ve posted the outrageous Mother’s Day story, I’ll put my comments here instead. The “legislators” referred to below can be changed to “legislators and news-writers of Australia’s tabloids.”

    Christopher, aren’t you making the problem sound more amorphous or mystical than necessary? If you think the law against “holocaust denial” is bad (as I do), isn’t the blame to be laid precisely, and very non-mystically, at the feet of the particular European legislators who passed that law? They do, after all, get a salary from the public for making law that helps their nation.

    (At the moment in Oz the base pay is $184K but there are many, many add-ons, and let’s not discuss the fact that they collect a pension after the voters have booted them out).

    If Parliamentarians are committing some form of treason (knowingly passing harmful laws would qualify as treason in the popular usage of that word), shouldn’t you name names? Dalia has been naming the name of George Brandis for legalizing a sort of holocaust denial in Australia (generally, the cancellation of free speech for any journalist who points to crimes committed by government, a super-duper dangerous law!).

    If he, as attorney general, would say “Hmm. I see what you mean, Dalia, I will ask for that law to be repealed — AS IT CERTAINLY SHOULD BE — then we’d be all set, irrespective of whether the public is, as you say, “in a trance.”

    If Brandis is simply corrupt, or cowardly (of his US counterpart, Eric Holder, I think ‘corrupt’ pretty well covers it), shouldn’t we punish him pronto? I think Dalia is too easy on Canberra, e.g., Julie Bishop and Andrew Robb. She keeps saying maybe they don’t know.

    I think they all need to have their hides tanned, pure and simple.

    Problem solved.

    • Ms Maxwell,
      There is absolutely no doubt about John Winston Howard being a war criminal,


      taking this country to illegal immoral wars of aggression against people who were never a threat, based on lies, and resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

      If we can not even get him to face trial for crimes such as that, how is anyone suppossed to get any sort of justice owed to our legislators when they seem to be able to walk around with impunity, while if you or I fail to indicate at a roundabout in a small country town where no other cars are on the road and be hit with a $300 + fine? They are not subject to the same laws as us.

      Hides tanned? I think you’re being too easy on them. I think a firing squad would be too easy on them.

      • Dear Citizen FairDinkum,
        Thanks to your lead I found an article by Antony Lowenstein, which contains this useful info:
        “A campaign to hold Howard to account wouldn’t be a stunt.”
        “…In Australia, senior intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie resigned in 2003 over his claims that Howard was abusing intelligence reports over Iraq…. Margaret Swieringa, a senior Australian public servant who worked as a secretary to the federal parliamentary intelligence committee from 2002 until 2007, wrote in 2013 that Howard’s use of intelligence reports was fundamentally flawed. She knew, as an insider, that, “none of the government’s arguments [of Iraq’s apparent immediate threat] were supported by the intelligence presented to it by its own agencies. None of these arguments were true.”

        Over to you, Citizen.

        • AS for Andrew Wilkie MP, seems that his care and knowledge does not include being concerned with the silly government 911 conspiracy theory lie.
          Under the privilige of Parliament, I have not heard a reported comment by him on the official lie or the valid questions in regard to the mass murders.
          Seems that most of his contribution, are concerns more about Australians and their fiscal gambling habits whilst not being to up front with the deadly gambles undertaken by our soldiers on duty, destroying the Middle East as per the US Neocon’s plan to make war and go kill in 7 countries, as per General Wesley Clark’s exposure to Amy Goodman in 2007.
          Wilkie probably has never seen the Clark interview. If he has, why has he not ensured that a copy has been oprovided to all his Australian Parliamentary colleagues and the meida, also with an appropriate press release
          As for Loewenstein, he may as well be Faine’s Uncle.

        • Ms Maxwell..
          “A campaign to hold Howard to account wouldn’t be a stunt.”
          It would be a very legitimate excercise… just one I don’t ever see coming to fruition.

          As Ned says re wilkies reticence to state the bloody obvious in regard to 911.. same goes for that twit antony lowestine.. they like to pretend to make the right noises, but they are just pissing into the wind.. they know where the line is that shouldn’t be crossed, in my view, they are just as dishonest as the rest of them.

          and I agree with ned again, about the hides on the woolshed. I didnt think there was anything to smile about here.. cheers Ned! 🙂

  2. My report to the ABC current affairs desk this morning.


    The recent “Mothers Day Bomb” plot has filled much space in our media over recent days.

    The number of contradictions, factual errors are scary associated interpretations are up to the usual standard of imagination and hype.

    The tricky part is working out what is the unadulterated truth when all the speculations and whispering errors are removed from the reporting and statements of the authorities who get to tell the story from a wall of legal secrecy.

    Was entrapment by our “security agencies” a part of this plot considering the announced 9 days previous to raid of “tip off”?

    What exactly is a “pipe bomb” and what exactly was the nature of the material items removed from the home?

    Is a can of butane a pipe bomb?
    What about fly spray or deodorant?

    The headlines chanted “Mothers Day Bomb Plot” and “Massacre” even got a run but it seems the authorities are saying they have no particular time or date, just some time soon.
    “Mothers Day” gave the story some emotive weight I guess.

    Were there really any bombs or was it just materials that imagination could describe as materials for making a bomb?

    Early reports referred to other “raids” and individuals but then it was announced no information about that would be available.

    How much of this episode is really about terrorizing the minds of Australians by engaging in an unnecessarily dramatic method of dealing with a troubled teenager who perhaps was incited towards some foolish conversation?

    Did they think of contacting his parents and creating a positive example and outcome?

    Clearly I am not in possession of the facts to know what is real and what is theatrics in this episode but just reading and listening to the reporting on the event many contradictions have been published which allows me to know the public are definitely not been given an honest account.

    The roots of this whole “terror” mess go deep into our history and include consideration of many misguided foreign policies.

    If any Australian read their history they would discover our “Anzac” soldiers were deluded by local and foreign influence that caused them to travel around to the other side of the world to kill the hated “enemy” in a campaign that betrayed their best interest and in any rational interpretation rendered the whole affair of WW1 a total catastrophe inflicted on the world by manipulators and schemers.
    Young Arabs are not the only exploited youth are they?

    The Hidden History, The real cause of WW1 by Docherty & MacGregor would be a good place to start some honest research.

    I urge the ABC to get to the bottom of this “terror” episode and examine if this approach is really the only option and who is benefiting from all the hype.
    Every hyped event sustains the myth and misguided attraction of the fake ISIS cult that is a US foreign policy strategy.

    Our security agencies and the media are a dream PR outfit for the legend of ISIS brand promotion.
    The honest truth is another story altogether that remains hidden from almost all Australians.

    Christopher Brooks

    • I was going to include – but then decided not to confuse the issue:
      “I think I was 12 (in the old days of free range kids) – when a few of us neighbourhood kids experimented with several rudimentary explosive devices. I can’t recall the ingredients, but we experimented with coke bottles and the like – finally settling on large fire crackers strapped together. I remember us blasting a one gallon paint tin about 60 feet in the air.

      • Dee,
        I bet us Aussie ‘free range’ country town kids blew up and shot up more to age 11, then you lot did.
        We all had slug guns and some had a .22. (The spoilt ones that is)
        The authorities have not learnt much from The Bali nine scenario, they had all the time and could have had raided the tea collection jar and provided the boy with a ticket to Bali and let the Indonesians know that he was a terrorist. Problem solved and huge saving for the taxpayer on future costs.
        As for the actual story, sorry don’t know, have not read a word about it, other than here, or listened to anything.
        The government mass media had better make it more dramatic, to get everyone’s complete attention.

      • Dalia, you make the precise point that immediately came to mind when i read the words “pipe bomb”. A terrorist massacre, “PLEASE”, this is getting more embarrassing all the time! Looks like the reptiles (nickname) behind the curtain are never going to let up and appear to be reaching desperation as their fear mongering drug is wearing off, at least for a minority, but critical mass is arriving and i believe we may see what appears to be a horrific attack but has every chance of false flag!!

    • Agreed, seems to be a major and orchestrated beat up. we would have been locked up for life if they found out what we did as kids. This seems like something we would have done

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