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Jeff Rense’s Strange Accident And Other Events


Popular Jeff Rense on the 24th of April just “blacked out” while driving, and miraculously survived a major car accident. I found his account and analysis in the video below interesting. He discusses that many people do not like what he has to say – and that he has to take that into account.

And Rense’s next video on EMF weapons here reminds us that for several decades now, the methods of assassination have been highly sophisticated – whether this is giving people cancer or targeting them with EMF weapons.

It is known that “authorities” assassinate people. The Guardian reported on the US-sponsored plot to kill Patrice Lumumba, the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo back in 1961. We all know about JFK, and there are hundreds of people that have disappeared, suicided or died under suspicious circumstances. (Globalresearch and Mintpressnews here.)

I have also reported before on the bizarre Michael Hastings “accident”. Hastings had written “The Runaway General,” (2010), an article about America’s commander in Afghanistan for Rolling Stone – and was working on another big story on the CIA director. The day before he was killed he voiced concern that he was being monitored, and contacted Wikileak’s lawyer. He had also become paranoid about his car, and even tried to borrow a friend’s Volvo. Then at 5 a.m. (June 2013), his Mercedes C250 coupe, while driving through Hollywood, suddenly sped up – and crashed in a fiery ball. Many believe the car had been hacked and controlled.

hastingsThe Hasting’s wreck

I watched “Kill the Messenger” on the plane back from South Africa. It is about journalist Gary Webb and his reports on the CIA’s alleged role in importing cocaine into the U.S. to secretly fund the Nicaraguan contra rebels. In December, 2004, Webb was discovered dead – shot twice in the head. It was declared a suicide. (Not sure how you shoot yourself twice in the head).

webbGary Webb

Back in Australia in 2004, Bob Brown, (former Greens Senator and party leader) voiced his suspicions over the disappearance of Tasmania’s environmental activist, Brenda Hean in 1972. She was campaigning to prevent Lake Pedder from being flooded for a hydro-electric scheme – and had set off for Canberra in a Tiger Moth to lobby politicians. The plane never arrived, and its wreckage was never found. Brown told ABC’s ‘Rewind’ that he believed there was a prima facie case for murder.

brenda heanBrenda Hean

There is one death in Australia that niggles me, though I have never read anywhere of any foul play – and nor do I expect to. I do know healthy and active young men die from bowel cancer (my brother did), but I believe this case should be looked into. At least a small element of suspicion is on record here.

Peter Robert Gray

I remember well the shoes being thrown at Australia’s prime minister on live television in 2010. But I was equally shocked and saddened a few months later, when host of Q&A, Tony Jones, announced the “thrower” had died. He had been diagnosed with cancer a year earlier.

Born in 1980 in Newcastle, NSW, Peter Gray was an Australian environmental activist – notable for two landmark court cases. But he gained notoriety on ABC’s Q&A program. Gray asked the former prime minister John Howard a (live) question:

“The recent releases of American military information from Wikileaks show evidence of tens of thousands of civilian casualties as a result of the invasion of Iraq, as well as widespread abuse and torture of prisoners. There were no WMDs. Many people now regard the Iraq war as a strategic failure and think it probably incited more terrorist violence than it stopped. How should you be held accountable for Australia’s participation in the war on Iraq?”

Dissatisfied with John Howard’s reply, and prevented from asking a follow-up question, Gray apologised to the host Tony Jones – then threw both his shoes at the former Prime Minister, shouting: “That’s for the Iraqi dead”. He was booed.

gray-peterPeter Gray

Gray and his activist partner, Naomi Hodgson, it appears, were very successful irritants. Gray was also arrested several times.

He had been called a serial activist: He and his future wife Naomi Hodgson confronted Condoleezza Rice in Sydney during the Iraq War; at a climate-change protest at Kooragang (2007) he climbed on then NSW premier Morris Iemma’s car; and he joined action groups at the Otways, Badja, Stroud Mountain, and many others to protect vanishing old-growth forests. (report here)

But he and Hodgson were more than just banner wavers. They were using the the law and the courts. This from Wikipedia:

In 2006, he took the Government of NSW to the Land and Environment Court over its environmental assessment of the Anvil Hill Coal Mine. The Court found in his favour, ruling that the government had failed to properly assess the greenhouse gas pollution that would be caused by the mining and subsequent use of the coal. It was described by Greenpeace as a “landmark case […] that forced tougher scrutiny of coal mine emissions in Australia”. 

In 2009, he initiated what… was described as “the first ever legal action aimed at curbing greenhouse gas pollution from a coal-fired power station”, by taking Bayswater Power Stationowners Macquarie Generation to the Land and Environment Court…. and sought an injunction against the station. (my emphasis)

Gray was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2009. He threw the shoes in October 2010; married Naomi Hodgson in November, and died five months later, aged 30. Grays shoes were auctioned off for $3650 with proceeds going to the Red Cross (at Gray’s request).

I hope that Hodgson and the Gray family are not distressed by anything in this article. As reported in Sydney Morning Herald article entitled, “Crusader had a passion for the planet“, they wrote that Gray was driven by honour, duty and idealism.

It is understood that mental and emotional chronic distress or negative stress causes the hormone cortisol to go out of balance and weaken the immune system, and that this can open the door to cancer growth. It is highly possible that the stress and frustration of trying to save the planet against all odds could have been a factor to Gray’s illness. He may have just been unlucky, like my brother. However, I cannot personally completely rule out the possibility of foul play.

Maybe The Australian National University (ANU) should establish a research center and database for suspicious and “convenient” deaths.



    • Do you have a link about that Mary? I’ve been fascinated by the Bryant situation from the day the Murdoch-Sun in Melbourne (badly) photoshopped his eyes on the front page (back then it was called retouching of course). That was an enlightening moment for me, though not in the way they intended.

      • Dear PB, Here is a link, but you can also use the Search engine of the Gumshoe website. We had a lot to say about Bryant a couple of months ago.

        That article says we were going to script it into the Fringe show that another person confessed to the Port Arthur massacre. Dee and I found, however, that show biz is not always neatly-packaged. Our show had to undergo some eleventh hour changes…

        So Dee read a ‘press release’ to the audience, saying that 30 law students from Flinders went down to Tassie and got Bryant out of jail. The CEO of the ‘privatized’ jail (she said) had an IQ of 66 and was left-handed! He took the students’ habeas corpus routine to be authorization for the prisoner’s release.

        Regarding the retouching of Martin’s picture (which I think qualifies as the crime of cover-up), I had an awakening moment in 2005, similar to yours. I was living in Ottawa and saw what the local newspaper put out as an artist’s sketch of Daniel Maxhelau (young man who killed his parents and sister). Amazing. For me it was simply that picture that made me realize the case was anything but kosher.

        Ah, the retouchers are so brazen, But now that the jackboot is on the other foot I wouldn’t want to be them.

      • Hi PB & Mary W Maxwell PhD, LLB
        Also the FB page Martin Bryant / Port Arthur Research Group
        has a lot of files & downloads of most books and documents, witness statements ect .

  1. The mysterious, still not-well-explained car crash of Austrian politician Joerg Haider still stands as a potentially strong example of what used to be called “Boston Brakes” being fitted to a modern digital-era car.

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    Why would anyone want to take out Jeff Rense? Ha! Might want to check the medical records on this one.

    • LDX — are you suggesting Skull and Bones is subservient to LDS, and how does Cecil John Rhodes fit in?
      Which Wickham is the one that is often referred to? This William Wickham (1761–1840), British civil servant and politician; spymaster during the French Revolution?

  3. “elite mechanism for eugenics, which has been Mormon breeding black mass bloodlines from mainstream eves (two kidnappings per US county annually) which now involves nuclear DNA cloning.”
    I wouldn’t doubt there’d be cloning experiments.
    Have you any more information on the kidnappings and details of this?

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