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Breaking Down The Controlling Wall


Christopher in a comment recently wrote, “…how we can break down the controlling wall and bring our interface with MP’s and journalists out into the light of public scrutiny… at some point this must incorporate “on the record” questioning, petitioning with argument and submitting documents and information in front of a camera with a group in attendance.”

We could start by communicating (and praise) some Australian politicians that speak the right “language”. For example:

John Alexander, Australian Liberal MP

john alexander

Alexander (a former professional tennis player and commentator) has described cracking the property market in Sydney or Melbourne “as hard as beating Federer“, and that “imprisoned tenant serfs” are funding the growing wealth of investor “lords”.

“It’s a situation leading us to fewer people owning more properties where the landlord will – actually you can drop the ‘land’ off their titles and they will just become ‘lords’ – and those who have failed to be successful buying a home are imprisoned as tenant serfs funding the gaining of greater and greater properties by the lords.”

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia

-nick-xenophon (1)

In a release on his website entitled, Trans Pacific Partnership: Wrong Way Go Back, (25 May 2015)  Xenaphon states:

“A number of cross-party MPs will launch a cross-party working group on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), following serious concerns from independent experts that the TPP will severely impact consumers and affect Australia’s sovereignty, including:

  • Loss of sovereignty of our governments and courts, if Investor State Dispute Resolution (ISDS) clauses were included. ISDS allows foreign companies to sue governments in off-shore tribunals and findings are not subject to appeal.
  • Rising prices of medicines, because of the insistence by the US of “evergreening” clauses that allow drug companies gain further patents for minor variations to drugs that provide no additional benefits.
  • Draconian copyright provisions that would criminalise even minor breaches of US copyright law and lead to increased prices for IT products.
  • Secrecy of negotiations means the Australian Parliament and people have not had a fair go in assessing the TPP and have had to rely on leaks of details from the drawn out negotiation.”

And on the TPP, yesterday  morning The Age had the article about how “The Productivity Commission appears to have tried to convince the government not to put Australia’s head into a noose via the TPP.”



  1. I believe one of the first steps to breaking down the wall is to share our collective knowledge.
    So many things are not right that i know you could find at least one topic that resonates with each and every person.
    By showing them one piece of the puzzle it is my belief they will start to join the dots and see the bigger picture.


  2. Can I refer readers to my article The TPP: A Free Trade Agreement? published in New Eastern Outlook on 21 June 2015, before the Productivity Commission pointed out the obvious facts that the TPP:
    (a) is not about trade;
    (b) by being a secret agreement it is incompatible with a democratic system of government;
    (c) The investor state dispute procedures are the most fundamental attack on our national sovereignty in living memory.
    Much of this has been widely discussed outside Australia for some time. It is a measure of the failure of the Labor opposition and our mainstream media that similar discussions have not been occurring here. Even the Productivity Commission Report seems to have gone down the memory hole.
    What also needs to be noted is that the TPP is part of a pattern; a fundamental attack on our rights of which the citizenship changes; our treatment of asylum seekers; our muzzling of whistleblowers and a host of other policies of both Labor and the Coalition. Our very democracy is under attack and what do we get from the media? Bread and circuses.

  3. Here is a moment when one question poked a hole in the controlling wall.
    Embarrassing silent pause……..uncomfortable laugh…….confession……. moving right along.
    In the final moment of the clip. Eva from “Reuters” admits it was an OBVIOUS question that everyone would like to ask.

    • The “ECB can’t run out of money” clip is an incredible 80 seconds of evidence that should be packaged and viral in Greece circles. Incredibly it only has 1500 odd views!
      Observe the smirks and shrugs from the panel.
      Was there a second question from the press corps that
      followed the logical stream of inquiry?
      The final question to the Reuters journalist magnified the context and gravity of the dynamics that the journalists have a “controlling force” acting on their minds that limit the boundaries of their questions because they “dare” not.
      A very brilliant powerful piece of media.
      I only came upon this video yesterday……why has it not been utilized across the informed alternative media?
      I will link it to WRH.

      The Irish citizens suffered the same fate not so long ago and had to pay the Banker in the big game of Monopoly.
      Another rare journalist asking real questions that uncover the “illegitimate” and”odious” Bankers demands and preferential treatment over the 99%.

      Everyone has played the Monopoly board game as a child where fraudulent understanding is conditioned into children that the game begins with “Greece” and “Ireland” having “money” and the Banker distributes all new money debt free.

      Try starting the game with different rules where the Banker provides all money to players as debt and the Banker can never run out of money!!!!
      Even children would recognize the game is totally rigged and the winner is always going to be the Banker.

      Has the Greek Syriaz Government conducted a basic education program across their Nation since the election to prepare the populations understanding of the essence of their problem and the range of exciting positive solutions that are both, possible and achievable. This should have been the first urgent priority, and it would not be a complete account of the real economic and political dynamic, if it did not highlight the sorcery of fear and confusion that would be subjected on the Greek psyche to fuel division and resistance towards having the wisdom and courage to grasp freedom and self determination.

      I have seen no solid evidence of any basic correct freedom potential lecture series or training program that would have brought the Nation into calm understanding that if the Greek people desire it to be so they can reclaim genuine democracy.

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