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9/11 Video Explains The Official Myth – Again


One of our readers, Mark, alerted us to this video that was published yesterday 19 July, 2015 by HighImpactFlix.

The video encapsulates the ridiculous assertions of the “official” story. The makers thanked James Corbett for the use of his script.




  1. The Corbett report original version, that the above video is based on, may be found here

    Now alltogether: Laugh:
    The politicians, the mass media the Australian ABC and radio shock jocks are fools, idiots, numbskulls and silver foiled hat, official government 911 conspiracy theorists and no doubt are ‘flat earthers’.
    Now alltogether; Cry:
    They have been inculpated in promoting the invasion of countries in the Middle East for the last 14 years killing millions, based on serial concoctions and lies, as per the pre-911; ‘the Plan’ outlined by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman as outlined here;

    Not to mention the injuries, infrastructure and social destruction causing thousands to seek refuge in Europe, Australia and other places which has led to or leading to, fractures in the social cohesian in many countries, as pr-ordained by the psycopaths of the planned fascist corporate ‘New World Order’, pre-1969 referred to here:
    Recently, some accountant was convicted for his part in aranging the transporting of victims to WW11 concentration camps to their deaths. (a few hundred thousand?)
    Now why have not those; who have contributed to the invasions and actual mass killings and the supporting of same, with the 911 mass murder cover up, been put on trial?
    Now that is CRIMINAL and SICK and no laughing matter, yet many supporting the lies, killings and cover up are feted and treated as decent citizens of our society by an ignorant, lazy, uniformed and deceived public.
    Maybe they should consider the ultimate fate of the accountant referred to above.

  2. Dalia: you should do another article on this recent Guardian story:


    Seems Professor Mark Bradford a UNSW Engineer thinks the laws of physics were not relevant on 9/11 – as he diligently regurgitates the thoroughly debunked NIST explanation of events… Perhaps you could contact him for comment? Amongst other things- I would ask him:

    “You say the floorspaces of WTC 1&2 collapsed because they bowed from heat- setting off a ‘progressive collapse’ and go on to add that had they had regularly spaced columns instead collapse couldn’t have happened.

    My question to you: Considering the massive WTC cores took 60% of the buildings load, and DID HAVE regularly and very tightly spaced box columns (47 of them) why did THEY also collapse at near free fall speed? Why weren’t the massive core structures left standing, at least partially”

      • note the comments under the article: the vast majority dispute the supposed ‘science’ of the article and the official 9/11 story.

        Not one scientist, engineer, or expert of any kind defends the content of the article.

        • Jacques,

          Just write something that I can look upon and agree or disagree. You only disagree with what is there but you yourself come up with nothing.

      • Any idea how bad the Coste paper at SEFI was? Not to mention the presentation, the PowerPoint?
        I would reject it, and SEFI did, unfortunatly just 3 days ahead.

      • Yes they were replacing the pealing fire proofing unfortunately
        The work had just begun, but even if the fireproofing were 100
        percent, it would not have prevented the planes impact from
        Destroying it.
        Nice try at a straw man argument though.

          • Argument because you tried to alude to a false claim that the fire proofing upgrades would have saved the buildings, which is not a statement of fact but a false claim an insinuendo of insignificant and misleading information.

    • So long as I can recall, The University of NSW was often approached by lawyers seeking to assist with technical matters for court cases covering a wide field.
      Perhaps the UNSW may suffer a downturn in future for such requests, particularly when it comes to fires, structural matters metallurgy and such. Not to forget common sense and research objectivity to be able to justify an expert opinion. Look up the Makita and Sproule case in the NSW court of Appeal (?), being the basis for the admissibility of any claims made under oath by ‘experts’.
      There is also a court code of conduct for experts to be complied with when proposing to prepare and the giving expert evidence .
      Be interesting, if the msm and shock jocks apply a similar code!
      After all, we are dealing with integrity in court and public information , are we not?

    • 37 stories of the core remained standing for a while.
      And massive is relative, it all comes down to the tension/mm2
      Big buildings create big numbers, I call this the law of the big numbers, I am not impressed by those numbers.

    • Jaques,

      37 stories of the cores remained for a while.
      7 stories left standing, that saved 6 firemen trapped in the stairwell of the core, and also the 911 surfer, coming from floor 23

    • 2600 LBS dropped 12 feet was enough to shatter one weld in the core, the transition from static to dynamic load was such that the upper core was subjected to at least 1000 times that loading.

        • No I am the one who figured out how the collapse destroyed the core though excentricity striking the columns, in off center strikes, though experimention and observations.
          2600 pounds dropped 12 feet is 100,000 LBF, the energy needed to break one weld with one foot off center displacement.
          Of course the energy per inch of weld is the same all the way though the structure, and does not change only the size of the weld changes.
          So as the welds get larger it takes more energy to break them but the mass accumulated in a funnel effect with significant energy to sheer the weld, at the free ferrite deformations where the steel was decarbinized by the very process of Arc welding.
          In other words to put it in layman’s terms the weld were brittle, as welds are and broke, because welding is not a perfect jointing process, because Iron is formed in the process of welding by carbon being lost do the the heat produced in Arc welding.
          Once the load shifts from static to dynamic nothing on earth
          Could have saved the building or prevented the collapses.

    • Because they were left standing partially after the collapse, which can be seen in images and on videos. Due to Euler buckling, they finally collapsed.

  3. If I may assist? Further to my comment in reply somewhere below.
    People at he UNSW and all other experts might wish to consider some responsibilities.
    The reference to the Makita case (buy one at Bunnings!) may be found by going to austlii which is a site which has heaps of legislation and court reports.
    Go to court cases NSWCA and go to the alphabetical index and under NSWCA look up Makita and Sproule or vice versa.
    Read what the Court determined about expert evidence. (Even for a slip on stairs (:- ) )
    Now research SC rules on the conduct of experts. (Hope it works?) but search around and it should turn up.
    Now; pollies ( especially
    rhose learned in law) media magnates, ABC, journalists, shock jocks and media lot. What are your rules?
    After all, some of our pollies go and invade and kill ignoring standards that apply to us and set down in law.
    Goose and Gander come to mind.

    • Mr Faine,
      I understand that you were once learned in the law, as is the chairman of the ABC.
      And as was Ms. Bishop the Australian foreign minister.
      I hesitate to mention more lawyers such as the Speaker of the House and the minister for communications.
      Now for a code of conduct to be applied as is current in court.

  4. Nice to see you Gals and Guys are just a Looney tunes as ever,
    The world is moving on around you, and your just stuck on the never ending Mary go round of nonsense, enjoy the long ride to nowhere.

    • Mmmm Carroll. Yes – JFK it has been proved over and over again that it was not Oswald. Someone took over the government – and they same system is still in place. Just forget about it???

      • JFK is another subject.
        You as a moderator should be aware of this.
        A 911 thread is not a place to discuss JFK.
        I am happy do do so, along with the landings on the moon(yes, multiple), and the 10 headed dragon supposedly flying circles around the planet Venus, alang with the reptilians and their incoming home planet Niburu

        • My point EK—JFK was 5 decades ago. And it is not going away. Same for 9/11. 9/11 will never go away until there is some honesty involved. And a hypnotised public awakened.

      • That gave me a great big belly laugh Dalia Mae,

        Can you tell me why it was not Oswald’s shot from the back as physics dictates it was seeing the ejecta from JFK’s head is propelled forward?

        No shot from the front, visible in any of the film footage the ejecta fine spray is always traveling forward as Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion dictates a rear shot do.

        Oh I get it now the JFK conspiracy goes back to the time of sir
        Isaac Newton’s publication of Principalia , the whole laws of
        Motion are wrong, and just a cover for a shot from the grassy knoll!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

        We need to see Newton hang for his crimes, setting up the cover up of JFK’s Murder.

        • Grassy Troll you are Carroll. You are a single magic bullet for the disinformation club owned by the elite poker players. Do you know which side to butter the bread?

          • No Magic needed those old style bullets designed for a tube magazine were known to tumble exactly like that, my old Winchester 45-70 black powder did that tumble every time it hit something.
            The fact you don’t know anything and only know the stupidity
            You read on line is not new to me Dalia Mae, your quite entertaining.
            You don’t know crap about rifle design, or bulistics, magic bullets do now exist, ones that have fins and controlled by a microchip to target.
            That old style bullet was banned from military usage because it was deemed inhumane, because of the way that bullet damaged bone, and tissue when it tumbled.
            The Geneva convention banned all those tube mag bullets after world war one.
            They were sold off for sporting usage, to help pay for more humane ways to kill.
            The fact you have no actual knowledge Dalia Mae will never surprise me. 😆

          • “You don’t know crap about rifle design, or bulistics, ”
            don’t need to— have heard it from the experts…
            its ballistics
            you are the best grassy troll i’ve read…
            manual 45, subsection 12

          • What experts would those be, other than twoofer sites?
            Ballistics is the science of projectiles, your making a worthless call to authority if you don’t understand yourself how that type of bullet behaves.
            So you admit your clueless and just subscribing you view to someone else’s opinion and not doing your journalistic duty and researching it yourself?
            Thought so!

          • You are seriously full of bull Carroll and have exposed yourself as a defender of criminals. However you would like a bullet to behave I think the many experts have proved you wrong. I know you are here to waste our time.

          • hen give me your calculations and tests on how the Carpano rifle bullet of conical design with similar materials to the bullets used in the Kennedy Assassination should perform.
            The impact of that type conical bullet produces a tumble reaction, do to the shape and length of the projectile.
            That tumble reaction induces physical forces on the bullets trajectory that which were eliminated in more modern designs.
            It is not about covering up for anyone it is about the truth,
            And the physics involved.
            The fact that you term it a magic bullet shows you don’t know the subject matter or the physical reason the bullet behaves that
            Way do to induced friction and loss of momentum on impact inducing a tumbling spinning motion.

  5. LOL !!! Same people as 6 months ago discussing the same sh*t… and obviously they still haven’t done their homework yet.

    Aren’t you guys (& girls) ashamed of yourselves ?

    How long will it take before you people will understand that there’s more to the story than what truther sites tell you ?

        • Pray tell and describe the parameters of said project. Otherwise this means absolutely 100% nothing. and is wasting space.
          Send in your thesis / view of exactly how b7 collapsed

          • The experiment tested the cracking of sulfur from calcium sulfate in a chimney effect, where the un burned carbons were reignited with drywall dust in the smoke plume, with superheated steam from combustion of hydrocarbon plastics.
            The effects shown 18 hours in the smoke plume.
            To duplicate what can happen either in the building or in the
            Rubble pile.
            The Process was for cracking the sulfur from the reaction of carbon monoxide with Calcium sulfate was first proposed By Dr. Frank Greening, PHD chemist.

            Sorry but my video camera a brand new JVC, did not survive
            The Carbon monoxide explosion, and the wireless security camera back up showed only fire and black smoke.
            I can draw out the experiment without any trouble, and it could easily be replicated, by anyone with guts enough to try.
            That’s Science and investigation, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned, but it is always interesting and fun, especially when your
            Running your butt off to try and get away from the 800 gallon steel tank shot into the air, from a carbon monoxide carbon
            Dust explosion,

          • Wow, more script reading. How convenient that your camera did not survive, that seems to happen a lot when dealing with this type of err umm thing? Which part of the 800 gallon steel tank is the picture above from? Or is it just a prop? Maybe you could have taken still pics too?

          • Exactly the same Chemical process all that is needed is to reduce the Calcium sulfate to Sulfur or SO2, and it will corrode the steel with the steam provided by the combustion of the hydrocarbon based plastics.
            The main hydrocarbons I used was mainly old carpet, of similar design to that used in the towers.
            The sulfur disrupts the crystal structure of the steel weakening the surface crystals, allowing for increased oxidation corrosion.
            Steven Jones first proposed thermate was use to explain that sulfidication, an the yellow material dripping shortly before collapse.
            Unfortunately for him that Idea was a total fail because he didn’t understand the chemistry involved.

          • That is not a tank pictured, it is a 6 Diamiter inch scedual 40
            Pipe, here is a picture of it before the experiment.

            And yes Xrbarra2014, when you actually do get off your butt and design accurate recreations of dangerous and potentially explosive environments some times things do tend to explode and destroy video cameras.
            When you sit on your butt though and play it safe and do nothing, and do not even attempt accurate recreations of the enviroments, in question yes you are safe and you learn absolutely nothing!

      • I am sorry, where was the plane in the re-creation? Plus what about all the other anomalies listed in the initial video? Or are they all just coincidence? Perhaps you could check your script to gives us the answers too?

        • I don’t need any script, just logic and science, are xbarra2014 your not a disinformation agent planted by the government to make twoofers look dumb? I so you should get a raise because
          Your doing an excellent Job good work.

  6. Thanks Mark, thanks for alerting.
    And thanks Corbett for putting more weigt into it.
    I have seen the light now. I turned 180 deg.
    Now what?
    14 years later? Are we(yes, I am one of you now)going to do something? Arrest some people? Write a hypothyses to be peer reviewed? A paper everyone can nitpick on?
    What do we do now?
    The video is clear evidence of an inside job, never seen anything like it, great job.
    So, what’s next? To whom I need to trasfer my money to start things moving?

  7. Reading Gumshoe tells me that Gage is just a pussy.
    Gumshoe knows it all, has seen the light.
    Gumshoe will………..add nothing

  8. Would you Australians please make the effort of making your 911 thing move? Just make it move? Whatever direction?
    Project management? Project needs to move towards a direction of some kind?
    14 years of blabla is bad project management.
    Mary Maxwell came up with a law of 1793, to arrest “them”.
    Never heard about her result.
    Mary Maxwell is just a box of blabla.
    No wory spyders, keep on going nowhere, enlightened ones.

  9. About Gumshoe as I know it.

    Dalia writes a new post.
    Ned, her dog, or deeply in love is the first to comment, allways the same: “well said Dalia”, Amen.
    Second to respond is Christopher, same thing, other dog.
    Third party is Mary Maxwell, she is second in command.
    Christopher moved up the ladder by being allowed to write and post a new post.
    Bummer for Ned.
    My question to the 4 of you:
    What is your purpose and what did you achieve?
    And please Ned, say well said El-Kammo

    • You NWO patsies I have to say are so predictable and so full of BS (in the comments)
      EK – send in your b7 thesis and then we’ll say well done.
      But i still look forward to the next skype with you. I think we should have it on the record for gumshoe readers – their education and enjoyment

      • Wrong answer.
        To me you are a private person and therefore our conversations by skype and email are private to me, and I treat them as such. Yust two people with the same interest, only differ from opinion, nothing wrong with that.
        I never ever refered to our private conversations on Gumshoe or any other website.
        Adressing you in private is a totally different thing from me adressing your users.
        What you are saying is that you want to skype me again, record it, and put my face on the internet, without me knowing about it, just for fun.
        Well, you as a webmaster should handle more responsibility.
        Skype is a personal phonecall, unless agreed different on forehand.(is that English?,on forehand?)
        Our two hour skype was relaxing, we did not argue, we listened to eachother, and we did it with our private names.
        Feel free to delete comments on Gumshoe, it’s yours, but respect my privacy as I respect yours.
        Next step would be to publish email adresses from users that do not agree with you?

        This threatening of yours disappoints me massively.
        You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Come on EK. I enjoy our private conversation. As moderator I am suggesting we discuss this openly in a FUTURE discussion. Mainly because you are critical and jibe at some views here. I am happy to be friendly in a public conversation too. That’s who I am. The point of this all is seeking answers not just for me… But for society. There are no threats FROM ME …. Full stop,

          • Then you know that I do NOT work for the government, so keep a lid on Mary maxwell, and that is what I am doing here.

          • Ah, yes, claiming to seek answers.
            Well, if so, Johnnyboy is a great asset, because your new transparent investigators will need to cope with information that is unknown to you, but known to Johnnyboy.
            Johhnyboy is the best testcase you have on Gumshoe.
            Never go to court without knowing what to expect.
            I call Johnnyboy The Librarian, and not for nothing.

  10. Fair Money Australia Meet Up
    Tuesday, July 21st at Beer DeLuxe, Federation Square in Melbourne. We’ll be there from 6:00pm and will give an update on what’s been going on with Fair Money at around 6:30pm.
    The rest of the evening will be spent getting to know people, sharing information and offering superb ideas on how to bring us closer to our goal of a fair monetary system.We have reserved a section in the atrium; enter via Flinders street or ask the staff if you cannot find us.

      • Mary & Dee, the FMA has no official or formal structure as yet which is a little disappointing.
        There is a very well informed core of about ten who have very good money understanding but might be less prepared for the sorcery from the sidelines, though I am pushing information their way. These people are all highly independent thinkers.
        It is a young group including a couple of University students. Very bright capable students. I think there is a great deal of promise but we shall wait and see if that can emerge.
        The group has a lot of contacts and associations and a range of money reform pedigrees that need to be drawn together towards achieving some type of limited objective like achieving some form of on the record statements from the RBA or the Treasury.
        Individually and together there are correct activities happening along the lines of making contacts and building discussion where it can influence.
        The thinking is sound and there is some very high ability people involved.
        I hope the meet ups can be regularly scheduled and a more constituted approach needs to be implemented.
        A lot of ground is covered in the meet up discussions and there is a great deal these people do not know that I can bring to their table.
        They are very technically focused with regard to money reform which is a plus and a minus.
        Like many of the “crimes of monopoly power” the resisting results rely on how much time and life we are prepared or able to commit to the battle.
        The answer to that dilemma is more elusive than unraveling the methods of sorcery and the criminals responsible.

  11. WARNING.
    For new readers, when 911 is brought up there is a inordinate number of comments coming in defending the official government 911 mass murder conspiracy theory and as may be noted their comments are usually laced with insults which of course discloses their nature, purpose and character.
    They usually just concentrate on building number 7 and the towers in their cover of the intricate and voluminous evidence on 9/11 pinting to an inside job of mass murder, with of course operatives from out of the US.
    Seems that there whole lives or occupation are/is restricted to 911 and there is little brain available for dealing with any other topic of world interest, of which there have been many referred to herein since the last concentrated ‘distraction attack’ some months back.

    SO ENOUGH OF THEM and we proceed on the topic.

    As referred to previously the Makita case on expert evidence has a link here:

    I also referred to the University of NSW expert research/evidence which may be examined at Unisearch which apparently has something to do with UNSW. The link is as follows.

    As for the applicable NSWSC rules for the expert witness code of conduct; just search the subject such as ‘ New South Wales Supreme Court Code of conduct for evidence from experts”. etc.

    I suspect that the past respect for and standards applied by Unisearch would wish to be maintained ?

    • Dalia Mae, if I thought you were honesty seeking truth, and had the technological knowledge to understand it I would do it.
      However after our Email conversations I now consider it a waste of valuable time.

      • Explain your theory of how building 7 collapsed and it will be published. Simple. That surely is not wasting your time – and we will get further education in the process. And I’ll forward it to my list of engineers for comment. That seems a most fruitful way forward———does it not?

        • The Email conversation where I sent you the paper From Dr. Frank Greening, & Dr. David B Benson, the Limited Case study on
          The Twin Towers that showed, even if the highest theoretical resistance to collapse were applied.
          The Towers would have collapsed on their own with out assistance from explosives.
          That does not mean that low velocity chemical reactions that you would term explosions did not occur, it means that once heat weakened the structure causing shift from static load to dynamic load, the towers are doomed to suffer global collapse, which is essentially simple failure of the connections
          That hold the building together.

          So heat weakening leading to Euler buckling, would induce global collapse do to the weakening of the support structures,
          That resisted gravitational loading.
          The Greening, Benson paper is a mathematical proof, that the buildings had to collapse as they did, from fire.
          As far as building 7 a similar event applies only it collapses sideways not strait down, do to the counter levered steel structure and the way the structure applies leverage on the welds, to cause shear lag sudden breakage of the welds.
          Once enough mass is falling on the lower structure it causes
          Rapid collapse of the now unsupported facade wall of granite.
          The top of which falls at free fall for a little over 2 seconds!
          I do not expect you to understand any of this, or to do your own research I expect you to parrot from twoofer sites what they tell you like a good little Robot.
          However I can not subscribe to any theory that does not make scientific sense.

          • Thank you for the reminder.
            Benson et al try explain the collapse via maths. The vertical forces of the “collapse”. But they do not explain the outward projection (horizontal forces) of the contents of the building. Maybe you could. For your convenience I have provided a picture which superimposes the collapse / explosion at two points to demonstrate the sideways collapse. Could you please explain mathematically how this is possible – with the debris shooting out about 500 feet


          • Maybe you can enlighten us on how much force was needed to propel an entire floor, which you seem to think was blown out, 500 feet. Maybe then you realize how ridiculous your claim is.

          • Here some help for your calculation. One floor weighed around 30.000 tons, so 30.000.000 Kg(which is 294000000 N). 500 feet is 154.2 m

          • Perfect erchimedes explain that energy transfer in ancient Greece over a milinia ago. All it takes is a kick out of the long section of core columns exerting force though leverage.
            More spacificly, exerting fore on the failing outer wall though leverage.
            Similar to the way Native Americans use an atlantel or spear thrower to be able to hunt big game by increasing the energy transfered to a spear from a persons arm.
            Gravitational energy can be transfered from the core at failure though simple leverage, to the outer perimeter wall section, altering it, trajectory as it falls though air.
            Ps. the paper does actually show that the energy is there in
            The collapses to do that work Dalia Mae, so you didn’t obviously
            Read or understand the paper.
            If you wish you can ask DBB, your self on the physics forum,
            And he will answer your question.
            Don’t think you have the guts to do so!
            Or would you prefer I have ask Dr. Greening for you?
            Given that the highest Resistance sinario proposed in
            The paper, Perfect realinement of core columns so they touch,
            Can never occur, there is a lot more energy left over to do work,
            All that is required is for the ejection is a small part of the energy be transfered from downward motion to lateral motion
            Though the action of a section of core column kicking out, imparting a leverage action on the outer wall as it does so under
            The influence of gravitational momentum!
            I mean come on this is old school physics, really old goes all
            the way back to ancient Greece.

          • It seems no one has replied to Dalia Mae’s question about how this lateral motion of large sections of the steel walls was possible.

            I think it’s really easy: These sections are simply very large pieces of wall – steel columns many stories high (easily 30 stories) and several wall panels wide (I think something like 15 columns iincludes, connected by spandrels). These walls stood unsupported when the floor slabs had crashed down and left the upper portion of the tower hollow; they then simply toppled over, like a tree. It’s posssible, that a panel or two broke of near the upper end during that topping and were hurled somewhat farther by a sort of “bowling” motion.

            Several of such large slabs of wall, still more more or less connected and layed out orderly, can be seen on the ground, spread outward almost all the way to the World Financial Center, in aerial photographs shot in the days after.

          • I think your explanation is absolute nonsense. All you have to is watch and analyse the video to see that is not the causation of chunks flying out…. And huge “slabs” being propelled out. It is not a toppling or peeling action.

    • Don’t know, they may be doing it for nothing on tha basis of misguided loyalty without regard to the likelihood that innocent people have been ‘framed’ and killers are still amongst us. Otherwise, why would they care if there is a proper investigation and the ‘false flag’ mass murderers are exposed as the uncivilised animals that they are.

      • Hmm. One rarely mentions the framing of innocent people in the 9-11 context.
        Thank you.
        Come to think of it, there’s a lot of people up for the charge of OOJ, as i call it. Obstruction of justice. Federal felony in US.

      • Obstruction of justice does not apply to acts of war only to direct iterference, into Federal investigations, The federal investigation is over and completed, there fore there is no way to Obstruct a completed investigation.
        Nice Strawman worthless argument Mary, thought you were educated in the Law.
        PS. I do this solely for Laughs, and the twoofers on Gumshoe are pure comedy gold, to some one who actually know the subject matter, bet EL is still laughing at you as I am!

    • Mary,
      Only 4 people could know about unknown naoshit, Jones-Harrit-Szamboty and Gage.
      They blew it up themselves, can’t you see this?

    • Now listen up PHd Maxwell,
      My CV is given by me to Dalia.
      I am nearly retired, and in my CV is nothing to be found about working for any government, got it?
      So keep a lid on it, shut up, stop yelling things about me that you do not even know in the slightest.
      Yust stop assuming without any foundation.
      Arhitectural Engineering is my profession, no doubt about it.
      So Shut up, dumb PHd.

      • PHd,

        Maxwell, do you really meant to say that I did not understand the drawings of Cantor and Frankel Steel as built, and you did?
        Are you that crazy?

  12. OK the distraction gang have arrived again, so I will give them something to actually work on.
    For the unitiated 9/11 ‘Twoofers’, here is Richard Gage from the artchitects and engineers at http://www.ae911truth.org/ giving a ten minute presentation which summarises some of the evidence relating to the Bin Laden suspension of the laws of physics and knocking down three buildings with two planes that were not intercepted by the whole US defence establishment.

    By the way, do not forget the miraculous flight by a pilot, who could not fly, into the Pentagon that just happened to wipe out the ONI investigation by murdering about 200 workers of the missing trillions of dollars announced by Rumsfield the day before.
    Again: for the serious 911 twoofers who want to consider who might have been the murderers and why , start with a search of the three papers by E. P Heidner at scribd:
    “E. P . Heidner 911 commission report revised december 2008 collateral”.
    E. P. Heidner 911 commission repaort revised December 2008 collateral 1.”
    “E. P. Heidner 911 commission report revised December 2008”.
    (the last being of 381 pages and note the reference to the Nugan Hand Bank in Sydney in two pages, somewhere in the first 30-4O pages. Also note that Heidner missed recounting that ex Chief Magistate Murray Farqhur was charged with conspiracy to steal Phillipines gold bullion…in the ear 1980’s, he died not long after….a year or so?)
    For an idea/summary of the above in context, search “Black Eagle Gold Trust Fund”.
    When that is digested, then any ‘truther’ may be promoted to the rank of ‘Twoofer’ as then the realisation will dawn that 9/11 was also a well planned “bank heist”, using the closure of the SEC fofr a few days to launder through the undocumented $240billion in US government bonds that then went into the sub prime housing market as mortgages and then those mortages were bundled up as securities rated by S and P as AAA+ etc and then, vial Lehmans subsidiary, Grange they were flogged off as secure investments to e.g. many local councils in NSW, sauch as up Gosford way, the Wingercaribie (Sp?: Bowral area) lot and more and two charities.
    Last year the S and P mob lost a case against a combination of some councils in NSW.
    Now for the next rank of “twoofer” grade 11, try finding out who are those suspected of being the players: Just search generally many theories such as those worked on by Christopher Bollyn and oters.
    Have fun, spend the next ten years on it and realise that those responsible have heaps of money and resources, such as the media to cover it all up because they do not want to be hanged and of course they are viscious criminals.
    One day the good academics at the UNSW might wish to actually do some research on the 9/11 mass murders?

        • You do realize that you keep making the conspiracy bigger and bigger all the time. Can you give me a rough estimate as to how many people were involved in this scheme of yours?

          So just give me a rundown on what people knew, who knew it, what they did, and so on.

          • Perhaps you might explain who you think was involved, how they planned it, how they avoided search warrants requested by FBI agents but were denied further investigation of the Patsies’.
            How bin laden just happen to arrange to suspend the laws of physic to down thre buildins with two planes.
            How he managed to change the protocols for intercepting wayward aircraft.
            How he managed to chose a day when there were so many drills by the US and the traffic controllers could not discern a drill from reality.
            How he managed to have the records of the flight controllers taken by a supervisor, destroyed and parts binned in various locations.
            How BL knew that Cheney would ignores the three reports by the young mans staring that there was incomming: 30 miles out, 20 miles out 10 miles out and stating on the last occasion: mod the orders still stand’? ‘Of course they still stand have you heard otherwise?’ Per Norman Mineta.
            Why did BL tell the five dancing Israelis to set up there cameras to ‘document the event’? As they celebrates the murder of those in the towers.
            Why did not BL take the opportunity to realise that stocks/shares would collapse for companies effected, but other smarties placed put options 250 times normal on those companies. Them the investigators did not follow up on those ‘insiders’ who profited by millions on the decline in share values.
            How did BL get the CIA operatives to persuade Springman to provide visas to most of the patsy ‘ hijackers’ from Saudi Arabia?
            Jeez you have a long way to go young Johnny troll.
            This is off the top of my head without reference other from memory over 10 years.
            I have a lot more.
            As for you question, which is basically who did it. You know quite well so shove the BS.
            On I phone not going to proof read but even a UNSW professor might get the drift: start from 2011 with the information at http://www.patriotsquestion911.com. Note the professors and Edna Cintron, who ‘walked through fire’

          • Don’t come back with a question you moron. Just give me a simple rundown of the people who were involved according to you. So who came up with the idea for this false flag, who ordered it, and who carried it out. Maybe then you realize how stupid your theory is, because it would involve thousands of people. And none of them have spilled the beans. And nice to see you finally admit your an anti Semite.

          • And just for your information, Terrorist have carried out a similar hijacking of multiple planes in the past. Look up dawson field hijacking. So its not like it has never been done before. And the rest of your reply is beyond stupid tbh. Just the same twoofer drivel, which you found on different twoofer sites.

          • You asked you have bee replied to.
            As for personal allegations of Antioch senitiismsm:
            Is Dich Cheney a semite?
            What is a Semite, Muslim Christian ?
            Search the exposure by an ex minister of Israel:
            ‘Antisemitism, it is a trick we alway use it’ when Israel is critisised.
            Stop whining!
            Look up the Lavon affair and the murder over two hours of the US sailors on the USS Linerty in 1967.
            Whinge on it is wearing out.

          • You still haven’t mentioned who ordered it, and who carried it out. Come on Ned, grow some balls and be the first twoofer, to actually come up with a list of everyone involved.

          • You are a complete idiot to think I was at the meeting when someone said: let’s blow up the WTC towers, get rid of the asbestos, nick the gold in 5 and 6, cover up the CIA black ops, being laundered through CIA patsy banks them blame muslims and go take out 7 countries in five years and who cares if we kill millipns over the next 14 years stealing their resources.
            Oh one should have been there to tell little Johnyy tro just as he expects that to prosecute Ivan Millat one should have been a backpacker being murdered.
            First witness: so Mr Backpacker you were there when Ivan murdered you?

          • So all you do is speculate right Ed? Because that is the safe way. Cant speculate to hard, because who knows? Maybe one day a black van may show up in your street, and you can’t have that, now can you?

            So now you say that the buildings were demolished because of Asbestos? Which was only present in one of the towers till the 30th floor, so why destroy the other one?

            The gold was never gone, just wait till Dalia approves a link i used in a reply.-

          • Johhny boy, I take it that you are not old enough to have served on a jury in a crinal trial.
            No doubt you would argue for your interests that evidence in the form of eye witnesses, expert evidence is just speculation.
            Do justice a favour, never serve on a jury.

          • Black van in the street?
            We are in Australia, of ever that were to eventuate, Intake it that you would the driver. piss off!
            End of discussion and go shove your fascist/Gestapotype threats. You are exhibiting a sign of unconscious desperation.
            Best you go to your controllers for some re-education.

          • And could you do us a favor Ned, and NEVER go outside into the real world, cause who knows?

            There is one thing you can do though, and that is to make us all laugh at your distorted view on the world. So keep at it, and amuse us, with your stupidity 😀

          • Ned, your showing complete and total ignorance, no one suspended the laws of physics on 9/11/2001, that was a claim of the ignorant from the start.
            It will always be a claim made by the ignorant and stupid!
            The laws of physics worked as they always have and always will.
            That you made such an obviously ignorant claim, shows you have no true and accurate understanding of the events!

          • Ow Ned, we don’t use juries in our courts. So even if I wanted to, i would never been called for jury duty. I aint making threats lol! I am just proving how paranoid you really are 🙂 I am at the other side of the world Ned, so kinda hard to make threats now wouldn’t it?

    • So we can assume that Rumsfeld was not part of the conspiracy. Else he would not have mentioned the 2.3 trillion dollars the day before now would he? If he had said nothing, you would not have known.

      The rest of the world would have known though, because this was mentioned all over the news before Rumsfeld mentioned it.


      Nice quote from someone “The entire federal budget in 2000 was $1.8 trillion, so $2.3 trillion going missing is absolutely not something that could be swept under the rug.”

      • The Gumshoe Mad Maxes claim to ask for an hounest independent transparent new investigation, but bust all criticism to whatever they come up with.
        Through Johnnyboy you can estimate your chances on all rediculous maybeys, might be’s, ifs and could be’s.

  13. Comm-entity johnnyboy2222, who is the nominated mastermind of your 911 Muslim conspiracy and upon what legal standard basis do you draw your conclusions?

    What exactly is an “anti-Semite”? Personally I describe the word as a silly political swear word that says a great deal about those who employ the term.

    Is there a divergence of conclusions on the JFK assassination between Carroll and comm-entity El-Kammo?

    • I don’t remember asking you anything Christopher. And you forgot to say it was extremists. But go ahead and play the Muslim card.

      • Comm-entity johnnyboy2222, “extremist” is your term, not mine. My questions remain unanswered.
        Are you not able to provide some accountability for your conspiracy theory or is that only a standard you apply to others?

        • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          You really are a tool 😀

          How do you think this works? I ask a question to Ed, which he counters with another question. And then even you start to ask the same, although i never asked you, now did I?

          So you wont answer me, before I answer you, is that how it works?

          • Comm-entity johnnyboy2222, my questions are straight forward.

            Who is the nominated mastermind of your 911 Muslim conspiracy and upon what legal standard basis do you draw your conclusions?

            What exactly is an “anti-Semite”?

          • You seem to be the one that believes that the official story is false, so YOU should think of a story that counters it. So enlighten us Crissyboy, who was behind the attacks?

            I Believe extremists did it, so who do you believe was behind it? Government? Jews? Bankers? Elves? Giants? Muppets? Smurfs? Just give us a rough guess.

    • Btw Christopher, why the fuck do you care what I believe in? Show some balls and stand up for what you believe in, so give us a rundown, like I asked Ed.

      • Comm-entity johnyboy2222, you claim to have all the answers so naturally in seeking to gain a full understanding of the 911 conspiracy I make my inquiries and see what we can learn.

        Who is the nominated mastermind of your 911 Muslim conspiracy and upon what legal standard basis do you draw your conclusions?

        What exactly is an “anti-Semite”?

        • As Ned likes to say, look it up yourself who is the mastermind. A brilliant guy like you should have no problem solving that mystery.Although its been 14 years, and you still haven’t figured it out, so I guess you aren’t that smart after all.

          • At least Johnnyboy puts life into this thread.
            Gages asks you to allways be critical, well, Johnnyboy is a critic.

          • Johnny boy, it has been figured out. Stiff.
            But we are amused with your loyalty as you would be aware the consequences are dire.
            Blow out your candle and have sweet dreams

          • Whahaha, you are afraid to even tell what happened that day according to you. Because you might end up in some black op facility in your mind.

          • We can both have a uniform. You can have a nice white one with straps holding your hands on your back. I bet it would look amazing on you! You have to type with your nose though, so that’s the only drawback.

          • That would be easy, compared to stirring over the stove with the right hand whilst dealing with your tripe.
            Come this September, I suspect that many will be taken away in white coats. One day soon you might see the big piccy and realize that your use by date has expired.

          • You know what will happen this September? Absolutely nothing. Just like the previous years. Every year twoofers claim that the truth will come out, as they see it. Well I hate to burst your bubble, but everything has been researched already. Just because you twoofers aren’t happy with the end result of all those years of research, doesn’t mean anything will change those facts, so get over it, and start living with those facts.

  14. Its amazing to see, that all twoofers are incapable of coming up with a thesis on what happened that day. They can’t agree on anything. So lets start from the beginning.

    The official story states that 19 hijackers took over 4 planes and flew 3 of them into buildings, and one was flown into the ground.

    There is video proof of the planes hitting the 2 world trade centers and the hit on the Pentagon.

    All hijacker pilots had enough skill to fly the planes.

    The first 2 towers were hit within a time span of 20 minutes.

    Both the north tower and south tower collapsed, due to gravity collapses, after they had been ablaze.

    The fire department never saw this a mission to extinguish the fire, because the buildings were to high, and the fires were to big.

    Radio communication was poorly in the buildings, and thats why so many firefighters died in the buildings, because they never got the word, that the buildings were becoming unstable, which was reported by Aerial reconnaissance. They could see that the towers were buckling at the points of impact.

    The planes destroyed several core columns, so the weight of the buildings had to be redistributed via the Hat trusses, which saved the buildings at first.

    There is video and photo proof that large sections of the floors were sagging, and thus pulling on the outer columns.

    There is video and photo proof that just before the south tower collapsed, the outer columns bowed inward, at which time the building collapsed.

    The static loads, which had kept the buildings standing for so many years, changed into dynamic loads, which destroyed the bolted connections, which held up each floor. The floors were bolted to the inner and outer cores.

    The ripping apart of the connections, meant that the outer columns were connected to nothing anymore, so all the outer columns could do, was to fall down, and peel out like a banana. Which can also be seen in photo and video evidence.

    This also meant that the core was standing loose, which can also be seen in video and photo’s. The cores of both buildings stood longer than the rest after the buildings collapsed.

    Several parts of the North tower destroyed some parts of WTC 7, which became unstable, which could be registered by equipment from the firedepartment, who noticed that WTC 7 was leaning.

    The fire department cordoned off a large part around WTC7, because they knew it was coming down. They just didn’t know when.

    The fire chief ordered his men to stay away from WTC7, becaause they knew it was unsafe.

    If i feel like it, I will do the rest another time.

    For now, could you twoofers, counter each part, with proof.

    • I sure hope, one of you twoofers has the balls to Disprove everything mentioned above, but I guess that will never happen, because you are all to shitty to come up with a different narrative.

  15. Comm-entity johnyboy2222, who precisely do you believe was the mastermind of the 911 conspiracy and what legal standard evidence do you rely upon for that conclusion?

    What do you mean when you use the term anti-Semite?

      • Okay comm-entity johnnyboy2222, this mastermind question does appear to be a hot potato.

        This article might provide some clues about the heat that could burn those who get caught holding the well cooked potato.

        Would you judge that the “plot” to blow up a bridge as recounted in this report was an “extremist” conspiracy plot or was it of a more complicated nature with a design to deceive and achieve subversive results?

          • Com-entity johnnyboy2222, I can only conclude identifying the 911 mastermind is a problematic hot potato question.

            You have yet to define “anti-Semitic”?

            Do you subscribe to the “Oswald lone nut” view regarding the assassination of JFK as Carroll has professed?

            Do you subscribe to the “extermination by gassing execution” thesis regarding Auschwitz?

            What say Carroll on the “Auschwitz” subject?

            Where does comm-entity El-Kammo profess to stand on these litmus issues of political integrity that give a template of the pattern and method of the machinations of power?

          • It was proven several times that Oswald was the only shooter. There is no magic. They recreated the entire video in 3d and looked at the positions and the shots being fired, and they all pointed to the book depository.

          • Engineering minds would appreciate that if the landscape survey is flawed or the dynamic elements are not fully quantified and understood, the best of intentions cannot compensate for a foundation built in quicksand that was believed to be solid rock.
            It would be incredibly relevant to know if a surveyor, a soil mechanic or the inspection audits were compromised.
            Consequently, this article I previously posted, not a unique example but more the common pattern when we research the subject of “terrorism”, cannot be dismissed as not relevant to investigating what really happened on 9/11 in New York.
            A shallow gullible interpretation of the “facts” would be totally in contrast to a more honest accounting of the complexity of motives and ultimate responsibility.

            If we listen to an interview with Nabeel Naim we find the funding and control of the “extremist” threat is very murky indeed. Once again this account represents a common pattern of covert mischief that is well documented but illegitimately excluded from honest calculations about security, war and terrorism.

          • Not sure what you mean here tbh.

            “Do you subscribe to the “extermination by gassing execution” thesis regarding Auschwitz?”

            You mean the FACT?

          • Its funny to see you are trying to drive a wedge between Kammo, Carroll and me 🙂 Well be my guest Chrissyboy 🙂 I am sure we don’t agree on everything, which is fine by me 🙂 You, Ned, Dalia and Mary seem to agree on everything the other person says. No matter if it conflicts with your own view of what happened that day. You just say, Well said Ned, Dalia or Mary! I could not agree more Ned, May, Dalia! Its like you have no own thoughts on anything.

          • Damn Chris,
            I am an Architectural Enigeer nearing my retirement.
            Shiploads of experience.
            In my line of work.
            I do not give a shit about the death of JFK, the moonlandings, 10 headed dragons flying around Venus and all of that shitt.
            I know about engineering, mare then you and that woman Mary Maxwell will ever know.

          • And the only person which seems to have a hot potato issue with the mastermind of 9/11 is you Chris(And Ned, Dalia and Mary of course). This information is easily available on the internet. So go look it up.

          • Christupid.
            Auschwitz? Connecting with El-Kammo?
            You ignorant nitwit, you know nothing.
            The Germans came in with bajonets through the door, our goddamn door.
            Aufmachen, Aufmachen, my mom cried at night till she died, she could not get rid of it.
            They took my grandpa.
            You prick you nitwit.
            The rest could hide in a ditch, under water, and made it to Breda, allready freed by the Americans, the ones you so hate.
            You goddamned fucker, never ever come up with Auschwitz to me again, fucker, this was MY grandpa, MY family.
            You fucker, do not do this to me, you have no idea.

          • one of my teachers was in the US army rangers, another was in the 82, they saw the results of the camps first hand not from pictures or the media.
            The one in the rangers, the one who had a hand in translating the record was related to me,, and I am part German, and heard about the camps from other members of the Weidman family during family reunions.
            Not from the media or the press.
            Methel bromide is a very toxic gas.

            Does that answer your question?

          • The one in the rangers, the one who had a hand in translating the record was related to me,, and I am part German, and heard about the camps from other members of the Weidman family during family reunions.
            Not from the media or the press.
            Methel bromide is a very toxic gas.

            Does that answer your question?

    • The now dead structural engineer, who oversaw the structural restoration of the Kaba, in Mecca, and over saw and designed the tank traps and suicide bombs that defeated the Soviet army
      In the soviet Afgan war!

    • It works like this:
      Dutch program called NOVA.
      Danny Jowenko regarding the towers said now way, no way what soever that this is a top down CD.
      Skip that part, Gage said, I can not use this.
      Danny Jowenko on WTC7, a building he was not aware of:
      Yes, Gage said, we can use this.
      The truthers are the sheeple, the truthers are poorly informed.
      Try the 503 FOIA statements of firemen, still on the website of the NewYorkTimes, long read, but gives an idea about the 7 hours before the 6,5sec, the time you all needed to judge.
      Not 6,5sec, 7 hours.
      Johnnyboy and I are preictable? Not the other way around?
      New investigators may only look at what YOU show them?
      Blood runnen down?

  16. You know reading all the comments i think we have all managed to miss the point.
    That our different beliefs on what/who/where and why only serve to divide us all more.
    When the true knowledge to be gained from this terrible event is what can we each do individually from within to ensure this NEVER happens again.

    • You said it correctly. You all have different beliefs on what, who, and why. Thats why you will never accomplish anything. You are all to afraid to let others know, what happened that day according to you, because that might mean, that you differ in opinion. And you can’t have that, now can you? You can’t even decide on what was used that day to bring down the buildings. I heard Nukes, mininukes, Nukes in the buildings, below the buildings, from space, energy weapons, bombs, thermate, thermite, super thermite, nano thermite.

      You also can’t decide who was behind it. Illuminati, bankers, jews, NWO, government, Democrats, Republicans, reptilians, ad yes, I read about it all…. So get a grip all, and figure this out first, before you want to bring down the ones who done it, according to you.

    • Damn, I forgot to mention the No planers… So why don’t you all stop asking stupid questions, and look for real evidence to support your claims.

      • they do not ask questions.
        They demand proof of the impossibility of whatever they can think of.
        They do not seek the thruth.
        They only look for a contorolled demolition.
        First they say that the evidence of explosives was quickly removed, and then they want a new independent transparant investigation to find what was removed, no longer there.
        How douse one find that is no longer there?
        All they do is superempose vidos, and say whatever they find in it. No paper written, nope, they ask ME to write a paper that they can judge.
        I want to judge a paper from you, Aussies, for me to judge,.

  17. Comm-entities johnnyboy222 and El Kammo have a tendency to personalize and revert to distracting insults and drama that would be better replaced with some reasonable responses to my information and questions.
    The JFK assassination and the Auschwitz lies are two subjects that unlock all the important elements of political power and rational information research ability.
    Both subjects are deliberately obfuscated but gaining an understanding of this unlocks very important dimensions of our political reality.

    My line of inquiry is valid if we are to find some solid rock to build an understanding of 9/11.

    Is this article relevant to 9/11?

    Who really directs and controls the “extremist” threat?

    Is there a pattern of illusion that must be accounted for when we judge the 9/11 event?

    How much trust can we place in the agencies and process of the 9/11 investigation when due legal process was not applied?

      • Yes Dee, their drama is clogging up the comments without addressing my 9/11 referenced questions.
        There does appear to be a paralyses towards expanding the frame on the 9/11 conspiracy.
        Comm-entity El-Kammo has exhibited the standard hysterical play when confronted with a non conformist interpretation of the WW2 Auschwitz realities when he emotionally conflates events and issues.
        That attitude is bankrupt of credibility.
        The JFK Oswald theory is a real surprise especially when comm-entity johnnyboy2222 references an animation that simply confirms one assassin was in the window of the Book Depository building which is hardly a revelation.
        I would be interested to know if Carroll is across the Auschwitz lies because it is a very legitimate measure of political awareness and ability as far as I judge.

        • “The JFK Oswald theory is a real surprise especially when comm-entity johnnyboy2222 references an animation that simply confirms one assassin was in the window of the Book Depository building which is hardly a revelation.”

          No it proves there was just one shooter. So no grassy knoll.

          • Comm-entity johnnyboy222, the first and most important principle of investigating any crime is to uncover all information pertaining to “who benefits”.
            The crime scene is just one aspect of any intelligent investigation.
            If the coroner or the investigating detective was corrupted in a criminal murder investigation this would be of critical interest to any honest person and gaining a full understanding of these dimensions of any crime would never be ignored.
            Every element of a criminal investigation relies on a fully dynamic calculation of context, perspective, history and forensics because interpretation and weight of evidence relies on the integrity of the process and source.

            The Auschwitz lies are useful because they document human susceptibility , and the method, of mass deception.
            The faulty history is secondary to the technique of deceit and the purpose and results of the fraudulent history as it plays out over time.

      • Chrissyboy, I really hope you don’t mean that Nothing happened at Auschwitz. Else you are the biggest scumbag on this forum, and Dalia, should ban you for it for life.

        • Comm-entity johnnyboy2222, good impersonation of a Witch Doctor chanting irrational spells. I recommend you expand your reading list.

  18. This was a nice comment by Ned a few days ago, which needs some attention.

    “They usually just concentrate on building number 7 and the towers in their cover of the intricate and voluminous evidence on 9/11 pinting to an inside job of mass murder, with of course operatives from out of the US.”

    He says we concentrate on the buildings. Well Ned, I hate to say it, but that is the most important thing that happened that day, so yes we concentrate on that. And at least we concentrate on WTC1, 2 and 7. Ae9/11 only concentrates on WTC7.

    And Ned, without the attack on those buildings, there wouldn’t have been a war waged against terrorists, so yes we concentrate on those buildings. The buildings are the center of the plot. Without the buildings you have nothing, so prove to us that the buildings were demolished by explosives, nukes or energy weapons, and then you can move on to the next part of your conspiracy. You folks work the other way around. You look for a global conspiracy first and maybe in 20 years orso, you take a short look at the buildings.

    • Give is a break, how about looking how the plan to murder so many people was conceived, the scene set and the patsies shepherded into the US via Saudi Arabia by the CIA as per the evidence produced by Springman.
      Your moronic attitude would concentrate on three bullets in a body and ignore:
      By whom.
      Where were the munitions from with the weapon.
      Who planned the murder.
      What was the motive.
      What was the plan to get away with it.
      Is there a patsy to blame..l
      What if any one asks questions, what is the cover.
      Who should be the cover and how is it to be maintained.
      Who can be implicated for the cover.
      I have dinner to prepare. So you just concentrate on the entry point of the bullets constable whilst the rest of the team carry out some investigations.

    • Carroll Sanders, it appears you are not aware of the historical falsification issues.
      The “extermination” tales principally apply to the Russian “liberated” facilities therefor I assume your claims apply to other camps which were initially declared “extermination” centres but once Western medical teams and media impacted on the situation all “gassing extermination” claims, though initially claimed and reported by “eye witness accounts”, were abandoned without due reflection on how such lies had been invented.
      The horrible conditions your sources encountered were likely the very well documented results of extreme overcrowding due to fleeing populations as Germany was defeated, malnutrition, disease and infrastructure supply line collapse.
      There are tonnes of documents in many archives that evidence the honest account. Not one shred of evidence has ever been produced to justify the propaganda version of WW2 that demonized German warfare and policies as unique compared to US and British nuclear and firebombing strategies against Japanese and German civilians.
      All the issues are vast and complex. Incredibly large numbers of concentration camp “victims” died after the camps were liberated by Western forces because disease and malnutrition issues took quite some time to contain and reverse.
      Responsibility for the effects of war are a complex question which deserves full scrutiny but if the “winner” invents sensational atrocity tales to mask their crimes nothing worthwhile will be achieved but the seeds of more injustice.
      Not discounting respect to the real horrors and all victims of WW2, the relevance to 9/11 regards the capacity and ability of any person to evaluate information if they are not aware of the depth, reach and methods of deception as they operate in our time.
      I don’t have any delusions that I will adjust your lens on our political reality, that only happens when individuals do their own thorough research against the tide of the “official” history which is protected by criminal sanctions in many countries about the world. You would think that development in itself would alert critical thinkers to dig into what is being hidden.
      Any fully dynamic understanding of world events will be contaminated if the “Auschwitz” political and psychological impact on all our lives.

      • What about the direct chemical evidence at those camp of gassing with Hydrogen Cyanide, and Diesel exhaust?
        You do know there was direct chemical evidence of cyanide gassing?

        • Carroll, surely you are aware the documented record extensively provides the accounting, technical and operational evidence of people, clothing and building treatment regimes to deal with the very serious problems of Typhus across the concentration camp system, which was transmitted by lice.

          All buildings were fumigated periodically and when people were relocated a shave, shower and personal property fumigation procedure was designed to contain the spread of Typhus.
          Did you know we had “gassing” chambers in Australia?

          A very good technical study of the life saving procedures implemented across the German concentration camp system can be found, ironically, by reading Pressac’s, Technique and Operation of Gas Chambers.
          This book was funded to prove the “extermination” of humans thesis but actually documents how much effort was in fact being directed towards “exterminating” lice and saving the lives of camp inmates.
          This makes a mockery of the “Auschwitz death camp” nonsense.
          I also assume you do know the inmates at Auschwitz had a library, arts theatre, hospital, extensive modern kitchens, soccer field, brothel, swimming pool, several orchestras, regular film evenings, a mail service, and a host of activities and facilities that are just ignored by most modern historians because we live in an Orwellian world where a great deal of important information has disappeared down the Memory Hole.
          This Scrapbook tour site has some good photographs that identify features and facilities.

          The important point is that deception is often not about direct lies but the exclusion of key relevant information that allows a fully rational and objective understanding of an event or subject to be achieved.
          This corruption of thinking often involves the ridiculous “witch” hunt attitude as demonstrated by the very excitable
          El- Kammo who, like many in our societies, is conditioned to agitate and emote instead of objectively and intellectually scrutinizing the subject matter and issues.

          Genuine critical thinkers don’t need to pour abuse and pointless personal smears and childish tantrums.

          Any person who is politically naive and subject to the crafted intimidating dictates of the Big Brother version of reality will only know the fabricated and selective account of any issue because they are like children being manipulated by stories of monsters in the dam, Santa only coming to the well behaved and Easter bunny hiding eggs about the house.

          The Auschwitz horror story is one of many big fat lies that have completely corrupted human effort and weigh on our political and economic search for honest comprehension and solutions.

          The “money trick” is deeply integrated with the the “Auschwitz” trickery, the Jewish identity trickery and the war racket that rests on the manipulating power achieved and resistance neutralized by the combined force that must not be mentioned for fear of social and career ostracism.

          How do you fix a problem that is a crime to discuss in public?

          Like the Auschwitz crime, the 9/11 crime has many important dimensions that have been rendered invisible yet humanity frames it’s war policies with justifications and perceptions that are contaminated deeply by our corrupted political reality and academic servitude to the “Witch Doctors” who rule by the threat of retribution against any voice contradicting the monopoly script on many important subjects.

          • You can discuss Auschwitz freely in the US, yes I knew about the cloths delousing chamber, also thanks for mentioning the conscripted Women that were sex slaves in the brothels.
            What reason is there for cyanide residue in the showers,
            Protocol at Auschwitz was to Wash the clothes after cynide treatment of clothes, there is no legitimate reason for cyanide mixed with nitrates from urine in the showers.
            Yes I saw the films of the pool, Library, and sports areas what of them they seemed staged for propaganda purposes, as inmates in the camp, testified to.
            Propaganda tools were clearly important to Hitler, you still have not explained the residues in the showers, or the truck modified to suffocate, with carbon monoxide.
            Also what about the Nazi’s locking the doors and setting the building on file, at one camp with the people in it?

          • Carroll, your language and argument is notable.
            Auschwitz discussion is not criminal in the US, but why point that out instead of evaluating why it is criminal in many European countries.
            Zyclon B was used extensively in all buildings as a fumigation agent and traces would be evident but any particular detailed example would be beyond our judgement here without legal standard evidence.
            Conflating the documented facilities and activities of Auschwitz with claims that it is “staged for propaganda purposes” and the revelation propaganda was important to Hitler is hardly discounting the hard facts that the reality of life in Auschwitz is not consistent with the atrocity propaganda of the west that continues to this very day.
            Propaganda is the bread and butter of power and warfare.
            You are just stating the obvious but you refuse to address the issue which is what are the facts about Auschwitz.
            Why has a labor camp that was comparable to similar facilities across the world at that time been framed as an industrial “extermination” centre and how does that inform us about how information and power intersect in our world?

            The mobile “gassing vans’ claims are both vague and obscure employing ambiguous language, similar to the lice fumigation misdirection, “gas powered” vans were a particular technology that allowed wood furnaces to power small trucks.

            The subject has been deeply examined like all the “holocaust” controversies but few are aware of the research or ever studied as most believe the Hollywood version is supported by evidence.

            All the issues are complex and require an honest and dynamic research attitude to gain a full understanding.
            Incredible confusion has been deliberately fertilized throughout all the controversial aspects of WW2 history to keep readers away from important knowledge.

            An isolated incident of “Nazi’s” burning a building with people locked inside might need some reference to consider but what is notable that this type of claim, real or not, is the comparative mind set and intensity of judgement about Germans killing their enemies in war compared to the British fire bombing German cities or the US dropping an atom bomb on Japanese cities.

            War is all about killing your enemy.
            I despise it no matter who is involved.
            Only unthinking people could be drawn into such madness.
            We need to recover our thinking abilities and recognize our abundant possibilities instead of falling under the self destructive schemes of the “witch doctors”.

          • This is what is being discussed EK

            “War is all about killing your enemy.
            I despise it no matter who is involved.
            Only unthinking people could be drawn into such madness.” CB

            This in not about denial but investigation.

          • He does know that there were multiple camps right, and that all that fancy stuff he was talking about, was in Auschwitz 1. The extermination of the Jews was in Auschwitz 2, or Birkenau as it was called. Brooks knows nothing. He gets his information from rense.com So again, why investigate something that is a fabrication of his delusional mind?????

          • Diesel trucks with exhaust pipes vented into the rear, and timing shifters would have had no logical purpose.
            War is always about taking resources from others, why would
            I believe Hitler would not want to kill a population he despised?

  19. I never met Dalia in real life, same goes for Johnnyboy.
    However, we do have ways to communicate.
    This one is from Johnnyboy:

    Dear Dalia. As it turns out, you have a holocaust denier amongst your friends. For some reason, you allow him to react on your website, but for some reason, you seem to sensor Johnnnyboys reactions. This same person, keeps asking questions, but does not want to hear the answers, so he keeps asking them again. He adds nothing to the conversation, because he only asks questions, but does not look for answers.
    The way I see it, is that the 4 of you, Mary, Ned, Chrissyboy and you, are not looking for answers, because you refuse to look up the answers yourselves. I will give you 2 examples. You were amazed that bones were found on top of the Deutsche Bank, but instead of looking for answers, all you do is ask questions (And you ALWAYS start out those questions with bombs in the back of your head, so get over that and look for natural ways first, but you are too lazy for that, so you just yell it’s impossible!). Or you keep hammering on the video where in your eyes you see a complete floor being blown out of the building. And again you only ask questions, but you fail to look if this is even possible, which it isn’t (because you forget that there is a core, so no entire floor can be blown out, and you need Atlas rockets to propel a complete floor over 500 feet, and you can’t do it with explosives, because they tend to blow things up, and not work as a propellant). All you yell is HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! Well it didn’t happen, so get over it. We can give you information on a lot of things, but you refuse to look at it (because we are desinfo). So all you 4 do, is stick feathers up each other’s asses, because someone has read somewhere that the other person didn’t know. The sad thing is, that you are the ones that should be called sheeple, because you believe everything some idiot mentions on an obscure website, but you asses, refuse to look at the official story.
    So instead of calling us sheeple, disinformation spooks and whatever, you should be happy that we are here to liven up the conversation, and try to give backed up answers for questions you have. It’s not our fucking problem you morons don’t want to check out the official story. All you sad idiots do, is complain about several investigations, you haven’t read yourself, so how fucking sad is that?
    So why don’t you idiots get off your fucking high horses and do some real investigation. And then you claim you have to look at the big picture, well I hate to tell you idiots, but you have to prove that the buildings were brought down by whatever means possible, because that was the whole fucking purpose of that day, to fly the planes into the buildings to destroy them. So you need to answer 3 questions before you idiots can move on to the next phase of your research. And the questions are as follows.
    Why were the buildings demolished?
    Who demolished the buildings?
    How were the buildings demolished?
    If you can’t answer these simple questions, which I am sure you won’t be able to, because you are idiots, you got fucking nothing.
    Another sad thing is that you don’t seem to have a problem with condemning the people who worked on all those researches, like the people who work for NIST, who did an amazing job with their reports. Just because you idiots don’t understand the reports, does not mean you can condemn the people who worked on it, while sitting on your lazy asses doing absolutely nothing. In your minds everyone who works for the government is a fucking robot with no sense of guilt, since according to you they have no problem falsifying a report about an attack that killed thousands of people.
    I wonder how u idiots sleep at night knowing you accuse people of helping to cover up a mass murder, without a shred of evidence.
    So all I have left to say is, get a fucking clue, and stop wasting your time asking questions, but look for answers. That’s how I did it, so I guess you could do it as well.
    Peace out!

    • Tell us what you have learnt from the El. P. Heidner material as to who really did 911. See E P. Heidner 911 commission report revised December 2008 . Read his three reports a Scribd first as I have about 500 pages with refs.

      • Its like reading a Tom Clancey Novel…

        “The group that initiated the attack most likely consisted of an international network of financial executives representing primarily the Bank of New York, the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Riggs Bank, Deutschebank and the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and should include representatives from
        Bank Menatep, Swiss-American Bank, Credit Suisse, Investor AB, and Allianz, and their respective subsidiaries and major investment partners. This decision was meant to stop multiple money laundering investigations which would have traced illegal money laundering operations to accounts that held
        stolen national treasuries. Only a very few of the individuals in this group would have participated in or been knowledgeable of the decision. With a decision being made in 1998, the attack on the WTC was probably delayed until September 11, 2001, to allow the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya to cover the settlement of the fraudulent Durham/Brady Bonds “

        • So the writer says most likely, and you know why? because he doesn’t know, so he just makes up some fairytale that you fall fore.,

      • “To ensure the destruction of the FBI and other investigative agency offices in the various buildings of the World Trade Center, these rogue Mossad agents planted explosives throughout Buildings 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7, during the blackout weekend prior to the attack. ”

        Wow, how does he come up with that? All buildings in 1 weekend? And to think that only a few floors were blacked out in one building. and its finance buildings, so people work in the weekend.

        The problem with you Ned, is that you have no sense of reality tbh. How in the hell can they place explosives in 5 buildings, let me repeat, 5 buildings in just one weekend, without anyone noticing? Even the bomb sniffing dogs never noticed it, and they were on patrol each day, and one of them died in the attack, but hey, I guess the dog had to die, because he knew to much.

        And where does the thermite come up in this grand scheme? Or did they place explosives AND thermite in that one weekend?

        • Don’t forget the largest renovation elevator project happened before 9/11. (around the core)
          I think the actual planting of numbered cases to get the sequence right would be relatively easy.
          I have been told by someone, that certain strategic buildings have explosives designed into them to demolish the building in times of crisis? (have no idea of the validity of this)

          I think the point here is not to prove how easily or difficult it is to plant explosive material… it is entirely possible. Therefore credible question.
          This angle was not diligently tested – and I am also waiting for an explanation on how the outward propulsion of the towers happened.
          And who knows what material was used???

          • Great that is a start, now what explosive capable of producing a hypersonic wave, without a blast wave sound?
            Also it has to survive the impact and fires.

          • I would say there are several options. But

            This is reported here:
            called —- Sound: The Reason Explosives Could NOT have been used. This by an engineer that was NOT there. He says

            “you would have heard something that sounded like cannons going of for at least a few seconds before the buildings came down.”

            then reported
            ” …then somebody said that they saw an airliner go into one of those towers. Then, an hour later than that we had that big explosion from much, much lower down and I don’t know what caused that.”
            ‘Just before the collapses, a series of deep, below ground explosions, then numerous explosions in the buildings upper floors …We felt the same deep explosions before the second collapse.”
            “…and then all of a sudden it started like… it sounded like gunfire… you know, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, and then all of a sudden three big explosions.”

          • Dalia, Ned told me that Heidner had researched it all, so we stick with one weekend. And you say they placed the explosives at the cores. There are a few problems with that. First off, large portions of the cores were left standing after the buildings around them had collapsed, before they finally collapsed to(Which can be seen on video and Photo), due to Euler buckling. And secondly, there were survivors found inside the stairwells inside the core, AFTER the building had collapsed around them. They would never have survived explosive blast inside the core, and NONE of them mentioned hearing explosives, but rather a deafening rumbling, when the tower collapsed all around them. So we can rule out explosives in the core, so what are we left with?

          • A snapping weld sounds like a gunshot when the steel breaks, under sudden forced loading.
            The collapses were filmed, no detonation waves were captured by the Microphones of the cameras not one.
            Monrue effects and charges capable of bringing down the towers create detonation waves, and leave easy to see visual signs on steel.
            Thermite though silent were not present no evidence that is credible for thermites has been found.

          • Ok, Dalia, lets first establish one thing. Did they need to rig all the floors with explosives? And if yes, why?

            There was no outward propulsion of any kind due to explosives. We have buckling columns who can act like a spring, we have air pressure pushing out stuff so hard, that people in the second tower on the 20th floor felt the rush of air coming up the stairs. And the most noticeable thing, is of course the outward peeling of the outer columns. Just look at it this way. We have 4 standing walls of around a 1000 feet, from the point of impact. These 4 walls are only connected by bolts to the floors, which in turn are bolted to the core columns. The floors started to sag which can be seen in images at different times that morning. At some point the sagging floors pulled the walls so far inward, that the top section was so misaligned, that it only could come down, through the floors. So the floors broke the bolted connections, which resulted in 4 freestanding walls of around a 1000 feet, so they srted to peel outward en landed on the floor, which can also be seen in images where you see large slabs of still bolted together sections lying on the floor, up to 600 feet I believe the furthest was. You look at it with the wrong mindset. You think explosives can only do that. Well there were no explosives, so you need to look for an alternative.

          • No JB… watch the video. There is no peeling outwards to 450 feet away. There was peeling but In slow motion you can see chunks the size of cars being propelled up then outward for over 500 feet. Like an explosive force.
            If I saw peeling I wouldn’t be on this journey.

          • Dalia, you have to look at the evidence. After the buildings were collapsed, Aerial images were taken from ground zero. They don’t show large chuncks of the buildings lying at 500 feet from the epicentre. There is only a large piece of the outer wall showing lying on the ground, with multiple sections still bolted together. Which can only mean one thing, which is that it was the outer columns peeled outwards. We don’t see large sections of the building lying anywhere at 500 feet, just the bolted sections lying on the ground. So draw your own conclusions from that.

            And ask yourself another few questions, and think really hard about those. And no I am not being sarcastic or trying to pull your leg.

            So first question is, why would they blow out an entire floor? This truly makes no sense.
            Second question is, what energy was needed to blow out this entire floor. I gave you some numbers in some other reply, so you have to look those up. If you calculated this energy, look up how much energy comes free from a ton of TNT for example. I am sure there will be numbers on this on the internet somewhere. Just look up Energy from a ton of TNT on Google for example.

            Thats all there is to it. Just crush some numbers, which I am sure you are good at, and look at the results.

          • Dalie, this is just to let you know that I decided to ignore Brooks, the denier btw, so I wont be replying to anything he says anymore.

          • Another Dalia, you say that I clog up the comments, well I hate to tell you, but what the hell is Brooks doing talking about Auschwitz in a 9/11 thread? Have you seen the lengths of his replies? Have you seen that he always replies at the top of the conversation, and not just below a reaction? Whats up with that?

          • Just to make clear, i am not trying to be a smart ass or anything, I just want you to look at the evidence, that’s all. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

          • They do show the light weight aluminum Cladding which was blown off the steel by the pressure wave of compressed air, blown about 550 feet from the towers, but that was to be expected for the light weight aluminum sheet metal as was pointed out years ago.

          • I believe you are talking absolute nonsense….
            Having inspected the video on a big screen in slo mo, I say that huge slabs of the outer steel frame came off – blew out and arced down at about 400 feet away. (Some of these “slabs” could also be the floor).
            To continue—There are slabs or these steel exterior portions that are the equivalent size of a tennis court – flying sideways.

            Another example – there is a “chunk” of material – probably the size of a large car or van. This on youtube looks minutel, but matched on a big screen to other buildings etc – this CHUNK HAS BEEN PROPELLED IN AN UPWARD ARC… and I guess it arcs 550-600 foot.
            If you are an engineer, Carroll, (that I think you said you were) then you should have some understanding of energy.
            I cannot believe you actually don’t see this and are trying to talk away what is actually visually possible. (aluminium cladding)
            It is a little like talking to a person who believes in the tooth fairy. It is there to see.
            I ask anyone to explain the maths of the outward projection. I have seen countless buildings collapse on video and one real…

          • Dalia, there is absolutely no proof of chunks of floors being propelled outwards and upwards. You can look at a big screen all you want, but this won’t change the fact, that there is zero evidence of a floor, or section from a floor lying anywhere at 400-500 feet from the buildings, so it didn’t happen. Like i said, there is photographic evidence of a large section of the wall lying on the ground, but that’s it. And I asked you to calculate how much energy was needed to propel this chunk 500 feet away. So have you?

            I understand that this is tough material for you, but answer one simple question for me. Why did they need to blow out an entire floor???????????

          • No proof — it is there for all to see. So if it is not material from the building… what is actually flying out.
            Have you looked at the footage????

    • I am censoring Johnyboy for abusive writing and clogging the thread. As you can see his latest is now published.
      I am censoring abusive commenting – not debate.
      I have never censored any of your arguments.
      My offer remains – send in your B7 thesis and it will be published. Stop complaining.
      It is simple.

      • It is time for you to submit Your theses.
        Now you encounter an empty space, your demand to explain whatever you come up with will not be heard.
        Now there is just the 4 of you, in an empty corner on the http://www., the way you started.
        No one was interested but us, and now us is gone.
        Check it out on the major websites, no one is intersted in gumshoe.

        • A ban to johnnyboy incudes a ban from me to you.
          In this issue I support johnnyboy, and xing will do the same.
          Only thing you need to do is insult carrol sanders to make him go away.
          That leaves you on the dark side of the internet, no one will find you. Your questions will remain unanswered, your cry in the dark will remain unnoticed.

      • Why not make your own thesis as to what has happened to WTC7 according to you. I am sure people would love to read that!

    • Comm-entities El-Kammo and johnnyboy2222, “holocaust denier” is a meaningless distracting political swear word similar to “witch”, “extremist” or “terrorist”.
      Genuine historical inquiry must adjust it’s interpretation over time to fit discovered facts.
      Historians are constantly unraveling the propaganda tales surrounding events as time loosens the chains of power over the “official” story.
      My questions frustrate EK and JB because their certainty in the integrity of the “official” thesis is based upon assumptions that are not supported by the clear evidence of our political reality.
      They simply cannot contemplate the murky covert nature of Al Qaeda, and it’s new model ISIS, or concede the FBI invent plots and entrap vulnerable and compromised individuals on a regular basis, because that corrupt and contaminated atmosphere must cast doubt and suspicions on the total conduct of the official 9/11 investigations as they presently stand.
      The precise initiating cause of the failure of the Trade Centre Towers has assumed an unbalanced centrality of focus for those concerned about the deceptive abuses and corruption of power compared to the full spectrum of issues and results that have been spawned from the incredible events of that day and the psychological trauma that turbo charged an already aggressive US Empire strategy and domestic security State.
      The World Trade Towers were destroyed by the parties who designed and carried out the attack which at this point in time remains riddled in uncertainty, contradictions and mysteries that can not be fully investigated to legal satisfaction because there are corrupting forces at play in the processes of the agencies and the public mind that are for the most part unrecognized and consequently undetected or able to be corrected.
      El-Kammo, johnnyboy222 and Carroll are typical of well educated specialists who have no clue they live in a
      “Truman Show” world where the “printing press” operators construct our “reality” and determine the script for every human episode.
      Very likely these guys don’t grasp the “money trick” along with the “Auschwitz” fabrications which leaves them deep in a world of illusions they do not have the slightest clue about or understand the effects.

  20. Now JB at 5.2 is eventually on track with scorn to distract from Heidner .
    Of course he does not mention the substance of Heidner’s papers. Especially the collateral and collateral 1 preliminaries. 51 and 56 pages will in it interest.
    Another part of history relating to the CIA having bank launderies goes back to the very late 1970′ in inv the murder of Griffith businessman Donald McKay as dealt with in professor Giggins book: ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ published in 2014. The book launching was attended by Senator Rhiannon.
    Bit much to comment with an iPhone.
    But anyone who likes Tom Clancy at least will be entertained by material Clancy would never think of.
    But Heidner is on the ball, a must to read and when read it will be realised the motives of those who would protect the murderers with all the money and resources avaiable to the murderes with their running dogs.
    Cheers Johhny, thanks for the recommendation.

    • Dude, the things I just copied and pasted here, ARE from Heidner…. Did you actually read the paper yourself?????????? I guess not, just like you didn’t read the official report………

    • Further Mr. Mr Boy, Heidner did not make up that part of his exposure that I am aware of from way back about Nugan Hand Bank!!!!!
      BTW you missed one bank: Cantor Fitzgerald whose office suffered a direct hit from a plane: but after operatives killed all the employees. So from a realiable source, excepting a boss or two who decided to be absent, shades of luck Larry?
      Note dear readers the practice in January 2001 by CF downloading their computer information just in case a 911 scenario occurred.
      Long way to go J.B before you demonstrate that you have read the three reports by Heidner.
      Print the main report out and put the 381 pages in a free and carry it around for a week to comprehend as I have back in 2009. Then add the 111 pages of the two collateral reports.
      Take a week off.

  21. As a matter of interest to the curious , look up the interview with Cantor Fitzgerald boss on the day of or next day and observe how distraught, he was no!, Just having lost about 200 of his employees. Actually all if them?
    As cool as the dancing Israelis?
    Also note the put options on CF in the week/s before the mass murder of so many employees.

  22. Comm-entity johnyboy2222, it is correct there were multiple compounds in the Auschwitz complex which was a slave labor industrial hub where living conditions were relatively bearable while Germany was a functioning administrative and economic State.
    The final weeks and months of the war when German supply lines virtually collapsed under attack from the enemy produced the horrible outcomes that were interpreted as “extermination death camps”.
    The allied forces were destroying every aspect of German infrastructure which resulted in a crisis of food, medical and fuel supplies to camps that were swelling with numbers way beyond their design due to the shrinking German territory as the war came to an end.
    Fuel for cremating the dead was not available.
    Food was almost impossible to source.
    Water, electricity and medicine supply lines were destroyed by the Allied bombing that was attacking the relocating trains and refugee columns moving with the adjusting front line of the war.
    Dresden was host to many tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the war impacts on the night that city was incinerated by a deliberately designed inferno.

    Comm-entity johnnyboy2222 concedes the “fancy” facilities in Auschwitz but turns his attention away from that important information claiming “extermination” did happen over the fence in Birkenau.

    Birkinau was a hospital and infirmary section of the Auschwitz complex and like all the magic connected to this subject the worst of the epidemics would certainly be concentrated in this facility and the cremation facilities, mortuary facilities were obviously located with sensible proximity. During the raging outbreaks of Typhus Birkinau could easily have been thought of as a “death camp”.
    Most people are not aware the British code breakers were intercepting key communications from the Auschwitz administration for extended periods during WW2 and these documents are consistent with other archive records.
    This information is invisible in the Hollywood narrative of the “Holocaust” because it contradicts the atrocity extermination version of events and evidences a large concentration camp system that was exploiting “war time aliens” and criminals for labor just as had been the standard practice all about the world at the time.

    Tourists who visit Auschwitz have been paraded through a “gas chamber” exhibit in Auschwitz 1 for many decades though all technical, forensic and historic research expose this reconstruction as a fraud.
    “Eye witnesses” claim to have almost been gassed at this site just as similar claims were initially made regarding Belsen and Dachau in Germany, but, it did turn out those stories were rumors or atrocity propaganda tales as is the standard during war.

    Many of the “extermination” stories were so incredulous they are embarrassing but the problem is solved by pretending they don’t exist.
    There are many contradicting versions of “extermination” that included mass electrocution in special pools, “gassing” rooms with tilting floors to pour the bodies onto industrial conveyors and the “gas” flowing from shower nozzles.

    The mobile “gassing” van stories are similar in that vague rumors and ambiguous terms are mixed with real technical facts like fumigation programs and gas fired vehicle technology to propagate an atrocity fable.

    Carroll, if you wish me to answer to any particular allegation or incident a reference is required but all the “Holocaust” issues are clouded and contaminated by information that has serious credibility issues because it is well established beyond any dispute many of the WW2 atrocity tales blamed on Germans have been exposed and unanimously accepted as false.
    Human soap, human skin made into lamp shades, tens of millions exterminated and a string of fraudulent “novels” are the historical quick sand this lie rests upon.
    Significant also is the ridiculous legal sanctions and social ostracism that is wrapped about the “sacred” tales of the “Holocaust” making reasonable transparent historical research impossible.

    Horrible things did happen during world war 2 and lots of isolated crimes are committed in the atmosphere and relative morality that exists when Nations engage in the lunacy of the likes of WW2.

    Germany was not innocent by any stretch but neither were all the other parties to the catastrophe.

    Germany was not uniquely evil. This faulty reality guaranteed the real evil, international Zionist monopoly banking cabals, escaped guilt or prosecution for their engineering role to bring the world into conflict with economic stress and sanctions.

    Consequently, their wars of conquest over economic life have continued till this day tangled in the various illusions and justifications that reach back into the “Holocaust” fraud for their fake emotion and logic.

    It is of particular interest that Carroll and Co apply one standard to the physics of 9/11 building performance, limited in scope to exclude potential Geo-political contamination, but fall victim to the fabricated “holocaust” fables that are drenched in political influence, tyrannical legal dictates and absurdities that equal the best of the looney 9/11 conspiracy whoppers.

    • Excuses, do not facts make, you can not run a diesel truck on wood, the trucks shown on the films are diesels modified to kill.
      You also have I witness testimony, and the evidence provided by the third reigh.

      • Carroll, perhaps you could specifically identify your source and reference and we shall evaluate.

        The various “eye witness” problems, fraudulent film claims and comparisons between the physical facts and documents, compared with the fraudulent reinterpretation, is well discussed in this documentary on Majdanek.
        All the issues apply across the “Holocaust” sites and claims.

        The critical lesson is the susceptibility of the human mind to illusion if it is applied with correct techniques.

      • Carroll, surely you know that the “testimony” and “documents” presented at Nuremberg IMT and other post war trials include many of the atrocity tales that have been discredited and are no longer given serious credence by any historians.
        The Nuremberg IMT was widely recognized as the victors lynching party.
        The “Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” documentary examines the very specific way the “extermination by gassing” legend was fraudulently manufactured by tricky interpretations of the physical and technical facts.
        Where is your reference for a diesel modified “gassing van”?
        The Majdanek film does briefly identify that issues tricks.
        What Nazi document do you believe testifies that Germans bragged about extermination that is not contaminated by the well documented methods that totally discredit the value of the material because no genuine law court would accept the conduct of torture and brutal deprivations and intimidation employed to extract “confessions”.

        This page links to the indisputable evidence that is corroborated in the Majdanek documentary exposing how many absurdly exaggerated claims, and totally false claims, were “documented” and “confessed” at the Nuremberg IMT.

        This article examines how much of the “evidence” presented to the trials would now be laughed out of a court room the claims were so ridiculous and unsupported by fact or scientific possibility.

        This is why 9/11 is so relevant to the “Holocaust” tales.
        The conduct of the IMT and the US torture methods in Guantanamo where 9/11 plot “confessions” were allegedly obtained have many similarities reflecting totalitarian police state rule, not constituted genuine legal process.

        On both occasions reality was interpreted and scripted to suite a preordained deception soaked agenda that would condemn humanity to a deeply corrupted path where the lies escalate in proportion to the destruction of our freedom potential.
        The destruction is mostly dished up to the weak and poor about the globe who are looted by rich mens lies and wars.

        It is not surprising that if you have no objection to the process of evidence behind the 9/11 Commission Report you would also just as easily believe the Nuremberg IMT prosecutions were acceptable to your justice standard.

        Typically Carroll, you grasp on to threads that unravel one by one if they are pulled upon to test their integrity.
        The whole tapestry of the “Holocaust” “extermination” tale disintegrates if all the threads are tugged to see if they have any fixed roots to reality.

        If you believe the Majdanek expose is not logical or well evidenced please identify the statement or segment you would challenge and the reasoning?

        It is a well produced study that unravels the way selective interpretations of things can turn a standard shower room into a “death machine”.

        What an incredible hoax.

        • Ok, I see that things are taking a different direction in the 9/11 discussion and that it now goes about the Holocaust.

          In response to both Christopher Brooks as Dalia Mae…

          I can’t believe what I’m reading here (please add emphasis yourselves).

          Believing that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the Americans is one thing, trying to convince people that the holocaust didn’t happen is another thing.

          For one or another reason, I always enjoyed our discussions about 9/11and your so-called proof for an inside job.

          I’m looking forward to read more about your proof regarding the holocaust.

          Do you have proof this time Christopher ? Or Dalia maybe (as you too seem to defend the points that Christopher is laying out) ?

          Dalia, I’ll drop out of the 9/11 discussion (admitting that you were right on 9/11 and I was wrong) if you can show me that you DID do your homework on the Holocaust.

          Tell me Dalia, on what did I miss out ?

          • I have not defended Christopher on this site,
            And I have not weighed in at ALL —- as I have not read enough material. (Maybe you are in contact with JB) But I have been brought up like most believing fully in the holocaust history as described by mainstream history.

          • Ok Dalia, thanks for clearing that up. As a friend, may I attend you to some legal facts.
            Sure, you run your own web site with your own set of rules. But please don’t forget that there’s a set of rules of the world wide web. You, with the Gumshoe website, will have to respect those rules as well.
            Leaving the comments of Christopher Brooks on your website implies (in a way) that you agree with his points of view (or that you choose to disrespect international legislation for that matter ).

            Just wanted to say that (imo) you’re playing with fire.

            I’ll leave it up to you…

  23. Here are a few questions for Brooks.

    Do you believe that the holocaust happened during WW2?
    Do you believe that Jews were gassed during WW2?

    Simple yes or no answers will suffice.

  24. Comm-entity XingFu, are you deputized thought police?
    Your threats and bluff are a comical turn but inform us about the unique character of the subject.
    Thanks for demonstrating how threats and intimidation attempt to smother open discussion and scrutiny instead of relying on evidence and discussion which is usual for honest critical thinkers with nothing to hide. I know your response is likely just a conditioned attitude but it is a puzzle how grown adults can adopt such faulty intellectual attitudes.

    Comm-entity johnnyboy2222, the “Holocaust” is a political term with no precision and soaked in Orwellian political speak.
    Regarding your inquiry if I believe “jews were gassed during WW2”, I am yet to find any evidence that supports the “extermination by gassing” claims and have discovered much evidence of a clear pattern of frauds and lies.

    The Madjanek item I posted is a reasonably up to date study of the modes of deception and the historical adjustments of the “official” version which is in a constant state of revision despite prosecutions and jail terms being dished out to non-official historians who challenge and revise their understanding of WW2 events as historians would be expected to do in the coarse of research.

    Carroll had a “diesel gassing” allegation that I am awaiting reference to scrutinize.

    What conclusions should a critical thinker draw from the uniquely intimidating atmosphere and various legal sanctions that apply to discussing this historical subject?

    Surely the answer is obvious.

    • Comm-entities XingFu, johnnyboy2222, EL-Kammo and Carroll have provided a useful example of the technique of suppression of ideas that any activist will confront in public spaces or at media and political desks.
      These guys, perhaps unconsciously to some extent, have no genuine intention to find the facts or calculate the consequent significance of discovering and unraveling how the whole world could be deceived about the potent “Holocaust” atrocity narrative.
      Abusive harassment, somber threats and exhortations towards Dee to ban and disassociate from myself are the text book sorcery that can be applied to achieve censorship by tricky means.
      This bluster and fake righteous posturing employs loaded poisonous language and emotion drenched attitudes that Edward Bernay, the master of public manipulation, would be very familiar.
      Only manipulators avoiding honest factual discussions need to resort to these Orwellian strategies.
      It is sadly true that an uneducated crowd can be easily roused to “crucify” a targeted individual when skilful political operators are able to cast spells without intelligent challenge.
      Achieving a true account of WW2 history is very important but understanding the nature of weaponized political treachery wrapped around the “Holocaust” package is an essential chapter in any honest universal education.
      All honest political players will be forced to walk into this minefield when power is seriously threatened.
      Once you become familiar with the subject, and it’s “political technology”, the only people who are in danger of the “Holocaust” minefield are those who, consciously or unconsciously, attempt to discredit a target with this stunt.

      I always welcome any challenge to expand on explanations and evidence of the “industrial gassing extermination” hoax aspects of WW2 history because this political and social weapon needs to be defused in the broad population as it enslaves the minds of all who are victims of the lies and helplessly susceptible to it’s controlling effects.

      I hope the fear laced “thought police” will engage the subject and I know we can only but learn.

    • Funny that you take my warnings as a threat.

      Make my day and continue with your holocaust denial on public fora and with a little luck you’ll have plenty of time to study what really happened during the holocaust between 4 small walls.

      The thing that bothers me most is that you take advantage of this internet forum (which is hosted/run by Dalia). This means that you’re jeopardizing her website with all your stupid comments about the holocaust.

      Feel free to do so but act like a grown man then and create your own blog. At least, you won’t be putting other people’s freedom at stake.

      Take it as a threat if it pleases you but don’t come whining afterwards. I’m sure you’re a big boy so I guess you’re ready to take the responsibiltiy that goes with that.

      On second thought : I guess you’re not such a big boy at all and it wouldn’t even surprise me if you still wet your pants.

      Take my advice : start buying diapers.

      • Comm-entity XingFu, if you ever decide to replace the sandbox taunting with some adult reasoning I would be happy to discuss and allow you the opportunity to set the record straight and expose my “stupid comments about the holocaust”.
        Your vulgar turn of phrase and petulant tone expose your inability to present any rational or evidenced argument that readers would expect if you had the slightest conviction or confidence in your bluster.
        Surely you could collaborate with others of similar mind, and conviction, to test your wits and ability in the process of evaluating and uncovering the truth and lies of the “holocaust” phenomena.
        Debate is always such a great learning opportunity for contributors and observers.


    It is obvious that we cannot have a calm debate.
    (And I have deleted some comments that had expletives.)
    As for my personal opinion, this site is to explore the truth. And And I only know what happened as what was told to me by my history teachers.
    I have given all sides the opportunity to debate. It seems we must halt that process on this post due to the threatening and abusive nature it has turned to.

    • Great to be back on topic.
      If some wish to discuss historic mass murder, then the subject could well consider:
      The plight of indigenous peoples of South Anerica, the genocide of the American Indians, the colonial genicide of indigenous peoples of Africa, Australia, add Poll Pot, the continuing conquest of Palestine, the genocide of the Amenians, still denied by Turkey and other examples, such as the starving of reportedly 20 million Ukraians by the Bosheviks.
      Why all this concentration on just one example? Are we to ban debate on so many examples by bullies?

      • my “fave” — the genocide of AIDS, deliberately mfg’d., 1979.

        Or for that matter, the diligent suppression of the cures for cancer since 1906-ish, when Beard discovered the role of pancreatic enzymes See Maxwell, 2013.

        How about the kiling of 35 people at Port Arthur by government?
        I mean it must be by government, as why else would all members of give be engaging in scapegoating the whole bloody business onto an innocent?

        How about the lynching of the Irish men by the English for so much as giving a “saucy look.”

      • Ned,
        an important aspect of freedom of speech is that when we address an issue or subject we all get to decide what information, documents or history is relevant and necessary to establish or communicate our opinion.
        Controlled discussions set boundaries and limit the depth of inquiry which makes it possible the root of a problem or important dimensions are not included and consequently no progress towards resolution is achieved.
        Frequently, when I ring talk back I am invited to briefly make my intended point to the producer and the request is often made that my deeper analysis of the subject is articulate and convincing but I am straying “off topic” and they wish to contain the discussion.
        What they are really saying is they are not prepared to allow the complexity and breadth of the discussion to reach the root cause, they are only dealing in the “astroturf” symptoms.

        This is a very clear transgression of the correct principles of intellectual investigation.

        The notable critical differentiation between all the “mass murder” claims in the historical record that you identify and the alleged “mass extermination” in Auschwitz, is, no one will bother unreasonably if you published an opinion that any of your examples was in need of revision due to new information and forensic research.

        The only “mass murder” in the western world that is protected by a law is the “Holocaust” even though historians do not even agree among themselves on who, how, why, where and how many were “murdered”.

        Hardly not relevant is that this most published and promoted “mass murder”, that is exploited for political and social purpose, an alleged “mass murder” that is protected from scrutiny by open legal sanctions and subtle peer forces, is the one unique “mass murder” that, in “gassing extermination” terms, is unsupported by factual evidence and never actually happened.

        The consequential revision of the ability, integrity and policies of almost all our institutions, public and private, would be substantial if not shattering, if the truth about Auschwitz was ever to become common currency.

        It is only logical that the most powerful weapon of the money changers is protected by it’s most heavily financed, most sophisticated, and most vicious retribution response against the slightest threat. Western populations have been programmed from their first recollections to eliminate the enemy in their midst who ever dares to as much as transgress the language of the “holy grail holocaust”, even if it is unconscious or accidental.

        This achievement of mind manipulation is the pinnacle of sorcery craftsmanship but what all fully educated people come to understand, and the Witch Doctors well know, is that this spell over humanity is also the dangerous extremity of vulnerability that could destroy their power over the human mind and human purpose.

        The Wizard was but a frail old man when the curtain fell to expose all manner of noisy effects and the smoke and mirrors that had caused the people to tremble in fear and render to his direction on command.

        When I tug on the wizards curtain it can generate some nerves, but when it is ripped away mischievously clever tricky stage levers and props of political power theatrics are exposed for us all to study and apply.

      • El Kammo wants a solid considered answer to the 4 Europeans.

        Well EK, let me say. I was brought up in a police state with sever censorship of every kind. We were taught only one version of the history, and I know people who were locked up, jailed, under house arrest and spoke on phones that were tapped. As I said in an email. I do have a nose for detecting tyranny. Most people in the West that were born after 1950 have lived in so called democracies and – as I have witnessed in Australia – have no idea of what is happening in reality, and are continually voting for a police type dictatorship. They seem to be happy with 1984.
        And shame on the mainstream media for never asking the hard questions.

        That is what we try do here…. ask the hard questions. We at times may not be asking the right questions, but at least we are attempting to. And hopefully from that – some of the right answers will prevail. Compare that to the cashed up multi-billion dollar Murdoch media which is full of BULL—

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