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The Clutter of Evidence In The Alternative Media, and Selective Pickings Therefrom, by the MSM



We have to take account from whence information is sourced. For example, much has been written about MH17 on this site, and recently we covered the spat between Australia’s 60 Minutes and Robert Parry – with Parry criticizing Michael Usher’s “stand-up” journalism over the way they used the evidence (from Bellingcat) to accuse the Russian President.

The findings of Bellingcat (from founder Elliot Higgins) has been discussed here in many of the comments, and must be considered. Higgins analysed the BUK missile launcher’s movements in Eastern Ukraine, implying that it was most likely the cause of the downed plane.

bukBUK missile

On January 29, 2015, Murdoch’s News.com.au said the following about Mr Elliott:

“Using a combination of ‘open source’ techniques including social media and satellite images, he (Elliott) tracked the movement of the missile launcher in a convoy from Russia into Ukraine, producing “undeniable evidence” it was unloaded in the area three hours before the plane crashed, killing the 298 people on board.”

But, it is not so simple. Countless eye-witnesses talk of fighter jets departing the area, just after the crash.

In any murder, one must determine an outcome from ALL the evidence: motive, fingerprints, CCTV or other footage, eye witness accounts, etc – not just the footage. We must also take into account “planted” evidence. We have all watched enough television to understand that it is quiet easy to prosecute the innocent.

An article in Vicenews asks: Why there are 120,000 innocent people in American jails? “The (legal) system isn’t geared to discover innocence or guilt…”

And so it is in the mainstream media. The reporting is not about innocence or guilt. It is about geopolitics, government agendas, selling papers/advertising and keeping jobs.

Why does the mainstream media rely on citizens?

I applaud citizen investigative journalists in pursuit of information. But I asked the question here in this report: Why does the mainstream media have to rely on Mr Higgins working out of his modest flat in the UK (while looking after his child) to find out what happened to MH17?

This just does not add up.

The intelligence agencies have billions of dollars, the best satellite and surveillance equipment and thousands of smart “Elliott Higgins types” working in high-tech dens.

Where is their analysis and information?

It may be deemed secret – for a “secret investigation”. Why?

This is really all about the mainstream media (MSM) manufacturing the “truth” and reality prescribed by a controlled political agenda. But with the clutter and noise on the internet (of which we are part) – the truth is exceptionally hard to establish.

Situations are so complex and information heavy, we have to rely on other people. But how do we know whom to trust?

I am impressed with Higgins’ investigative techniques and persistence – but have been equally wary of his conclusions that have been determined from afar.

His data on Syria, and now Ukraine is extensive, but one has to be cautious of the “enemy” using YouTube to create false evidence. What happened to the allegedly fake video of the rebels talking about how they downed MH17. That damning evidence appeared very quickly – but is no longer referenced to by the mainstream media.


One Event – Different Conclusions

mideast-syria_The victims of a chemical attack in Syria

Here is an example of opposing points of view and methodology of investigation.

In the UK Telegraph, Patrick Radden Keefe wrote a long article in the Telegraph about meeting Higgins (March 2014). In his article “The blogger who tracks Syrian rockets from his sofa“, he writes:

“The proof that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons came from an unemployed blogger working from his sofa in Leicester.


…He (Higgins) compared background details – the field, a series of low buildings, a distant road – with aerial satellite images. On August 26 Higgins posted an analysis studded with photographs, video stills and satellite images. Like a detective in the final chapter of a mystery, he laid out how he had cracked the case.” (That the al-Assad regime had used chemical weapons)

U.S. warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea are ready to strike Syria.


Their article was entitled: “EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack” – that Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.

Reporter Yahya Ababneh was the correspondent on the ground in Ghouta who spoke directly with the rebels, their family members, victims of the chemical weapons attacks and local residents. Dale Gavlak assisted in the research and writing process. They wrote:
“…following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit.

…The U.S. and others are not interested in examining any contrary evidence, with U.S Secretary of State John Kerry saying Monday that Assad’s guilt was “a judgment …already clear to the world.”

However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel (anti-al-Assad) fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the (deadly) gas attack.”

This article may have diffused US aggression.
Elliott Higgins’s Point of View

Thus – I was interested to read from Russia Insider, sourced from deepresource, an article entitled: “The So-Called ‘Bellingcat’ Is a Western MSM Shill Posing as an Alternative Truth Crusader”  – about the financially-strapped independent crusader, that just happened to be recommended personally by the head of NATO.

higginsBlogger Elliot Higgins

He seems to be a truth crusader – and, yes, the mainstream media have latched onto him.

Deepsource writes:

“The blogger Elliot Higgins conveys an image of a goody chap …A fine pro bono example of civic journalism in action. Every now and then he tears himself away from his laptop screen to feed his cat, rock the cradle of his third child…. and people in general are more inclined to believe a British nerd than representatives of the Ukrainian secret service or the CIA.” (my emphasis)

…Higgins claims that he gets his modest funds via crowd sourcing, a method recommended by none other than NATO chieftain Philippe Breedlove

…Let’s cut the crap. Higgins is not an unconnected loner with a strange hobby at all. He is part of the The London Project Investigation media network, a partnership of hackers and journalists of the Financial Times. Additionally there exist ties to the much greater OCCRP, The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.”

Journalism.co.uk reported this

“Open-source investigations site Bellingcat today launched a new project to investigate global networks of crime and corruption. The London Project Investigation is a collaboration between Bellingcat, Hacks/Hackers London and OCCRP.”

So maybe that’s the point: people are more inclined to believe a British nerd than an intelligence agency.

People have a desire to understand and be told what is happening. But distrust is rampant. For example, confidence in the US Congress is at an all time low – if you can believe a gallop poll. In 2014 only 4% of Americans said they have a great deal of confidence in Congress. What a disaster. With the secrecy over the TPP it might be even lower.

Any coach or Captain in a sports team would be instantly side lined.

So who keeps these squeaky wheels of power turning. Organisations like News Corp – and people like Rupert Murdoch. Every day they are perpetuating this awful deception.

These profit hungry media organisations are in bed with corporations and government. They are dictated to by advertisers; push trivia and gossip over truth; report unquestioningly, and are not concerned with freedoms or freedom of the press.

The public are slowly waking to the one-sided debate. The agenda. The lies and control.

And that is why people like Elliott Higgins become useful to the MSM. They are working away providing some evidence that is then distorted to fit a political agenda.

We need constant vigilance and objectivity.



  1. Congratulations, Dee, it looks to me like you have nailed it. “Proof” of the shoot-down, in which 38 Aussies died, came from a “blogger.” That’s rich.

    I like the phrase you used (from deepresource.wordpress.com): “Let’s cut the crap.” It has a nice ring to it. Now can we cut the crap about the Tsarnaevs please?

  2. Dee, on further reflection I see that your discovery re Ukraine leads to the same eureka I described (in our book) about Sandy Hook and other events. Namely, it must be, logically, that the person who uses a confusing potpourri of media reports (which you call a “clutter of evidence”) has a need to keep the truth from us. And whyzat? Because that same person is the perpetrator!

    Thus, for example, we saw that a bevy of slick, smug Youtube videos purport to demonstrate that the Sandy Hook murders did not happen (but of course they did happen). Who created those videos? Clearly not the basic Mary Maxwell/ Dee McLachlan types who are eager to find out what really took place. Rather, someone who is keen to evade being caught.
    I ask anyone to trash my logic if he or she can.

    If no trashers step forward, let’s apply my logic to MH17. Someone from the Murdoch press has told us that a “blogger” tracked a convoy of BUKs. So Murdoch wants us to believe that a Ukrainian separatist (meaning a brown-noser to Putin) is therefore the party that decided to shoot down a commercial jet (for whatever reason; I don’t quite see why they would do that).

    As you have boldly claimed for over 10 months, O Editor of Gumshoe, our dear Canberra is under pressure to keep a lid on the cause of the crash. I guess maybe the Foreign Minister is dumb enough (sorry, Julie) to think it her duty to fit in with NATO, or Daddy America.

    No, Julie, it isn’t correct for you to try to blame the shoot-down on Russia. See, the point of that is to start a war. (Think back to how other wars got started by false flags; Gumshoe can name several for you.)
    Do Aussies want war? You really ought to try to find out. Maybe I could help by knocking on some doors in Adelaide. I’d say:

    “Hello, Resident. We have here a situation in which Murdoch and Co have created a false story about the shoot-down of MH17. Then we have a minister thinking she needs to go along with the false story, as it’s the one that the Big Dealers are pushing for. Do you want her to feel that way? And if it means war, what would you consider a reasonable thing for us to go to war over? Would it be retaliation against whoever killed 38 Aussies? What if, say, we had proof that the US caused the MH17 crash? Are you willing to go to war against the US? Or what if we found that Rupe and buddies did the crash for personal reasons. Are you willing to arrest him?”

    Dee, when you played the role of Julie Bishop shirt-fronting Putin at our Fringe Show in March, it was all pretty hilarious. But I no longer think it’s the least bit funny.
    I would like the grown-ups in Canberra to grow up — really, really fast, before this tragedy happens.

  3. I conclude Belliingcat is a two edged sword.

    What matters is the evidence and it’s veracity.

    Clearly Bellingcat is establishment influenced in several aspects but their method of investigation is open source which gives possible opportunities for injecting information into their audience and even utilize their skills and resources.

    We all understand the compromised and murky political and information reality we are navigating at all points of discourse in our present situation.

    Some of the activists engaged in the Ukraine/MH17 political landscape loose perspective and portion far too much integrity
    towards Putin and Moscow as if this centre of power is unique compared to Obama and Washington.

    Leadership is a very real part of the human drama but our enemy is secrecy, concentrated power, the policy of monopoly, the money trickery, falsified history, false authority, censorship, injustice in all it’s manifestations, faulty critical thinking processes, abdication of personal responsibility, materialism above spiritualism and much more.

    Russia is capable of very sophisticated propaganda targeted at it’s sympathetic audience and also Russia’s enemies are likely to also be targeting this audience with diverse sophisticated themes that might, on the surface appear to be exposing truth, but are actually building division towards conflict.

    What we need is perspective, understanding and sober contemplation.

    I contacted an Australian audio forensic laboratory to discuss the initial “concocted” SBU you tube published audio that Russia officially declared a fraud.
    Following this discussion I contacted the Russian embassy in Australia and informed them that if they openly contracted a multi continent forensic analysis of that evidence to confirm their audio forensic findings, with appropriate public process, this very key issue would be settled.

    I received no reply and as far as I am aware Russia has not taken this step that could clarify this critical evidence.

    Anyone who is following the MH17 “investigation” and controversies would know that Russian sources and official Russian agencies have bent and distorted information which too many ignore with a different standard compared to the scrutiny and skepticism applied to US friendly sources.

    Romantic notions that underestimate the comparative Russian Government capacity for self serving mischief should be challenged because they will lead us into error.

    Much is still to be settled surrounding the MH17 tragedy but having followed the Bellingcat reports I believe their material is valid evidence that must be answered.

    It is true that Bellingcat was compromised in it’s Syrian claims but that involved interpretation and associations, not the forensic sourcing and confirmation aspects of their information.

    New opportunities and methods of discovering what is really happening, in as much as Bellingcat can achieve and demonstrate, must be engaged and celebrated, with our eyes wide open, our brains in gear and our memories active.

    I know now that the sorcerer was conditioning and emoting my mind for two decades before I even knew the spells were at play and I am constantly uncovering the on going sneaky dimensions and effects.

    This requires very deliberate guarding against the cult programming of my mind that subliminally favors conflict and factions above building bridges and fostering progress through what we agree upon, not division caused by our points of difference.

    • Hey, Christopher, I figured you would come at me for my pro-Putin stance. But it really wasn’t pro-Putin at all. It was anti-Murdoch. (Sorry, Rupe, I wish I could be nicer.)
      I’m glad, and grateful, that you dug up some data from Bellingcat,
      Here is why I am not pro-Putin. I take it as a First Premise that all of them –- including Kim Soong or Assad – are in it together. My logic, and I admit this is pretty lazy, is that “If they were genuine challengers to the cabal, they would be terminated pronto.” I wish Lee Kwan Yew hadn’t died without revealing his secrets. I heard him say, many years ago — before I could twig on its likely import — that he had a few axes to grind. I assume he chose not to grind them, and thus stay alive.

      I have read in fairly reliable places that Ho Chi Minh was CIA and so was Ayatollah Khoumeni. A rough guess is that “we” had to have friendly people in those two locations to protect the drug trade. Poor old Manuel Noreiga threatened to sink some ships with loose lips in 1989 and has since that moment been in a Florida jail. (Remember when he took refuge in the Vatican embassy in Panama and the Bush administration blasted rock music at him?)

      No, Putin’s not my sweetie-pie, though I was pleased to hear him complain that the FBI got involved in the arrest of soccer players on Switzerland. Good grief, why do we have to hear that complaint from Vlad? Why isn’t every New Hampshire Republican up in arms about the illicit use of FBI overseas? Please see my book Prosecution for Treason for a section on How To Arrest the FBI.

      They need it! They need to be restored to the loving embrace of the Constitution. (Sorry, I get carried away.)

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