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Holistic Doctors Dying And Missing



Several holistic doctors have been killed and have vanished. Is this over GcMAF?

There has been much written about the death of Dr Bradstreet – including from Mary Maxwell on this site. Bradstreet claimed vaccines caused autism, and was found dead of apparent suicide (a gunshot to the chest) after federal agents searched his office. 

This was posted on the 23rd of July (along with the video below) by beforeitsnews, “Explosive: The real Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed and Vanishing!” (article here). And yesterday they posted,Proof Doctors Being Killed Over GcMAF Cancer, Autism Cure!” 

The Federal agents had a search warrant for Dr Bradbury’s premises and top of “Items To Be Seized” was GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor).

This is what David Noakes (CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd. in Guernsey) says about GcMAF:

GcMAF is a vital part of our immune system which does not work without it; and is part of our blood. GcMAF stimulates the macrophage element of the immune system to destroy cancer cells. It also blocks the supply of nutrients to cancer cells by stopping blood vessel development to the site (anti-angiogenesis). And…

In the case of autism, Dr. James Bradstreet has so far treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF with an 85% response rate. His results show a bell curve response with 15% of the patients showing total eradication of symptoms and 15% showing no response.

Let us not forget what Dr Dunegan relayed of Dr Day’s 1969 speech:

Cancer. He said. “We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute…”


I have no idea whether these are connected to Dr Bradstreet, or whether this is related to the suppression of cures, or revelations about vaccines, but this is a disturbing report.

holistic doctors

From L – R:

Lisa Riley DO – found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head on July 10th, 2015

Theresa Sievers MD – found murdered in her home on June 29th, 2015

Dr. Baron Holt, DC (and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, DC, PhD)  – found dead, June 21st, 2015.

Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC Ph.D. – found dead in his car with no explanation as to how it happened.

Dr. Ronald Schwartz – found murdered in his home, on Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died on July 22, 2015, apparently from a heart attack.

Dr Bradstreet – found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river on June 19th, 2015.


  1. So we take the death of one controversial doctor and tack on any other deaths of medical practitioners, no matter how unrelated, uncontroversial or unconnected they may be – and arrive at another mindless conspiracy theory.
    Most of the doctors you mention were NOT “holistic” practitioners (read quacks) but rather mainstream physicians. There is no connection other than the dates being close together (how many doctors around the world must die every month?).
    But more to the point – you published this days after it had already been thoroughly debunked – so one can only conclude this is either the result of unbelievably sloppy fact checking or a deliberate desire to deceive. I will allow you to tell us which.

    • James thanks for the comment. The main thrust of the article was on Bradstreet. Several hundred people have donated money to find out cause of death – and I would presume they believe it suspicious.

      But, hey – I am always happy to proved wrong.
      As I wrote ” I have no idea whether these are connected to Dr Bradstreet, or whether this is related……..(etc) – meaning “I have no idea” – but the lead to the details on Bradstreet was the focus of the article.

      As for sloppy – yes sometimes I might be sloppy – as a result of a being pressed for time after midnight and this not doing this as a paid gig.

      But how about calling about 10,000 mainstream reporters UNBELIEVABLY SLOPPY for not getting the facts on 9/11, Port Arthur massacre, the Iraq war out there for everyone to read …etc etc… and not the conspiracy stuff – JUST THE FACTS. They are getting paid to not tell you.

    • There is a genuine expansion of nutrition and health curiosity that has opened up discussion in the mainstream about the integrity of our “official” health/food information.

      The concept of taking greater personal responsibility by engaging in personal research outside the monopoly sources of information is not just threatening to food retail monopolies, self education habits lead to all sorts of discoveries that Corporate State education keep hidden.
      Global corporations like Big Mac are already attempting to adjust to the decline of their brand because growing numbers are thinking more about quality and consequences before they eat.
      Recent legislated dictates on vaccination and the evident flood of publicity to protect that market suggest that product sector is receiving an “advertising budget boost” to hold onto sales volume.

      Nutrition information seekers graze into related subjects.

      Australian ABC’s Catalyst science program came under very heavy critical fire when it dared investigate Statins drugs prescribed for cholesterol “illness”.

      The establishment narratives around the world are potentially dangerously threatened by this trend and the billions of dollars at stake and the controlling aspects of monopolized information will not be easily surrendered.

      The details surrounding the deaths of Bradstreet, Gonzalez and Sievers are tragic and many questions are yet to be answered before we can know the truth and some level of suspicion is not an uneducated response.

      Conclusions of any type are premature.

      The “Gcmaf” treatment is clearly of interest to Government authorities but detail is thin and the “Explosive” report above is more rhetoric then substance.

      One good tactic of hiding truth is to poison the subject by reaching into speculations that can be unraveled as a “hoax” which discredits everyone who seriously seeks answers to legitimate queries and real criminal conspiracy.

      It is impossible to know which elements of the “alternative” media are real but Natural News does broadcast errors.

      Curious minds are always exploring what is really behind the curtain and I know I have spent time down many “rabbit holes” looking for answers but eventually recognized I was chasing a decoy around a track.

      Those who are personally close to these issues will in time provide some more accurate detail of all the personnel dynamics that are presently missing and might explain the present puzzling aspects of these deaths.

      Hard information is scarce though much has been speculated.

      In these local news reports the police have suspect(s), no threat exists to the local community and police are not seeking community input and state the crime is not believed to be random, which I interpret suggests the crime was personal.

      • I see the following ointerim report by the family of Jeff Bradstreet, at the GoFundMe site:

        “UPDATE 07/29/2015
        This is a very complicated investigation involving many people and multiple states.
        Unfortunately we are not able to share any of the specifics of this case until we have all the information processed and investigated. There is a ton of information we have collected and the investigation team is still conducting interviews. Our team is following up on ALL the leads. I know you all are frustrated, we are too!

        Furthermore, if you have any information regarding this case or something that you think the investigators need to know please contact us and we will communicate with you directly.
        Thank you all again… The Bradstreet Family”

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