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Will The Banking Gang Attempt To Extinguish The Defiant Dissidents?


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A Comment by Christopher Brooks

The Greek nation votes above 60% to stop the crushing debt austerity creep and negotiate a new deal.

The results from Greece are seeping into the calculations and predictions of the “expert” commentators who struggle to hide their jaded emotions.
The pre-vote polling was way of the mark.

A new interpretation of the Greek economic context will now be rolled out because reality can be adjusted every day of the week when you own the “money” printing press.

The Greek people will now be crushed by the Money Printing Dragons as they rage in the pain of their wounds inflicted by the Greek voters who have declared the illegitimate reign of constant terror over their lives must end.

Already on the BBC this morning it is now being stated that a Greek exit could potentially devastate the German financial system because of it’s security position over Greek banking and Government debt.

This is a real prospect because the Greek debt is just the visible tip of a gigantic iceberg of interconnected debt that reaches to every money “market” point about the world.

How quickly the story changes from the “tiny” Greek economy that can be “ring fenced” from contagion.

One commentator on BBC was speculating a 30% confiscation of Bank deposits was possible.

The Greek people are going to be severely tested with physical and psychological deprivation and “terror”, perhaps even worse, as the Mafia Banking Gang attempt to extinguish the defiant dissidents bravery and reset the world order.

The Greek nation will not be alone as a subject of the frightening apocalyptic scenarios and behind closed doors the IMF and ECB have likely already dried the ink on their new banking model for Europe that will rescue the crisis and cement all Europeans into deeper money “tricks” and traps.

Developments will inform us soon if the Syriaz Greek leaders are the real deal or just another exhausting trap for the whole of Europe.

The “Money Trick”

At this point it is impossible to tell for certain but I am concerned there is no evidence of a “money trick” education dimension to this “revolution” against the debt slavery.

It is a little bewildering to countenance that after five years of intensifying focus and experience of debt inflicted misery on Greek life a genuine technically sound “money reform” intelligentsia has not surfaced in the populist political conversation.

At this point I have seen no evidence of this in the statements of Syriaz leadership or declarations beyond the generalized and vague statements of political posturing against “unfair” and “odious” financing and austerity measures.

There is a very great divide between tipping up the rigged Monopoly board game and applying honest money rules, compared to negotiating some relief so the game can be a little more bearable for the serfs to calm the anger and tension that is threatening to mutiny.

Everything relies on the education and integrity of a handful of key players who may, or may not, hold the keys to unlock greater equity for people everywhere.

The atmosphere certainly contains a wide range of unpredictable possibilities.


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Brooks explaining the “Money Trick”


  1. Dee, this talk and question/answer session gives us a picture of Varoufakis economic thinking but I admit some of his terms are very obscure.

    Frankly, I have to admit this is a confusing interpretation of economics that does deviate from the dominating Western Dogma but at the same time he has one foot firmly planted in orthodox economic theory.

    There is no identification of, or explanation of, the Banking racket and solutions that involve genuine honest money that functions to serve the abundance and freedom of choice for individuals and societies as they choose to associate.
    Generally, not a very impressive understanding and philosophy that would give me confidence lasting solutions are going to be the fruits of Syriaz.

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