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The Fluoride Debate – Blame it on Colorado



You will often hear, “Melbourne has some of the best drinking water”. And it has fluoride added. In fact, the city is legally required to add fluoride to Melbourne’s water under the Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973. This is because major studies have proved fluoridation safety and effectiveness with regard to dental health, and this practice is supported by the WHO, Australian Dental Association, Australian Medical Association, etc.

Fluoride is GOOD for you. And here is a video to prove it. 

Wholesale dumping?


1901 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

When a young dental school graduate, Frederick McKay, opened a dental practice in Colorado Springs, he discovered scores of people with grotesque brown stains on their teeth. In 1909 renowned dental researcher Dr. G.V. Black arrived in Colorado Springs to collaborate on the mysterious ailment. They found that teeth afflicted by Colorado Brown Stain were surprisingly and inexplicably resistant to decay by the fluorosis in the water.

And in 1945, Grand Rapids became the first city in the world to fluoridate its drinking water. They monitored the rate of tooth decay among Grand Rapids’ almost 30,000 schoolchildren and, after just 11 years, announced an amazing finding: Children born after fluoride was added to the water supply dropped more than 60 percent.

2015 – Snowmass, Colorado

So why has Snowmass (part of Aspen in Colorado) Stopped Water Fluoridation?

“Only recently have the studies been done on the effects of fluoride beyond your teeth,” board member (of Snowmass Council) Dave Dawson said. “People can fluoridate if they wish. I don’t see it as our business to medicate the public.” Board members Michael Shore and Willard Humphrey said they agreed, but board President Joe Farrell, who said he has many dentists in his family, did not.

A groundbreaking study on water fluoridation concluded that there was zero relationship between water fluoridation and cavity prevention. Thomas Zoeller, a scientist at UMass-Amherst, who played a role in the study, breaks it down:

“I had assumed because of everything I’d heard that water fluoridation reduces cavities but I was completely amazed by the lack of evidence,” he says. “My prior view was completely reversed.”

Facts About Fluoride 

Fluoride is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry.

USAF Major George R. Jordan testified (before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950’s) that the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.” (I cannot find reliable sources about Nazi prison camps used fluoride, though many claim it so, and that this knowledge was passed onto the CIA)

Much of western Europe has rejected fluoridated water due to the known health risks.

The American Dental Association (ADA) advised parents (Nov 2006) to avoid giving babies fluoridated water.

Lowering IQ?

The researchers in a Harvard study, “Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children“, advise further research:

In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.

But, of course, other researchers say fluoride has no relation to IQ.

And I’m sure the following graph has NO relation to fluoride.

1408624676156_wps_5_World_IQ_graph_jpg (1)

But, it has been reported that IQ is lowered by the consumption junk food. So, in the meantime – just keep on drinking that good ol’ fluoride into your system.

PS – The Rockefeller connection (?)

In 1914 miners in southern Colorado went on strike against the powerful Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation (CF&I) – owned by the Rockefeller family and Standard Oil. When the evictions failed to end the strike, it is alleged the Rockefeller interests hired detectives to attack the tent colonies – resulting in the “Ludlow Massacre”.

The Rockefellers decided that a new approach was needed between the workers and the management and, in 1916, extended the medical welfare program to include a comprehensive dental program. CF&I thus became the first industrial organization to add dental care to the benefits for workers. CF&I was also cooperative with regard to McKay´s “mottled teeth” studies, and Cambier, the chemist whose water analyses are cited in several of McKay´s papers, was with CF&I at Pueblo.


  1. It’s interesting to note that under the Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973 Act No. 8506/1973 it states:

    4. Protection from rights of action
    No person has any right of action against—
    (a) a water supply authority; or
    (b) a member of a water supply authority; or
    (c) a person acting under the direction of a water
    supply authority; or
    (d) a person acting on behalf of a water supply
    authority under a contract made between that
    authority and the person—
    in respect of anything done in regard to the
    fluoridation of a public water supply in
    accordance with the provisions of this Act.

    Page 3
    Why would this need to be in the act?

  2. Water fluoridation questions and answers, found at:

    it states:
    3.3 Does fluoride come from the fertiliser industry?
    Fluoride is found naturally in the environment in rocks, soil, air and water.

    Fluorapatite is an important mineral in rock, composed of calcium, fluoride and phosphate, commonly used as source material for the fertiliser industry.When phosphate is removed from rock, an extra step in the refining process may be taken to collect fluoride.During this extraction process a fluoride gas is produced.This gas can be converted into a liquid or powder form.A piece of equipment called a scrubber is used for this conversion process.

    Scrubbers can also be used to reduce atmospheric pollution by gases, leading some people to conclude that because scrubber is used to extract fluoride from rocks, fluoride must be a pollutant, but this is not the case.

    Fluoride is not a waste product of the fertiliser manufacturing process, but rather, a co-product.If fluoride is not actively collected during the refining process for water fluoridation purposes, it remains in the phosphate fertiliser.However, due to the widespread practice of water fluoridation in Australia, fluoride is commonly extracted during the refining process.

  3. Friday, February 27, 2015
    Studies linking fluoride in water to health issues prompt Australian review
    Have the health benefits of fluoride in drinking water been overstated? Have the health benefits of fluoride in drinking water been overstated?

    Australian health authorities are reviewing the case for fluoride in drinking water amid concerns scientific evidence supporting the benefits and risks to people’s health may have shifted.

    While most Australians have been regularly consuming low amounts of fluoride since it was added to drinking water in the 1960s and 1970s to prevent tooth decay, several controversial studies in recent years have suggested the mineral may be linked to lower intelligence in children and thyroid problems that can cause weight gain, fatigue and depression.

    On Tuesday, the National Health and Medical Research Council revealed that a 2012 study linking very high levels of fluoride to low IQ among some Chinese children prompted it to commission a review of the health effects of the celebrated public health intervention.

    A spokesperson for the NHMRC said while the Chinese study increased concern about the safety of fluoride and potential neurotoxicity for children, it was conducted in a country with very different naturally occurring levels of fluoride that are not seen in Australia, meaning “care needs to be exercised in interpreting the results”.

    Furthermore, the study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives identified drinking water with fluoride concentrations up to 11.5 mg/L in China. In Australia, the recommended level is 0.6-1.1 mg/L.

    Nonetheless, the NHMRC established a fluoride reference group last year and has commissioned Sydney University researchers to assess new evidence by mid 2015. A draft statement on their findings is due by the end of the year.

    Until then, the NHMRC says its 2007 review of fluoridation stands, showing it is safe and effective for preventing tooth decay and that there is insufficient evidence to support any other “measurable harm to human health”.

    “The only potential harm associated with water fluoridation is dental fluorosis [mottles or flecks on the teeth], and this can be minimised by the careful regulation of the concentration of fluoride in fluoridated water at levels aimed to prevent tooth decay,” the spokesperson said.

    On Wednesday, chief executive officer of the NHMRC Warwick Anderson suggested the review was occurring in line with its commitment to regularly update statements on health matters and was unlikely to change its position on the safety of water fluoridation.

    “Based on the work already conducted in the review, NHMRC is expected to maintain its support for fluoridation of water supplies as effective and safe,” Professor Anderson said in a statement.

    On Tuesday, British researchers called for health authorities to reconsider its water fluoridation program after a new study linked fluoride to higher rates of hypothyroidism – low thyroid function that slows the metabolism down and can cause fatigue, weight gain and depression.

    The observational study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health (a specialist journal published by the British Medical Journal group) reported that GP clinics in areas with fluoridated water were nearly twice as likely to report high rates of hypothyroidism compared with clinics in areas without water fluoridation.

    While the researchers did not prove fluoride was causing the illness, they said their results should be “substantial cause for public health concern” and should prompt people to be tested for the condition.
    But David Coggon, professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at University of Southampton, said the study was highly questionable.

    “As epidemiological evidence goes, this is about as weak as it gets,” he said.

    “It is quite possible that the observed association is a consequence of other ways in which the areas with higher fluoride differ from the rest of the country. There are substantially more rigorous epidemiological methods by which the research team could have tested their idea,” he said.

    A spokesman for the Department of Health in Victoria said: “The addition of fluoride to drinking water supplies is universally supported by all leading health authorities.”

    In Victoria, 90 per cent of the population has access to fluoridated drinking water supplies.

    smh.com.au 25 Feb 2015

    Studies have been around for quite some time.

    Fluoride is banned in Europe.

    Why was this not addressed earlier?
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  4. Dee, I have not imbibed water from the filter of which you are the distributor, but I have a similar filter from the US that takes the fluoride out, and it sure does make Adelaide water taste nicer.

    Also, since it is “structured water,” it is supposedly (per the discoverer, Patrick Flanagan) able to make me happy. This is related to the water that crashed down from a waterfall on the Hunza people who are (or were) as happy as Larry.

    Correlation is not causation but I can report that, since drinking the filtered water, I am as happy as Larry.
    Maybe even happier. Wish I had been filtering all those years before, instead of dumbing down with F.

    Good heavens, I just went to Google to make sure F is the symbol for fluorine and guess what order of definitions you get if you type “F.” At the top of the list is Facebook (of course). Then “F as a letter of the alphabet, then F as Fahrenheit temperature. No mention of the element. Then, in next place an amazing article-title, from Dailytelegraph.com.au:
    “Welcome to the era of the 50-year-old f**kable woman.”

    It purports to be in praise of oldies.
    Ah, so now we know the true role of media: to let us know who is, or is not, “f**kable.”
    Gets more amazing every day, doesn’t it?

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