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Magical Passports, ID Documents And Accidental Tip-offs



1996 – In Martin Bryant’s car at the tollbooth was a combat shotgun, a bag of ammo for – and conveniently, his passport.


2001 – The passport of one of the alleged hijackers, Satam Al Suqami, survived the crash fireball and tower explosions. It was later “found” a few blocks from the World Trade Center. It was given to a New York City detective by an unknown person.


germaine Lindsay

2005 – Russell Square Tube bomb killed 26 people. Jermaine (Germaine) Lindsey’s passport and his driving licence (plus his certificate of mobile phone insurance), were located next to his body by the ‘anti-terror’ squad on the 17th of July. Apparently they had already been to his home in Aylesbury. (report here)



2014 – Police found the ID document of Said Kouachi. This was used to implicate the Kouachi brothers in the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings.  Said’s ID was left in the car that they abandoned after the shooting. CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. “It was their only mistake,“.


suspects_010928_aa77Suspected hijackers of Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon (2001)

2001 – There were 5 alleged hijackers on Fight 77. Several items were found in a Toyota at Dulles Airport car park on the 12th: Four diagrams of an instrument panel for a B757 aircraft; A box cutter; One Pan Am Int. Flight Academy identification card in the name of Hani Hanjour; Travel itinerary for Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Majed Moqed;  A piece of paper with “Osama 5895316” – among other things.

Note: Reported in the  Telegraph 23rd September 2001 – “Mr Al-Hamzi is 26 and had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbou after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck.”



NO PASSPORT REQUIRED, 2009 – According to attorney Kurt Haskell and his wife Lori, they were at waiting to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam when a smartly dressed man, leading a Nigerian, told the ticket agent: “We need to get this man on the plane. He doesn’t have a passport.”  The Nigerian was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the “Underwear Bomber“. The incident was a catalyst for the purchase of body scanners.

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  1. Dee, By giving this article the title “Magical Passports” you have reminded me that the ones found on the ground near WTC (Suqami) and also a visa found in Shanksville, Pennsylvania (of Ziad Jarah) were planted by the FBI. Pure nonsense. So they are magical in that sense.
    Same deal for the incriminating junk found at Dulles (IMAGINE NAMING AN AIRPORT AFTER Mr DULLES, OMG). I think Mohd Atta also left some goodies in a car parked at an airport.

    But the real stunner is Martin Bryant leaving his passport in his car. We know that Aussies don’t carry a passport in a car when going on a local errand. It’s unlikely Bryant did so. But then, how did they get his passport to plant it?
    Or is it just as magical as the aforementioned ones? No physical evidence ever had to be presented to judge or jury as there was no trial.
    Having recently read the ruling by Tassie Supreme Court Chief Justice Cox, that has kept Bryant in prison these 18 years, I wonder if it contains even a scintilla of truth? Is it all magical? Are we all living in a magical world now?

    • Indeed here is the beginning of that ruling.
      R v Martin Bryant
 Cox CJ 22 November 1996

      In consequence of the tragic events at Port Arthur on 28 and 29 April of this year and of his plea of guilty to the unprecedented list of crimes contained in the indictment before me, the prisoner stands for sentence in respect of:
      • the murder of no less than 35 persons;
      • of 20 attempts to murder others;
      • of the infliction of grievous bodily harm on yet three more; and
      • of the infliction of wounds upon a further eight persons

      In addition, he is to be sentenced for:
      • four counts of aggravated assault;
      • one count of unlawfully setting fire to property, namely a motor vehicle which he seized at gun point from its rightful occupants, all of whom he murdered;
      • and for the arson of a building known as “Seascape”, the owners of which he had likewise murdered the previous day.

      After having heard the unchallenged account of these terrible crimes narrated by the learned Director of Public Prosecution and his Junior, an account painstakingly prepared by them from the materials diligently assembled by the team of police

      [See what I mean? “Unchallemged” is the word all right. – MM]

      and forensic investigators charged with that task, it is unnecessary for me to repeat it in detail or to attempt more than a brief summary.
      The prisoner, it is clear, a lengthy period of time before the day on which it was carried into effect, formed the intention of causing the deaths of Mr and Mrs Martin against whom he had long harboured a grudge and at the very least of causing mayhem among the large group of residents and visitors he anticipated would be present at the Port Arthur Historic Site, by shooting at them. Indeed he seems to have contemplated mayhem of such a drastic kind that it would in all probability provoke a response which would result in his own death. In furtherance of his intention, he acquired high powered weapons and embarked with three of them, a very large supply of ammunition and accessories such as a sports bag to conceal the weapons, a hunting knife, two sets of handcuffs and rope. In addition he carried large quantities of petrol in containers, fire starters and acquired a cigarette lighter en route. [etc etc]

  2. So, this intellectually disabled person decides to leave his beloved Volvo, with the surfboard bolted to the roof, and steal a BMW at the toll booth. Leaving not only his passport, but also a self-loading shotgun (one of the targets of the gun control movement BEFORE Port Arthur).

    Of course, the Volvo would contain the real killer’s fingerprints and DNA, but it would also contain Bryant’s. No problem, plausible deniability. However the BMW would not have Bryant’s – but it would have a match for the suspicious prints and DNA in the Volvo. Well, surprise, surprise – the BMW gets torched at Seascape.

    Then there is the ‘Blue Bag’ of planted evidence next to the tray the killer ate from. (Oh, by the way, there were TWO blue bags. The one pulled out of the big bag and left on the table and the bigger one used to conceal the rifle and carry the smaller bag.) I can’t remember all the contents of the bag left on the table, but there was the carefully wrapped personal knife of Martin Bryant with the blood of Mr. Martin from Seascape. There was also the KEYS TO SEASCAPE – now just how in the Hell was ‘Martin Bryant’ suppose to get back into Seascape? Then there was the white jumper of Bryant that was seen in the pictures of Bryant plastered around the media. Crikey, talk about laying ‘bread crumbs’ of evidence to follow to Seascape.

    The white jumper in the ‘Blue Bag’ was a big stuff up. One of photo ID witnesses stated that she recognised Martin Bryant in the photo ID because of his JUMPER! – LOL. It appears they used a picture of Bryant wearing the jumper in the photo ID board.

    Of course, the photo ID wasn’t done until some 4 weeks after the massacre (when it became apparent there was no objective evidence pointing to Bryant). – And everyone of those bogus photo ID statements had a paragraph at the bottom stating to the effect that they had not seen a picture of Martin Bryant prior to viewing the photo ID board. What codswallop! Those photo ID statements were completely worthless and would be thrown out of Court in a second.

    • This has been around for years, someone should inform our, pollies, mass media and shock jocks about this.
      Oh sorry, they already know and continue to take their readers and listeners as fools.
      Now why would that be; Mr. Faine/ABC, radios 2GB and 2UE, Jones, Hasbeen, George and Paul, Ben Fordham, Price, P Adams, Piers, Bolt, Devine, Tony Jones et. al., please explain.

  3. Mary, it had to be ‘unchallenged’ it wouldn’t have taken much to completely collapse the case if it went to court. However, it had been challenged when Bryant pleaded ‘not guilty’ when Gunson was his lawyer – but then Gunson got sidelined and John Avery became Bryant’s new ‘lawyer’.

    Avery was working for the police, he tried to get Terry Hill to admit he sold the firearms to Bryant. Hill resisted (Hill had actually CONFISCATED Bryant’s AR-10 34 days before the massacre) and the police then put Hill out of business for not cooperating.

    Avery was subsequently convicted of fraud, lying and stealing from his clients and spent 4.5 years in goal. Talk about an ‘inadequate counsel’ – the guy was a crook.

    Then there was the DPP prosecutor, Damien Bugg, a real ‘player’. One look through the case would have convinced him it was bogus. Crikey, worthless photo IDs, forensic evidence of Bryant’s innocence, multiple police statements of other parties at Seascape, firearm evidence that proved neither of the rifles used in the massacre were Bryant’s, the siege tape where Bryant is on the phone to the negotiator while the killer is shooting upstairs (22 times!), time frames that don’t fit – it goes on and on and on, the case was total bullshit.

    Of course, Bugg being a reliable ‘player’ got his reward by moving to Canberra and becoming the COMMONWEALTH DPP. Perhaps you may remember his attempt to strap up Doctor Haneef as a ‘terrorist’ – at least that case fell over rather quickly with demands for Bugg’s resignation. He did resign eventually, 2 weeks before the Federal Election when he realised his mate John Howard was history and his DPP job was heading for an inglorious ‘termination of services’.

    • Terry, I don’t know what you mean about Terry Hill having “confiscated” Bryant’s gun 34 days earlier. Why would he do that?
      I do see, in Keith Noble’s marvelous book (free online, Folks!)
      that the gun dealer was sent an intimidating letter.

      • Mary, it appears that they were trying to set up Terry Hill so that there could be litigation against firearm dealers. Long story, I can go into that later.

        As far as your question, Bryant showed up in Terry Hill’s gun shop with his AR-10. He put it on the counter with a magazine in it. Hill then cleared the firearm and found it even had a round in the chamber. Hill confiscated the firearm and refused to give it back to Bryant.

        This created a problem for the conspirators as center-fire self-loading rifles were a specific target of the gun control agenda. So they had to substitute another .308 rifle for the massacre and used a SLR (the SLR used to be issued to the Australian military). The SLR needed to be untraceable and it looks like they sourced one from a covert ops armoury. It turns out the SLR was a BELGIUM SLR, a very rare bird in Australia. In fact, nobody in the firearms industry had ever seen one in Australia before.

  4. Didn’t the Madrid train bombing saga include a convenient car with convenient documents as well? I seem to recall something to that effect.

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