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“The President Apprentice” – The New US Reality TV Show (The White House Factor)



It seems Donald Trump is the stray piglet threatening the other pigs in the trough.

Donald Trump was the boss (acting) in the reality TV show “The Apprentice”, and now he wants to be the boss of the big reality farce – “The White House Factor”.

“The Donald” has been called “vulgar, racist, mean, obnoxious, irrational, fact-challenged, loudmouthed, homophobic, xenophobic, sanctimonious, and a demagogue” by Pierre Tristam in his article oninformationclearinghouse. And Tristam continues, “But that extraterrestrial mane aside, he’s almost indistinguishable from the other 14 Republican crackpots running for president.”

As for the other candidates, they are just more of the same. As Patrick J Buchanan says, ” The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired.” It is the same in Australia. Democracy does not exist.

In fact, with The Donald stepping up as a candidate, has confirmed for me that we are now in the next phase of reality television. This where unreal reality TV shows blur into reality. Mainstream television, with their manipulated news, have finally created a euphoric nonsensical illusion of society.

And Trump is just like the others – another war mongering crackpot. He told a Phoenix audience over the weekend that “I’m the most militaristic person in this room.” And this is what the US should do to ISIS:

“I say that you can defeat ISIS by taking their wealth. Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back that oil, they have nothing. You bomb the hell out of them, and then you encircle it, and then you go in. And you let Mobil go in, and you let our great oil companies go in…”

I am always a little suspicious of people who rise in such spectacular style – especially when Trump always seems to pay a fraction of the assessed worth of anything. Michael Cohen, in-house counsel at the Trump Organization, claims Trump bought the leasehold of 40 Wall Street for $1 million in 1995 (The official price is said to be $10 million). But this New York spectacular building (Trump Towers) is alleged to be valued at between $490 – $550 million, before debt.

This reminds me of Larry Silverstein’s sweet deal on the World Trade Center (just before 9/11) – winning the lease by under bidding other interested parties. You have to wonder if billionaire Donald is indebted to anyone.

But maybe Trump will break up the party.

Is Trump threatening Hilary Clinton and the status quo? Or as  (July 13, 2015) says in his article, Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate?, that

“…It’s all an act, one that benefits his good friend Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party that, until recently, counted the reality show star among its adherents. Indeed, Trump’s pronouncements – the open racism, the demagogic appeals, the faux-populist rhetoric – sound like something out of a Democratic political consultant’s imagination, a caricature of conservatism as performed by a master actor.”

But, it seems like he’s just another scab on the wound. If he ever did get in, my guess is that he would be there at the behest of someone far more powerful and wealthy than himself.

He might also unwittingly prove that the Presidential race is one giant rigged television reality show. And we don’t even know the name of the “production company” – although JP Morgan (of 40 Wall Street) might be in charge of props and special effects.

This excerpt (below) from the parody “That Crazy Reality Show” does describe the reality.





  1. Dee, the Reality TV context is very appropriate.
    Surprising for me, many people take Trumps campaign on face value, but, as we know the “many people” might be actors in the scripted drama.
    We enjoyed “The Crazy Reality Show”.
    John Faine was a surprise guest appearance.

  2. When I got off the plane yesterday and walked through Sydney airport the first billboard I saw (huge, must have cost a fortune) said
    “Our passion for the truth means you always know what’s really going on.”
    I thought How the hell did Gumshoe afford to post that ad?

    Then i saw the fine print: Sydney Moring Herald,

    Geez. The reality of unreality.

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