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A “Silver Spankley Award” Is Up For Grabs


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Win a Silver Spankley trophy and a return trip… on the London tube (from Piccadilly to Russell Square).

Here at Gumshoe, we cannot let the 10th anniversary of the London bombings go unmarked. Hence, this date, July 7, is the occasion for us to announce a new award in journalism. The prize will be given from time to time, and will be called the Silver Spankley Award.

For this opening competition, we invite your reaction to a short BBC article that appeared on July 3 this year, as a retrospective. (See below). It raises no questions as to the real identity, motive, background, or coordinating skills of the four alleged bombers (all Muslims, of course). The BBC entitle it “7 July London bombings: What happened that day?”

We, the public, are “told” a narrative – and over time, if this story is not questioned, it “becomes” fact. And those people who were killed that day become part of a myth. A myth that provides no justice for them.

This is the The BBC article.

Yesterday I posted the item about Peter Power and the drill that was going on in London, regarding the very same type of incident at the very hour that the actual bombings occurred.

Thus, if you wish to compete for our initial prize, you must submit a comment that criticises the standard of journalism involved. (Nothing libelous please toward any named person, as that could be actionable and we have no money to fight in court.) Alternatively you may comment below, linking us to the best article or video – that has done some proper investigation of the 7/7 tragedy. Any effort, small or large is appreciated.

Deadline is the 20th July. The best comment will be chosen at the sole discretion of the Gumshoe judges. We regret to inform you that this has nothing to do with the Walkley Awards.




  1. Dear Editor of Gumshoe, I realize you have not asked for general criticism of journalism (where would one begin?), but I see my chance to make a boast.
    A few years ago I wrote an article about the way the media rolls out the “James Earl Ray” story every year on Martin Luther King Day. They talk about Ray as the assassin even though a court case, King v Jowers, posthumously exonerated him.
    I called the roll-out behavior “journalistic recidivism.” I passed my article, via a friend, to Ray’s surviving brother Jerry, who co-authored “Memoir of Injustice” (about the cruel treatment his brother received). I am told that Jerry smiled at my phrase “journalistic recidivism.”
    You are suggesting that the BBC does that re 7-7.
    Thank you for not going along with their tricks, Dee.
    (And thank you for saying that the deceased deserve justice.)

      all rolling out the “narrative”. We just need to find the author.

      • Talk about the beauty of the English language, and, dare I say it, the wonders of our “English” mind. After hearing Farrell speak I tracked down his “papers” that got him in trouble. Here ’tis:

        “My honest view as a principal Analyst is that all other threats pale into insignificance when compared to the inner corruption in high places and government. Ultimately, by fair means or foul this inner corruption has to be exposed and the Police Service and the Intelligencer Services have their own value decisions to make. Who is brave enough to take a contra position for the sake of our freedoms? I recognise that this stance is not likely to be embraced immediately and will probably be seen as unacceptable to senior managers. That does not make it wrong. Unfortunately I see few others in the Police Services having the courage to stand up and attempt to expose the ignoble lies on behalf of the public we serve. Yet if we just do nothing and bury our heads in the sand we are every bit as complicit in the tyranny….
        “The real truth behind 9/11 and 7/7 render the Government’s Counter-terrorism Strategy and our control Strategy of PREVENT and RICH picture and counter-terrorism local profiles as utter shams crafted to divert attention from their own secret schemings and evil ways of the elite. It needs dismantling and overhauling fast. All this to my mind invalidates the force controls strategy unless this stance is reflected within….”


  2. Mary, I take not the slightest joy in warning that Tony Farrell is not all he appears.
    I have not yet formed a precise conclusion of his role and motivation but the possible options are all degrees of negative.
    I know I often repeat my view, but, we are dealing with a level of sorcery that even many researchers into the crimes of power severely underestimate.
    It is always dangerous to become a “disciple” of any individual or association though this is the very natural tendency that is exploited over and over again by the practitioners of Black Magic.
    The internet plays tricks on our sensibilities because it feeds us confirming information of our own errors if we do not deliberately act to protect ourselves from our own bias and prejudgement.
    I am certain if you take a day to search out the history, facts and conduct of Tony Farrell using deliberately critical search terms the complicated murky mess will unravel.

    • Oh dear, oh dear. Quelle disappointment. I think Farrell deserves several Oscars if he was able to fake that talk (see below).
      Still I had wondered why Alex Jones sponsored it, as I assume Jones is a gatekeeper.
      OK Christopher, I will read up on it, but even if he proves to be a no-goodnik, I think the text he supplied make sense for us all.

      Actually he sounds like Christopher. Know what I mean?

      Maybe Dee will feel that she has to award the prize to Christopher for finding out that the man who outed Scotland Yard is a plant of … Scotland Yard.
      That would be kind of sad, though. I hope someone will compete for the Silver Spankley — deadline July 20 — in a way that helps resolve the case of the 7-7 bombers.

      Maybe they were related to the Kouachi brothers of Je Suis Charlie fame. Maybe they ARE the Kouachi brothers.
      Maybe Hani Hanjour did the Marathon bombings.
      …Oops, isn’t that what they want, for us to be so confused we give up? Mucho annoying. Don’t give up!

      Oh wait a minute. If Scotland Yard put Farrell out there to confuse us, then the baddy is…. I got it! I got it!

    • Mark. “Ludicrous Diversions London 7/7 Bombings” is a good report that concentrates on pointing out, with evidence, the contradictions in public information and interpretations.
      The report then goes on to pose the obvious questions and actions we must undertake to challenge the official theory at the desks of our political servants and media.

      Keelan Bolderson, a man of demonstrated ability, has produced the “7/7 – What Did They Know ” that takes a similar brief and uncovers many murky relationships and puzzles that evidence the “war on terror” realities that are the climate and pattern we can draw upon to interpret and understand “ISIS” and it’s interception with Australian “terror” events and the response of our Security and Political agencies.
      The value of these reports is they do not stray into the dangerous minefield of speculating exactly what happened on 7/7 in London.
      I am not suggesting investigating events is not important but it must be conducted with a very strict and disciplined understanding of the limitations of judging open source information and the unlimited resources of the “Tricky Business Ministry” agencies that have almost perfected the science of sorcery.
      These sober reports very intelligently make the irrefutable case that the “official conspiracy theory”, broadcast by the populist media and used as justification for war and regressive law, is beyond any dispute a false and misleading account evidenced by the “official” documents.
      The adoption of the ‘terror” myth by the public succeeds when intelligent rational exposure based on the many contradictions and facts are successfully humiliated and drowned in distracting looney “conspiracy” poison.

      We can confidently state that the corruption of due legal process and the failure of responsible individuals and agencies to uphold legal constituted standards of integrity, have been ignored and hidden behind the now common atmosphere of secrecy and fear where “obvious questions dare not be addressed”, even by professional journalists.

      This is an indisputable foundation of political reality which then becomes the lens we use to discuss and examine all our issues and events. We should establish this fact at the beginning of every discussion or thought process, just as a scientist calibrates his tools so the results are consistent and accurate.

      It is very difficult to manage the clever subversive sorcery where an infiltrator can position themselves in a key “leadership” position in any association that can “blow up” years of achievement and credibility.
      As the old infiltrator disappears into oblivion the new version jostles into position and the farce proceeds guaranteeing no real danger to power can ever emerge.
      I always calculate with a degree of suspicion towards all political and information players and the motivations and pedigree of all associations. I never switch that filter off.
      I believe it should be openly addressed as a priority aspect of any correct methodology of political action.

      • Thanks for the feedback, the above video is a good one too.

        I agree with your comments in regards to the “corruption of due legal process”, but i also believe that we MUST NOT totally ignore any other theories that have been raised. Rather we must use common sense in all of our own investigations to determine what fits the facts.


          • Dear Christopher, I did a quick search and did not find the dirt on Farrell. Please give us a link. I did however find a Globalresearch.ca article by Karin Brothers that tells us MI5 gave the codename “Stepford Four” to the 7-7 bombers.
            Hers is a lengthy article including this amazing bit:

            “Before Hussein Osman was extradited from Italy, he gave interviews which provided some insights into the operation. He claimed that he, along with four others were fed for “some weeks”– a steady diet of graphic films that portrayed mutilated Iraqi victims of American and British military actions. The men were instructed not to tell anyone about these mysterious films, which reportedly came from the banned al Mouhajiroun, a group that many believe was linked to British intelligence. By July 21, four of the men were prepared to act in unison to protest the atrocities that the US and UK were committing in Iraq.”

          • Mary, a “quick search” is breaking the rules!

            If you explore this issue you will unravel some big problems and questions surrounding Tony Farrel’s integrity and judgement. As I stated I have not decided precisely what I believe his motivations might be but he has destroyed his reputation in my eyes.


          • When I first learned of Farrell, it seemed that he was sticking his neck out to state what he believed. I haven’t looked into this in detail, but it would seem that if someone of this profile – with a view so at odds with the establishment – there would be forces out to destroy/disrupt his reputation. So we should be wary of that. Any person undermining the official line will have saboteurs.

          • Farrell is an “intelligence analyst”, therefor it is puzzling to accept that he would make such an incredible fool of himself by taking the “Ms Charles Seven” fantasy story as credible.
            I agree he may well be “compromised” in a respect that is not clear to me yet but the sum result will be the same.
            This report poisons all Farrell’s previous contributions and the people who have associated with him.
            It is bewildering to me at this point but it will unravel in it’s own good time.
            This will keep interested readers busy following Mr Tony Farrell’s real motives down the rabbit hole.

          • Tony Farrell seems on video sincere.
            A worry is that he only “awoke” a week or so before writing his report. Then made a fuss.
            It seems in a week turning his life around – that means he has an impulsive streak in him.
            It would have taken me 4 months of meetings, checking, research and more debate. Meetings with journos, lawyers and then maybe resigning in a press statement.

            If he is this impulsive – he could easily be sucked into a supporting someone to discredit him.
            What a fascinating rabbit hole.
            This would make a fascinating interview….
            And as for the entertainment business stealing ideas…. that is business as usual
            (PS- in the Seven video she states that she has been in the business 30 years. She looks 30. She could start a health channel)

            CB – in conclusion. I think he is addicted to writing REPORTS.

  3. To Margo W
    Boy what you started re Farrell.
    But I am still in the dark.
    Why can’t we believe he means what he says?
    It makes perfect sense.
    Oh, I forgot. This article is a contest. Is that why everybody is working overtime? Dee, you can’t win the Piccadilly trip. Staff members of Gumshoe have to “recuse” themselves.
    I’m so glad I’m on staff. I have always wanted to recuse myself.

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