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Jade Helm 15 Review – “This Wine Has A Sour Note And Leaves A Bitter Aftertaste”


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I was having dinner in Sydney last week, and we were discussing all topics conspiratorial and real. The host asked another guest (his relative) at the table, “So have you heard of Jade Helm 15?”  The lady looked at him, took a sip of her wine, and said, “What’s that – a red wine?

Jade Helm 15 Wine Review:

“Traitor Joe’s special is a bland, and frankly, a rather unlikable blood-red colored wine. Light on detail, it has a sour smell, with a rusty note to the palate. It’s distinguishing features are that it has a gritty texture and no balance. These are obviously the grapes from rejected vineyards on Southern soils and in general provides little harmony to the wine lover. Overall, it leaves a bitter aftertaste. “

The bottle and packaging is misleading, but the manufacture is planning to flood the market this July. Cases and individual bottles can be purchased from any open Walmart store. Half star. AVOID.

jade helm winery

Yep, this is all about smelling and tasting wine tyranny. And “tyranny” can be deceptive. It does not always materialize in the form of tanks, soldiers and martial law. It creeps up disguised by banking licences, trade deals, false flags and a controlling media. Shadowy governments can do what they like if they are in cahoots with the courts and the media. It is like switching off a ventilator – the truth can’t be tested and thus it quickly suffocates.

So what is Jade Helm all about?

There are so many theories and much has been written. There is talk of preparations for martial law; gun confiscation; mastering the human domain; financial collapse, and this drill or its successors morphing into the “suppression of the American people,” and the like. As an article in the commonsenseshow writes:

“We pray we are wrong on this, but everyday more of the puzzle pieces seem to fall into place, painting a very dark future for our children.”

An Alternative View on Jade Helm 15

When you review America from across the Pacific, it already seems “dark”.

When – health has been hijacked by big pharma; agri-franken-culture dominates; gossip and celebrity overides truth; a militarized police; corporations at one with useless consumerism; a sick mainstream media; a violated constitution; money corrupted by a banking system; families under stress and depression, or when it has become the norm to spy on everyone and everything – then it is already “dark”.

(And Australia and other countries are not immune.)

The problem is America is a “war nation” as President Eisenhower warned so many years ago.  America is in a perpetual war. The economy is reliant on creating wars, fighting wars, supplying wars and practicing for war. (E.g. The first 10 days of the Libyan war cost the US/earned industry roughly $550m.)  Now with most of the upstart countries that could be bombed, destroyed – what else is there to do?

The military/security/surveillance system is turning inward – to feed on itself. And the war-based economy becomes untouchable as it expands to meet “new threats”.

And you know the system is broken when someone can get three 25-year sentences for stealing a car and two bicycles – and bankers have “swindled” billions are still basking on luxury yachts. Well, at least the jailing biz is thriving.

And with Walmart being the biggest corporate employer, it might seem a good fit to collaborate with the biggest Federal employer – to retrofit, redesign, re-plumb – whatever – a couple of stores. (More than 50% of US Government Spending Goes to the Military.)

So what about the weapons industries? They need to keep manufacturing, exporting, importing to keep the salaries and bonuses flowing. So supply – supply – order – order. Keep selling bullets – even if it is for local consumption. Two billion for what purpose?

The suppression of the American people has ALREADY happened. It was actuated in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, and was entrenched on November 22, 1963. September 11, 2001, was merely an exercise to ensure certain factions held market dominance.

And you can’t have soldiers, security officials, surveillance operatives, TSA agents etc. all sitting on their butts.  So keep them focused on JOAX,  CRF,  MSOT,  NSWTU,  ODA and ODG. Whatever.

Everybody must be kept busy and distracted at all costs. If they stop, then what will happen to the economy and the America dream?

So organise drills… and more DRILLS.

Jade Helm is not leading to a militarized US, it is the RESULT of a militarized take-over.




  1. Officially the Jad Helm ‘drill’ is set to commence on 15th July and run to 15th September.
    There is much on the varying theories about JH going live if there is a ‘trigger ‘ event.
    Exercises of minor aspects of JHhave been running for a number of years as the systems and regs have been put in place. Too many to mention but start with the post 911 stuff and the National Defence Authority act whic enables cito

    • Sorry, pressed wrong key.
      To continue:
      The NDA act enables the government to lock citizens away indefinitely without representation etc.
      The President has the power to conscript anyone at whim to be a slave, in effect, and seize all property.
      Best do your own research but one exercise carried out was as follows.
      Load the children from a school and bus them to a site without notice to parents. Then the parents would ultimately turn up where the children are locked in and inaccessible. To prepare the ‘Kidnappers’ they arranged for the usual crisis actors to turn up and demand and plead for their children to be returned.
      The purpose of the exercise was to toughen up the guards into rejecting the parents.
      Now what sick organisation would consider that as a necessary exercise?
      No , just sick.
      So what is going to happen if the drill goes live; from a organised financial breakdown or a cyber attack on finance and utilities, a disease, a small nuke or two, and EMP event, an earthquake or some other natural disaster etc., the theories and opportunities are endless.
      What ever happens the msm will lie to the people and the net will probably be closed or filtered.
      People hope by exposing the possibilities they will not be prepared to take advantage of the JH ‘drill’.
      There is much more, time to be alert….. Ask the Germans from the 1930’s.

        • Indeed, but it may have a deadly answer.
          We should watch for travel alerts re; the USA from Julie Bishop, Australia’s foreign minister,
          After all, the government must be in the know…… Oops, sorry, I forgot, alleged wmds in Iraq and 911 big benladen hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.
          On past experiences, perhaps our official protectors would not know Arthur from Martha, so we should not expect much.

  2. Further to the raising of the responsibilities of Australia’s DFAT ( Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs) to be in the know as to what is the potential of Jade Helm and how it develops so as to warn and protect Australians.
    Keep in mind the experience of Australians caught up in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.
    Many should recall the accounts of Ozzies trapped with misfits in US stadiums in emergency situations.
    I recall accounts of Ozzies being subject to horrendous conditions and criminality whilst trapped in such places.
    So DFAT is fully aware of the dangers.
    Accordingly, DFAT should be up to speed on the potential problems with JH, even if there is a trigger event.
    If they are not on top of the potential problems and they actually eventuate, they may as well vacate their 600m plus edifice overlooking lake Burley Griffin in Canberra and flog it off to a Chinese hotel chain.

      • David Hume, who was searchng in Scotland in 1752 when he wrote “Of the Original Cintract,” would like to get his two cents worth in, re Jade Helm and other typical human nonsense:

        “Almost all the governments, which exist at present, or of which there remains any record in story, have been founded originally, either on usurpation or conquest, or both, without any pretense of a fair consent, or voluntary subjection of the people. When an artful and bold man is placed at the head of an army or faction, it is often easy for him, by employing, sometimes violence, sometimes false pretenses, to establish his dominion over a people a hundred times more numerous than his partizans. He allows no such open communication, that his enemies can know, with certainty, their number or force. He gives them no leisure to assemble together in a body to oppose him. Even all those, who are the instruments of his usurpation, may wish his fall; but their ignorance of each other’s intention keeps them in awe, and is the sole cause of his security. By such arts as these, many governments have been established; and this is all the original contract, which they have to boast of.”


  3. And now ‘The New York City Police Department is preparing to implement a controversial software program designed to predict when and where crime will occur.

    The software, known as “HunchLab,” analyzes everything from local crime statistics to weather patterns in order to provide officers with a detailed map of likely crime hotspots.

    According to the NYPD, the software will be used in three precincts for more than two years under a pilot program before police decide whether to roll out the technology department-wide.’ from http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/


  4. Sorry, cannot resist one off the latest on JH.
    The aliens have been infiltrating the US via a portal/s (whatever they are) and Obana and Putin have joined to capture them via JH collection and drafting the citizens from the aliens. Noting that ther e are good Nordic aliens and bad grey aliens who have been running the show.( thus the Wal Mart selection/identification centres)
    For years some have been implanting into the internet a scenario of aliens= an alien attack, the world will combine to resist and a new one world government in defence will arise and then we are all saved and the NWO will be supreme.
    Think I am joking?
    Note Reagan’s observations that if there was an alien invasion the world would join. Also note Bill Clinton’s aside on the subject. Sorry, no reference but I saw and heard the interview last year.
    Listen to Paul Hellyer who ‘disclosed’ that he had met with aliens. PH was a three term Canadian defence minister!
    He gone strange and disclosed ‘secrets’ without Authourization?
    I read years ago an insider predict from about the 1960 ‘s that the last gambit for world control was a mock alien invasion.
    For more just read the usual BS of Sorcha Faal at her/CIA site ‘what does it mean’ .
    One should ways be wary and try and discern the agenda from bull shit propaganda and misinformation in an attempt to discover the hidden scenario.
    For more fun, search ‘project blue beam’.
    So who would care about the cricket
    with all this fun?

      • Thanks for pointing to this video. If “they” can get away with 9/11 SO easily. Almost anything is possible. Holographic technology is highly advanced, and one can only wonder.

        • Dee,
          Be kind to our el kameo and friend husketeers who dumped on GS re building No 7, 911, etc. in past reports and believe BS government.
          Poor narrow minded dupes who cannot see the big pictures beyond their instructions, to vilify those who questioned 911.
          Wonder if they have families and care for their future?

          • I enjoy this kind of material. I remain open minded – hopefully analytical as ever Mary.
            I find this report fascinating.
            This is the Hon. Paul Hellyer – former Minister of National Defense of Canada.

            BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence MAY 2013

          • No dancies with Hellyer, Coriso/Corso (sp: rip) the Pope who would baptise them if they exist and a very respected and tough police officer who became Deputy Commissioner in NSW who recounted his observations to me in the late 70’s and when Dep’ commissioner 2+ decades later confirmed his three hour observation of crafts in outback NSW.
            About ten + years ago.
            Some Mexican bishops expressed parishioner’s concerns about multiple ‘UFO’ sightings over Mexico and the Vatican replied to state it as it is.
            I dunno know, I have never seen either but am prepared to waltz with the possibity, I have an open mind, which enabled me to recognise 911 BS after examination even if I then feared stepping on a toe or two.

          • Ned, yes we’ll be kind. I’ve had some interesting and very cordial discussions with el kammo, but we haven’t concluded our discussions.

  5. I am replying to the video of Paul Hellyer below, and, I hate to even utter the word, ET’s.
    The inquisiitve mind (you know who u r ) should fetch a copy of EO Wilson’a 2014 book, The Meaning of Human Existence, for a sound scientific analysis of the likelihood of “visitors.”
    (and also rhe likelihood of us going cabin-huntiing in the Milky Way).
    I think somebody did a Farrell on poor old Hellyer.
    They may do it to me someday, so I mustn’t make fun.

    • Bewdy, Mark. Love the concept. Here is a quote:

      The site also includes a helpful military vehicle ID list which has graphics to aid the public in identifying what they might be seeing during Jade Helm for report submission. [Brilliant!]

      “Considering a lot of people feel helpless when the government carries out these types of drills in their area, this is one creative, clever way to fight fire with fire (so-to-speak) and to gather and share information. There are obviously a lot of reasons to be suspicious of this drill. Again as previously reported on TDS, this is the first massive military drill of its kind ever in America. It is set to include Green Berets, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Special Ops among other government law agencies, setting loose an estimated grand total of over 1,200 troops.
      It has been said drill participants are supposed to try and blend in undetected with their surroundings, although how blending in on Main Street U.S.A. is supposed to help our troops do anything overseas has never once been explained to anyone with a critical eye’s satisfaction (mostly because it makes no sense as to how successfully infiltrating America will help our troops in the Middle East, for example… it only really helps them if they plan to occupy America itself).” Read more at: http://tr.im/fyzbw

  6. Another theory ( which may be referred to below which I have not read )
    Say: the whole exercise is a feint to shake the tree for future reference and determination as to future methodology in exercising domination and control of society to enslave society and desimating ‘recalcitrants’ who oppose the NWO?
    Excepting an event ‘to bring the Jade H into a crystal event then what of the future plans for a live repeat?
    Way back, I think I referred to the film; Zulu’. So I will refer again to the lesson that I discerned 50 years past as an example.
    The first altercation between the defenders and the Zulusn was a scene depicting the Zulu warriers lining up about, say 200ms on a flat plain brandishing spears and drumming on their shields with some inspiring war type imspiring tones.
    So the Rorkes defenders start having pot shots at the aligned foe.
    All good, it is a ‘Turkey Shoot’.
    In wonderment of the sacrifice, our defending hero asks ‘what are they doing’? There is a reply by an ‘assistant’:
    ‘See up there in the hill, the chiefs are counting your guns’. (To the best of memory, after about 55 years!)
    So what do we discern?
    Someone is counting the opposition
    and loading it into a computer as to
    likelihoods for future control.
    I will add information from about 2005.
    ‘What happened is that they started bugging in the US in the early ’90’s and realised that the US populace were starting to question the government’.
    In effect the US populace started to not trust the a-souls in charge and the knowledgeable citizens started to realise all the BS and corruption.
    Thus the situation now in the US that has spread across the world. People have awakened to the lies and
    Manipulations of the bankers, their pollies and prostituted monopolistic media.
    Thus, the people have to be culled before they really wake up. Remember; Louis16 lost his head after the bankers.
    Going to be fun.

    • Going back about 50 years to the film: ‘ Is Paris Burning’? ( think?)
      There is a scene where a ‘sympathetic’ contact arranges for ‘terrorists’ who want to fight the Nazis and free France
      to be transported to a secret site to collect arms,
      So they all pile into a truck , are taken to the site and the back is opened and they are all shot as they alight.
      So JH is the truck ?

  7. Just my guess about the reasons for Jade Helm:
    1. they have to use resources up, and manpower. This is a bureaucratic imperative.
    2. anything that increases people’s sense of having to bow to the ruffian police is good. It’s a condioning exercise.
    3. as Ned says, they are taking a survey.

    But, Ned, they already know which way folks are leaning, just by counting hits on the relevant websites, right?
    I like your analogy of the truck. Surely the Pinochet forces, aka Kissinger, made a grab right then and there in 1973 for the “revolutionaries.” And did not merely shoot them but tortured them first.

    4 oh here is my ‘nicer’ interpretation: “They” are not so smug as they used to be, and are having trouble keeping abreast of upstarts in the upper ranks. So they don’t dare make the big move (checkout Oliver North “Operation Sledgehammer”). In sum, they are treading water.

    I hereby put put call to any of them that want to downtool. “We can help you. We have some spare grey matter.”

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