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“That Crazy Reality Show”


Trailer “That Crazy Reality Show”

Insanely relentless send-up of Reality TV via “So You Want To Be A Terrorist?”

We made this movie several years ago in 8 days shooting. After a run at the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival, we turned it into a 4 part TV series.

The story: Three Judges set about to find the amateur master-terrorist through a series of outrageous challenges and surprising eliminations using interrogations and even torture. But they get more than they bargained for.

It was to-hot-to-handle content for broadcasters and distributors.

It can be watched for free here at Sunjive.

Buy the DVD here from Titan View.

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  1. Torture? Is this the one where George Brandis gets waterboarded?
    Oh, speaking of that, I notice that John Yoo (poor mind-controlled bugger) wrote an op-ed piece for the LA Times, immediately after Senator Diane Feinstein published the Torture Report. He suddenly was worried for his skin. He downplayed waterboarding as follows:

    “Three reasons persuaded us to approve waterboarding. First, Al Qaeda terrorists were not POWs under the Geneva Conventions, because they fought for no nation and flouted the laws of war by killing civilians and beheading prisoners (such as Daniel Pearl).

    Second, the U.S. armed forces had used it in training tens of thousands of officers and soldiers, without any physical injury or long-term mental harm.

    Finally, the United States had suffered the deaths of 3,000 civilians and billions of dollars in damage; we knew little about Al Qaeda, and intelligence indicated that more attacks were coming, perhaps using weapons of mass destruction.”

    It’s that second one that startled me. Are we subjecting soldiers to torture as part of routine training? In 2005 I copied the following from The Australian, but I don’t see it on Internet today:
    Simon Kearney, “SAS Naked and Bound in Training” Aug 20, 2005.
    Soldiers are being blindfolded, stripped naked and menaced by savage dogs for up to three hours in extreme training exercises… Defence Minister Robert Hill has confirmed interrogators are authorised to use threats of physical and sexual abuse during simulated interrogation sessions… [I]n a written response to a parliamentary question from federal Labor MP Daryl Melham, Hill said trainees were blindfolded for much of the exercise “In no circumstances are RTI trainees kept naked for a period longer than three hours in aggregate during the RTI exercise.” ~The Australian

    “RTI” means “resistance to interrogation.” But you know that is NOT the reason our men are being tortured.

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