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Did You Contribute Flowers to Martin Place?


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by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I want to float the idea that people in Sydney may have been given a subliminal message to buy flowers after the “siege” of December 15, 2014. I emphatically am not claiming that this happened. I am merely wondering about it.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who did purchase a bouquet that day. Maybe we could find out from the police what the total number was. It looks like thousands. 

We do know that sometimes subliminal messages are used commercially. As early as 1957, there was an experiment in two cinemas. One cinema showed popcorn on the screen for a fraction of a second (which people did not register consciously). The other cinema did not show popcorn. More people at the first cinema then proceeded to buy popcorn during the interval.

A couple of years ago I read about a billboard in front of a shop in Oxford Street, London that had the capacity to send a message to anyone who walked by, using something like the V2K technology. (“Voice to skull” – the words go into your brain directly; seeming to bypass the audio process.)

That technology is not in dispute. It was a further aspect of the billboard that was under discussion. The writer of the article (sorry, I’m unable to track it down) pointed to the potential for the said billboard to know who was walking past.

They could glean, from the credit cards in wallets, the identity of the people, and direct the message in a customized way. So if the walker-past is Mary Maxwell who has been known (via credit card history) to buy kilts, maybe they will say “Ladies’ kilts on the third floor.”

This is not exactly horrible stuff. It’s not in the same league as telling you whom to vote for (as was suggested by Dalia in her May 19, 2015 article about the UK election. There the method was alleged to be some kind of hypnosis.)

Telling people to buy flowers, or kilts, or even whom to vote for, is not in the same league as telling them whom to stab or rob. We do know for sure that the CIA trained people to kill, by using subconscious instructions. Several victims of MK-Ultra have confessed to murders they committed as “Manchurian candidates.”

As I noted in a comment to Dalia’s May 19 article, the recent trial of mobster Whitey Bulger in Boson led to his saying that he had been given LSD in prison as part of an experiment allegedly aimed at finding a cure for schizophrenia. He admits to having joined that experiment consensually in exchange for less prison time.

Later he murdered 19 people.  I do NOT say that the “training” he received is what made him a murderer.  He may have killed 19 people without any past history of the LSD experiments. We can’t tell. But it makes me suspicious.

The thing that makes me suspicious about the flowers is that I don’t think I would have donated in such an anonymous way at Martin Place. (That is, assuming for the moment that I felt Monis’ hostage–taking was real terrorism).

Flowers cost around $19, in Adelaide, maybe more in Sydney. That is a lot to spend when one can only throw the item onto a huge pile. Are there really that many sentimental people working near Martin Place? Were they mainly moved to show respect for the victims, or was it to express nationalist solidarity?

Flower-donating does not strike me as very typical Aussie behavior.  Please let me know what you think.

POSTSCRIPT: Dalia has provided me with this item from the advertising industry:

“Holosonics has partnered with a cable network once before, when Court TV implemented the technology to promote its ‘Mystery Whisperer’ in the mystery sections of select bookstores. Mr. Pompei said the company also has tested retail deployments in grocery stores with Procter & Gamble and Kraft for customized audio messaging. So a customer, for example, looking to buy laundry detergent could suddenly hear the sound of gurgling water and thus feel compelled to buy Tide as a result of the sonic experience.”  (adage.com)

— Mary W Maxwell is a researcher. Her new book, “Fraud Upon the Court,” is in press.



  1. Mary, you seem to be persistently unwilling to fully embrace the theory that the whole ‘Sydney Siege’ event was a psyop ( = a psychological operation = brainwashing/ propaganda), regardless of whether anyone really died or not. (What evidence do you need, a written confession from someone who was part of the psyop?) If you did embrace that theory, the fact that many bunches of flowers appeared in Martin Place following the event would not be surprising; it would simply be evidence that the psyop had largely achieved its purpose. And there’s no need to muddy the waters by introducing the idea of some scary, secret technology being used to influence people’s minds – television and newspaper coverage of such events do that quite successfully. Furthermore, if one accepts the proposition that the event was a psyop then one cannot discount the possibility that the same people who organized it could also themselves have put many bunches of flowers in Martin Place.

    What do I mean by, “muddy the waters”? My meaning is that the notions expressed in this article do not help to give a sense of clarity to what really happened, nor do these notions help to clarify the sense of purpose we need to have if we the people are ever to wage a political struggle against our oppressors. Most readers of this blog would know at least something about ‘Manchurian Candidates’ and the various types of mind control experiments that the U.S. (and other) intelligence agencies have worked on and are still working on. And most readers would be aware of subliminal messaging used by the advertising industry. But to attempt to link the behaviour of those who laid flowers in Martin Place to Manchurian Candidates and LSD brainwashed people is far-fetched. Not only that, by expressing these ideas of mind control as scary, secret and almost beyond our control, you are introducing a sense of fear and powerlessness into the reader, which suits the aims of our oppressors. The fact is that a person’s CONSCIOUS thoughts, beliefs, feelings etc. have a lot of power to over-ride any subliminal or subconscious ideas that someone might try to introduce into a person’s mind. For example, it’s not easy to hypnotize someone to commit a murder – a person’s conscience and strong sense of right and wrong impedes such a thing happening. In other words, the stronger a person’s CONSCIOUS thoughts, the harder it is to influence that person subliminally or subconsciously to act contrary to their conscious thoughts. Therefore, genuine political ‘keyboard activists’ should seek to clarify and strengthen the thoughts of readers, not muddy the waters or weaken the reader with fear.

    • I am not very interested in the flowers. It’s just that the photo is pretty jaw-dropping. How could so many Sydneysiders have contributed? Oh well, maybe they did. Please don’t ask me to know what I cannot know. I do “fully embrace” a lot of things.
      (See my cancer book.) But I am iggorant about the 2015 siege.

      Anyway, Persecuted2, to use your terms, do I think “there is a scary, secret technology being used to influence people’s mind?” Yes definitely I do.
      Therefore I will say so.
      Can’t see the point in biting my tongue on such an issue.

      What chance is there that ol’ Mare is going to scare anyone off?
      I hope to have the opposite effect. Come to my bosom, I will protect you.

  2. (Continuing my post) I forgot to mention one obvious explanation for at least some of those bouquets – the power of social media. That is, the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to tap into the herd instinct, using peer pressure. We know that social media is a key tool for Color Revolutions and other similar political manipulations.

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