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What Can We Learn About The Past Silence on Child Abuse – Ask The Right Questions Now


risdaleDisgraced priest Gerald Ridsdale outside court (1993) with former Archbishop of Sydney George Pell. Pell is now the Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy at the Vatican.


The extent of the child abuse that went on in Ballarat and other rural towns in Victoria (Australia) is beyond belief. Staggering. Appalling.

“Child abuse royal commission: Priest abused every young boy at regional Victorian school, inquiry hears” ABC headline:

The details are chilling. These are a few extracts:

Ridsdale, 81, was part of a paedophile ring involving Catholic clergy in Ballarat in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.

“…he thought every male child between the ages of 10 years and 16 years, who were at the school, had been molested by Ridsdale,”

All male teachers at St Alipius PS were molesting.

…notorious abusers, including Gerald Ridsdale, Robert Best and Edward Dowlan, were part of a paedophile ring operating in and around Ballarat for years.

The damage is inconceivable. Worse than war.


…a survivor who had a photograph of his grade four class at St Alipius in the 1970s …would tell the hearing, of the 33 boys pictured, 12 had committed suicide.

“There’s been over 40 confirmed suicides where suicide notes have been linked to the abuses…”

One survivor told Lateline, the death rate from suicide is now higher than the road toll in Ballarat.

The public will hear more harrowing details over the next three weeks of the hearings.

But I am left wondering – how could the communities have remained silent?  How did such orchestrated abuse go on in these communities?

There are chilling similarities in society today.

For decades communities remained silent and obedient. There must have been rumours and murmurings – but people remained in denial as they dutifully went to church and added coins to the coffers.

People don’t want to hear that those organisations looking after their well-being cannot be trusted.


“People are too trusting, people don’t ask the right questions.”

Those were the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, of a lecture by Dr. Richard Day in March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. (Full transcript here.)

I remember when people did not want to believe child abuse within the church was possible. And now – that same denial mentality is perpetuated in a similar way about government. They do not want to believe that their governments act criminally – “allowing” abuse or the death of their citizens.

Take 9/11. The official story just cannot be true. The evidence is overwhelming. Maybe in 20 years it will become the norm that secret bodies within governments, corporations and other entities arranged the attack on 9/11.

Modus Operandi

The modus operandi of the Catholic Church was to move the perpetrator to another parish. The organisation perpetuates control over their flock by suppressing transparency, while prescribing hell for the sinner. Control by fear.

The modus operandi of shadow elements within governments is to sometimes orchestrate false flags. This is an excellent way to perpetuate power and control. Like good priests, there are good and very well intention politicians across the globe. But governments are also suppressing transparency (e.g. the TPP) and prescribing more laws (to combat “terror”).

Dr Richard Day and the church

For world order control by an elite group, Dr Day stated in his 1969 lecture, that the old religions will have to go – especially Christianity. “Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily. Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world.”

When speaking to Mary Maxwell yesterday, she mentioned that maybe this child abuse was “allowed” – specifically to discredit the Catholic Church. Interesting thought.

We don’t know how the church operates – or really how decisions were, or are made. And as Dr Day said: “…most people don’t understand how governments operate and even people in high positions in governments, including our own (the US), don’t really understand how and where decisions are made.

But he said: “everything is in place and nobody can stop us now.” 

That may be.  Thus, we need to be asking the right questions.

We need to learn from the silence around child abuse.

Find a Voice

voiceA headline in the Herald Sun today.

Parents in Ballarat were sadly not asking the right questions of their church at the time. And now, we need to be asking government and leaders of industry the RIGHT QUESTIONS – not in three decades time after more war and more centralised corporate power.


E.g. Q: Why on earth is the Trans Pacific Partnership kept secret? (The document has been sent to another parish)


  1. The Catholic church and all institutions that ignored the paedophile pestilence deserve the greates condemnation. The experiences at the BBC (some say it is short for B…..g British C……n) are as dispicable as with the reported cover up by the British establishment of decades of abuse by persons of influence.
    Now that we are on evil activities! How about those who make /encourage war and cover up for wars, e.g. the politicians and the mass media?
    Warmongers; orphan children, kill them, maime them, destroy their social environment, wipe out their infrastructure, destroy their ambitions and even thieve their inheritance that they are entitled to, being the resources of their countries. They even turn them into terrorists!!
    When it comes to classifying evil, if that is possible, then who is the most evil, the bishops and spivs covering up abuse or the politicians and their media controllers making war (or being silent) and then covering up for it.
    Perhaps the past Australian warmonger politicians should be called in to explain why they were part of destroying so many children in some of the seven countries named by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman in March 2007 as being the US NEOCONS pre 9/11 planned victims? The list by Clark included; Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Lybia, Iraq, Syria and to come: Iran and Lebanon. The MSM and our public broadcasters do not mention the warmongering killer’s plans, after all it would use up 5 minutes of their broadcast time………Ms Sales might give it a go at 7.30, play the Clark/Goodman interview and put some questions to past politicians on the subject and to present politicians: “Well are we still on track to take out 7 countries in five years as planned”? Perhaps the nice Mr Tony Jones or Mr Phillip Adams and/or Jonathon Faine might give it a go? Won’t see that on our ABC, will we Minister?
    Might we now, have added, The ukraine, considering the coup orchestrated by the US to oust the Ukraine elected government?
    After all, Nuland is reported as stating the the US spent 5 billion to do so.

    • So many creative alignments in a 24 hour period:
      Christopher saying John Howard who plotted to bomb should be treated the same as the Greenvale butane boy;
      Dee saying the silence on the TPP is equivalent to the silence on child abuse;
      and Ned saying that the bishop’s refusal to expose the abusers is like the BBC/ABC’s failure to cover General Wesley Clark’s announcement of America’s plan to destroy 7 nations.
      This website is fun!
      Nothing is out of bounds. And all newcomers are welcome.
      (Well, maybe not all-all-all, but practically.)

  2. Ned, you might frighten the horses if “our” ABC actually discussed the world as it is rather than the sanitised blather we are subjected to. As for expecting that phony leftie Philip Adams to actually question the status quo? Ha Ha Ha.

      • Hmm. That’s a considerable person you’re talking about there, Ned. I quote Philip Adams’ website:

        A foundation member of the Australia Council and chairman of the Film, Radio and Television Board, Phillip has chaired the Australian Film Institute, the Australian Film Commission, Film Australia and the National Australia Day Council. He is a former president of the Victorian Council for the Arts and was foundation chairman of the Commission for the Future. He currently chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for the Mind at Sydney University and the Australian National University. His many board memberships include the Festivals of Ideas in Adelaide and Brisbane and the Families in Distress Foundation.

        Other board memberships have included the Museum of Australia, Greenpeace Australia, CARE Australia, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Film Victoria and the Anti-Football League. He was co-founder of the Australian Skeptics.

        As well as two Orders of Australia, Phillip was Australian Humanist of the Year (1987), Republican of the Year 2005, and received the Longford Award, the film industry’s highest accolade, in 1981, the same year that he was appointed Senior Anzac Fellow. He is a recipient of the Henry Lawson Arts Award (1987) and in 1998, the National Trust elected him one of Australia’s 100 Living National Treasures. He has four honorary doctorates: from Sydney, Griffith, Edith Cowan and the University of South Australia.

          • No, but I’m thinking: could it be that he wins all these honors because the givers of the honors are afraid to put them in less predictable hands? (Philip, if you’re reading this I don’t mean it against you.)
            Take Dalia, for instance. Couldn’t she be a good chairman of Film Australia? I bet she would do a very respectable job.
            Um, that’s an understatement. Dalia would probably trip the ligthts fantastic.
            Come to think of it, Philip, if you’re reading this, why don’t you count up your trophies and ask what it all means. Wouldn’t you want the Dalia’s of this world to have a chance? and don’t you want Oz to try some new approaches every decade or so?

            By the way, Philip, what are you doing about the TPP?

        • Mary, “predictably safe hands” is precisely the point with Mr Adams. He claims to be of the “left” but in the past several years I have yet to hear him espouse anything that is remotely “left”. There are whole areas that he refuses to touch: the political assassinations of the 1960s; the Oklahoma city bombing; 9/11; the American financed and organised fascist coup in Ukraine; the MH17 shutdown by the Ukrainian air force; the suppression of the 8 August 2014 agreement; to name just a few. There are no genuinely alternative viewpoints allowed on our public broadcasters. The recent treatment of the SBS journalist who dared to tweet the truth about the appalling treatment of Anzac Day by our politicians was intended as a warning pour encourager les autres.

  3. Dalia, you must have mis-heard me. I did not say MAYBE the production of pedophile priests was a planned means of getting Catholics to abandon religion, I said it DEFINITELY was so.
    It was all orchestrated!
    As was, of course, the bishop’s coverup thereof, for decades.

    Quite possibly (and this time I do say ‘maybe’) the men were GIVEN thier addiction to sex-with-children. By the Big Bosses.

    Note: persons who would like an advance copy of “Truth in Journalism,” a book by myself and Dalia, should write to us.
    Mary at prosecutionfortreason.com

    • There have been many prophetic warnings that satan would be doing his/her work within the church.
      Too many to mention here.
      For a start, look up the chosen lot being secreted into the Schofield bible. Late 1800s from memory?
      Then keep in mind Dr. Day on select changes to the text of the bible to further their goals.

  4. As a sexual abuse survivor from a Catholic school, l have been following the Royal Commission very closely, having seen things from the inside so to speak. A few months ago I was interviewed on a podcast for the Crazz Files, and after discussing topics such as war, terrorism and paedophilia, we got to the nitty gritty – pure evil, people born without souls. I then touched upon the writing of Albert Pike and his 3 war scenario, which taken into context of all in these comments, starts to make sense. Not nation vs nation, but ideologies bent on mutually assured destruction, so a new entity can emerge, and from what I believe, not a nice one either. Dr Day was right, and our window of opportunity to waken the masses, sadly has been closed.

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