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“Bones Don’t Lie” – Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan


bonesDavid Boreanaz (Agent Booth) and Emily Deschanel as Dr Brennan

I wrote an article some time ago call Bones: The Forensic Evidence of Explosives (which also appeared on Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth as Down Under 9/11 Blogger Dreams Up Episode for Dr. “Bones” Brennan). Now Carl Seeger Henry has turned this into a campaign, with his article also on ae911truth.org – entitled: Reach-Out to 911 Truth Activists and “Bones” Fans – and organizing “Bones” fans to add their voice and be part of this international Internet campaign!

With over 200 episodes in the series, Henry is pushing for renowned fictional forensic scientist, Dr. “Bones” Brennan, to tackle the unsolved case of the bone fragments from World Trade Center victims that were found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building, nearly 600 feet from the South Tower.  They were too small and too far away to have been caused by collapsing towers.  They could only have been caused by a controlled demolition which directly contradicts the “official story.”.

He writes: “This evidence of another “smoking gun” (like the unexplained collapse of Building 7) has emerged to give us an unprecedented opportunity to educate others in our quest for truth and peace.  We are organizing an international outreach to the very large, accessible and passionate fans of the “Bones” television series.  Conversations on various blogs and forums will encourage lively exposure, discussion, debate and enlightenment in the fan base by those who are unaware of this real world “cold case.”  We will encourage fans to lobby the show for an episode on this topic.”

location 2Deutsche Bank on the left.

If you would like to be a part of Henry’s Bones outreach, or have a great idea about a Bones episode that would solve the mystery of the bone fragments on the top of the Desutsche Bank Building, go here to fill out the form.

List of “Bones” fan clubs, blogs and forums:


  1. S’pose the episode could be called:
    ‘911 bone pieces dislodge from owners and take to the air in free flight.’ (In search of an ATM)

  2. Can someone please point me to the Aluminum drywall covered steel impact.studies that prove that the causical factors for Aluminum oxidation reactions, were impossible on 9/11/2001?
    I some how missed the scientific paper on that in the years of
    Useless idiotic debates.
    Any one know where it can be found, or who published it?
    Anyone know anyone who even attempted such studies years ago?
    Anyone know what happens to Aluminum at 4000k with super heated steam in air?
    Please someone help me there are idiots on the internet that think explosions do not happen in burning collapsing buildings.

    • Here we go again. Please explain Carroll how huge chunks ….e.g a hundred tons got propelled laterally…. .?
      This is surely a stuck record… It hiccups back on the same line…. Cd…click…cd is impossible….
      Why may I ask?

      • Aluminum oxidation at 3000C destroys thermite,
        And explosives quite easy, since aluminum oxidation
        Has never been ruled out, how do you plan to protect
        Charges from the 3000C temperatures?

      • There is only one living person who has tried to duplicate the impact and fire effects in the twin towers, on 9/11/2001
        and it was not Steven E. Jones, or Niels Harrit.

        So all I am asking is for a logical theory on how it could be done based on the fact that Aluminum oxidation reactions are likely, is that to much to ask?

    • Why—you can demolish anything. You are being ridiculous. Naive. Silly. Answer the question – about the lateral projection.

      • Why would I be surprised by it?

        Please show me how you place demolition charges on the sun,
        At 3000C your talking half the surface temperature of the sun itself.

        Are you saying thermite, thermate, RDX, or trinitrotoluene, can survive those temps?

        • Yes—you are being really stupid. Ask any demo expert. If a plane chopping through a column or two on the towers, so can CD remove all of them. You are truly trying to insert nonsense into this debate. And you have proved you are not worth being around the table of sensible debate. Game over Carroll.

          • The game is over Dalia Mae,
            If Al reacts with H2O in the initial fire ball explosions it can form vaporized Al, vaporized Al can form a layer of reactive metal with sulfides.
            No charges can survive 3000C temperatures, that those can produce, and no one has disproved that mechanism, of ignition of Aluminum oxidation reactions, please point me to the research that proves they have, you can show me the Brennan
            Like researcher, who has done the actual science on this, right?

          • Just Science Dalia Mae I know you don’t believe in science,
            But the facts are true and evident.
            No fuel in the Jones& Harrit chips, No elementally occurring
            Aluminum, in the TEM data released by Jones.

          • I did a science degree (if you please) – and honours. UCT.
            So back to science.
            What scientific facts and evidence do you refer Mr Sanders.
            Your denigrating remarks don’t wash here.

          • How was it actually proven that class 3 H2O reactions could not
            Take place in the twin towers or building 7 On 9/11/2001?

            Why does the Harrit& Jones pair insist there paint chips are thermitic when the energy release points to a gas to Gas reaction, and not a metal fuel, to metal oxide rreaction?

            How were carbon dust, and CO explosions ruled out in the collapses?

            Why no elemental Al fuel for thermite in Jones’s released TEM

            Why the double speak from Harrit and Jones, in their reply to
            Dr. Greening at 9/11 blogger?

            Why is there evidence of sheer lag, in all the debiss photos and none of any type of cutter charge?

            Why no evidence that CD was possible on 9/11/2001?

    • Mr Sanders. This is a quote regarding Mr Chris Mohr
      “it pains me to see skeptics defending the official narrative of the WTC collapses without turning a critical eye on the details at its core”

      I agree. Mr Mohr is a waffle-bag. Waffle of smoke and mirrors. He talks sense but it then he mixes it with nonsense.
      I don’t care which way the proof eventually turns – but an honest and complete investigation is required. It would probably take a decade to complete.

      • I already know that quote Dalia Mae, but both sides need to be represented, and the evidence looked at with an unbiased mind,
        You can not just say explosives were planted, in a building where explosions are likely from natural conditions in the buildings.
        The evidence on the 9/11 truth side is fatally flawed, you should be contacting your scientists like Mark Basile about this,
        You want a bones like investigation, you have to ask questions of both sides.
        You fail to do that you only want to provide one point of view,
        That, makes you propaganda not journalism.
        As some one with a science degree you should understand,
        Where and how some 9/11 truth scientists fail you.

        • Dear Mr Sanders.
          Me producing propaganda. PLEASE. I present various possibilities to counter what I believe is a lie. But primarily I have said over and over like a stuck record. It does not matter what the outcome. An honest investigation is required. The propaganda lies squarely on the MSM.
          Are you for an honest investigation in the MSM and across all platforms?
          And Of course the 911 truth movement are wrong at times. And they is a huge range of views. They are not privy to the CIA FBI MI6 and all the other data collected. It is completely irrelevant whether they are right or wrong.
          An open investigation – legal one where people are Subpoenaed – is required.
          Simple –

          • The 9/11 truth movement started because of a move by a teenager, Named Dylan Avery, the movie was lose change.
            That is what Steven Jones Claims made him a truther,
            You wanted requested a scientific analysis of the evidence, Chris Mohr and others have provided that, No evidence of thermite. None Nada Jip, nothing.
            Jones founded the Scholars for truth, band the Muslim Christian alliance for truth.
            I know the complete history of the truth movement.
            I do not care about the political aspects, I care only when
            People on either side are lying, and Jones Harrit were in
            The paper on the chips, others have lied too, in the past,
            Why all the Lies over the years by the members and followers
            Dalia Mae?

          • There once could have been an honest investigation, but that potential was lost in the unreasonable CD and thermite claims
            That are and always were unsupported by the evidence.
            Shame too, now it is to late flags have been drawn the sides
            Have been chosen, and the sides that matter will turn a deaf ear
            To truth movement concerns.
            There is 0 credibility to the truth movement now, after this,
            It’s greatest lie.

      • Good because that Quote was posted by Jay Howard,
        Who just said a can of Rustluem red paint costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, yah I’m rich ai have 4 gallions of the stuff.

  3. Dear Dalia
    Why give place on your blog to trolls and dis-informists like “Sanders.” I ban ’em from mine. They only come to influence the undecided. Hashbara is a very organised paid business!

      • Yes that is what real twoofers do stick their fingers in their
        Ears and dance around singing LA,LA,LA, all day long not wanting any reasonable opposing view points.
        Why don’t you instead do some actual journalism, and honestly investigate, the Jones & Harrit, Scientific misconduct,
        In not publishing Ferrer’s TEM data, or The FTIR data, that shows the red gray chips are paint chips? I know honnest Journalism is to much to ask from you, You just want
        To preach to the faithful.
        So be it I was foolish to think that twoofers might actually be
        Interested in truth.
        You don’t have to ban me Gumshoe is nothing more than
        An opinion blogger trying and failing to pass herself off as a
        Credible Journalist, it is easy to see that is not what you are,
        The talk of banning the opposing view point, is the final proof of that, Good bye.

        • You right Carroll. I haven’t banned you because you have shown you are not interested in investigation or truth. Much of the information you have written is easily seen as nonsense.

          • I have investigated 9/11/2001 since 2005 and Jones was on MsNBC. I simply see no point in investigation of garbage pesudo sscience.
            Jones had TEM data, and FTIR data that pointed to kaolin clay, not elemental Aluminum, in the red gray chips, so where is the retraction, to the Jones & Harrit paper, as would be proper science conduct, after the evidence falsified his paper.
            Investigate what ever you want, only do it honestly and truthfully.
            You may ban me now if you wish.

          • Investigating what since 2005???

            Maybe comment on how you think the lateral projection occurred on the towers.
            Go to one minute in and see you the building tell me that is “collapsing” rather than exploding out.
            Anyone telling me that this is just gravity… is telling me pigs are in flight

          • That is a combination of an overpressuriation event in the collapses, and carbon black, and possibly other gases.
            You also have a pealing effect of the outer structure, and dust
            Expansion all naturally caused by the collapse.

          • None of those explosions is hypersonic, so that points to carbons, and explosive gases, like carbon monoxide.
            That is to be expected, because of the hydrocarbon based
            Fires in the buildings.
            The symple chemical based physics of fire can not be ignored.
            Black powder like, low velocity explosions occur all the time in fires, big freaking deal.
            Back draft fuel air blasts occur in office fires even when buildings do not collapse.

            Now what about the TEM data, and the FTIR data, that was not published by Jones and Harrit on the red gray chips, Do
            You think that not publishing data, that showed the chips were
            Composed of Kaolin clay,was scientific misconduct on Jones and Harrit’s part?

          • Jones & Harrit’s data, show Kaolin, so why is the data being suppressed?
            Pyrite was found in all samples near the center of
            the gray kaolin layer. The predominant crystal form
            for pyrite was the octahedral form (Figures 3a-3d, 3f,
            and 3h), with less prominant cube faces in some (Fig-
            ures 3a-3c, and 3h). Radiating crystals having obvious
            octahedral faces were common (Figures 3d and 3e).
            Some octahedral crystals showed obvious growth dis-
            locations (Figure 3t). The cubic form of pyrite was
            suggested by an indentation in a kaolin vermiform in
            one sample, but was not otherwise observed (Figure
            3i). Compact masses of pyrite were common

            Because Kaolin clay disproves and falsified The energetic chips paper and the microspheres.
            Wonder why Gumshoe never asks these questions?

  4. This may be late. The super heating of aluminum was also proposed by Frank Greening and a Norwegian scientist but was rejected by NIST. One point being missed here, this super heating would only occur in the region where fires burned around the crash sites. Any explosives lower in the towers would be unaffected by heat.

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