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Ursula Is a Breath of Spring


By Mary W Maxwell

Ursula Haverbeck is an 86 year old lady of Germany who who does not want to die until she has straightened out the fact that Germans didn’t actually do many of the things they were accused of.


Myself, I’m a Yankee who wants to say that my country did plenty of things that it hasn’t yet been accused of! So, Ursula and I have in common that untruths get on our nerves. The fact that Americans committed atrocities in WWII can more or less be deduced from the fact that they’re still committing them even as we speak, wouldn’t you say?

Remember the US Senate Report on Torture dated December 2014? Nothing has (yet) come of it. But it must, it must!  My desire to air my — and everybody’s — dirty laundry is so we can face up to what we do. If we keep denying our sins there is no basis on which to turn a horrible situation around.

Gumshoe recently carried Greg Maybury’s review of Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War, by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor. That book is life-changing.

The authors have got it down to a science. A handful of men, among them the young Winston Churchill (b 1874) and Victoria’s son Bertie, made WWI happen, behind the scenes.

Those persons had the unbelievable arrogance to decide that England would trick Germany into a war, and that their own countrymen were to be treated like idiots. (Millions died, remember.) And that we would have it all shoved down our throats by way of false stories. To get your History Exam marked “A,” you had to say that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand is what started the Great War.

It’s likely that the under-the-table business started a lot earlier than 1891, which is where the book Hidden History begins. I venture to guess it started with the Emperor Justinian, or, to take a later figure, with William Cecil who may have been the boss of Queen Bess. (Can a monarch be bossed? Um. How many divisions has the king?)

Ursula Haverbeck has not yet caught up with the Docherty-Macgregor tome, but she has fastened on a publication of 2000 that remained in somebody’s drawer till 2013, Commandant’s Orders. It’s a printout of a 1940 set of instructions to the German staff at Auschwitz, on how to treat prisoners.

She acknowledges that the inmates of concentration camps were slaves making armaments.  The Auschwitz book lays out the punishment for any guard who strikes a worker (much less rapes her). As Ursula says, the reason for this is that the workers were needed. She therefore says it is not plausible that her compatriots starved or tortured the prisoners.

In the interview below, a Panorama TV spokesperson throws every possible question at her and she holds up very well with her argument. I’d like to see an 86-year old ex-prisoner of the Nazi regime have it out with her, man to man.

It was in the news yesterday that Ursula’s home has now been raided by the police. She has, of course, flouted the great taboo known as “Holocaust denial.” (That also includes the crime of “Holocaust minimization,” don’tcha know. If you say the number was five million, not six million you could find yourself behind bars.)

I was surprised when she mentioned that about 2,000 people have gone to jail for the “denial” crime each year, since 1994 when the law got passed. Who is paying those prisoners bed and board? The German taxpayer?

It’s such a ridiculous crime. Who thought it up? Practically everyone I know who is protesting the EU laws against Holocaust denial (e.g., in Adelaide, Fredrick Toben and Peter Hartung) says these laws were arranged by “the Jews.”

Cal me eccentric but I say no. I say Jews are victims of this stupid law. Surely Jews today do not want there to be any such law, but they perhaps do not know how to fight it. When I say “Jews” here I mean Mom and Pop, not the leaders of this or that organization, or Sarkozy, etc.

It is surely an embarrassment to Academe that there is so little protest at the existence of any law that forbids discussion of ANY subject whatsoever! But one that forbids challenges to the party line about a government’s behavior? Oh my.  And in regard to wartime behavior? Oh my, my.

I will put the 47-minute interview here, for which English speakers can mute the audio and read the subtitles. But Ursula has also made a 5-minute Youtube video in English that you may enjoy. It’s fun to see a person of any age being so feisty.



  1. a breath of Spring- you both are!
    ……..and anyone else who speaks out on injustice and have a desire to know ‘the full story’!
    Too many of our so called intellegent adult population just don’t give a @#$!!

    • Get a load of this. ABC.net.au. a few minutes ago posted:

      “Under the proposal from Victoria Police, counterterrorism officers would be able to apply for Community Protection Intervention Orders (CPIOs) for anyone deemed to have been radicalised, even if they were not planning an attack or preparing to fly overseas.

      People under CPIOs could be banned from using the internet, face restrictions on their movements and associates, live under curfews and be forced to enrol in de-radicalisation programs.”

      Would that be me, you, Dee, etc? I can’t wait to hear what they do to folks in a de-radicalisation program. Let’s see who is going to offer a definition of a radical? And note, this suggestion is not about what a legislature can decide but what Police can decide!


  2. Ursula Haverbeck certainly does manage the interview with charm and objective reason.
    It would be of interest to know more about how widely the interview was broadcast.
    Her age and female demeanor seems to have disarmed the journalist allowing her to make a case that is very rarely discussed in polite public circles.

    I often contemplate that the German Nation could be very vulnerable to dangerous manipulation if the curtain of lies was removed and blamed on ….. maybe Russia!!!!
    How would Germans react if all of a sudden the Nation was flooded with the truth that their culture had been totally slandered with fake history for eighty years.
    Russia could easily be put in the frame because the Soviet Union was very instrumental assisting the Zionist lobby to manufacture the “Hollywood Holocaust”. All the alleged “death camps” were in Soviet territory.

    The “Jewish Identity” power faction has managed to conscript most Western people to join in the chanting for prosecuting “hate crimes”. It is true that this is a mob fear dynamic where the chorus of “crucify him, or her” is achieved through conditioned and classical sorcery techniques.

    This documentary study of the Ernst Zundel struggle for justice and freedom set out the perpetrators, the methods and the results of speaking truth to lies in our time.

    What would be the political impact on Australian politics and society if the whole Martin Bryant truth unraveled suddenly and shocked Australians into deep reflection.
    Pauline Hanson was prepared to entertain discussion on the Bryant case, if my memory serves me correctly, which would explain why she had to be removed from public credibility.

    Mary, you are very correct in identifying the Martin Bryant case as deserving far more attention than it presently receives from Australian alternative media. The terms “Martin Bryant” and “Port Arthur Massacre” are fixed in Australian political vernacular with toxic coatings similar to the terms “Holocaust” or “Auschwitz”.
    One of the most basic first steps to unravel spells is to repeat the words publicly but in a form that neutralizes the power.
    I trust readers here can contemplate and understand this antidote for spells without my having to write the book.

    • Christopher, that is pretty funny about “Russia.” I can see how you may think a people would get stirred up with anger, but does any people ever get stirred up with anger anymore? As Ned is fond of pointing out, it has been known for many years that Gladio did the 1980 bombing of the Bologna railway station (and it may be that Gladio-types have done all the famous bombings; they’ve cornered the market on bombings, so to speak). Yet where is the anger of the Italian populace?

      If the Germans (or anyone) feel that they have been hoodwinked, I think the right party to blame is their dear selves. Surely that’s what I feel about us. Each week Dee tells us some new horror about the TPP or MH17, etc. The national reaction is “Duh.” (or maybe “Give me more! Kick me! I love it!”)

      Going on the insights presented by Yuri Bezmenov (thanks be to Ed Griffin for interviewing this Soviet defector, who had been in charge of demoralizing the US young people), it looks like the bosses understand human nature very well.

      Still, if you would like good news, Sir, I think the Big Planners are over-confident. Short of using massive attack (which, of course they may do), they just can’t accomplish all they have set out to accomplish. They are in it over their heads.

      David Rockefeller turns 100 this Friday. Surely he is sick of the whole damn thing?

      If you can think of outlets where Dee McLachlan and I can distribute our book (which is a hoot), pray tell.

      • Mary, I am not suggesting the Germans or wider European population are going to recover their thirst for independent thinking, my contemplation is that adjusting the MSM version could be a method of stirring the Germans to tackle Russia.
        There are a host of passions and historical wounds that can be exploited in that part of the world if the propaganda Jukebox makes the particular selection.

        I would be greatly interested to hear some competent informed debate on the interpretations in this powerful documentary “Hellstorm.”

        • Christopher, just to get a taste of it, I flipped to Minutes 26-29. I reckon I have “competence” to discuss this bit. Viz., if you are suggesting that this behavior by the Russians is “Russian” behavior, I can say it is just plain human behavior. ANYONE is liable to engage in it. One thing I have learned from my friends who are alumnae of MK-Ultra, is that after they force you to do your first murder, the subsequent ones come easy.

          I once read an American soldier in Vietnam saying that he was shown a straw man (literally, a fake body, made of straw) on a bed and was told to bayonet it. Of course he was squeamish but he went ahead. Next day he was asked to bayonet a real man on the same bed. He was assured that this man had done awful things and was a dangerous enemy so that he had to do it.

          He did it. Later he found that he did it again with some ease, partly because if he hesitated instead he would feel guilty about the previous one. So maybe we all do this. I don’t mean kill, but some lesser sin. We try to bravado our way through it, all in the service of sparing the discomfort of guilt. Could this be how, say, Henry Kissinger, avoids any doubt about genocides?

          As for the gruesome horrors in this documentary, is there really a significant difference between shooting the enemy dead, and doing it in a more bestial way? Is the shooting method “nice”? Just between us (and our million readers I hope), I would put greater blame on, say, a high court judge who screws his country with pen and ink in the comfort of chambers, than a soldier caught in war who is told to do horrors.

  3. Awesome article. I myself was born in Germany to German parents who migrated to Australia after the war. As a child, I was exposed to racial vilification by many Australians, adults, teachers and children. I was told I was evil, war mongering and deserve everything I got. Not a day went by where I did not have to physically defend myself from assault on my way to or from school. Adults and officlaldom simply were not interested.
    This treatment generated within me a quest during my lifetime, to discover the truth, to do so, I started by joining the Australian defence force and found myself in Vietnam defending Australia from the supposed ravages of hordes from Asia who were intent upon invading Australia and spreading their evil Communism here. We were seen off, by no less that the Mayor of Townsville and ever Christian denomination head at their various churches in Townsville. I distinctly recall everyone of these alleged Christians telling us all we were doing Gods work. LOL. Seriously.
    My arrival in Vietnam at the ripe old age of 18 years of age was the beginnings of my quest to find the truth, and within three months I learnt that everything we had been told by the authorities in Australia, and that includes the so called Christian churches and their leaders, WAS A LIE ! Many Vietnamese I spoke to had not even heard of Australia before our involvement, and would not even know where in the World Australia was.
    Every day I saw the what the Vietnamese people had been treated by the French for nearly a hundred years of occupation and it turned my insides. Whilst the indigenous people lived in mud huts with no running water/sewerage/electricity/compacted mud floors, the French lived the high life in two story mansions fashioned on the South in the U.S. with all the mod cons and used the Vietnamese as slave labor to grow rich and fat upon.
    I understood very quickly, what was the motivator for the Vietnamese people to fight and die to regain control and liberty for themselves of their own country. Indeed, if I were Vietnamese and in their place, I would have done exactly the same thing.
    From those days, I have vowed to research history to discover the truth, and am pleased to say, the truth is becoming more and more illuminated for me every day, and especially since the advent of the internet, which has been a tremendous boost.
    Regarding Germany and the fabled 6 thousand alleged victims of the camps.
    I understand why no one is allowed to discuss or even whisper about this subject. because to do so, will destroy the fable, and if that’s done, a lot of other things will also go down with it.
    For example, I believe Germany is NOT AN INDEPENDENT NATION, I also believe, Germans did not write their Constitution, or the majority of their laws, they were all done by the occupying power, and it is they who control Germany today.
    Back to the fable 6 million, I need some serious explanations as to why this figure seems to mysteriously keep popping up everywhere, ESPECIALLY BEFORE WW 2. My research over the last 20 years informs me, via copies of readily available newspaper clippings from Europe, and in particular, Germany, that the Jews in Europe declared war on Germany well before WW 2 even started. As a basis, they too, utilized the mysterious 6 Million figure to justify their aims. The question I have is how could there have been 6 million Jews killed in pogroms against them BEFORE WW 2 even started ? To this date, I have found no reasonable explanation. However, that 6 million figure keeps cropping up in all sorts of locations in Europe, all before WW 2, which leads me to believe, there must have been one hell of a lot of Jews in Europe before all this alleged killing started.
    I have archived these reports on an annual basis which are now on Disc, and to research them and post them would require some time. However, should anyone be interested, I’d be quiet happy to do this.
    In closing I will post these web addresses wherein a sample of events in the past have been talked and written about.
    April 30, 2015
    Is Germany a Sovereign Nation?
    By Michael Collins
    Germany houses thousands of U.S. troops at over 20 military bases and follows Obama’s lead on foreign policy no matter how harmful to Germany. Is Germany a sovereign nation?
    Germany’s failed attempts to get its gold back from the US ‘opens question of its sovereignty’
    Published on War Is A Crime .org (http://warisacrime.org)
    davidswanson’s blog > U.S. Out of Germany
    Institute for Historical Review
    President Roosevelt’s Campaign To Incite War in Europe:
    The Destruction of Ethnic Germans and German Prisoners of War in Yugoslavia, 1945-1953
    The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
    Hoover Institution Archives
    The Origins of World War 2
    US nuclear bombs will remain in Germany
    American nuclear weapons will not be removed from Germany, despite their departure being a long-term aim of the German government, it has emerged.

    This last one is a doozy, demonstrating very well, who controls and has last say in Germany.
    I wonder when Germans will wake up, if they ever will. Maybe when the Russians nuk them as a direct result of their actions via their masters in the Whitehouse ?
    I would love to have a serious debate about this mysterious 6 million figure, the facts as they stand will very quickly knock it out of the credibility ring, and the People behind this LIE, are very much aware of that, that’s why any debates must be legislated against and stopped before it can even begin.
    Once the Pandora’s box is opened, there’s no going back.

    • Dear Eddy, Thank you for the links. Do you recall in the 1980s ABC-TV did a miniseries called “The Alien Years”? It was about a farmer in the Barossa Valley who was imprisoned as an alien (here in SA) during WWI.
      It’s fictional, but knowing what we now know about that war (see Docherty, “Hidden History”), I would guess the point was to make sure everyone looked upon the Germans as bad. (A bit hard to do in SA where Germans are well-respected!)

      Two excellent books – by Barsten, and Pepper — about the lifetime persecution of James Earl Ray (the patsy in the assassination of Martin Luther King), show how the media and the courts grabbed every opportunity to “teach” us about the badness of James and his brothers. It’s a wonder they didn’t say his mom was a prostitute. I am not saying the Alien Years TV show did that. Rather, it portrayed the injustice of it.

      My desire to protect Jews comes partly from having read “The Plot against America” by Philip Roth (he of “Portnoy’s Complaint” fame). In it we see that a rumor is spread about the Jews, and Americans are therefore asked to turn them in, or practice restrictions on them. I can just see this happening in real life! So I get antsy about Internet accusations that “Jews” did 9-11.

      On the other hand I will be happy to see a full-blown investigation of any such theory. The accused-by-innuendo should wish to clear their name.

  4. Ursula and Robert Parry have a very different interpretation of history. What is the explanation?
    There are many interesting questions posed if the world view of Putin, Parry and Haverbeck were compared and analyzed to determine what forces and at play and where lies truth.

    Parry writes “They can’t hold back this reflex even as the world stopped this week to recall the Nazi barbarity that claimed the lives of some six million Jews as well as other minorities.”

    Russia played a key role in fabricating the Auschwitz legends and I am not expecting Putin to set the record straight.
    The Russian Government joins Europe and the US in the continued propagation of the only political/historical attitude that is punished by imprisonment in many European countries, extradition from the US and jail terms in Australia under “hate laws” legislation.
    “Holocaust Denial” is illegal in Russia.

    Who is being protected by all these laws?

    If Russia is totally real genuine enemy of the US they could undermine the integrity of US power and tell the truth.

    Obviously power is more complex and Russia and the US are beholden to compromising dictates.

    Understanding and predicting events relies as much on grasping the particular perceptions and pedigree of beliefs, as much as sifting truth from lies.

    David Irving has a multitude of lectures based on his published research that reference original source material to untangle a better balance in interpreting WW2 events.
    David Irving was jailed in Austria for his sins.

    • Dear Christopher, I don’t think you’re correct about it being “the only political attitude punished by imprisonment” (I believe Poland has 1988 “Act Regarding National Remembrance”), but I can’t research this at the moment. However I put a few keywords into Google and look what popped up:
      The Law on Declaring the Communist regime in Bulgaria as Criminal declared in Article 1.1 that “BCP is responsible for the rule of the state from 9 September 1944 until 10 November 1989, which led the country to national catastrophe.” Article 2 enumerated ten specific responsibilities of BCP: “annihilation of the traditional values of the European civilization”, “violation of basic human rights and freedoms”, “dealing with the deputies of the 25th National Assembly” and many others through the mechanism of the so-called People’s Court; “the moral and economic decline of the state”; “the directive management of the economic life”; abolishment of “the right to property”; “encroachment upon the religious liberty”; “unceasing terror against those, who disagreed with the system”; “abuse with the upbringing, education, science and culture for political and ideological purposes”; “ruthless destruction of the nature”.

      I like the bit about “the so-called People’s Court.” Judith Shklar would have liked that, in light of her overview of the Moscow Show Trials, in her “Legalism” (1964).

      Christopher, You’ve asked the right qq “who is being protected by these laws?” Yet by a stretch of the imagination the purpose of the laws could be something other than protection. It could be just to mess up minds. Conditioning. Stress. Etc.

      Canada is about to pass a law C-51 against free speech. I saw, in your youtube item, that Zundel won his case at the Canadian Supreme Court re the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of expression “irrespective of content.”
      Took him only a cool 9 years to go through the courts.

      • Mary, you missed the rest of my sentence…”the only political/historical attitude that is punished by imprisonment in many European countries”.
        Regarding Ernst Zundel, after years fighting in the courts he was then jailed for about seven years.
        Martin Bryant has been in prison for around 19 years.
        How is this possible? What is the solution?
        Lies make it possible. Truth is the solution.
        This is why it is important to be fearless and get to
        the root of all things and clear away the distracting
        sorcery that is designed to freeze us in uncertainty
        and fear.

  5. Its interesting that they didn’t take the tack of calling her a batty old lady and marginalizing here the way they do others. Their fear is that she is articulate, appealing, and actually remembers. Those who actually remember are the most dangerous to the Tribe and their “project”.

  6. i first became interested in the site due to Dalia’s work on 9/11. However I soon noticed more and more speculative vague stories cropping up. I have started to think this site is the type of disinformation site ironically of the type so often decried by the very authors of this site! I know- weird right?

    Whatever the links between global banksters and the nazi’s (yes we know about Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman) whatever the questions over the figure of 6 million killed (yes it is likely conflated and can be legitimately contested), there is no doubt that the Nazi’s were unspeakably evil, killed MILLIONS of Jewish and non Jewish people- and created hellish concentration slave labour/death camps on an industrial scale never seen before or since.

    My Grandfather was one of the first allies into Bergen-Belsen- he saw the mountains of corpses with his own eyes and photographed them. There is an absolute abundance of footage of Nazi’s involved in truly mass scale killings: actual film footage! There is also an abundance of witness testimony. There is the known virulent antisemitism of the Nazi’s that lead to it- Crystalnacht, etc and on and on. All of this definitely happened regardless of what globalists cabal exactly was pulling the strings at the highest globalist levels!

    To claim that some vague alleged ‘manual of behavior’ for guards at Auschwitz disproves the Holocaust occured is simply beyond absurd. To say that because a certain government agency or a jewish group ‘efused to discuss’ gas chambers with you- means that there mustn’t have been any- is not rational- and is not evidence of anything! And to simply ignore the mountains of evidence to the contrary is simply beyond ignorant.

    This site now promotes mysteriously vague ‘mind zappers’, passive-aggressive holocaust denial- and flirts with ‘directed beam energy weapons’, and ‘micro-nukes’! This stuff is rubbish! It muddies the water- and dangerously puts real provable conspiracies right alongside crazed paranoid half notions devoid of any actual evidence. This is where I suspect deliberate misinformation- and an attempt to tar all ‘conspiracy theorists’ with the lunacy of ‘Elvis is on the Moon’, and the ‘Planet Nibiru is coming’- etc is at play – whether knowingly or unknowingly!

    Think I am being paranoid? Others have noticed a similar pattern with disinformation and 9/11- notably Kevin Ryan – who wrote an excellent article about it recently. He is a researcher who always offers detailed evidence to back up his work- he is methodical and his work is rooted in the real provable world- not lost in paranoid fantasies and vague assertions:

    here is the article – it is an interesting read:


    I don’t need to remind readers of this site about Cass Sunstein and his ideas about ‘cognitive infiltration’?

    Well- On this site- if you read the 9/11 columns- and follow the writings of the evangelical ‘truther de-bunkers’ you will notice a strong pattern: they have a very special vitriolic scorn for rational, fact-based ‘truthers’ like Richard Gage, David Chandler, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Ryan, Lynn Margulis, etc – who they dismiss with straw man arguments, ad hominen attacks and ‘general evasive bullshit’. However, weirdly- whilst they are against all ‘truthers’ as such- they say the likes of Judy Wood, Gordon Duff, Dmitri Khalezov etc- are at least- to them (the debukers)- the more ‘rational’ ‘truthers’. In fact these guys theories are pure BULLSHIT- and almost certainly disinformation agents!

    This is VERY telling! VERY!

    It says to me the ‘debunkers’ are exactly what they are accused of being on this site: disinformation agents! Their job is to attack all ‘truthers’ and try to convince them they are wrong: however failing this (as they know they often will)- their second job is to ‘muddy the waters’ and push the ‘truthers’ towards demonstrably false conspiracy theories. To herd the recalcitrant ‘truthers’ towards paranoid delusion…. As we know- this only makes it all the easier to dismiss ALL ‘conspiracy theorists’ as paranoid delusional crazies- just as we (arche)typically see in Hollywood films, etc.

    • Thank you for your comment Jaques. Very important one. I too am concerned that vague assumptions are creeping in. Being a filmmaker and having seen footage of corpses and the like piled up. Atrocities were done. I am trying to keep my path vigilant and on focus. I am aware that people will try derail thought and process – but this is a site for many people.

      9-11 is an easier one for me. I saw it on TV. I accepted the mainstream media view for a while then did my own research, video analysis and came to conclusions. When it is historical – we have to rely on past authors… rely on past accounts. How does an individual check this. Also – myths and lies can easily develop – and by the nature of things – the opposite myth can easily develop too. I prefer to comment only when I have at least feel studied in the topic. I do get concerned when speech or speaking about something becomes criminalized. David Cameron threatens the same for 9-11 truthers.

      With regard to way out theories like mind zappers…. I listen to material that makes this site look like kindergarten school. I think there is so much to know… and understand. I try remain open and sane at the same time. The principal motivation is to reach out for a greater understanding of what is actually happening. Comments like that will keep us alert.

      And yes, people in the past have posed as supporters – but were definitely dis-info agents. This has happened and will probably continue. I am watching.

      • thanks for the detailed reply Dalia. I just watched some of the video above- and some of what the lady says in defense of her argument is flimsy to say the least. She notes the good nutritional advice given in a Nazi manual on how to run concentration camps- then asks if murderous people could make such a manual. Now- I am sure the CIA has published documents stating that they do not commit murders- or ‘suicide’ people but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it!

        She also notes that almost everyone had to work in the War effort, herself included- not just prisoners- and concludes that therefore there was nothing exceptional about forced labor in the camps. There is a big difference between being a German citizen and working in a wartime factory making bombs- and being a slave worked/starved/gassed to death in a concentration camp!

        She goes on to note ‘a US expert’ on Gas chambers who traveled to Aushwitz and said ‘there are no ovens!’ Well that ‘expert’ was a well known eccentric who inherited his fathers business of servicing death row gas chambers and electric chairs in the US: Fred Leuchter. Like his father he was self taught and had no special expertise in Nazi gas chambers! He had no idea what he was talking about when he traveled to Aushwitz- and later made a fool of himself giving holocaust denial testimony to applauding Neo-Nazi’s in Bavaria!

        The man was so bizarre Errol Morris made a documentary about him called ‘Mr Death’. It’s a great film by the way:

        This was all I watched of Ms Haverbech’s video- I am sure I didn’t tune in just as she made some inaccurate statements. I feel sure her entire theory and argumentation is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

        This lady is Not a Breath of Spring- She is a Holocaust Denier and Winter is just setting in.

        BTW- I agree that she should be free to spout whatever nonsense she wants. I am all for free speech. Doesn’t mean I won’t judge her for her words.

        • Jaques, what is your reference for the statement that Leuchter said “there were no ovens”?
          I suspect you invented that quote.
          All of Leuchters forensic conclusions have been confirmed by several separate scientific investigations.
          This research is contained in the Revisionist Series I linked.
          It is correct Leuchter only had tech school qualifications but he was recommended, after requests from the Zundel defence team to US State authorities, as an authority on gassing execution equipment.
          Like any person who has the courage to stand up and tell the truth in the face of power he suffered career and social assassination which destroyed his marriage and life prospects.
          Conversely, those who join the lynching parties to silence the views of Ursula or Zundel can generally be found in 5 star comfort dining with Presidents and the Rothschild gang.
          People who declare they would like free speech spend years in jail.
          Is this at all complicated?

          • Ok- I paraphrased and stretched the quote of Leuchter- but it was close to what he has said-in the video she says that he claimed it was scientifically impossible to use gas in the in the way history records at Auschwitz. However Leuchter did make totally unfounded claims that the ovens could only incinerate less than 200 people in a day (an area he admitted he had ZERO expertise in) and was left flummoxed when original Nazi documents from 1943 showed a figure of over 4000 people per day- PER oven. His assertions about the explosive nature of ZyklonB have also been refuted by basic science. And on it goes- none of Leucther’s theories hold water- his trip to Auschwitz was pseudo-science at best from an absolute amateur who did his work in an information vacuum. And to say he is the only expert on gas chambers in the world is an absurd falsehood: he isn’t an expert on them at all!

            Taking his new wife for their honeymoon to Auschwitz and leaving her the whole time in the car with a bottle of coca-cola may have had more to do with his marriage falling apart than any dark conspiracy… I don’t think the Rothschild’s had to bother engineering his downfall. As I understand it it was his association with Bavarian Neo Nazi’s and outrageous debunk-able holocaust denying claims that infuriated and alienated his employers. His contracts for electric chairs were halted.

          • Jaques, I didn’t say Leuchter was “the only expert on gas chambers in the world”.
            You have invented that statement.

            The basic thesis of the Leuchter Report was that the claimed buildings alleged to have been used as extermination gas chambers were an impossibility due to the chemical residue forensics and multiple physical design aspects.

            The following video reveals how the events, the language and the stories have been manipulated to distort what really happened. This is one of many well referenced reports that unravel the real experience in Concentration Camps.

    • jaques, I would be the first to agree sorting fact from fiction requires wading through some very murky ponds of disinformation and identifying the sharks requires exhaustive attention.
      War is a horrible business.
      The question is to discover what honestly happened.
      There is no doubting the horrible scenes at Belsen.
      The controversy surrounds what brought about the horror.
      Do you believe Ursula should be allowed to ask questions and challenge information she believes is false without being declared a criminal and possibly put behind bars?
      Surely you would agree that only liars wishing to keep their lies hidden would be afraid of fully open debate and discussion on any subject.
      Don’t laws to put people in jail for wishing to explore a point of view or interpretation of history arouse your suspicion?
      Have you studied the Zundel trial transcripts?
      Have you listened to David Irvings lectures or read any of his books?
      Where do you think legal standard evidence resides that proves the “extermination thesis”?
      Have you read the very informative Jean-Claude Pressac’s book, “AUSCHWITZ: TECHNIQUE AND OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS”?
      Have you read any of the comprehensive holocaust revision series that is never debated, just ignored or banned?

      • Dear Jacques, I quote your comment:
        “They say the likes of Judy Wood, Gordon Duff, Dmitri Khalezov etc- are at least- to them (the debukers)- the more ‘rational’ ‘truthers.’

        Gumshoe has a really good search engine. I just tried finding each of those 3 names, no luck.
        Were you referring to a different website?

        • No I was referring to this site- and- I just typed ‘jaques’ and then ‘el camo’ into that really good search engine- and got ZERO results, no luck… It appears it does not search the comment section?

    • Mary, I get a little worked up with the constant reference to Hitler’s Concentrations camps, ALLEGED never seen before or after. Such a statement flies in the face of reality and, dare I say it, Ignorance.
      May I politely suggest a tiny bit of research on this subject and the addition of the Boer War in your studies ?
      You may then discover who the first nation on this earth was, who introduced us all to concentration camps wherein mostly ordinary civilians women and children died as a direct consequence of the mal treatment they received from their captors. Sure they were not gassed, but effectivley there was no need to starvation and disease did the job for them, EXACTLY like it did to the same people in WW 2.
      Check out how the instigators were for this WAR CRIME, yet not a one was ever held accountable, indeed the history books claim they were wonderful statesman. Check out too Churchill’s part in that saga as well, kinda contradicts the historic record of a regal statesman. LOL

      • I have been to 4 of the holocaust museums; Jerusalem, Berlin, Washington DC, and Dallas, TX. They seem authentic to me. The first 3 are very atmospheric. I was not skeptic-minded when I visited them years ago. But I went skeptically to Dallas in 2014. It consist mainly of texts which are shown on the wall, very enlarged, in German of course but with a translation next to them which is likely honest. Can only say that my gut feeling was that the stories were genuine.
        Eddy, you want me to learn that the Brits did similar to the Boers. I say so what. We all do it. We are a genocidal species. And why assume that the Brits got there first in 1899? What about Genghis Kahn? What about Nero? Maybe we have been doing it since Adam and Eve and Steve.
        Making one nation sound worse than the other is going to have zilch effect, or negative effect, on solving the problem. Better, as Christopher says, to get on the case that is happening today. The incarceration of Martin Bryant in Australia is very sick. Furthermore, getting him released is a do-able.

        • Mary, many years ago when I was first made aware of the incredible false interpretation of the German Concentration Camp I visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.
          I still have the material I collected on file, mostly print out material for school excursions which are a big part of these facilities purpose.
          The children were being informed about “Jewish soap” and “human skin lamp shades” along with massive electrocution chambers with tilting floors on to conveyors to take the dead to industrial furnaces.
          No historian claims any of these tales as anything but wartime and postwar atrocity propaganda.
          Holocaust Museums are designed and function using the very best techniques of a sorcerer.
          Music, haunting voices, spectacular effects and much more like the Wizard behind the curtain.
          The Museums all use the same visual formulas and themes that have been established by Hollywood and TV.
          There were real horrors experienced in the Concentration Camp system during typhus outbreaks and particularly in the final months of the war when German infrastructure and supply lines totally collapsed as a result of allied bombing to achieve exactly that result.
          Responsibility in war is a very complex question.
          The “Hellstorm” video I have already referenced presents an account of the deliberately planned incineration bombing of German cities and the post war prisoner “camps” where terrible experience and treatment was also very evident.

          I am surprised you would term the Holocaust Museum formula as “authentic” when the devices at play are more akin to what you find in a Cinema. Like most of the information medium in education, publishing or broadcasting, it is not what is placed before our eyes and minds, it is the interpretation and the missing objectivity in context, perspective and the exclusion of conflicting alternative voices.

          How can a Holocaust Museum be authentic unless it includes a jail cell full of “Holocaust Deniers” who can speak to the visitors and relate their stories.

          One of the very powerful stories I read many years ago was Joseph Halow’s “Innocent at Dachau”. Joseph was a young court stenographer who relates his experiences during the Dachau war crime trials and later in his life he went back into the archives and also made contact with individuals who had been prosecuted by those trials.
          The most shocking aspect of his book which always sticks in my mind was that after appeals based on evidence collusion and fabrication organized by “professional witnesses”, many decisions and sentences were overturned but the Germans had already been executed despite an incredible race against time by honest parties.
          Holocaust Museums are particularly symptomatic of the corruption, deception and intimidation that is wrapped around most of the “information” in our society.

          The Richard Gage article that jaques linked is very worthy of some close analysis and contemplation, particularly the comments following the article. A conference could be based around all the issues that are manifest and openly stated.

          Kevin Barret weighs into the discussion defending UK researcher and author Nicholas Kollerstrom’s statement that….
          “Let us hope the schoolchildren visitors are properly taught about the elegant swimming-pool at Auschwitz, built by the inmates who watched the water-polo matches [6]; and were shown paintings from its art class, which still exist; and told about the camp library which had some forty-five thousand volumes for inmates to choose from, plus a range of periodicals; and the six camp orchestras at Auschwitz/Birkenau, its the theatrical performances, including a children’s opera, the weekly camp cinema, and even the special brothel established there. Let’s hope they are shown postcards written from Auschwitz, some of which still exist, where the postman would collect the mail twice-weekly. Thus the past may not always be quite, as we were told. “

          Kollerstrom’s statement is supported by the factual documents that are easily accessed yet Richard Gage seems totally ignorant of this information.

          Red Ice Radio have a very excellent interview with Kollerstom about his book “Breaking The Spell”. I like the title.
          The very important reference related in this interview include
          discussions surrounding the three primary sources of archive documents about Auschwitz that are consistent.
          1, Red Cross reports
          2. British communications intercepts
          3. Auschwitz archives
          Those who are interested in genuine historical research can study and discover a great deal of detail about general camp life, disease epidemics, soccer, arts, musical activities, theatre productions and much more.

          Critical thinkers should understand that censorship and fear surrounding any subject is the methodology of establishing a cult.

          It is fascinating and bewildering to myself to read the exhortations from jaques and the likes of commenters on the Gage article participating in character assassinations with invented claims and non intellectual attitudes that expose they have a great deal of research ahead of them before they gain a full understanding of the full spectrum of the conspiracy against truth and how it functions.

          I have long held the view that the “Holocaust” frauds and their effects are a critical key to power in the western world where control is now mostly achieved without physical force or overt brutality. The few brave individuals who resist and challenge the sacred mind control are ostracized and removed from society.
          Consequently, a study of the subject is the “masters” degree in achieving an understanding of power, conspiracy and methods.

          • seriously- did you even read the article I referenced? If you did- in any detail whatsoever- perhaps you would have noticed it is NOT by Richard Gage (of AE911) but by Kevin Ryan?

            As to Kevin Barret’s comment at the end of the article: did you bother to read Kevin’s reply?

            It seems to me that you are guilty of exactly what you claim others do: selective cherry picking of information to suit your argument- whilst completely ignoring vast troves of information that refute it? To suggest that the horrors of the concentration camps was due to disease outbreaks and broken supply lines: is to entirely dismiss/forgive the widespread inhumanity of the Nazi system.

            Have you never heard of the SS Einsaztgruppen death squads? Have you seen the films they made of their own mass killings? Have you seen the photos of mountains of corpses at the concentration camps? The multi tonne piles of human hair, shoes, luggage and other personal affects? Have you read the accounts of the Aushwitz survivors? Have you watched the films of the first allies to reach the camps? Are you aware of Dr Mengele and his experiments on twins? Do you know about the euthanizing of deaf and otherwise disabled people mandated by the Nazi state? And on, and on, and on, and on it goes- the never ending horror of the Nazi regime. Simple fact.

            I really think you are deluding yourself if you think the entire history of WW2 has been pretty much fabricated. Some of the claims and figures are undoubtedly wrong- to the winner goes the spoils -and the first victim of war is the truth… BUT: The genocidal evil of the Nazi’s is an absolute fact. I find it deplorable that you would seek to minimize that reality.

          • I just have to add- your constant references to activities in the camps such as ‘soccer, arts, musical activities, theatre productions and much more’ are profoundly disturbing. It seems like you think they were holiday camps? Would you have been happy to have been interred? Do you believe ‘Arbiet Mein Frei’? Does work really make you free? You are not the first to make such tasteless claims- indeed we ca trace your argument all the way back to Nazi propaganda films produced during the War- such as this:

            I find it unsettling to think these films could still be influencing peoples minds some 70 years after the fact.

            Compare that image of the camps- an image the Nazi’s promoted at the time- to this footage of Aushwitz filmed by the Red Army on arrival:

            and then watch this film and ask yourself: in 2015 Do I believe the narrative of the first film- (100% actual Nazi propaganda), a narrative of camp life replete with ‘soccer, arts and much more’ -or- do I believe the testimony of Oskar Gröning-German SS-Private at Auschwitz:

            I know what I believe and it isn’t the old nazi propaganda. I imagine you will simply assume without evidence that Oskar is some kind of Globalist/Banker/Zionist propaganda agent? Perhaps he is… and perhaps Planet Nibiru is really on the way.

    • Jacques says that I promote “mysteriously vague mind zappers.”

      Is this item fake? I am willing to swear on a stack of Bible that I saw a similar item being used on a woman in USA in 2010, “nonconsensually” as they say. These ones attack only the skin not the brain, but if you can do one you can do t’other.

      • that thing is real- and there are many other things even worse that it. However I was referring to an article you wrote here a while back about people who have ‘mind zappers’ implanted in their heads. Where is the evidence of such devices? And don’t tell me to go and read 1960’s psychology journals in a library again.

        • The facts are laid out clearly in Stuart Mackay’s 1968 book, Biomedical Telemetry. I see from worldcat.org that there are copies of that book in 30 libraries in Australia.
          I spoke to Jose Delgado when he was 94 yrs old and asked him how I could get help for my friend who has an unwanted Delgado iimplant in her brain. He said “I am sorry but all my colleaugues are too old, i do not know how you can get help.” He did not say “You are making the whole thing up.”
          Jaques, as I said, Delgado published quite openly about what he was doing but if you don’t want to look at journals you won’t be able to get proof.

          • o lord- really Mary? Delgado’s work, and his ‘stimoceivers’ are absolutely and in no way proof that some random guy in NZ has one implanted in his head by unknown actors for unknown reasons. It is absurd to even suggest it. Can a victim show a scan of his implant? Is there any physical evidence at all?

            As to what you extrapolate from his comments to you- I don’t see it at all. He may have being saying in a polite way “I cannot help you- because your claim is utterly ridiculous- and I don;’t really know what you are talking about- go away”… I had a look at some of the sites where people claim to suffer from these implants: I immediately formed the opinion that these folks are sadly delusional. Until any actual evidence comes along I won’t be changing that view…

          • I agree that Delgado’s published work does not prove something about “some random guy in New Zealand.” How would it?

            Here is a letter from a proper doc in NZ. I guess you could phone him if you felt so inclined.

            Letter from Dr. M. E. Godfrey M.B.B.S., F.A.C.A.M.,
            Environmental & Preventive Medicine, to Mrs. Janine Jones,
            Holdens Bay, Rotorua 28 June 1998

            Dear Mrs. Jones,
            Having seen copies of your x-rays and the Radiologist’s report,
            I am sure that you do indeed have two identical looking foreign
            objects, centrally placed deep to the frontal bones and in close
            proximity to the frontal lobes of the brain. I have never seen
            anything like these objects on an x-ray. They are radio-opaque,
            metallic, and certainly could be “electronic”. I will do whatever I
            can to help you find a surgeon who could either remove them or
            prevent them from stimulating your brain, if the latter is, indeed,
            the more appropriate course of action. [signature] M. E. Godfrey

  7. Speaking of the great biologist Lynn Margulis, she said in 2007: “The 9/11 tragedy is the most successful and most perverse publicity stunt in the history of public relations. I arrive at this conclusion largely as the result of the research and clear writing by David Ray Griffin. I first met him when he was a speaker at a scholarly conference unrelated to 9/11. He immediately impressed me as a brilliant, outstanding philosopher – theologian – author, a Whiteheadian scholar motivated by an intense curiosity to know everything possible about the world.


[Griffin’s book] “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions,” provides overwhelming evidence that the official story is contradictory, incomplete, and unbelievable. 

It is clear to me that David Ray Griffin and his fellow critics are correct: the 9/11 “new Pearl Harbor” was planned in astonishing detail and carried out through the efforts of a sophisticated and large network of operatives. It was more complex and far more successful than the Allende assassination, the US bombing of our own ship the “Maine” that began the Spanish-American war (and brought us Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines), the Reichstag fire that was used to justify the suspension of most civil liberties in Germany in the 1930’s, …


Whoever is responsible for bringing to grisly fruition this new false-flag operation, which has been used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as unprecedented assaults on research, education, and civil liberties, must be perversely proud of their efficient handiwork. Certainly, 19 young Arab men and a man in a cave 7,000 miles away, no matter the level of their anger, could not have masterminded and carried out 9/11: the most effective television commercial in the history of Western civilization.

I suggest that those of us aware and concerned demand that the glaringly erroneous official account of 9/11 be dismissed as a fraud and a new, thorough, and impartial investigation be undertaken.”

  8. It is fun to spar with you, Christopher. I can’t agree with you that each holocaust museum should have a room for deniers. Each book in the library, say about Mawson’s days in Antarctica, does not also have to the bigger picture of, say, geology. I can reach for another book on that topic. (I am assuming the holocaust museums are privately funded. If they are state-run then, yes, they have to allow challengers to their themes and exhibits.)

    A funny thing happened to me when I visited the Washington DC museum. This must have been in 2006 when I was running for Congress. So I goes down to the basement where they had a special exhibit on Euthanasia. Was I ever taken aback at the room devoted to Judge Holmes’ 1927 ruling on sterilization of misfits, in Buck v Bell. (Yes, I know I should call the Supremes “Justices” not “Judge” but I can no longer bring myself to mouth that particular lie. You know how it is, Christopher.)

    Anyway, the exhibit was there (apparently) to make us all decry what Holmes said, yet it was set up in such a way that one could easily read it as praising what he said!

    So then I asks for the Manager (a gorgeous older woman) and said “I would like to give you a book about another holocaust” (giving her Carol Rutz’s “A Nation Betrayed”). I can only say she recoiled at first, but did accept the book. One of the scenes in it is of a young lady who is being brought to sexual climax, and at that moment has her shoulder dislocated by the perpetrator. This was so the MK-Ultra team could study how a person can confuse pleasure and pain. Very scientific you know. To the best of my knowledge this MK-Ultra stuff came from Germany and many of the Nazi brass came along with it, to Texas, under Operation Paperclip. Much if that is now declassified.

    I am very pleased to hear Ursula Haverbeck say, so sensibly, that the loss of 2 million expellees from Breslau should not be suppressed, and also that German children shouldn’t be shown scenes of the death of Jews, over and over, “Just as British children should not be shown what the English did to the Irish” (she says) “because it is degrading for children’s minds.” I agree. This stuff should be taught maybe in last year of high school.

    Of course Americans should be shown pix of the Phoenix program in Vietnam. The US being a democracy (I use the term loosely), all of its citizens are responsible for the fact that holes were drilled through skulls of Vietnamese persons. (See Douglas Valentine’s books.) In my day I have met many, many Americans and I feel sure not one of them, not one, would have ticked the box to say Yes to the drilling of holes in people’s heads.

    Even IF it can be shown that Nazis tortured Jews (my guess is they did, aplenty), this can’t be laid at the doorstep of every German, can it? WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE HERE? That is the question.

    • OMG, OMG. I just went to the website of the United States Holocaust Museum and saw a headline about “Crimes against Humanity in Iraq.” I thought Wow, my peeps have finally woken up!
      Then I got the article and saw that it is ISIS, not your basic Seppos, who are doing the genocide. The chairman of the Museum’s Committee on Conscience is quoted as saying:

      “Widespread, systematic attacks against civilians targeted for their religious affiliation are crimes against humanity and represent a clear early warning sign of genocide…. The Iraqi government has a responsibility to protect all Iraqis from such crimes, and the international community should act to ensure that this responsibility is fulfilled.”

      But that’s not what I am OMG’ing about. It’s that I just found out who holds the chair of the Committee on Conscience.
      You’d better be sitting down.
      It is Michael Chertoff!

      OMG, OMG.

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