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“The Hairs On My Neck Are Standing Upright” – Peter Power on the 7 July London Bombings



10 YEARS AGO tomorrow – on the 7th of July, the day of the London bombings – the head of the security-related Visor Consultants, Peter Power, spoke on radio and TV.

His company had been commissioned to carry out an emergency drill for simultaneous bombings at 9 a.m. at the very stations (Edgware, Aldgate and Piccadilly) that were affected by the explosions. An unbelievable coincidence. He had allegedly also been part of a mock exercise in April 2004 with the same bombing scenario of three subways and a bus that had been featured on a BBC Panorama program.

The BBC published an article (4/7/15) entitled, 7 July London bombings: What happened that day?, that describes how ten years ago four suicide bombers orchestrated the worst single terrorist attack on British soil. “With rucksacks full of explosives, (they) attacked central London, killing 52 people and injuring hundreds more.”


War Games on September 11

On September 11, 2001, New York was also having a drill – with mock planes hitting hypothetical skyscrapers.

I have hairs standing upright on my back right now thinking of how those arranging these events have manipulated and controlled a dumbed down populace.



  1. It ponders the question how many other “drills” have been conducted before the same or at least extremely similar event has occurred?

    Wasn’t there a drill involving a cafe done before an alleged event somewhere???

  2. The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was conjured up by those who attempted to vilify those who did not subscribe to the Lone Oswald did Kennedy murder. It was a deliberate contrived policy to protect murderers. In due corse even Congress refuted the official lone gunmen theory.
    Same modus has been carried out with the 911 mass murders supported by politicians with the aiders and abettors of mass murder by the msm. (Presstitutes, is an apt term)
    The use of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a derogatory term has passed its use by date to be replaced by, in each case, an objective examination of available evidence with the background history demonstrating that many evil acts/murders are carried out by government agencies.
    Need I further exemplify to our naive people: operation Gladio, when about 80 innocent travellers were murdered at Bologna railway station, the Israeli murder of about 30 US sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967. (Listen to Malcolm Fraser explain to dumb Faine of the ABC as recorded and filed at Gumshoe)
    When the elephants have a ‘drill’ time for ants to scarper! We shall see how the Jade Helm 15 alleged ‘drill’ in the US turns out. My bet; time to head out.

  3. The great John Judge said ‘I’m happy to be called a conspiracy theorist if your happy to be called a coincidence theorist.
    Peter Power was a policeman and was the deputy forward control coordinator at the Libyan People’s Bureau siege at which WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot and killed in another apparent false flag event.

    Is this yet another coincidence?

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