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Infiltration And The Art Of Brain Scrambling And Transformation


Christopher Brooks alerted us to this video. The Peoples Voice looked at infiltration of organizations by private security, the government and police. It is relevant to a past 9/11 post on Gumshoe, re: Jonathan Barrett.

Can readers identify infiltration of Australian groups.

Article on Annie Machon


  1. Everyone should read David Ray Griffin’s book:
    ‘Cognitive Infiltration: an Obama appointment ……..??’
    Griffin dissects the concept of government infiltration of e.g , conspiracy groups, especially of the 911 type.
    Obama appointed law professor Cass Sunstein to some US government information outfit at taxpayers expense. Of all people, a law professor supporting deceitful infiltration in his joint paper from 2008.
    Strangely, on utube he is questioned on his paper. You guessed it: The poor fellow could not acknowledge/remember writing the paper.
    Yep infiltration and deceit is carried out officially by some governments and betrayers of their professions.
    Another example is mentioned at Rivero’s wrh site today. The psychiatry profession in the US has been covering up doctors contribution to torturing human beings. Clearly those responsible need a term in an asylum for treatment and a lesson on ethical and professional conduct …… Include a few professors and politicians with them. Add some journos as well with their bosses.

    • Thanks Ned.
      This is the intro to their/his paper

      “THE truth is out there”: conspiracy theories are all around us. In August 2004, a poll by Zogby International showed that 49 percent of New York City residents, with a margin of error of 3.5 percent, believed that officials of the U.S. government “knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.” In a Scripps-Howard Poll in 2006, some 36 percent of respondents assented to the claim that “federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center or took no action to stop them.”

      Well they have to find a way to turn truth around.

  2. The value of this discussion is that it identifies methods and results of the controlling science as it is applied to a particular targeted group, which makes it easier to evaluate and comprehend, but what must be grasped is that these identical techniques play themselves out every day in the form of political parties, “green” revolutions and “truth” movements where individual responsibility and initiative can be neutralized, compromised, and often directed against our own genuine purpose and vision.

    Any social or political association is vulnerable to infiltration and must be constantly and openly auditing and educating the members.

    What is evidenced by the Tony Farrell/Seven saga, that has generated a great deal of disruption and mistrust in UK power crime investigation circles, is a deeper understanding has emerged regarding the depth of this murky reality.
    I believe there are plenty more uncomfortable shocks for readers here at Gumshoe when more of the “champions” we had believed trustworthy peel off when the surface heat claims more layers of the deception.
    It is very difficult to fathom how people can operate as an agent for years and even have families under cover as we have evidence in the conduct of Israeli and British agents.

    I could speculate that compromised individuals who might get the choice of ten years behind bars or ten years under cover could be one possible explanation.

    The “One Nation” and “Australia First” associations were both destroyed by similar infiltrating tactics.

    The reason I climb up on my soap box regarding sorcery and the need for habit forming individual responsibility to do something that makes a difference every day, is because these are the key foundation stones, upon which everything else must be built.

    Very clearly this panel discussion reveals how most “emotive revolutions” that draw on “hero leaders” and centralized structures are doomed from the outset to fail.

    If “Occupy” built individual initiative and education accountability that grasped the power for individuals in the increment of association a different result would be certain.

    What a tragic waste of human effort and energy when people act before the learning and thinking.

    • Excellent comment Christopher. I know we’ve been target by people to distract discussion. But this is topic from which we must learn. It was only when I spent one and a half hours talking with Jonathan Barnett that I realised how powerful group think / infiltration must be. That rational thought is set aside by some form of “indoctrination”. The mainstream media also act like mass infiltration/indoctrination machines.

      • A point worth noting is the “infiltration” conquest steered the purpose away from the “money trick” and Wall Street banking rackets towards the “global warming” and Agenda 21 focus.

        What logical conclusions does this invite?

        “Global Warming” has spawned from the “money changers” box of tricks.

        I am sure they have some type of energy currency future planned for us if the Monopolists get their way.

    • Christopher, call me lazy but I don’t want to plow throught the Farrell affair. Would you kindly say in a few sentences what you think happened?
      And please define “families under cover” — I don’t know what you mean. Merci.

      • P.S. I have now read the “Seven” story, so I sk you if you can take a guess at these qq: 1. Did Farrell make up his story of being sacked? (I know several who have done that. Try the police photogrpher Sean Murphy at Boston marthon. i take his story to be part of the GREAT SCRIPT.) 2. If you say Farrell was initially genuine, do you think his brain giot fiddled with subsequently?

        • Mary, I cannot honestly say I have worked out why Farrell decided to take up this “Seven” cause when it is so clearly ridiculous.

          Over the last couple of years it has created a fair amount of upset in the UK “truth” communities.
          From this distance it is difficult to judge but there are opinions that do have a “phony Tony” attitude.

          The “Infiltration Special” panel discussion is very disparaging towards Farrell.
          We can say that on some occasions his decisions and judgement present a very damaging outcome for his reputation and potentially threaten to poison every activist connected to his work.
          Mary, it is a puzzle.

          The “families under cover” refers to men who have married and raised a family in “enemy” communities where they live a covert life.

          • Now I get the point, thank you. Contaminating the fans (such as me) by Farrell turning out to be a fake is important.

            Bu t now I don’t know why you put “enemy” communities in quotes. Pray, tell.

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