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Lowy and FFA Played Along with FIFA Corruption – How The World Works Pt2


fifa skittlesFootball Federation Australia, FFA, chairman Frank Lowy is still standing as Sepp Blatter resigns as president of Fifa, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

Part 2 of “FIFA – A Perfect Example Of How The World Works (in Pictures)”.

27 May 2015 – At the request of the USseven Fifa officials are arrested by Swiss police – allegedly involved in the corruption of $150 million.

29 May 2015 – Sepp Blatter wins a fifth term as Fifa president.

2 June 2015 – Blatter resigns. Maybe he sensed a bigger storm coming.

blaze 3The Herald Sun, 5 June 2015

Explosive testimony from the corrupt US official: Chuck Blazer admits to accepting bribes and kickbacks since the 1990’s. (reports here and here).

Christopher Brooks added this to the comments in Pt1 – The ABC Lateline interview with Andrew Jennings. This part of the interview with Steve Cannane sums Sepp Blatter and Frank Lowy’s position for me:

ANDREW JENNINGS: Well, look: imagine your Cabinet is meeting in Canberra. The Cabinet is sitting around the desk. Suddenly the Australian fraud squad bursts through the door and arrests half the Cabinet. Your Prime Minister’s dead, isn’t he? If he didn’t know, he’s a fool, if he did know, he’s in the prison bus as well.

I mean, Blatter has been a micromanager since 1976. And, in fact, if you look at the criminal indictment there are things coming up that he had to know about. But he is a dead man walking.

And – Andrew Jennings says FFA chairman Frank Lowy should resign immediately over alleged lack of due diligence to the Australian tax payer, and in relation to the recent FIFA scandal. Article here.

I don’t play soccer/football and don’t belong to a football club, yet I have been aware of rumours of Fifa’s corruption for a long time. How then could Blatter and Lowy, who breathe football every day, claim they are not be aware of the bribery and corruption. Impossible.

This is how government, big business and big sport works in the world. These “respected” and influential men feed the corrupt crony system.


Side Note: In 2001 Mr Lowy shared the lease with Larry Silverstein for the World Trade Centre complex. 



  1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but when Larry Silverstein said “We pulled it” i think the “we” meant “Frank Lowy and I” — as poor Frank was Larry’s fellow leaseholder at the WTC on 9-11.

    So it won’t be long now for Frank, and I don’t think he need worry too much about football.

  2. Your ‘side note’ at the foot of your article, reminds us of the fact that Australian media has no guts, by not questioning this ‘well respected Ozzie Jew’ re his role and fore knowledge of the events surrounding ‘911’!

      • Come to think of it, Davo, it sounds like you would like to make a case that Jews (as such) are involved. I would like to see that case put as openly and as boldly as possible so we could deal with it, one way or another.
        Here, let me cast the first stone: I think the 1996 Port Arthur massacre had Mossad involvement.
        I invite readers to postulate ways in which a foreign group of covert operatives, such as Mossad, can act within Australia, be it at Port Arthur or elsewhere.
        Note: I’d like to outlaw the tying in of a Jewish name as “evidence.” For example, Larry Silverstein pulled Building 7 (he did in fact do that; I’m not speculating), and he has a Jewish name. So what? Richard Cheney ordered a stand-down of the Air Force’s scrambler jets on 9-11 (that is a matter of record) and he has a Gentile name.
        Surely if there is “Jewish involvement” in these crimes, it is not based on there being an ethnic group somewhere (Jews) whose members are all in on it. Nor is it conceivable (to me, anyway) that the Powers That Be today are focused on making a happy future for one particular ethnic group (Jews). That just wouldn’t jive with 21st century reality. (But it fits our Pleistocene mentality, which evolved to think that an enemy must be a recognizable group.)
        I am dying to find out who the enemy is. Aren’t you? Poor old Martin Bryant did not do the Port Arthur massacre. Therefore, someone else did. Who? Why are we so shy to discuss it? Come on, use a screen name if you like, but pitch in.

        • Madame Judge Mary, I strenuously object to your “sub judice” petition in the court of Gumshoe regarding any term or label.
          That troublesome term “Jew” has dimensions far beyond “ethnicity” because it denotes a mode of hidden association not unlike the terms “mafia” or “masonic”.
          I cite the Zundel Free Speech trials, 1985-88, as precedent.
          A mafia association cannot be excluded, of any individual or group of interest, linked to investigating and prosecuting any crime.
          Similarly, masonic relationships of suspects must be understood and examined openly if there is any possible compromising loyalty or force that might weigh on our deliberations.
          Adopting the “Jewish” identity as an ethnic or racial term is equivalent to nominating “mafia” as referring to “Italians”.
          The definition and interpretation of our language must always be subject to scrutiny, but, I implore our words must always be our own to choose absent of duress that might be consciously or otherwise diminishing our freedom of speech which is pre-eminent.

    • Yes, Lowy was involved in the humungous crime of 911, but is he a Jew or a Zionist? Either way he should be tried and if found guilty should be made an example of because of the abuse of his power, the higher they are up the chain the more severe the penalty should be! The petty thieves go to jail, but the major crime bosses get elevated to high office, this is upside down thanks to MSM, so those puppets should hang as well!

      • Rick, the valid context is that if a police department was investigating a major crime in a district that was known to be controlled by a particular “mafia” branch of organized crime, all the historical case knowledge and understanding of how this “mafia” compromise and intimidate an exploited society would be utilized in the investigation process and resolution of justice.

        • To Christopher: Now that i see your 2.24pm reply to Rick, I understand your 12.37 reply to me!
          OK, I am in agreement with inspecting “other pressures,” and so of course I think it’s an outrage that members of a secret society, e.g., Skull and Bones, are appointed as, say, US Secretary of State.
          No man can serve two masters.
          Now then, can anybody figure out which master was being served when the plans were laid for Port Arthur massacre?

  3. Christopher, I don’t fully follow your attack (below). Sure, it’s nice to say that everyone can use whatever words he wants. (Do you think I would have any power to frustrate that?) But the general shying away from saying something like “Port Arthur was Mossad” is most likely based on the political incorrectness of offending an ethnic group, in that example, Jews.

    You reserve the right to use the word “Jews” to designate something wider. OK, but there aren’t many Christopher Brooks around, with whom you could have a conversation in which the word “Jews” means something other than the identifiable group of people who claim a descent from a particular ancient tribe.

    I am trying to break the ice. It bugs me that conversations about 9-11 (Port Arthur doesn’t even have a conversation, does it?) falter if anyone says “Let’s apportion the blame.” I say Let’s apportion the blame.

    Start with Port Arthur. Who the hell did it? It was, after all, a well-organized deal. Someone did it. I favor choosing a candidate for starters. (Yes there is a court of Gumshoe. There are courts everywhere, always.) I’ve taken the step of naming a candidate. I’d like someone to trash my idea (the Mossad). Then we can move on to the next candidate.

    Christopher, you say you want Masonic relationships to be examined openly. OK, Go for it!

    • Mary, it was not intended as an “attack”, just waxing an important principle.
      My keyboard strays in the pointy direction.

      Regarding the Port Arthur crime, like many unresolved controversies, work is waiting for volunteers with thick skins and tenacious attitudes.
      It is a significant Australian event that doesn’t get much attention outside our shores.
      Perhaps we need an article from you Mary that draws all the researchers, research links, documents and published books together into a Port Aurthur collection.

      • But when you think of it, Christopher, all those items would not add up to an accusation of the guilty party. Everyone thinks of exonerating Bryant, or of finding fault with, say, the media, or the judge, but where has anybody witten a word as to Whodunnit?
        (I realize several people have theorized “why” it was done, say for gun control, but that still requires a shooter. And what do you bet that shooter is now dead, so he can’t tell us what went on.)

          • Fantastic, Christopher. For those who don’t want to read all, this bit is at the end. (The Q is Police. The A is Martin Bryant):

            Q. I mean do you think that people should accept the consequences of what they do?
            A. Yeah I do. I spose I should for a little while for what I’ve done.
            [He is referring to holding a man hostage in boot of car and also setting fire to his car]
            Just a little while and let me out, let me live my own life. I’m missing my Mum. I really miss her actually, what she cooks up for me, her rabbit stews and everything. She’s not even allowed to bring a little bit of food for me, that, that’s a bit upsetting. Mmm.
            Q. Martin, unless there’s anything else that you want to tell us, we’re going to ahh, stop the interview now. As Mr Warren explained to you, this is the last opportunity you’ll have to speak to us. You’ll be at your next court appearance, charged with twenty murders, I’m sorry, thirty five murders and …
            A. Just that.
            Q. … And approximately twenty attempted murders and several wounding charges as well.
            A. Attempted murders.
            Q. And also.
            A. You mean attempted, they weren’t hurt?
            Q. Ahh, yes they were hurt. Some of those people. You’ll also be charged with the arson of Seascape. Do you understand all that?
            A. How months will it get me in?
            Q. Well that’s not a, a questoin I can answer.
            A. And the arson of the BMW.
            Q. No, of the Seascape. We believe you burnt Seascape as well as the BMW. I hope we’ve explained things clearly and you understand the gravity of the situation.
            A. It’s great to have someone to talk to. And you guys won’t be in again?
            Q. No.
            A. To have a talk.
            Q. No.
            A. I’ll miss yas.

          • Yes Mary, it’s a chilling and disturbing interview. I must remember to explore the issue with Jacqui Lambie’s office which I lobby from time to time. I think JL has been hijacked and derailed unfortunately.

  4. Mary, not so long ago there was mention of a very high read count on one of your articles on Bryant.
    What was the track back on the pedigree of that interest?
    Perhaps a Facebook community investigation page seeking whistle blowers and justice for Martin Bryant should be enacted.

  5. Today is Queen’s birthday here in SA. I believe the queen is 89 this year. Goodonya, Your Majesty.

    How’s about putting Wendy Scurr on the Queen’s honor list for telling the truth about Port Arthur? If everybody would start telling the truth about things, instead of living like the bunch of liars and fools that we are, we could have a really nice day today. And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the next day, etc.

    A child who is born this year will be 89 in the Year 2104.
    Fancy that, the twenty-second century.

    What will be happening then? Who will be in charge? Will they still be saying “Martin Bryant did Port Arthur?” No, they won’t. Surely the tomfoolery couldn’t last that long. So let’s get a jump on the whole thing right now in 2015.

    Give Wendy a gong.

      • “Goodonya, Your Majesty” HA HA HA, “If everybody would start telling the truth about things” HA HA HA, If you had a clue of any truth, even a hint you would certainly not be typing “Goodonya, Your Majesty” Mr Brooks it would appear you haven’t a clue whats been going on and is still going on in full swing!!!!

          • Damn right i have! I guess these criminals gets me a little wound up some days, my apologies. There were a bunch of elements in Mary’s piece that left me a little in shock!

          • Hey Mary, just for appetizers, its not her birthday, and sprinkle a little of their name is not Windsor, then through in some she is a fraud and had her own sister murdered, oh the list is breathtaking and you use the term “tomfoolery” is that what we call mass murder these days, and get a load of the poppy symbolism for our own slaughtered boys, that was their trade for a very long time and it continues today, that’s why they laugh their sick hearts out at us all behind closed doors and and and!!!!!

          • Mary, that’s a point that i could only dream of being true and you may be correct, although i doubt it as psychopaths and sociopaths and narcissists, tend to find a way to at least have a snicker at that very moment they should be feeling pain, otherwise they would not stand where they do!

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