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Jeff Bradstreet, MD, Was a Loving, Happy Man


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by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

This is a followup to my Gumshoe report of 2 July, 2015. The amazing news is that 528 individuals so far have sent a donation to the GoFundMe site, asking that the death of Jeff Bradstreet be investigated. I have never known anything like this to happen.

I rejoice that the GoFundMe phenomenon exists. We know of many murders paraded as suicides, but normally there is no way for folks to state their suspicions. Since it was his bro, Thomas, that set up the fund, all Jeff’s previous patients – his autistic alumni – are eager to express their love by donating. Thank you, Jeff, for being such an admirable doctor that everyone trusted you.

bradstreet-immune-lab (1)Dr Jeff Bradstreet

Now here’s a shocking comment from a colleague, John Reinhold, Sr, MD. He wrote:

“Jeff’s research was a threat to many representing huge financial losses if the direction his research was validating came to be accepted as ‘fact.’ We discussed this when he was in the earliest stages of his work. The public is unaware of how easy it is for someone to make a phone call and simply state, ‘He’s an annoyance we don’t need right now,’ and that putting plans in motion. If Jeff’s strong suspicions are right regarding cause and causes of autism, legal actions against those corporations implicated would be staggering. Jeff was brilliant and had every reason to live.”

At this moment the bad news is that several doctors have died inexplicably in the US and Mexico in the last few weeks, all of them studying alternative science. I don’t agree that money is what caused the murders. As I argue in Consider the Lilies, many diseases, including cancer and autism, are genocidal.

The extreme boldness of the murdering of several doctors can’t compare with the boldness of the way in which diseases have been handed out to us all, since around 1950, but increasing greatly around 1990. I see that Jeff Bradstreet was criticized on Quackwatch.com by the late Stephen Barrett.

My research showed many outstanding doctors coming under the sword of Barrett.

To repeat: this is a great day. People have woken up and are demanding the truth. This will make all the difference!



  1. There are now 602 donors to the GoFundMe for Dr Bradstreet’s Investigation. His family posted this on the Fund page”

    “Dear Family, Friends, and Autism Community,
    We come to you today thankful and gracious as your amazing outpouring of love and support continues to warm our hearts. Before Jeff’s memorial this past weekend, the Bradstreet family created a slideshow of his life, not only as a personal reflection of our memories, but as an essential part of the healing process. Looking through our photographs, we realized that in an era long before cell phone selfies, we avidly took a lot more video than we did snapshots. While there is so much more we could have included, we shared our very intimate slideshow on the memorial page, as you have shared your own personal stories in order to provide a glimpse into the life of the man we knew and loved first as brother, then a husband, father, and uncle. Undoubtedly, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was a hero to many in his tireless pursuit to relieve the pain of so many suffering families dealing with autism. He dared to dream that there may even be a cure one day and, if so, then working to achieve that would be a life well lived. We as a family share your grief and pain, and though we may fret for the future, know that the banner he carried onto the battlefield will be lifted once again by the next courageous soul willing to give this cause the full measure of their selfless search for the truth.
    We carry on in the way Jeff always inspired us to do, not in terms of his research, but for answers to the very confusing, inconsistent, and incredulous circumstances leading up to and surrounding his death. The case has “not been closed” and we have been advised to not comment further at the risk of jeopardizing the investigation. However, in the past few weeks, thanks not only to the Rutherford County, North Carolina, detectives, but our legal representation, and private investigative team hired with the help of your generous contributions, we have begun to dig a little deeper beneath the surface.”

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