The Silver Spankley Winner


On July 7, we proposed a Silver Spankley award – a contest centered on the best comment about the London 7-7 bombing (on the 10th anniversary  of that tragic event). Margo was first cab off the rank, submitting an intriguing video by Tony Farrell. Mary came in with high praise for Farrell and ws shot down by Christopher. The judges of the contest have decided to award it to Mark / xrbarra2014 for the for “13 holes in government & media account of 2005 London Bombings“. His prize – a free return ticket from Piccadilly to Russell Square and back!





  1. I promise i wont

  2. Congratulations to Mark, and Thank you to Margo, and Goodonya to the designer of the beautiful award.

    Here is the thriliing trip.
    Mark, I suggest you not get on board if you see anyone with a backpack:


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