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The Banks-That-Loaned-Money-To-Greece Bailout, Money Creation and Capitalism


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Greece has to pay €1.6bn to the IMF on 30 June. Without new funds, there are fears Greece may leave the euro and its economy may collapse (BBC report).

I met with Greg Buck early this morning to discuss the “Greek bailout”, money creation and capitalism.




    • Mr Buck, care for a spot of Wordsworth?

      The world is too much with us; late and soon,
      Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
      Little we see in Nature that is ours;
      We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
      The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
      The winds that will be howling at all hours,
      And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
      For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
      It moves us not. –Great God! I’d rather be
      A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
      So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
      Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
      Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
      Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn.

  1. This video tells me that Greg is a spokesperson (a propagandist?) for the “man-made global warming” crowd. In the latter 30% of the video, he is trying to make us angry that the corrupt and hypocritical powers that be are not doing the right things to tackle the “problem” of some supposed man-made global warming. He uses clever sophist language to make us think that he is just using climate change as an example but there is no denying what he really thinks. The clever sophist language is this – “Let’s say climate change is a real issue. Agree or disagree, let’s say it’s an issue.” This is followed by, “And let’s say there are certain things that are going to cause climate change to get worse and certain things that are going to mitigate the problem.” That’s an assumption of truth based on a previous assumption being true. If the climate question really is debatable and unproven as the words, “agree or disagree” imply, then why does he go into such detail on it, as if it were a verified fact?

    His stance is more clearly stated at about the 9:35 point in the video where he had previously said, ” … find solutions to all of our problems. We’ve got climate change, we’ve got over-consumption, we’ve got overpopulation …” No ifs or buts, here he said that climate change definitely is a problem. I agree on the point about over-consumption, especially in the 1st World. But since when has climate never changed? Is it something that remains static? And by what criteria is the world currently “overpopulated” by humans? True, we have starving people and shortages of clean drinking water in several places but surely these are more problems of under-development and an unequal distribution of wealth rather than simply “too many people using too much stuff” (to quote Ted Turner). What is the world’s ideal population, Greg? Your statements sound like they come straight from the Club of Rome.

    Finally, the coup-de-grace is at 12:55 when he says, ” … and when the planet’s melting”.

    What about the strong likelihood of a upcoming period of several decades of global cooling, or even a mini ice-age? Sun spot cycles predict such a thing happening and these cycles are much more predictable and accurate than the current computer models of global warming. Such global cooling WILL lead to large-scale starvation, unlike any mild global warming, whether acerbated by mankind’s activities or 100% natural.

    On the one hand, Greg comes across as an angry critic of the establishment because it doesn’t adhere to some hypothetical ideal model of capitalism, a-la John Stuart Mill, a model that never really existed in reality. Then, on the other hand, he shills for the man-made global warming movement, the pet project of the very banking establishment that he criticizes! Am I supposed to take this stuff seriously?

    • Dear Persecuted, Why don’t you give your real name?
      Beats me why anyone in these kinds of discussions would use a screen name.
      I don’t know (or care) what Greg’s overpopulation theory is, as I thought the analysis of Greek finance was the topic here, but now that you’ve said you have a better view on population I’d like to hear it.
      But only if I can put you in some kind of perspective. You say you are “persecuted.” Pray tell, in what regard?

      Calling Greg a shill (oh, come on) suggests that you are on a mission to undermine his excellent Greek stuff.

      Reveal! Reveal!

      • His Greek stuff is indeed excellent but it is more or less self-evident and nothing new for those of us who use the internet for current political information. Greg undermined himself with his “climate change” stuff.

        What my real name is should make no difference to the value of the views I express. “Persecuted” was a name I chose once for WordPress and they won’t seem to let me change it. When some of us expressed certain views a few years ago, we were persecuted & harassed, as in followed on the street, and worse. In fact, it still happens.

    • Persecuted – I have known Greg for 28 years. DON’T GET DISTRACTED.
      This was about money creation and capitalism.
      He is a propagandist for nobody.
      He treads lightly on the earth – rides a bicycle to work – and as he says – believe it or not. But I do know he thinks it might be bad news ahead. He has a right to have that view

      His point though… that the mechanism for the people making “their decisions” cannot operate in the system run by cronies and corrupt government.

      I did a degree in botany and can assess to some degree our ruining earths biodiversity and the possible consequences. Different to climate change. But same example applies. Cronies and mono-greed screw earth’s systems. The consequences of biodiversity can be much worse.

      I have interviewed climate scientists in Africa and reviewed their research. Africa is also effected by the 26K wobble / precession. Unfortunately, the climate change debate has been hijacked by EVERY QUARTER – including those saying nothing is changing. I believe almost everyone is wrong on the detail.

      I will eventually come around to dealing with it.

      • Dalia, I just wish he had stuck to the topic of banking and left “climate change” completely out of the discussion. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the terms “propagandist” and “shill” since those words imply a conscious effort to influence people, especially by deception. But regardless of Greg’s conscious motives, the effect was virtually the same, so I used those words to emphasize that point.

        I, too have a degree in science. But up until the “Climategate Affair” of November 2009, I had no doubts that what we were being told in the media about climate was true and accurate. It’s not that I had studied the topic and come to believe this – I simply accepted what we were told and didn’t disbelieve. Although I believed we were being deceived on many other issues, for some reason I felt that the topic of climate was an exception, i.e., was a scientific or sociological issue, not a political issue. How naive I was! After I saw all the hullabaloo about Climategate on the internet, I decided to seriously look into the topic and I can tell you i spent mega-hours researching it, including in the State Library in Sydney, not just on the internet. The end result is that I am absolutely certain that we have been knowingly fed fraudulent science and a massive public propaganda campaign has been waged against us. The amount of deception and propaganda behind this made me very sensitive to the topic, especially since I don’t like being taken for a sucker.

        The video below, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’, sums up the issue quite nicely. The link below that is to an article about Prof. Hal Lewis who, in his resignation letter to the American Physical Society, wrote the following words: “It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”


        • I absolutely agree that the whole debate of “global warming” has been hijacked. I think the biggest problem is that much of the science reflects specific data (from both sides). The problem is in a gaia system… the earth is continually compensating and adjusting for any changes. So saying the earth – air temperatures – are getting warmer or cooler means very little. As the earth is adjusting/compensating all the time. The one big concern is the temperatures of deep sea increase.
          But that too is a 3 hour discussion. But thanks for posting the above video. I have seen bits… but will watch the whole…
          Personally I can’t wait to get into this debate… when i have the time. As I have said… I have read posts on alternate sites that have been such superficial nonsense too, that they have done debate a disservice.

    • persecuted2, I agree with with you that Greg has presented some contradictions in his analysis.

      Greg articulates the absurdities of modern banking practice with a rare practical clarity exposing the sham of “debt money” created from thin air as a mechanism of control, not an accounting system subject to constituted honest audit.

      Catastrophe crisis scenarios have been part of the monopoly program all my lifetime and beyond, exaggerating real social, economic and ecological challenges and symptoms that are generally caused by concentrated power and it’s “money trick”.

      It’s a complicated political landscape when the “Green” world view and pedigree of ideas is examined, as Kevin Andrews MHR, writing in the Quadrant, provides a heavily referenced contribution towards unraveling the threads.

      The climate data has been subjected to regular manipulation and interpretation along with food, population and energy statistics.
      Two Australian academics who make a substantial contribution to research and publication on climate and energy issues are Jo Nova and Jennifer Marohasy.

      There are real ecological and social issues that constantly challenge human ability and morality to achieve deeper understanding and unlock solutions that secure a sustainable and contented existence.

      Predictions that streets filled with horse manure, noisy motor cars, population growth, energy depletion, ozone depletion, acid rain, food deficiencies, global warming, deforestation, animal extinctions and many other causes, that always advance policies of central planning and monopoly as solutions, need sober critical contemplation to sort fact from “money trick” manufactured sorcery.

      I believe the one of the greatest frauds played on humanity, next to the “money trick”, is the energy scarcity racket that is conditioned into our minds by the “green” symphony that generates complex meandering .layers of tones and emotions that play against each other with spectacular distracting and hypnotic results, bringing the public to a state of confused exhaustion where by they will throw their hard earned money at the “stinking rich” through “carbon” and “renewable” energy scams while oceans of almost costless oil, gas and coal are declared “evil”.


      This article contradicts our energy reality.

      What does this information mean about the integrity of the energy academics and the “environmental” zealots?
      It is easy to make a case that both are conspiring to impose central planning and slavery based on deception.
      If the general public fully understood energy freedom on a scale beyond imagination already exists, they would grasp why this freedom potential has been chained up by manipulating our perception of oil as dirty but forgivable as long as we all pay carbon sin taxes and allow energy to be locked up by war and environmental law while energy charges are sent through the roof with subsidies for the renewable sector.
      The sum result is central control and transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%.

      I am certain that discovering the truth in things requires constant self education, analytical thinking, regular openness towards reviewing my understanding of all subjects and the determination and preparedness to represent and defend truth as I perceive it, even if I am standing alone.

  2. My report to ABC Current Affairs desk this morning.


    Let’s be honest about the situation we now find ourselves!

    The Mafia Banking cartels are now in shock because the Greek Government went off script and have tipped up the monopoly board because they know the games is rigged and cheats are looting the world with their money trick which issues trillions from thin air as debt and demands the community keep paying under threat just like any Mafia operates to preserve it’s rackets.
    There is no racket that equals Banking for enriching the criminal cabals at the apex of the murderous game.

    Wealth has never been concentrating at a more rapid pace than is now taking place.

    War is waging on the Nations that would not submit to the crime gang behind the fraudulent “war on terror”.

    ISIS is made in USA to serve the agenda of the US empire.

    Fear and panic now threaten to infect the world economies as values of “markets” fall towards rendering the “debt” drenched players insolvent when their asset goes “under water”.

    The hidden and unaccountable derivatives bomb, said to be hundreds of trillions in scale, is lurking in the shadows just waiting to blow up the world economic stability in ways most people have zero understanding because corruption has ruled our media and political landscape for many decades.

    The situation is very alarming indeed for the power cabals who may be forced to impose desperate solutions on Greece to try and rescue the very ugly unfolding situation.

    I mean tricky business like “instability”, “conflict” and “terror”.

    This is the bread and butter of Mafia and we can see it playing out in many parts of the world already.

    The Media is bought by the Mafia and stays silent.

    What is at stake?

    Greece can play it’s own game of Monopoly with a new banker of it’s own design and new rules that make the game fun for Greeks in a short time if done with wisdom.
    Their wealth is abundant, they only need to stop the looting by the “Banksters” who have “odiously” hijacked their lives.

    The “Internationalist” Monopoly board thugs know that if Greece escapes their control, their power and fear game might become totally exposed out into the light of popular understanding.
    Other countries might follow with courageous and honest leadership and the Dragon Mafia money printing cabals could become deeply wounded.
    Iceland is prosecuting and jailing their Banking Mafia.

    History teaches us that World War, nothing less if needed, will be inflicted on mankind to protect the Global Mafia power base and reorganize the political landscape to destroy opposition with the deadly distractions and chaos war brings to those sucked in to that murderous activity.

    Only the sanity that flows from truth can rescue the situation.

    Will the ABC Current Affairs join the fight for sanity or continue to throw fuel on the inferno with lies and deceptions that Mafia types rely on from their “friends”?

    Christopher Brooks

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