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While US is being “Attacked” – Vice President Dick (Foot On Desk) Cheney Watches On



Several photographs shot on 9/11 were released in response to a FOIA request (from documentary filmmaker Colette Neirouz Hanna). They show people reacting to the horror of the attacks. Interestingly, they mostly focus around Cheney – who looks most concerned and industrious. I would not be surprised if these were intentionally released to counter the growing grumbles to investigate him.

There are several photos of Dick Cheney in his office – a foot up on his desk – watching “Rome Burn”. What was he thinking? He must have been aware of the photographer (as some are taken from the front side of the desk).

The above photo sums it all up for me.

The pictures are not ordered, so adds to the confusion. Some of these must have been shot late in the day, as Bush has returned.


In the collection is a photo of the Secretary of Transportation, Norman Yoshio Mineta.


Let us not forget Mineta’s testimony about Dick Cheney, describing the stand down order.


UPDATE (12 pm 27 July):

Where was Cheney at 9.33 – 9.38?

Surely he was not “resting” in his office – and this is a recreation in the afternoon. It is stated that the photograph was taken on September 11. In the top photo, the time is 9:38.

This is the close up on Cheney’s TV (from a second photo), and the screen grab from ABC News, below.

cheney tv

abc news


This from History commons… 

(9:04 a.m.-9:45 a.m.) September 11, 2001: House Speaker Hastert Has Problems Contacting Vice President Cheney;  Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who is third in line for the presidency …. is told that Vice President Dick Cheney will soon be calling him on the secure telephone in his office. However, Cheney is currently having problems using secure phones, and Hastert is too. Hastert later recalls, “To use the secure phone, you have to push a button and turn a key. On that dreadful day I couldn’t make the thing work…. (interesting) 

Richard Clarke claims that when he arrives at the White House shortly after 9:03, he sees the vice president and Rice, but the two are “alone in Cheney’s office” …. Rice makes no mention of heading to Cheney’s office after the second tower is hit.

(Shortly After 9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Vice President Cheney Evacuated from Office, Earlier than Some Accounts Claim  President Dick Cheney is taken by the Secret Service from his White House office toward the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC)……. although other accounts, including the 9/11 Commission Report, will state that he is evacuated from his office about half an hour later.

Richard Clarke tells Cheney (just after 9:00): “It’s an al-Qaeda attack and they like simultaneous attacks. This may not be over.”


(Between 9:20 a.m. and 9:27 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Transportation Secretary Mineta Reaches Bunker, Meets Vice President Cheney Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. …. arrives at the White House bunker—the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC)—containing Vice President Dick Cheney and others. Mineta will tell NBC News that he arrives there at “probably about 9:27,” though he later says to the 9/11 Commission that he arrives at “about 9:20 a.m.” He also later recalls that Cheney is already there when he arrives. This supports accounts of Cheney reaching the bunker not long after the second WTC crash. … Questioned about this in 2007 by an activist group, Mineta will confirm that Cheney was “absolutely… already there” in the PEOC when he arrived

It seems that Cheney probably sat down in the afternoon to put his feet up and watch a replay.




  1. Be interesting to time the screen shot of the towers in actual time (presuming it is not a later set replay?) ( being reminded of the Obama team watching the Bin Laden ‘killing’ with the lap tops turned off?) to give some idea, if indeed the photograph of him watching is in real time. One has to weigh up Mineta’s timeline.
    At that time the VP was president as Bush was out of town reading a goat story. Keep in mind Bush’s pondering demeanor when he was ‘firstly’ advised of the event/s.
    Seems that Dick and George at least know how to play poker.
    Of course around that time Rumsfield could not be located for a period. (From memory) but he turned up at the Pentagon carrying a stretcher!
    If at the time the VP was the boss, it is pleasing that he had the forethought to allow a photographer to be loitering before he was whisked away by security to confer and make some decisions, as he ‘later’ ? Did.
    Be interesting to know if he had contact with his people via the telephone.
    So the ever developing mysteries continue.
    People are aware of course that the protocols to approve interception of wayward flights was transferred in July 2001 from the military to the executive and changed back after 911.
    No doubt Dick would be thinking perhaps; ‘do I or don’t I order something’?

      • That was the observation from the observations of the desk laptop/s at the alleged gathering watching the ‘live’BL operation. Must have been before the disastrous copter crash at the BL compound.
        There is another good depiction in one photograph by a jester with a curious looking BL watching behind the players. ……. Ghost from Dec’ 2001. (:-?

    • For more on the stand own of the interceptors, look up the opinions of Lt’ col’ (?) Bob Bowman ( ret. rip) at http://patriotsquestion911.com
      The site has not moved since 2011 but is an essential source to examine.
      ‘Bob’ who I spent a few days with in 2008 explained that there was a ‘stand down’ of US interceptors on 911.
      Bob did 201 missions over Vietnam, was a phd physicist and an interceptor pilot in the US, he also was in charge of Reagan’s Star Wars escapade but objected to the ‘militarisation’ of space and resigned.
      He explained to me the change in protocols for interceptions. He explained to me that; no way those planes could not have been intercepted in ten minutes of the military being notified.
      So happy is Dick, with shoes on desk knowing that ‘incoming’ is safe???
      Won’t read this info now will we, Mr/Ms Editor of ‘The Australian’. And what right does anyone have to name the publication, ‘The Australian’? It ain’t so.
      The ‘Always Independent’ SMH is just a msm cousin.
      Do not get me on to those patsy shock jocks.

  2. Some gossip that should be checked out.
    I was informed that the Murdocracy via ‘The Australian’ published some pictures today of persons on 911.
    From oral reports it seems that the Murdock pickles were selected to not exhibit what is here on Gumshoe.
    If anyone can assist please do. I do not buy Rupert’s BS reports and did not visit a cafe for a free read.

    • I wonder if ‘The Australian’ editor included the evidence of transport secretary Mineta!
      If not, those who purchased the Murdock c#%p were diddled out of the purchase price?

      • Ain’t nuttin to see at TheAustralian.com.au today, Ned.
        Except the death of Whitney Houston’s daughter, and a long, negative story about her. What ever happened to respecting the dead?
        I went to a funeral this morning of an Adelaide man whose life seemed a perfect example of discipline in the old fshioned sense. I wish the church had been filled with highschoolers to hear the eulogies. Very inspiring. That man, age 80, always knew where he was going. Does any 18-year-old today see his/her own future?
        Poor Kristina, the daughter of Whitney, was 18. What did she die of? What did Whitney die of?

  3. For those interested there is a 911 timeline here:
    First: Flight 11 into North tower at 8.46.30 am.
    Second: Flight 175 into the South Tower at 9.03 am
    So Uncle Dick has his shoe up on the desk after 9.03 if the photograph is not staged at a later time.
    Third crash; flight 77 into the Pentagon at 9.37. am
    Note: Mineta’s testimony: Cheney there when he arrived (at Washington ‘situation room’, or whatever it is called) and at some time the young man came in and out three times informing Cheney of ‘incoming’ and on the third time asked ” Do the orders still stand? (at the 10 mile (?) distance) and Cheney swung his head around and said ‘Of course they still stand, have you heard otherwise’? {paraphrased from memory}
    So what were the orders? To ensure that the approaching delivery man had included the anchovies that they ordered on their breakfast pizzas?
    For completenes, flight 93 crashed in Shanksville Pensylvania at 10.03 am as per:
    The flight distance from Shanksville to washington for the average fit crow would be about 45 minutes, if the crow was in a hurry and flapping along at about 500mph.
    Seems that the ‘young man’ was not referring to an ‘incoming’ crow from somewhere near Shanksville. I hear that ‘Cheney shot down’ the crow anyway which meant it was not as lucky as Cheney’s lawyer.
    So for the crow! Next time it should get up earlier and not be delayed 45 mintes after it’s scheduled departure time!!!!
    So for being organised! Additionaly, Atta just made his flight in a sweat from hurrying to get the connection at Logan for flight 11, after landing in from Portland earlier. Yep, all that Bin Laden planning and to rely on getting a connecting flight…………Oh fancy, his luggage with all that documentary evidence and a pilot’s uniform inculpating him as A HIJACKER just happened to not join him on flight 11 and was left to be discoverd later. Unluckeeeeee!

    • Re shoe on desk possibly he had a swollen ankle.
      Re staged pic, if my eyesight were keener i could read the CNN banner on his TV set.
      Not that that couldn’t be “staged” also.
      Boy am I getting sick of staging.
      Ned, you are a hoot.

    • Dee,
      Nah, this is not the elite watching the killing of Bin Laden. You are confused,
      this lot is a confab of media magnates, bankers and politicians observing a media presentation to be presented worldwide to describe a cow paddy in a paddock and how it should be presented as a radio shock jock.

          • Wow. i just blew the pic up and saw that Obama is sitting in a highchair. I can’t make out what is on Gates’s laptop. Speaking of Gates, or Bremer, or any of the master killers, I wonder if they ever have a really happy day. I mean naturally any accomplishment brings emotional rewards, but when they have accomplished their ugly accomplishments, do they feel joy?

  4. Curious!
    I have about half the comments here and not a word from anyone at the ABC, SBS or from shock jock land (lala) or a representative of the msm.

    • Let us not tell our msm readers about Minetas’s testimony or General Wesley Clark’s report to Amy Goodman in March 2007 that (prior to 911) ‘The Plan’ was to kill innocents in seven countries in five years by taking down their governments ending with Iran
      MSM Pussies!
      So for how long is the msm going to support the killing of about 2 million plus, so far, in the Middle East based on lies?
      So far so good; 14 years! On that form the msm will be helping to kill to 2029.
      Uncle Joe: better borrow some more mula and raise taxes to pay the interest to the bankers for so much killing.

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