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The Timing of the Additional $450 Million To Fight Local Jihardists



I wrote last September about a coincidence regarding a “terror” attack and legislation. On Thursday morning of the 25th of September 2014, a 41-year-old member of the Defense Force (in uniform) was allegedly threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance in Bella Vista (Sydney) at about 6.30 am (ABC). Later that night, legislation to beef up the powers of the domestic spy agency ASIO passed in the Senate by 44 votes to 12. The following day (Friday) the NSW Police issued a statement announcing the “allegation of assault has now been withdrawn”.

I read in this morning’s paper that an additional $450 million to fight terrorism within Australia is part of the Australian Federal Budget announcement today.

Let us review the recent events leading up to Minister Joe Hockey’s budget announcement this evening – making the additional expenditure to ASIO more palatable to Australians.

April 30. “a member of the public cold-called the National Security Hotline on April 30 to express concerns about the boy’s activities… For the next nine days, Operation Amber zeroed in on the boy’s history, with the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police and ASIO trying to gauge what threat, if any, he posed to public safety.” The Australian.


May 8. The police swoop and arrest the seventeen year old.

bomb plot22

For several days there is wall to wall coverage of the teen’s alleged plot.

Rudimentary devices were found by Australian Federal Police and then rendered safe following controlled detonations. Butane canisters were seized – and this was reported and shown in The Herald Sun. Picture: Mark Stewart


Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright said, “We do believe that the young man intended to explode a device at an event over the coming days.” And in the Herald Sun, the headline “Mother’s Day plot: Lives saved when teenager’s alleged attack foiled, police say”

It is understood that the teen is dependent on his upstanding parents for money and transport.

May 10. Reports that 30,000 runners “brave” the terrorist threat.

May 11.  17-year-old faces the Children’s Court, plus headlines  like “Melbourne teen posted extremist rants before bomb plot arrest”.

May 12. The Herald Sun headline below. 

asio 450

The Federal budget 2015 will be released at 7.30 this evening. But in a pre-announcement, the Abbott government commits an additional $450 million to fight local Jihadis.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes: “The Abbott government will commit a further $450 million to the fight against homegrown terrorism in Tuesday’s budget as it warns of a dangerous new trend towards teenagers, some as young as 14, taking up the cause of violent extremism. The new spending pushes the government’s outlays on national security and de-radicalisation programs to well over $1 billion, despite severe budgetary pressure.”

October 2014. ASIO had already received an increase to fight terrorism last October. “SPY agency ASIO will receive a $200 million boost over the next four years to combat terrorism,” (The Australian or here).

The additional $450 million was possibly initiated as a result of the Martin Place siege, and inked when police seized knives and swords – preventing the alleged ANZAC day terror plot.

The timing of this budget announcement, after wall-to-wall media saturation of the Mothers’ Day Bomb Plot, makes the allocation of $450 million MORE to fight internal terror palatable to both politician and punter.

Media Saturation

What I find disturbing is the style and manner of the media’s saturation of this teen’s Facebook rant – and including photographs like the butane canister. I have presently four butane canisters stashed with the camping stove. The drama and implication of deadly pipe bombs had disproportionate coverage – day after day (for five days).

Meanwhile – over the last five days approximately 33 Australians committed suicide, 16 people died on the roads and 5/8th of a woman was killed by her partner (statistically speaking).

We understand ASIO and the police have to act efficiently and professionally to these threats – but it is almost impossible these days to get an honest and factual portrayal from the media of what is really going on. The media also exacerbates the “terror” connection to significant events (e.g. ANZAC day or Mothers’ Day).

Sometimes the timing of these events just happen to coincide with legislation or expenditure, but the media and the political process are now using terror buzz words to hype, spin and plug fear into the heart of society – all this providing easy passage for huge sums of money. I presume some of the additional $450 million will be funneled into more surveillance. (Note: This was a Facebook tip off)

The mainstream media should claim their commission on the additional $450 million.



  1. From one section of the notes of Dr Dunegan compiled 1988-91, of an address by Dr. Day, March 20th, 1969 in the US to about 60-80 fellow paediticians, (search NWO exposed by Dr Day March 1969 . Rense.com) explaining how the fascist corporate control would take over the world; with a globalist ‘government’ and the freedom and lives of every individual.

    There are many sections to the notes….about 56 pages.
    Note: the next section is ‘Financial Control’.

    There was a discussion of terrorism. Terrorism would be used widely in Europe and in other parts of the world. Terrorism at that time was thought would not be necessary in the United States. It could become necessary in the United States if the United States did not move rapidly enough into accepting the system. But at least in the foreseeable future it was not planned. And very benignly on their part. Maybe terrorism would not be required here, but the implication being that it would be indeed used if it was necessary. Along with this came a bit of a scolding that Americans had had it too good anyway and just a little bit of terrorism would help convince Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place, or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities.”

    (next section not reprinted here)

    (Yep; So our loyal and trusted federal politicians kick the banker’s jar again with borrowings with interest on $450m, all to be paid for by we taxpayers, on printed IOU’s conjured out of the ether by the bankers.)

    Won’t hear any of; the MSM, public broadcasters and shock jocks mention this now, will we?

    People do not have to buy the services and products advertised by our media!!

      • THEATRE
        Curtains open
        Act 1 – The unsafe world
        Act 1 turning point – Police swarm in an arrest teen
        Act 2 – Search for bombs and media hype.
        Act 2 turning point – Citizens brave Mothers Day Run
        Act 3 – Bring in more legislation and money
        Closing scene – A safe world
        Curtains close.

      • The timing, position and distance from Melbourne Bomb Squad certainly guarantee photographs for the media, then, it is likely the item will be destroyed this evening and the public will not even be aware of how the “Pipe Bomb” sorcery works.

        Then again, this could just be an incredible coincidence that achieves the same result of legitimizing the “Mothers Day” “Pipe Bomb” “Massacre” headlines.
        The May 8 raid will not be distinguished from the May 12 “Pipe Bomb” in the mind of the uneducated masses by tomorrow.
        Sorcery 101???

  2. Very astute observations, Dahlia. Of course, these large amounts of money going to ASIO are used to pay PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES who have contracts with ASIO, the names of which are kept secret from the people. Without a doubt, the Australian taxpayers are being defrauded.

        • Dalia and I have been chatting about the Budget’s handout of $450 million. That’s nealy half a billion dollars. I can remember when Australia’s entire budget was only a few bil.

          Imagine it going to private “security.” When the Department of — I hate to say this word, it’s so unamerican — ‘Homeland’ Security — got its first big ‘appropriations’ (now there’s an accurate term), the 50 governors were swamped with money and had to think of oddball ways to spend it.

  3. What we are observing is straight out of the American playbook. The vast majority of so-called “terrorist plots” in the US turn out to be FBI operations, usually using some dull witted patsy as the front men.

    For those interested in a slightly longer historical perspective I recommend reading any one of a number of excellent books on Operation Gladio. This was a blatant attempt by right wing US forces to stage a number of false flag terror operations in Europe with the specific aim of defeating any possibility of left wing governments coming to power.

    Frighten the people sufficiently with terror plots and there is then absolutely no resistance to increased funding for the spy and federal police agencies, suppression of civil liberties etc etc. We are surely and not so slowly moving down the road to a police state. Aided and abetted by a supine mainstream media that refuses to actually tell the truth.

    • For the information of many of our complicit media:
      One mass murder carried our by government via ‘Gladio’ was the mass murder of over 80 travellers at Bologna railway station and exposed by Francesca Corriega.
      Corriega is reported as stating that all the world’s intelligence Peoe new that the day after 911, that it was a CIA/Mossad operation.
      Report that; you lot in the mass media and you lying shock jock germs.

      • I do not agree that Gladio had “the specific aim of defeating left wing.” If there had been no leftie movemnts in Italy they still would have done the Bologna bombing. The point was to destabilize a nation.
        Quote unquote the Sydney siege?

        • I can vaguely recall the media coverage of the Bologna bombing from the time. The first move was to blame the Communist Party, then when that didn’t fly it was blamed on non-specific “Fascists” with some cryptic references to Masonic (P2) involvement, but no fleshing of details. Vague recollection, long time ago, but that’s how I recall it.

          • PB: there are three books on Gladio that I can particularly recommend. In order of publication they are Daniele Ganser’s Nato’s Secret Armies; Richard Cottrell Gladio; and Paul Williams Operation Gladio. The techniques set out in these books are confined to Europe but we can see their application in other areas of the world, including Australia.
            It is one reason the msm is conspicuously silent on this topic . To admit the reality of what has been done and is being done is to expose the whole “war on terror” meme for the BS that it is. Too many fortunes are riding on continuing that story; viz the $450 million in the latest budget.

  4. My curiosity got the better of me so I rang the The Standard at Warrnambool and spoke to the Chief of Staff, Mary Alexander.
    She was quite comfortable to discuss the incident and are taking it very serious at the present.
    She could not reveal who supplied the “Pipe Bomb Photo”.
    There are several reasons that might explain why the photographer is not going public.

    The “detonated” item is still an unknown quantity and according to Mary experts were coming to the scene to do further forensic examination.
    I had read the residue was to be taken to a forensic lab.
    I discussed the broader security atmosphere and all of my concerns regarding accountability and the broader pattern and climate of hyped psychological warfare.

    I also suggested that their “pipe bomb” image was, subliminally, just what the May 8 incident lacked for credibility.
    I was careful to frame all my comments as contemplations on the incidents, not facts or conclusions.

    I believe Mary understood exactly what I was concerned about and our journalists need to hear what we are thinking.

    I urged her to investigate this incident until we get an exact explanation of what danger this item was, and what all the possible motivations and purpose it might be serving.
    Even if this item was clearly declared as a “Dummy Bomb” or of unknown character, the “Pipe Bomb” will have hit a target.
    I will be following The Standard to keep up with developments.

      • I posted this on their most recent article at The Standard.
        It will have to be approved.

        Only a week ago, on May 8, in the suburbs of Melbourne the streets were swarming with the anonymous storm troopers chasing down a 17 year old “Mothers Day Bomber” who the media hyped with multi page sensational coverage that discussed bomb building in Afghanistan and the plastering of “Pipe Bomb” across every article and news report.
        The Deputy Police commissioner delivered a stern and dramatic press conference, that headlined live, warning that something was definitely going to happen somewhere, sometime soon.
        Very vague charges were announced along with equally obscure language describing the items removed from this young mans home as “rudimentary”.
        The said “bomb” material went off with a detonated “pop” in a local park.
        The media had fizzed the interpretation sufficiently to stimulate the public imagination but the lasting visual imagery was a aerosol can of butane and a “rudimentary” looking home made warming stove.
        Incredibly, coincidentally or by other means, on May 12, the “Pipe Bomb” image materialized to deliver subliminal assistance to the May 8 “terror” plot.

        My contemplation may turn out to be unfounded or unresolved, but it does not change the psychological truth that this image, and the reported loud boom on detonation, will synthesis in the public recollection.
        If Australia had open transparent policing none of this speculative questioning would be necessary.
        Considering the creeping pattern of militarization justified by “terrorism” we need to pay attention towards understanding exactly who is at the root of these phenomena, who is really deriving benefit, and who is wearing all the cost.

        Certainly not beyond criticism, but maligned by simplistic sectional serving interpretations, Arab culture and it’s opportunity to live and build political self determination and economic sovereignty, has been mangled and thrashed by a century of meddling and fermenting of conflict by the Internationalist club of money swindling barons, who cook up a very large portion of all wars and revolutions to advance their monopolies.

        Those who identify our present complexities as a “Muslim” problem should defer their judgement, review their understanding of the last centuries history, and contemplate who is really behind the plundering and killing of Arab lands and Arab people that force millions to migrate into other cultures and lands.

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