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MH17 – A Waiting Game Of Deception and Secrets


Below, I have added the RT documentary, “Reflections on MH17” – this to balance the 60 Minutes updated report from Sunday (24/05/15, link here). The documentary starts off in Australia, with interviews from family, experts and many eye witnesses on the ground in the Ukraine. The RTD film is calmly presented and does not follow the drama and theatrics employed by the 60 minutes team.

The documentary also explains some of the recovery process – which got misreported in the early days here in Australia. On the 29th July 2014, I wrote in an article entitled, “Disgraceful Reporting” about the “…disgraceful distorted reporting in the Herald Sun by Patrick Carlyon” – an article, entitled Bullies, Goons and Body-snatchers.

I reported about eyewitness accounts (e.g. Eyewitness #2: … “And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.”) in this article “Paradoxical Petro Poroshenko’s Parley in Australia“, December 12, 2014. And Gumshoe reported on Dutch Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans, accidentally revealing (9 October 2014) that one of the Australian passengers aboard the doomed airplane “appears to have donned an oxygen mask…”, and much more.

I applaud citizen investigative journalists who use open source investigation tools in pursuit of information – and the Belingcat reports have to be considered in the puzzle that is MH17. But where is the information from the intelligence agencies? They have billions of dollars, the best satellite and surveillance equipment and thousands of people in high-tech dens. Except for Russia in this instance, there is silence. They are sitting back letting the open source sleuths do the talking.

I am sure someone knows exactly what happened, but the narrative the mainstream have been pushing is far more geopolitically pleasing.

The truth is probably uglier and much more complicated.

The bigger story now is that governments want to have the option to keep the investigation secret. And Australia has signed up to the secret deal. Gumshoe report here. This is appalling.

bullet mh17 letter

The letter obtained by Mr Brooks.

I’ll forward the letter to 60 minutes for their files.

For past Gumshoe MH17 reports:


  1. Dear Dee, that 28 minute show is worth watching.

    Wanting to know what the standard procedure is, for paying insurance claims after a crash, I asked “Mr Smith,” who has experience. He posed the hypothetical case of an Emirates flight crashing in New Zealand due to a vogelsrtuck (birds getting sucked into the engine). In this example “the authorites foresaw the danger but declined to warn the pilot.”

    Mr Smith told me that an Emirates crash in NZ would be investigated by NZ’s accident investigation bureau, with assistance from the aircraft manufacturer and others. He said it is not unusual for a government to ask for assistance from the United States NTSB (national transport safety board).

    Per Mr Smith: “Insurance companies for the airline would pay legal requirements to the passengers, and insurance companies for the airline would pay to replace or repair the aircraft.
    As for the possible failure of the nation where the crash occurred to warn of bird alert, that requires more considerations, such as the nature of the laws in that nation. Even with a bird strike causing an engine to fail, the pilot, it could be argued, should have been able to control the aircraft.”

  2. MH17 was preceded a few months earlier by MH370, the “lost” Malaysian Airlines plane. Both being Malaysian Airlines planes is too much of a “co-incidence” for me.

  3. Dee, Robert Parry in Consortium News has published a number of articles criticising the 60 Minutes Report. They are well worth reading and you may like to republish the latest one from 28 May 2015. I understand that Parry is happy to be republished subject to due attribution. He exposes the 60 Minutes program for the utter fraud that it is.

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