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“You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for GREEN SCREEN” – Media Magic and Control


isis green screen

A 3 ½ minute silent video appears to show infamous Islamic State executioner Jihadi John, in front of a giant GREEN SCREEN, “practicing” on a kneeling hostage. The “execution” is rehearsed in a lit studio with a production crew. The videos are similar to that shown in the beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Alan Henning.

This report in leaksource: (12 July 2015)

“We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!

Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents.

On one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things.Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!”  (google translation) 

The videos on Leaksource are quite compelling, but one cannot be absolutely sure that this is not a counter psyop.

The video below was posted by activist post. (Unfortunately they mix other potential crisis actors into this report)

We knew these (in the picture below) were filmed in a studio. The shadows on the two hostages are coming from “suns” that are in different parts of the “sky”. The assassins might have chosen a studio for convenience and to confuse the West. But the CyberBerkut hacked video shows them fooling around.

isis shadows

One can only wonder what is going on, and what people like Senator McCain are doing.

Gumshoe articles on McCain:

The Maestro McCain, and

Madness of McCain

A video from DAHBOO777 below.



Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows israel’s Control of ISIS terrorists.


  1. Ssh.
    Do not let our shock jocks find out about all the psy-op charades, they will then have little to wind up bogans with hate stories; lose audience and the advertisers will walk as the ratings decline and they will be out of pocket.
    I have noted in the past that it is alleged some lady named Katz (?) has the inside running on video ‘beheadings’.
    Suggest some research: e.g atMike Rivero at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/
    Don’t forget all the BS Bin Laden videos.
    All the government sponsored deceits and frauds are now very boring for the informed.
    The CIA one having BL talking about molesting little boys, if I recall correctly, about five years ago, is conveniently not reported by the msm.
    Time to drop the msm and their advertisers. Could avert being tricked again into some more wars and mass destruction, presuming there is anything left in the Middle East to destroy.

  2. Ok, so wat is to be done with psy-ops BS. Deceit and manipulation.
    Perhaps if all readers simply sent this link to all their media contacts and generally with a similar question:
    “Read this gumshoe Article and use half your brain to realise that increasing numbers in the community are sick of your BS and support of killing. Remember how many of our soldiers were killed and wounded and famies destroyed because you useless parasites supported the Iraq war. We may add you lot have been suckered by 911. Blood and misery is on your hands”.
    Just a thought! Should stir up Hadley and Faine! (:-)

      • For the first time I have followed a moon hoax report as posted above at the 7.42 timeline ; “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon’. Previously I could not be bothered with anaysing the topic.
        I commend all to spend the time to examine it and perhaps the ABC and Mr Faine might note the observations from the 44 minute mark.
        Basically, truth ultimately prevails and in time so many reporters, shock jocks, politicians and other naive gullible bogans and riff raff are going to be scorned by their children and grandchildren and remembered only as; ‘Those suckered idiots of the latter half of the 20th and early 21st centuries’.

          • Nothing in that narration proves the validity of its sources. I took away no sense that she had proven anything.
            If it is true that the van allen belt makes the trip impossible we need only hear that from a trustworthy scientist, and we won’t need any analysis of “faked” photographs.

            Mark, I’ll go you five dollars that we landed on the moon.
            I believe it was the very same day on which Mary Jo Kopechne died allegedly in Ted Kennedy’s car. I don’t buy that one.

          • As for the van Allen belt, if I recall that was the subject of one of Dee’s articles back a bit.
            I recall that NASA was investigating at huge (saw the NASA video) cost to work out a way for humans travelling through the belt to survive.
            I am curious, as per habit, as to why NASA does not go down to the company library and ask the librarian for the technical papers
            Demomstrating how they were so successful 46 years ago.
            But what would I know, I have not researched it. But for some fun, I will raise Mary a fiver on the bet.

          • I think it is common knowledge that they recorded photographs on earth to simulate the moon landings. I’ve seen the large moon in the studio with a tracking camera. I worked with a rigger that worked in a moon studio during the landings (in case the live feed broke down). There is footage of them filming the moon landings in a studio. The coke bottle was seen by Perth residents.
            But none of the faked photographs prove though that they didn’t get to the moon.
            They might have got to the moon – and the footage was damaged, so they backed it up with fake footage and pics that looked better than the real stuff. Who knows.
            Just fascinating….
            I need a spare month to look into it

          • Dee,
            another theory I heard many years back was that they did not want to show what they came across when the were on the way or/and when they landed.
            Something to do with litle ‘green’ (?) fellows teling them to p … off?

  3. I need to clarify the bets below so I can put the money in escrow.
    Yes, Mark, the fiver with you has to do with me saying “I believe we landed” in July, 1969. (Ignore the Ted Kennedy situation.)
    Dee, I bow to your knowledge of filming, but as you say, they probably made a studio video whether or not the moon landing occurred.
    (My challenging Mark has to do with the lady-narrator not impressing me. I mean the narrator makes me disbelive her, so then I believe the landing. My enemy’s enemy, etc. Did you know there was a Salvo shop window in America that had 2 posters side by side? One said “Drink is the enemy.” The other said “Love thine enemy.”)
    Ned, I get your point about Why spend money on the van allens. But in the olden days Sir Mark Oliphant was my neighbor here in Adelaide. We often talked about radiation. I can’t imagine that if the van allens were killers that he would have refrained from making a fuss in 1969. Oliphant made a fuss every chance he got. He was a wonderful person. (Born in the year of federation, died in 2000.)
    So Ned are you betting 5 or 10? And what do I have to do to win? I’ll bet you a hundred re the little green men. And I won’t put it in escrow since I know it won’t be called on in my lifetime….

    • I am happy to have a jest.
      I do not have the inclination for a lengthy discourse excepting, to comment on matter raised:
      Dee’s report on van whoever’s belt and the millions, if not billions announced by NASA to undo Van’s belt.
      Can we deal with one issue at a time: are they spending billions to take down Van’s undies or not? If so why? If not , why the NASA announcement to debrief Allen?

  4. I refer to my comment on 17.7.15 at 11.35 below concerning the suggestion that the little green fellows told them to PO.
    Well I was right, almost, the lately discovered file film from NASA proves it.
    Clearly, NASA was an organisation of the 60’s when decorum was paramount to their public realtions persona. To save occasioning offence they scrubbed the original record and made up the studio version for public consumption. Hear what happened:

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