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Did PM Tony Abbott Reveal Terror Hotspots Deliberately?


terror hotspotsMap of the terror hotspots

Prime Minister Tony Abbott was filmed at an ASIO briefing yesterday. Television cameras showed Mr Abbott inspecting maps of terrorist-recruiting hotspots in Melbourne and Sydney – and now the Labor Party is demanding an explanation as to how this “blunder” of revealing “classified” documents occurred. Pleeease!

Revealing this map to the television cameras must have been a deliberate “we know where you are” theatrical display.




  1. My guess, but perhaps I’m pushing the envelope too far here, is that the maps are nonsense and that the point is to make the audience realize, a la December 15, 2014, that the action is not just in far-away places like Damascus and Bam (remember the Bam earthquake?), but right here at a supermarket near you.

    (Remember the Brabant supermarket massacres in Belgium?)

    I see there are now some alarmist Youtubes about the Hadron Collider, too. — Not to bring that up, of course.
    You can get there via a train from Bologna.
    Have a nice day!
    Why not holiday in Haiti? Or Fukushima?
    (Hmm. With friends like me, who needs Tony Abbott?)

    • Just wondering,
      What might happen if most, or all Muslim leaders and spokesmen, (and women), as one, publicly announced that the War on Terror is a fraud, enabled by an obvious false flag operation on sept. 11 2001 in New York.
      I have already rang and asked one Sydney ‘go to’ identity, initials K.T, and his answer was, “you know what happened to Charlie Sheen when he did that”.

      • Gary, your “wondering” on the “Muslim leaders” is one dimension I too have contemplated and explored over many years.
        When I have spoken to “Muslim association” desks you could believe the person on the other end has a gun at their head they are so nervous and reluctant to discuss what is really happening.
        Odd exceptions do exist.
        The explanation, one I had already concluded, is reinforced by the recent data leaks from the Saudi Arabian Government, published by Wiki-leaks, that reveal the flow of money to Muslim associations and publishers.
        The leaders in the Muslim communities are every bit as compromised and corrupted by money and power as our Liberal or Labor political parties, or for that matter, the clergy in Christian denomination Church associations.
        In fact it seems these people are gripped by deep fear of speaking out of order and they would be well aware they are being monitored.
        We can only speculate how extensive ASIO informants reach but I operate on the assumption that is consistent with the size of their budget.

  2. I did not pick the Washington terrorists ‘hot spot’ on the ‘intellegence’ map?
    “………Let us terrorise and destroy 7 countries in 5 years…” (:-)
    [refer: General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman March 2007 reporting on ‘the Pentagon plan’, pre 911; ‘Going to war sir, ……. Iraq ,Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran’]
    Now 14 years later, we are looking at certain suburbs and ‘destroying’ the local housing market !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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