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How Dare The People Question The TPP – Secrecy and Fast Tracking Is For Their Benefit


seast at tableThe “people” busy at the table participating with TPP negotiations. 

“I just met with myself and decided to establish The Naked TPP Authority. I gave it primacy over all other negotiating bodies, and by its declaration, the full text of the TPP must be published for the whole world to see, for two years, before any further votes take place.” Jon Rappoport. (He wrote The Matrix series, so he surely is a higher authority.) 

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) seems to be a dastardly secret illusion trick. Watch a magician do the three cups and balls trick. After a few swishes, you think you know where the ball is, but when that cup is lifted – it is no longer there.

cup-and-ball-trickThe good ol’ three cups and ball trick.

Maybe this is the TPP. At this stage we have been told; watch these jobs – watch – keep watching – you see, more jobs. But after a swish and a little swapping, maybe we will have lost the prize, and governments will be subordinate to elite multinationals.

The TPP is also not a simple sleight of hand, it has been secretly crafted by corporate specialists for seven years. And even now the document is under lock and key – with the media and public barred.

secret-doors2All secret.

Breitbart News reported on 13 May:  “Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)… went inside the secret room inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday morning to read the TPP text and told Breitbart News exclusively afterwards that he believes President Barack Obama should make it public now.”  Paul was not even sure whether the 800 pages he read was the final document or just a draft.

Governments are obviously not in control of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). In fact, an infowars article entitled “Corporate Gods: Obama, Remember Why We Hired You: Ram the TPP Therough”, states:

“Elite mega-corporations all over the world, the Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller), the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission (Rockefeller) want the TPP to be ratified by the 12 member nations. They really want it. They insist on it.  …he (Obama) was put into office to bring this treaty to fruition. Failure is not an option.”

US Senate advances TPP legislation

The Daily Telegraph, The Business Spectator, The Australian and The Herald Sun are all running the same article (15/5/15):

“Following days of obstruction from legislators in President Barack Obama’s own Democratic Party, the US Senate has advanced legislation allowing him to swiftly finalise a landmark Pacific trade pact.

The 65 to 33 vote marked a victory for the White House and free-trade Republicans who had united in an effort to press ahead with Obama’s biggest domestic legislative priority in the remaining 20 months of his presidency…”

Thursday’s vote opened debate on the “fast track” process which would allow Obama – and his successor – to present trade agreements for a yes-or-no vote, preventing lawmakers from making any changes. Who would want that?

Jon Rappoport in an artilce entitled, “What law says the text of the TPP must remain secret?” makes a crucial point:

It seems like a case of mass hypnosis. People claiming they can’t say what’s in the TPP trade agreement. And mainstream media accept this premise… Under what authority?”. And

“If there is a US law forbidding disclosure, name the law.” (my emphasis)

 And this applies, too, in Australia. Why is this TPP being kept secret. At this stage we can guess that:

  • The carrot is jobs, jobs and more jobs, and
  • One stick is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

In other words, the TPP will (allegedly) allow foreign investors and multinationals to sue governments if their investments are ‘harmed’ by a change in a law or policy, even if that law or policy is designed to protect public health or the environment. It has the potential to harm Australia.

tppPuppets on strings?

We still do not know if the Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb has read the TPP Agreement. His department has confirmed to Gumshoe that he is engaged in the process.  As I said in this article, The TPP – A Tricky Perfidious Propositionthat maybe Minister Robb is acting under personal pressure from foreign elements. If so, we should help the Minister and call in the Australian Federal Police.


  1. Regarding the US, I am sorry to say that Article I, section 5 of the US Constitution has this phrase:

    “Each House shall keep a Journal of its Proceedings, and from time to time publish the same, excepting such Parts as may in their judgment require secrecy.”

    Of course this pertains to the secrecy of the publication of a discussion in Congress, not the secrecy of a bill that is about to be voted on. Certainly our “representatives” cannot undertake to commit us to anything that we don’t know about.

    Thank you again, Dalia, for hammering away at the TPP issue. It is totally bizarre.

    By the way, Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul, they are both physicians) is the same senator who made a stink about the government’s “right” to drone a citizen, whilst the other 534 members of Congress just looked glassy-eyed.

    Also I take fast-track to be blatantly unconstitutional. The US legislature cannot give away its powers, nohow.

    • Dear Editor of Gumshoenews.com,
      I’ve tried reading the lengthy ALRC (Autralian Law Reform Commission) report on Secrecy in Government, but have not been able to spot any notion of a proposed bill in Parliament being entitled to secrecy.

      I really can’t get my head around this one. In my thirty years of researching government behavior I have never encountererd a parliamentarian’s claim that a bill cannot be read by all and sundry.

      I do recall that in the high-pressure days after 9-11, members of US Congress were asked to pass the Patriot Act without reading it. But it was said that there would be no time to read it, as the matter was urgent. That is not the same, or even comparable with, Andrew Robb dealing with an apparently secret bill. (One that, according to you, he may not have even read yet, himself.)

      Looking back on the 2001 affair, I would say that if the document (Patriot Act) had been hidden from the congressperson, that would have been an offense. Which is not to say i can identify the offense! Maybe it would have been the legislator’s Offense of Sheer Stupidity to have accepted such a situation.

      That said, would you please write posthaste to the Australian Solicitor-General, the Governor General, and the head of the ALRC to see what they can tell you about the alleged hiding of the TPP document?

      • Mary, there is no “alleged” hiding. The draft has been withheld from all but a select few. The test will come when the treaty comes before the House for approval. If they do not do so but attempt an administrative approval without legislation, that will tell you all you need to know about what remains of our alleged democracy.

      • You have to ask though, if there was no time to read the Patriot Act, then when was the time set aside to prepare it? Given the sheer size of it and the speed with which it was put forward, it could only have been prepared well in advance of 911. Even allowing for the presumption of Government contingency planning this one still stinks. Problem-reaction-solution. The Stormtroopers lining the corridors in this case were the US Mainstream media.

        • PB: There is a long history of legislation being prepared in advance of crisis events. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution is an example, prepared before there was any incident in the Gulf of Tonkin. Ditto legislative reaction to the RFK assassination. We should not be surprised at this. The crisis events (or fabrications in the case of the Tonkin incident) are perpetrated by the same people who prepare the legislation in advance. Only those who rely on our complicit msm fail to connect the multiple dots.

          • Mary, I was relying on my memory. My recollection was that federal legislation had been prepared and was brought in immediately after the RFK assassination. I cannot presently locate the source but will investigate further.

  2. Have our political parties been rendered deaf, blind and mute on this issue. Are they incapable of asking even the basic questions about the impact the TPP will have on Australia. Are they so bought off by corporate money that even asking questions is forbidden. Do our mainstream media have no sense of responsibility at all for what is happening. These are not rhetorical questions. The TPP represents the gravest threat to our democracy in modern times. Yet apart from you Dalia, I cannot find a single Oz media outlet that even raises the issue.

  3. Re the infamous Enabling Act, from historyplace.com:

    On March 23, 1933, the newly elected members of the German Parliament met to consider passing Hitler’s Enabling Act. It was officially called the “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.” If passed [and it did pass], it would effectively mean the end of democracy in Germany and establish the legal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.
    The ‘distress’ had been secretly caused by the Nazis themselves.
    On the day of the vote, Nazi storm troopers gathered in a show of force around the opera house chanting, “Full powers – or else!” They also even lined the aisles where the vote would take place, glaring menacingly at anyone who might oppose.

    Just before the vote, Hitler made a speech to the Reichstag in which he pledged to use restraint. “The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures.”

    Note from MM: 82 years later, no storm troopers are needed. Obedience to the TPP appears to be voluntary. But is it really?

  4. Has it not come to mind that the mass media and the politicians are simply ‘enabling’ the take over of our country by the global corporate fascists and the UN as per the NWO plan exposed by Dr. Day on 20th March 1969, as noted by Dr. Dunegan?
    There must be some journo, politician staffer or shock jock who reads this site.
    So what are you going to do to assist in preserving our democracy ……. Having a biff up in Coogee or threatening with a broken wine glass stem.
    Try growing some balls media chaps and remember those who died in WW11 for their kids and our grandchildren.
    Fat chance, go to lunch and be memorised by the fat cheques from those who influence the media and politicians with payoffs via advertising revenue and $2,000 a seat luncheons.
    Minister Robb: Doyou have children and grand children. Do the bureaucratic boffins selling us down the drain give a stuff?
    Rhiannon, Willkie and Lambie etc., where are you lot?
    Bandt ….. Forget it, it is a waste of my tapping time!

  5. Seems that our politicians considering the TPP are just as anti-democratic as the US administration is on the same matter.
    In the US some pollies have read the agreement (draft?) and are forbidden to disclose the contents.
    ‘Anti-democratic’!! Well, someone must be calling the shots and it appears that it is not the politicians, for the people, the politicians and bureacrats are just simple global corporate gnomes who do as they are instructed.
    At the link below a pollie with a spine speaks out in the US.
    Contrast our spinelss lot…………………mere shivers who cannot find a spine to climb up.

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