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“Respectable” Global Looters – How The World Is Controlled



The Christopher Brooks Information and Document Collection now includes this series of highly referenced reports that set out the way the world is being controlled through the Intelligence Communities and Military agencies. 

This series (below) explains the hidden methods and motives of power as it plays itself out, masked behind a pretense of “respectability” on the shallow surface of human affairs, as is presented by the mass media which has been bought by the real powers to operate as an assistant to war crimes and the looting money schemes at the apex of the global Mafia.


  1. Dee, I am pleased you have drawn attention to this addition to my Information Collection as this comprehensive historical study of the crimes of US subversion and power is very worth the time it will take readers to view it’s contents.
    This “Counter Intelligence” series documents the political reality drawing on the opinion and witness statements from many familiar identities and contains the Global methods of “infiltration” that were discussed in the “Eyes Wide Open” panel discussion published at Gumshoe on July 12.
    What we can see is the principles of sorcery are consistently applied at every level of human affairs and the success relies on the money “printing press” providing unlimited funds that is only threatened by the scam coming out into the open.

    In due course I will build this collection into a format that can be publicly tabled and branded to challenge and focus attention on the content and what it means about the state of our world.

    The collection is not complete but allows anyone to reference a dynamic university of information that honestly explains the how, who and why of the planned conflict and chaos.

    We need to be able to put all the pieces together and generate a credible picture that makes rational sense and is evidenced from quality sources.

    We cannot force our MP’s or journalists to study the information but I believe a “package” that gives full context to what is really going on could give a focus and a continuity to conducting a campaign that publicly tables a consistent body of knowledge that can be joined by any number of concerned citizens that recognize how relatively small numbers of individuals can generate force and effect if the objective and action is sound and clever.

      • We can eventually create a one section – one link on Gumshoe with all the relevant material.
        I think it really is a matter of removing the glasses from our politicians…
        e.g. It seems Greece is about to sign itself into slavery by privatisation deals now. The people understand what is sort of happening, but they don’t have the explanations which you are providing. No leader seems to be “educated” in this knowledge.

        • Yes Dee, it is a tedious process and at present I cannot apply my self fully but I I am moving in that direction.
          Of interest, I have had multiple follow up conversations on my “money challenge” with my list of MP’s gradually building credibility and understanding. I have only had four on the record responses which run along the lines….this material is quite interesting but at this point in time…. .
          This is not unexpected when presenting a challenge with many documents and questions on the subject of “money” which to many is no subject at all.
          It has presented the opening for some good conversations with staffers who are more often than not quite interested in my interpretation of what is really happening and why.
          On a certain level, the knowledge of political staffers has been expanded by the new internet educated generation that have a broader perspective than their employers.
          In one state Senate MP’s office I talk with a young man who is not only very informed on money issues he is always cross examining me on what other political staffers know and understand. Quite interesting.
          Many staffers are prepared to discuss the subject and agree there are genuine grounds in my “money” explanations and claims. I have had staffers recommending good titles they have read. Also interesting.
          Unfolding world events are assisting the challenge.
          I know I write in vague and sketchy terms on this challenge action campaign I am developing my thoughts toward, but we have no option but to strive and achieve the method and ability to make “our” information visible and influential.
          I welcome suggestions and critical input.

          • Come on, some reader of Gumshoe has got an aunt Sophia or an Uncle Constantine who could translate this (and Greg Buck’s video about the ciriss in Greece) into Greek. Let’s get moving….
            It could be uploaded here and the folks will find it.

          • Very interesting about the staffers.

            Yes, we are all stretched for time. And this too is what they have as an advantage. When you own the money printing press/licence you can buy people and time.

            Mainstream media corporations expend billions – have 1,000’s on payroll and cannot supply a fraction of this information. Imagine what we could collectively do if we had just $100 million.in resources and a fat advertising budget.

            It is shocking to think of the billions being made by many wealthy oz miners et al… and the most they’ll do is support the next opera performance. And purchase the costumes and MASKS for the “performers”.

          • Christopher – what about forming a series of DET Talks….

            Set up and sold as alternative to TED Talks…. what you won’t hear at a TED talk.

            DET – also a play on DEBT – could stand for:
            DISCOVERY EDUCATION TRANSFORMATION Talks on the real issues.

            need: 1. Venue 2. Advertise to audience.
            3. speakers

          • Dee, my general view is we have incredible, documents, documentaries, interviews and discussions that evidence and explain all our subjects yet this information is only viewed by small numbers and it is almost invisible in the mainstream political playground.
            We do always need new fresh interpretations and some local voices here in Australia would be great, I’d love to hear Greg’s racy articles in a talk format, but, unless we can find a method to get “our” material in front of people that are influencing and setting the tone and breadth of our political debates we are just the best educated and informed slaves in the country.
            My contemplations are along the lines of having a collection of documents with a good title and appropriate brief description that targeted MP’s, journalists or media points keep getting callers and visitors wishing to discuss.
            The collection needs to be notated with a legal flavor as the evidence that contradicts the common understandings and policy solutions so it can be drawn upon as the indisputable
            political reality that demands to be recognized and included in discussions of all political issues.
            The theory is that a focused common “weapon” in the form of a branded label and selected body of information might gravitate some attention. Just like the enemy has enslaved us with buzz words and themes, we might try to use the tactic for our purpose.
            Just thinking out loud as I work through the possibilities.

  2. Dear Dee, I see that this very user-friendly (and beautiful) website of yours has a limit of sven “replies” per comment. That is just as well, as it’s hard to follow a very long column. So at the bottom of the page today I see that Christopher has really hit the nail on the head — but I can’t reply as his was the Seventh.
    Dear Christopher. I agree that we need a “branded label.” Let’s take this up in due course. And yes, Dee, Christopher is right to rain on your parade re the Ted-talk idea. If we do not yet have enough support it is disastrous to imagine that we do.

    • Oh my. Following on my last sentence above, I looked up Tennyson’s “Into the valley of death rode the six hundred.” There I found a link to Tennyson’s submission of the thing in simple handwriting, when he was poet laureate of England. It is very touching to see it. Here, have a look:


      I don’t even know who the poet laureate is today. Could he or she be of help to our cause?
      I hear there was a disgusting ABC show last night, hosted by Kerry O’Brien, about the London bombings. Kerry, don’t be a lowlife. You are capable of much better.

      There’s a bronze memorial to the Light Brigade in Adelaide. Meet me there; we’ll talk.

      Storm’d at with shot and shell,
      Boldly they rode and well,
      Into the jaws of Death,
      Into the mouth of Hell
      Rode the six hundred.

      • Mary, I love lyrics:

        Please allow me to introduce myself
        I’m a man of wealth and taste
        I’ve been around for a long, long year
        Stole many a man’s soul to waste

        And I was ’round when Jesus Christ
        Had his moment of doubt and pain
        Made damn sure that Pilate
        Washed his hands and sealed his fate

        Pleased to meet you
        Hope you guess my name
        But what’s puzzling you
        Is the nature of my game

        I stuck around St. Petersburg
        When I saw it was a time for a change
        Killed the Tsar and his ministers
        Anastasia screamed in vain

        I rode a tank
        Held a general’s rank
        When the blitzkrieg raged
        And the bodies stank

        Pleased to meet you
        Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
        Ah, what’s puzzling you
        Is the nature of my game, oh yeah
        (Woo woo, woo woo)

        I watched with glee
        While your kings and queens
        Fought for ten decades
        For the gods they made
        (Woo woo, woo woo)

        I shouted out,
        Who killed the Kennedys?
        When after all
        It was you and me
        (Who who, who who)

        Let me please introduce myself
        I’m a man of wealth and taste
        And I laid traps for troubadours
        Who get killed before they reached Bombay
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        Pleased to meet you
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        (Who who, who who)

        So if you meet me
        Have some courtesy
        Have some sympathy, and some taste
        (Woo woo)
        Use all your well-learned politnesse
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        Woo, who, who
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        Oh, yeah
        Woo woo
        Woo woo
        Songwriters: RICHARDS, KEITH / JAGGER, MICK
        Sympathy For The Devil lyrics © Abkco Music, Inc.

        Lyrics term of use

    • I was just told not to blaim Australians for being Mad Maxes, because the blood went too deep into their heads, for living upside down for too long.
      We can see it, but not they themselves

      • O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
        To see oursels as ithers see us!
        It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
        an’ foolish notion.

        Actually we have been saying that about you El-Kammo, behind your back. How about we Aussies confess to our blood-in-the head prob, and you admit to a sligght blockage re, say, Building 7.

        • Come on with it then, dear Mary, Skype me, let’s get over this, You and Me, Architectural Engineer, allways curious to find new information. Dalia knows the way.
          Tell me all the things you know that you are sure of that I do not yet know, all the things that I should not be aware of.
          Let’s battle on Skype, face to face, explain the flaws of structural engineering to me, the flaws of NIST, that you do not even understand.
          Do it, and get over it, I am NOT a sheeple, and NOT brainwashed, I am an Engineer with a mountain of experiance, and I invite you to talk face to face with me.
          This is a real callenge, I am even willing to stand upside down while talking, to get as crazy as you are, so come on girl, pick up my glove.

    • The issue of restricion was noted by Johnnyboy222 about a year ago.
      Jeez, you work fast Dear Mary,
      It only took you a year to notice.

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