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FIFA – A Perfect Example Of How The World Works (in Pictures)


The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1904 and based in Zurich.

soccer 14

Joseph Sepp Blatter – elected FIFA President 8 June 1998, having already served for 23 years across a number of roles in FIFA.

soccer 3

FIFA has 209 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football (soccer).

soccer 4

Sepp on the move (below).

soccer 7

Below, a home belonging to Jeffrey Webb, a former vice president of FIFA.

soccer 8

Homes of soccer fans – in Brazil.

soccer 13

Money makes the FIFA-world go round.

soccer 11

Rally the fans.

soccer 9

Many people don’t like they way the organisation operates.

soccer 16

Using tax payers money to control the fans (in Brazil).

soccer 5

FBI investigation into FIFA corruption results in 16 officials held by Swiss authorities.

soccer 1

The arrested officials (below) get the special bed-sheet treatment (to avoid shame).

soccer 10

The world is appalled at the extent of FIFA corruption.

Whistleblower Bonita Mersiades was an FFA executive deployed to the World Cup Australian bid team. She said said Blatter and FIFA heavyweights rarely made key decisions at meetings. “FIFA operates by making major decisions behind closed doors. The World Cup bid process was an example of that,’’ she said.

“Always conscious of dealing, counter-dealing, double-dealing and non-transparent behavior in a multi-billion-dollar sport that belongs to the community.’’

Hundred of millions of fans want a clean game and demand change. 

Voting for the next President.

soccer 15

Change? Keeping the status quo: Sepp Blatter gets back in with 133 votes;

soccer 2

Back in the golden throne, Blatter says, “I’m president of all, also of those who didn’t vote for me.”

That’s how the world works.

The people pay for the venue and the food, but only an invited few are at the table for the menu – and the four course meal.



    • Hi. Your site looks nice. If you want comments you can straight out ask “How do you feel about Sepp?” But you might get a lot of, how shall I say, CIA-planted replies.
      Bloggers seem to be major part of the work force! Luckily we don’t get too many CIA’s on this site. And we get really top-class commenters. Yay!

  1. Why is the corruption in soccer now on the US menu?

    Was it the Palestinian rights resolution or is the Russian 2018 event the target?

    • Wow Christopher. You are probably right.

      BTW, your remark caused me to google for “Palestinian Rights resolution, news.” There I found two items: 1. UN Security Council rejects Palestinian’s request to end the Occupation, and 2. Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Isn’t that great? I quote the relevant Wikipedia entry:

      “Jews for Justice for Palestinians.” Their stated reasons for supporting Palestinian rights include not only the absolute moral imperatives of promoting human rights, but are also based on the view that this is the best means of securing peace for Israelis. It organises to give voice to the many strands of Israeli peace activism and to ensure that Jewish opinions critical of Israeli policy are heard in Britain. It believes that such opposition is important in countering anti-semitism and the claim that opposition to Israel’s policies is itself anti-semitic…..
      It is a founder member of European Jews for a Just Peace, a federation of Jewish groups in ten European countries; and of the Enough! Coalition in the UK in 2007.” Wonderful.

      As regards the UNSC rejecting the Palestinian demand for end to Occupation, the BBC says:
      “Of the 15 members of the Security Council
      Russia, China, France, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg voted in favour.

      The US and Australia voted against.
      The UK, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda abstained.”
      (For the record, I do not favor a two-state solution).

  2. So the FIFA mob have apparently being ripping the soccer fans and the the governments for decades.
    If anyone is, I suggest that you look at part of the big picture.
    FIFA is an example of what evolves when there is a totalitarian club run by just the elite few, as is designed for the ‘New World Order’ promoted by people of the character possessing a similar immorality that has been commisioned to FIFA to play their role in the ‘BIG GAME’ of world globalist fascism.
    At the risk of being boring and repeating the obvious with the link below, just note the first few pages, then scroll through the ‘contents’ headings and note the 39th item:
    The scrolll down to that section and bloody well read it and start waking up. Surely most have the concentration span of at least 7 minutes to digest some reality.
    Now if you have lasted secven minutes look up the other sections, one a day if necessary.
    Now do we understand what the control freaks are up to with their control freakish NEW WORLD ORDER?
    If they are corrupt in running a soccer club, just imagine what the buggers will do with all the power of running all world business by monoplostic global corporations, social conditions, education, drugs, crime and so on, not to forget having a ‘ONE’ world religion and running that as well.
    Wake up you radio shock ‘kooks’ and mass media presstitutes, you do not have to work for all the globalist media control freaks that aim to control all ‘approved’ knowledge to the masses and who are deliberately dumbing down the education sytsems. (that too, in other words media people: YOUR KIDS ARE NOW BEING RAISED TO BE DUMB!!! Think on that, read the section.
    By the way, nearly alll the politicians are in on the scam and betrayal………otherwise they would not be put in a position to be “selected”. (sorry of you thought they were/are really ‘elected’!) Even most of the ‘independants’ are just set up for a pretend show.
    An interesting aside was made by Alan Jones on radio 2GB (Sydney) this moring to the effect; paraprased; “did not our soldiers fight for our country (and sovereignty) and many died doing so, now we are just selling our country”?
    Well at least there is one example of someone trying to give a hint to the people of Australia.
    Surely “””IT IS TIME””” : That our politicians put their lives on the line for Australia instead of flogging it off to the control freaks likes of the people at FIFA?.

    ANDREW ROBB and colleagues are you listening/reading?
    Wher eare you Barnaby??
    Either disclose in full the proposed TPP terms and conditions fro to your Australians for anaylsis or shuv it.
    What about yo Malcolm?

  3. The FIFA scandal domino’s fall day by day.
    This interview with investigating sports journalist and author
    Andrew Jennings is just a little bit more honest than the regular
    reporting but no mention of the bigger political context.


    Jennings speaks very directly about Australian soccer and suggests Lowey has ripped off Australians and should pay the Australian taxpayer monies lost.

    It will be interesting to see how this story proceeds through the day because Jennings lifts the lid just a little describing FIFA as mafia like.

    ABC Foreign Correspondent joins the frenzy.

    What about this Dubai perspective?

    Or over here in China.

    Dee accurately described the honest reality that FIFA is just a reflection of how power and money work in our world.

    The clamoring chorus is building to review the 2018 and 2022 events.

    If Russia was to have their 2018 event relocated at this stage it would be another escalation of the simmering undeclared war to protect the US Fed Res money “printing press” faction.

    The game of Geo-political chess is full of drama but most Australians have a very different and dangerous perspective to readers at Gumshoe.

  4. Yes Christopher the (NWO) dominoes are falling day by day.
    At what cost will they proceed to attempt to maintain their controlling agenda and phantom fiscal Ponzi scheme of debt for serfs, is the question and thereby determine the world’s destiny?
    President Kennedy said something to the effect: ‘if peacefull revolution is prevented then violent revolution is inevitable’.
    Also look up his speech on secret organisations etc., shortly before they murdered him.
    Murdering ‘one man’ to accomplish their goal is now out of the question.

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