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The “Armstrong” Parallel – Two Extraordinary Americans. One Confirmed Lie and One Undecided.


neil laNCENeil Armstrong is subdued at the Apollo 11 press conference. Lance Armstrong is subdued when denies the doping allegations 2005.

Today is the final day of the 2015 Tour de France – and this month, 46 years ago (July 20 1969), Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon.

The name, “Armstrong” represents two extraordinary Americans, both exceptional in their field; One a superbly skilled and bold test pilot, and astronaut – the other, possibly the most exceptional cyclist ever seen (even with the help of EPO).

NASA sent men to walk on the moon SIX times – and Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France SEVEN times. Just one too many. The seventh win tipped the scales of believability – and it was most likely his demise.

Maybe NASA knew their luck would run out – one way or another – on #7, and called it a day.



An estimated 500 – 600 million people watched Neil step onto the moon – and it was the most watched TV programming up to that date.

On his walk to board the mission, he was waving proudly, but in the Apollo 11 press conference (nearly 2 months later), Neil gives a strange and somber interview. I quote this point (2:27) from the clip below :

“The Saturn gave us one magnificent ride (looks down)… both into earth’s orbit, and (looks down) to a trajectory to the moon (small swallow). Our… our memory (choke) … of , of that differs little from the reports that you have all heard, from, from the previous Saturn 5 flights ….. the Saturn 5 flights served us well in the boost as well as the subsequent phases”

This 1969 press conference is extraordinary (full video here). There is no triumph, sense of greatness, or achievement from these men. In a later BBC interview, he is more more animated, but he was probably answering scripted questions. Neil had humility and greatness, but his demeanor after the moon does not add up. He became a media recluse and only gave a rare interview to a Melbourne accountant in his later years.

At the Apollo 11 25th anniversary, Neil made one very unusual speech, in which he said,

“There are great ideas undiscovered, and breakthrough for those who can remove one of truths protective layers.” (from 5:00 below)

What truth was Neil referring? – That he had not stepped on the moon? Or, maybe another “entity” had arranged their travel through the Van Allen belt? Or that he knew we are “no longer alone”? (In later years Buzz Aldrin explains that he saw a UFO on the way to the moon and relates this on a Larry King show. And maybe he was encouraged to do so to keep the moon travel alive.)

But at the Apollo press conference, it seems that Neil et al are at a funeral – not the celebration of the greatest achievement of mankind.



Lance on the other hand, relished the competition, and the fame that came with each and every win. He was a phenomenal athlete (as all elite cyclists are), but doped – just to make sure.

The Tour de France is the world’s largest annual sporting event, lasting 3 weeks as the cyclist ride about 3,500 miles (mainly through France). About 3.5 to 4 billion people watch the Tour de France annually in 188 countries around the world.

The team bus, which had been transformed into a secret blood transfusion unit, went undetected – even though Lance was the epicenter of attention of about 2,000 journalists and thousands of support staff.

Lance always denied any allegations – even under oath. He donated $25,000, then later another $100,000, to the UCI (Union Cyclists Internationale), allegedly to support its efforts to fight doping, and UCI honorary President Hein Verbruggen said in 2011, “Lance Armstrong has never used doping. Never, never, never…”

He won the Tour de France seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. Maybe if he retired gracefully after six wins, he might have got away with it. But in August 2005, shortly after Armstrong’s last Tour victory, the sports newspaper L’Equipe reported on suspicious test results from 1999. Traces of EPO had apparently been discovered in six of Armstrong’s past frozen blood samples when they were retested.

He duped the world. Over the years he duped about 25 billion people (or the same people 7 times).

It proves one thing. Investigative journalism is mostly DEAD. And that people love to believe the best in people.


This, “One small step for man…“, was also a giant leap for media magic.

Back in 1970 it became almost pedestrian as “another” earthling just drove around in a lunar rover. Can you imagine if man was only landing on the moon for the first time NOW? It would be a ratings buster. Billions would watch the greatest X Factor reality show of all time, and every small step would be broadcast in magnificent Hi Def.

Back then, moon landings were months apart – even though computers were allegedly less powerful than one’s phone. Yet, it looks like we are not planning another moon landing for a very long time. It’s expensive we are told. 

There have been 18 in-flight deaths and more in training, and all these happened below 300 miles above the earth. But 12 men escaped earth’s orbit – landed, then walked on the moon – took off again, re-docked and returned safely to earth – six incident free return trips of 451,200 miles (726,200 kilometers).

So, as the years stretch on, the credibility of the moon landings seem to become even more incredulous.

Being a cinematographer I always knew much of the moon landing footage was a recreation. The standby studios in case the live feed failed, has been admitted, I believe. I have said before, I worked with a rigger that worked in a moon studio. And it is well known that huge studio moon sets were built, with moon models and camera tracks. I believe they were even on display.

The recreation of footage is well documented. There are anomalies in many photographs that point to stage lighting; there was the coke bottle incident (only seen by Perth viewers); the “c” mark on the rock; duplicate backdrops; photographic cross-hair inconsistencies and much more. I have pointed out in the past to the pool stage lighting effects, and another give-away is that all the camera work and the photography is always near perfect – and almost all the same.

This does not mean they did not get to the moon. This means NASA preferred to use recreated footage (or just mix up the footage).

NASA was doing a “Lance” on the population. NASA was “doping” and MANIPULATING the footage.

There are thousands of films debating the moon landings, but this video below (from about 3:00) describes the alleged “found footage” that reveals the astronauts creating the illusion of a distant earth.



Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 epic science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey” cost about $10 million dollars at the time.

Compare this to the billions and billions of dollars that were pouring into the aero-space industries. Profits must have been astronomical. And if –  if they couldn’t reach the moon, they would have endless amounts of cash and expertise to create a mega-production that was believable to all – except a few insiders.

The moon skeptics point to the Van Allen Radiation Belt – that it was impossible to pass. I do not know. But NASA scientist, Kelly Smith, says in the video below, that “we must solve these challenges (of radiation) before sending people through this region of space“.

After Orion’s First Flight Test, they reviewed the flight (December 2014), interviewing the very enthusiastic astronaut, Rex Walheim. Much is said about Orion’s future, and William Gestenmaier says after 36:35 (below) that “eventually we need to get earth independent” – with the focus as Mars. Well it can’t be the moon.

There are very emotional words (at 11:50) from Program Manager, Mike Hawes, “…When we started we were with the Apollo guys still there, so now we have done something for the first time for our generation. Its a good day”. It feels like their very real achievements are always dwarfed by the “moon landings”.


Lance teaches us a powerful lesson. It was feared that the Tour de France would forever be ruined, and that pro-cycling would be over. It was damaged yes, but life goes on. New generations want to cycle, want to achieve and compete. And Lance is all but forgotten. There are those with resentment and distrust. For example, Chris Froome, this year’s leader, had urine thrown over him by someone as a doping suspect protest.

And if NASA came out with the truth – what ever that is – and it was found out that we had been “Lanced”, then some of the old NASA Apollo guys might have urine thrown over them, but the world will not collapse.

If the moon landings were just a great mega production, then people will go, “Wow – what an achievement, you duped us like Lance did”. Or if some “entity” with specific technology got us there, then all the sci-fi movies have prepared us for that. After a few days, life would be back to normal.

If we did get there as NASA describes – then why are the contemporary NASA employees so reticent in talking about this most ASTONISHING achievement. They even tell us that we still have to work that out.

As I said Lance duped about 25 billion people (or the same people 7 times), and only about 600,000 million watched Neil.

I could write a book on this, but to conclude.

If one cycling team with tens of millions can dupe billions of people, it would be possible for a bigger team with billions of dollars to dupe 600 million. And once Neil stepped on the moon, we had 600 million believers (including me). But beware the magic number 7. Seven walks on the moon may have tipped the limits of credibility.

We, as people, want to believe. We wanted to believe in Lance; and we desperately want to believe in Neil. Most do.

But there is a warning here. We need to be alert for media magic – and decide when we are being “Lanced”. And we have been “Lanced” with regard to the moon landing footage, we just don’t know the details.


When asked what landing on the moon means for us, the astronauts don’t initially answer. I find Neil’s answer at 1:16:00 interesting. He speaks with somber sadness, “… its a beginning of a new age”. Maybe they all suffered PTSD.

More videos:

Moon Landing (below) at around 1:15:00




  1. OK, Dee, you’re off my dance card for mentioning “other entites” and “we are not alone.”
    Otherwise it’s a good article.
    I could puke over the fact that publicly-payrolled scientists won’t answer simple qq about these matters.

  2. Not that I am any friend of the Space Agency. I choose to believe that Brice Taylor’s book, “Thanks for the Memories,” (free online) is accurate. Here is a quote:

    This is information I would prefer to withhold because it goes against everything I believe in, but in order for people to understand how this system works, it is necessary for me to share the following. This event occurred in Danny’s preschool. I remember standing with Danny’s preschool teachers who were instructing the children in a game where they all had to take their clothes off, step onto a colored circle and then take turns doing sexual acts to the child next to them.
    The teachers were laughing and clapping and everything seemed surreal, just like it always did when programmed events of horror occurred. As the game progressed, with music playing in the background, the children looked progressively more stunned. They were told to walk in a circle and stop on a color.
    The child was taken out of the circle, sat in front of the VCR and told to focus on the movie. This way each child got the individual training they were supposed to have according to what their curriculum planners felt were their strengths and career aptitudes. And, ritual trauma and sexual perversion was often way to begin with children.
    Danny completed computer classes in preschool before he was 4 years old. During my deprogramming process, I was horrified when I remembered that I continually read him the story of Danny and the Dinosaur. As I re-read the story years later, I found a phrase in the book, which states, “there’s no place to run, no place to hide. ”
    And here again was another example of how I, as his programmed parent, was used to keep my own son’s programming locked tightly in place, reinforcing the programs that were used to keep the parts of his mind that were compartmentalized for our controller’s use, separate from his conscious everyday awareness.
    Henry Kissinger has been Danny’s main man. He was the one calling the shots and organized the creation of Danny’s mind files for NASA/military use. Danny was, and may still be, scheduled for a major position within NASA one day, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Ford and Uncle Lyle Curran. They have him scheduled to become a scientist or something of that nature.
    I overheard Henry talking to someone about it. Danny has very specific programming themes that center around all the planets – Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, etc.
    Despite the programming, Danny remained very shy until he was 5 years old. Danny was also traumatized at Disneyland year after year. The Matterhorn ride was one they used before they took him away from me at Disneyland for other programming. There was further programming done at Edwards Air Force Base. Craig took us all there as a family in our camper and we stayed overnight and were programmed the next morning.
    Two men in white uniforms came to get Danny and me from the camper and compliantly and mindlessly we went with them.

    The men took us through glass doors and we were escorted once again to the big chair, where the nightmare started all over. We sat side by side in the big heavy, metal chair while we looked into the large goggles that were placed in front of our faces. Before they began, we were injected with a drug. Earphones played music at times, but mostly sound effects, while they told us we were ‘one’ and the solar system that we saw through our eyes would now exist in the innermost regions of our mind. They told us that we each had a system, but that we also had the other half of the other person’s system much like those friendship bracelets that are separated and when they come together they are whole. Parts of Danny were programmed very early on to play the perfect game of chess, in order to take up where I left off in deciphering and delivering cryptic messages.

  3. I haven’t read the book… “Thanks for the Memories,” Your take on it?
    After I watch the Australian interview I think – jeez, he must have been up there… so natural. Unlike his interviews 40 years before. But then when I listened to Lance Armstrong talk about never doping in the early years I gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed him too.

    • At my Youtube channel, Mary W Maxwell, I compare some of the mind control books. Brice’s is a bit heavily laden with sex, but I think what she says about her children training at NASA is
      Dee, I’ll give you a couple of points toward Moon Hoax (tho I am not sold on it) insofar as i read a defense, tonight, of the official Moon story which says “Yes there are people who doubt it, but look at the leaders in Africa who doubt the treatment for AIDS.”


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